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Black & Decker 3.6 Volt Dust Buster

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    5 Reviews
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      18.05.2012 17:46
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Perfect :)

      I am the type of person who is very clumsy, dropping cereal, crumbs and just making a small mess wherever I seem to go. I took the plunge and bought a handheld hoover.

      *The design*
      The design is very cute and one of the initial reasons that I chose this particular one, the green is nice and grassy and there's a cute design on the nozzle. The Dust Buster is small and I could fit it in my handbag if I ever wanted too. The charger is also just a simple white plug and lead with a small circle thing that attaches to the hoover.

      I tend to charge it overnight, after that It has about 2 weeks of life (not all at once obviously) before it runs out and needs another night charge.

      The vacuum can be used on any surface and can creep around the edge of my sofa. You can only really get about 10 minutes of life from it at one time but that's really all you need. It sucks up crumbs, leaves, sugar and sometimes even bigger things and it really doesn't leave anything behind. I also use it to suck up old flour after I've baked a cake.

      The vac is really simple to empty you just twist the middle and chuck it out, but I have found if you do this at the slightly wrong angle you can get covered in everything you have just busted.

      Overall I think any car owner would really benefit from having these, anyone who bakes a lot and just anyone in general who hates nasty little crumbs about the place.


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        23.06.2011 15:34
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A must have in my house!

        Black and Decker 3.6V Dust Buster

        A dust buster is a total must in my house as my son has been going through throwing crumbs and crisps everywhere. By the time my older two had added to the mess, I was absolutely sick of either dragging the hoover out or sweeping up. I don't know what goes on on my stairs either but they attract dust and bits like nobodies business. Again, keep getting the hoover out was becoming too much so .... Behold my Black and Decker Dust buster.

        I'd had 2 other Dust busters in the past but they went out of action during the years of having a family dog. He was the perfect dust buster in that he'd simply eat anything and everything. After losing our dog and our dust busters getting lost or damaged, I struggled for a long while without one.

        **Very Useful**

        Since moving into our home a year ago, I've never known a house to keep showing up so much dust. Another reason for investing in a dust buster again is the car is forever filled with crumbs thanks to my wee lil one and 2 teenagers. At the time of buying, it was a much welcomed addition to the home! If you can relate to any of the above, definitely consider a Dust buster!


        Lime green and white in colour, the Black and Decker Dust buster comes in a well presented box that's pictures straight away explain what it can be used for. Inside the box, alongside the dust buster is a stand that can be attached to the wall and a charger and 2 year guarantee.

        The handle end of the Dust buster is a generous size which makes it easy to hold and use. On top of the handle is an on/off button. The nozzle end of the dust buster has a large letter box shaped area use for sucking up the mess.

        The capacity of the dust buster is just 0.28 litres but with its purpose being for small jobs, it's plenty big enough to hold those crumbs. I only have to empty mine on a weekly basis. Emptying is really easy as it's just a case of twisting the 2 parts apart. Be aware that spillages can happen whilst doing this though. I tend to do mine over the sink, bin or out the garden.


        Also be aware that hair and dust can build up and stick to the filter. Fortunately the filter can be washed and dried up quickly. The dust buster isn't as effective at picking up if the filter clogs up too much.


        Charging the dust buster is by the mains and usually it's an overnight job. The charger lead plugs into the back of the unit and I would say that once it's charged, it lasts for about 10 minutes. That doesn't sound like a great length of time but its fine for its purpose. It's not like you're hovering the whole house with it.

        **Using the Dust Buster**

        .... Is very easy! It's not the lightest of Dust busters but for the 5 minutes its switched on for, I don't end up with wrist or arm ache. The suction is powerful enough for its uses, although I find it works best on a hard flooring, worktops and short pile carpets. I tend to get the hoover out for my long pile rugs as hairs tend to clog the machine up.

        Be aware of air shooting out of the back of the duster as part of its keeping cool process. This isn't good if I'm on the floor after my son has thrown rice crispies everywhere as the ones behind just blow and scatter elsewhere. The trick is to try to keep it as upright as your can but it doesn't always work. I haven't noticed this to be a problem on carpet, only my kitchen floor.


        * Cleaning the car and boot
        * Crumbs in the highchair
        * Mess on the kitchen worktop
        * Stairs
        * Crumbs/Dust in nooks and crannies
        * Crumbs/crisps in the pushchair
        * Sawdust
        * Bits in the rugs or sofa
        * Toast crumb spillages

        Overall- A handy little buy that's a very useful tool for picking up dust, crumbs and mess. It's especially great for if you have a toddler.


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          18.05.2011 18:38
          Very helpful



          A fairly good product

          ==Black and Decker 3.6v Dust Buster==

          I have always had a dust buster just for the fact that I'm a particularly messy person and I seem to create an unintentional mess where ever I go. Also Jack likes to create a crumb trail around the house just so I know where to find him! A short while ago my old and faith dust buster gave up on me and I had to go out and get a replacement which is where this particular model comes into it.

          ==Price and Availability==

          I paid a penny off of £25 for this dust buster which was a lot more than my old model that I picked up for half price at £10 from Woolworth's back in the day. However this one did have a stronger suck so I didn't mind paying this price as it still seemed a lot cheaper than many of the other dust busters that are available. The fact that its a Black and Decker one too means that you are getting good quality and really paying a little extra for the name.

          I picked this up in Argos where it is still being sold now but having had a little look around on the internet, it doesn't seem as though this model is widely available. It seems as though it has been replaced on the Black and Decker website by a newer model for around the same price which I would thought would be a bit more updated and perhaps improved. But if you did want this particular one you can get it from Argos.

          ==Look and Design==

          The Dust Buster is a eye catching green and white colour but I can't say that I particularly like the green colourings as it is more like a bogey green but the green colourings are brought over to the white section of the dust buster in a rather nice butterfly design which works to make the product look a little more pleasing.

          The handle of the machine is a good length and makes it easy to hold and to use. The power button is in a good enough position so that you can just use one hand to turn the thing on and off whilst picking up the crumbs and it is not too tough to push this into the on or off position.

          The 0.28 litre capacity may sound tiny but it has to be said that with the small items such as crumbs and dust that I am picking up the machine doesn't need emptying that often and can last a week or two before I think about doing it. My previous dust buster did have a bigger area to store the dust but to be honest I can't say that the small amount that these products pick up really warrants daily emptying .

          To open the dust compartment of the dust buster is very easy and it literally just needs to be twisted off. This is very easy to do but I always make sure I have it positioned over the bin just in case the dust inside gets spilt anywhere. As yet it hasn't done this and I have emptied it with ease and without mess. The washable filter inside does get a build up of dust and hair on which needs pulling off and then washing with just a warm water and this comes up pretty clean and dries within one evening and is ready to use again the next day.

          ==General Use==

          This dust buster is a mains rechargeable item which I tend to charge up over night and this charge will last a seemingly good amount of time. The small instruction booklet which came with the item states that it will last a good 7 minutes and to be fair I would say I can probably get a bit more out of it than that. I only use it for a minute or two at a time and I tend to only need to charge it every week or so. The charger for it can be wall mounted if you so wish but this is not something I have done with mine as I like to pack it away once I have charged it up. There are screws and attachments included with the product for this to be done however. The power cord is also a nice length so that you can keep the plug a good way from the charging item if you are pushed for space when it comes to plug sockets (like I am).

          The 7.5 air watts and the 3.6 volts that this dust buster has seem to do a really good job at picking up all the crumbs and mess around the flat. I find it works particularly well on the hard flooring of the kitchen, hallway and bathroom. The product does pick up items from my shorter carpet in the bedrooms but my shaggy rug in the front room really need the vacuum cleaner on it rather than this product.

          The duster buster is not the quietest of machine but it is a lot quieter than my Dyson and I can't say that any item like this is going to be noise free. Its an item I can still use at night so its not loud enough to wake up the little man as I can't say I would want to use the Dyson at night because it definitely would wake him up. The air that is blown out of the back of the dust buster can be a pain as it seems to come out rather fast and plentiful. This can often hinder the dust busting abilities as it will blow the crumb behind it around the room and sometimes I find myself chasing particular bits of mess! Quite annoying.

          ==Overall Opinion==

          It has to be said that I don't think that this is the best type of product you can get in this sort of range. It is a cheap and relatively affordable item that I can't do without because it saves getting the hoover out three times a day and it is close to hand and easy to use. The design is practice but I can say I like the overall look of the machine but that said it is tucked away in the kitchen cupboard whilst not in use so it doesn't bother me that much.

          The suction does seem pretty good and it picks up most things (apart from small silver ball-bearings which I chased around the kitchen for 10 minutes trying to get it to suck up and then in the end just decided my lazy self should pick it up!). It does do the job needed of it in my household and I wouldn't be without one. However I don't think that if this one should break that I would rush out to buy the exact same model because I am sure for the money you might be able to get a better one.

          All said I think it is a fairly good product which has no faults that are plainly obvious. Its working well and I hope will continue to do so for a good while to come. I feel that a score of 4 out of 5 stars is in order for this Black and Decker Dust Buster and a recommendation.

          I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

          Many thanks for taking the time to read,


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            22.03.2011 23:04
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            One of the best handhelds I've used

            I bought this for my girlfriend, who is a messy car driver, and didn't really expect much from it, to be honest - whenever I've bought a handheld hoover in the past I've always been pretty disappointed, and discovered that simply picking up the dirt is a lot easier, quicker, and quieter than using the handheld. But this one's actually pretty good.

            It doesn't take long to charge, which is always a bonus with these things - a five minute charge seems to give you about twenty minutes of good, solid hoovering. It's not the lightest handheld hoover I've ever held, but that's a minor fault - it's not so heavy as to cause discomfort when using it, and I suppose that's all that matters. It looks pretty modern and fashionable, and gives the impression that it does a lot more than it actually does do - which it doesn't. It hoovers, and for a handheld, it hoovers well, and will pretty much pick up anything you point it at - within reason, of course.

            It's noisy, but I'm assuming that's because it's powerful. And you don't have to carefully position it at the precise speck of dust you want to hoover up - if you just wave it around with a little direction, as you would a normal hoover, it seems to cope with this pretty well. My girlfriend can give her a car a pretty good clean in about 20 minutes with this thing - and like I said, my girlfriend's a pretty messy car-driver.

            All in all, this performs better than most handheld hoovers I've used, and it only cost me £14.99.


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            22.11.2010 15:52
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A great all round handheld vacuum cleaner which is reliable and consistently good!

            With having a really bad back the one thing I struggle to do (in fact I don't do at all lol!) is use a proper vacuum cleaner and my bestmate/flatmate gets lumbered with doing this chore for the whole of the flat which isn't great and she don't half moan at me about it too lol.

            Now I did have a handheld hoover like this one a while back but it gave up the ghost suddenly and I really, really missed it. I decided though instead of purchasing the same model I would pay a little more and browsing through the Argos catalogue one night I spotted and ordered this for £20.00 and I felt that, that was a good price by something from such a good brand that I am very well aware of.

            The Packaging:

            The vacuum comes in a white and lime green coloured box with photographs of it all over it and of course we are told that it is Black & Decker Dustbuser 'Special Edition' and that it provides 3.6v. There are photographs on the back of the box showing you what it can pick up such as dirt and cereal etc and that it comes with a stand that can be fitted on to a wall or you can leave the vacuum safely on it whilst charging it and we are told that it comes with a 2 year guarantee (which in the box you simply fill it in and send it off) and inside the box the vacuum comes ready assembled and with the stand and a charger as well as very simple instructions.

            The Vacuum/Dustbuster:

            This is one of the best buys I have ever made, seriously! Not only is it a pretty lime green and white colour with a floral pattern to the top of it, it is light and really is a mighty powerful little sucker!

            So lets talk about how simple this is to use etc shall we?

            Its not the lightest handheld vacuum I have ever held but it does have a good long handle with an on/off silver plastic switch to the top of it. Then the second half of it is the nozzle and this comes with no attachments at all just a large oblong open area that sucks up. To empty it you simply twist gently the two halves apart and in there is a small removable filter and a large capacity for muck! Course if you want to you can remove the mesh filter and wash it with water and let it dry out naturally which I do very occasionally.

            The base is white plastic and round with the words Black & Decker written on it. You simply twist that on and off the base of the dustbuster and not only does this hold the whole thing secure the white charger plugs into it and it can be attached to the wall if you like though no screws or fittings are given. The charger lead simply plugs into the back of the unit but has no light or anything on there to let you know its charging or anything like that.

            The dustbuster is rather noisy but I forgive that due to its high power performance. Air comes out of a hole in the top of it which helps to create the noise but in my mind is there to stop the unit overheating.

            With this you need to gently drag it when using it. I personally find it too heavy to wave about and mess about with so I use it to simply pick up bits and pieces rather than try to do a huge area of cleaning with it. This picks up everything I have ever tried to from cereal, paper, sawdust from my hamster cage and spilled, dried rice and things. It has no problems with dirt and getting into relatively small spaces like down the sides of armchairs and cookers and things like that.

            I find this easy to clean (such as the nozzle) I can rinse out and simply a really powerful handheld vacuum cleaner though it is a little heavier than I would of liked it to be!

            It charges up in minutes gives about 20 minutes cleaning once fully charged and all in all and although this isn't a wet and dry vacuum it suits my needs!


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