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Black & Decker DV1205

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2011 12:54
      Very helpful


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      Handy little gadet to have

      We have had our Black & Decker DV1205 cylinder Vacuum Cleaner now for about one year to eighteen months and we paid £75 for it from Amazon with free delivery. We have owned quite a few hand held cleaners like this, some good, some not so good but we always find that they have dropped to bits quite quickly or lost their ability to suck properly quite soon after we have bought them. Consequently, we were a bit worried about trying yet another one, especially as this is probably one of the most expensive ones we have ever bought but it came highly recommended to us by a good friend.

      We did a lot of research into the Black & Decker DV1205 cylinder Vacuum Cleaner before we decided to go ahead and make our final purchase. Once it arrived we were pleased to see it was well packaged and had not got damaged in transit. I then set about doing my usual reading reading of the (quite lengthy) instruction booklet and guarantee which comes with it, giving useful advice on maintenance and cleaning, as well as the usual operating instructions. It is quite lightweight, which we were pleased about - at least a lot lighter than the previous one we had and it is a combination of both white and grey in colour and constructed of heavy duty plastic which seems strong and strudy and quite high quality. We decided on Black and decker as it is a well known brand and one we have used many times previously and we thought it was a brand we can trust to work efficiently and effectively.

      The Black & Decker DV1205 cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is so easy and simple to operate. It is hand held (therefore no cord, obviously) and needs to be charge for about five hours before you use it for the first time. It can be charged either wall mounted or flat - the choice is yours. We like to alternate every we time we charge ours, personally, as we feel this gives a bit of variety - and that is the spice of life after all!! It uses 17 watts of electricity and is 12 volts of power. We like the fact that the Black & Decker DV1205 cylinder Vacuum Cleaner has not only one, but two power settings - light suck and heavier suck. We usually always opt for the latter as it is very powerful, though having said that the first one is pretty powerful also.

      While is is charging up and getting ready to be used you will see a little light indicator come on - this tells you that it is charging and it will flash at you once it is fully charged, so you know it is then ready to use. It is bagless, which is what we wanted, as we prefer this rather than having to put in clean bags every time it has been emptied. You can also see very clearly how full it is as there is a little window to look through which is tranparent. It holds 0.7 litre (full capacity) and we find that we really do not have to empty it that often, despite us using it very regularly.

      It picks up all sorts first time and we particularly love to use it for cleaning the cars, espcially my other half's car as she eats a lot while she is drivign around and she also transports the little lad to school and his friends and so we find there are a lot of crisp and biscuit crumbs on the floor and over the back seat and this little Black & Decker DV1205 cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is just great for getting into all the little crooks, crannies and crevices as it has a great shpaed nozzle and and attached crevice tools for getting into awkward places. Th eonly downside to this cleaner is that for such a small gadget it really does make on hell of a noise. It is SO loud you would not beleive it.

      All in all a great little cleaner and we can highly recommend it.


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      28.10.2009 13:28
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      This vacuum cleaner is good.

      Written by Nelly Agbon Alcala


      With my conventional cord vacuum cleaner, my toddler used to stumble over the cord. He just loves to run around the house like crazy especially when I'm cleaning. He was fond of annoying me by pulling the plug from the socket as I cleaned at the center of the living room.

      When my sister's vacuum cleaner died, I sold my cleaner to her for less than half the price and I decided to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner. I searched for a good cleaner in the internet and I ended up purchasing a Black & Decker DV1205 cylinder Vacuum Cleaner at £73.


      Black & Decker DV1205 Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is cordless for convenient cleaning. I can bring this dustbuster anywhere in the house without thinking about the hazard that the cord might cause to my toddler like i always did with my old conventional vac.


      This hand-held cleaner is a rechargeable power type. The voltage that this cleaner requires is 12V CD for the motor to properly function and consumes 17 Watts of electricity. The cleaner airflow is 32.84 cfm and airflow power is 20 Watts.
      Black & Decker boasts that this EcoExtreme vacuum consumes 66% less energy than any standard handheld vacuum.

      The motor has 2-speed and it has a switch for control. Although the switch is reachable with the thumb, I find it stiff. I have to use my other hand to operate it.


      Black & Decker DV1205 Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner can be recharged whilst laid flat and it also has multi-surface charging base so it can be charged wall-mounted. That is convenient enough for me. It has light indicator on board that shows its charging status. The indicator continuously lights when it is on charging process and blinks when it is fully charged. It has 5 hours of charging time.


      Black & Decker DV1205 Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is a bagless device. The capacity of the bin is 0.7 litres and that is big enough for me that I don't have to empty the bin often. It also has a window bowl that makes the bin visible so I would know when it's time to empty the cleaner.
      A narrow nozzle and a small brush are attached on board for easy cleaning and it has a built-in crevice tool on board.


      This handheld vacuum cleaner is good. It is cordless so it reduces the hazard brought by conventional cord vacuum cleaners. Even when my toddler runs like crazy around the house, there's no cord that might cause him injury whilst I clean the house.

      Although this dustbuster is lighter than conventional cleaners, it is still a bit heavy when I use it during the full-power length of its charge. I have to carry it alternately with my left and right hand. The full length of its power when fully-charged is about 8 minutes of continuous cleaning so I have to stop the cleaning process even when I'm not yet done just to recharge for it has no adapter for continuous cleaning.

      Black & Decker DV1205 Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is a very practical gadget for home cleaning. It picks up dust and larger pieces of dirt but the cleaner struggles a bit with long hairs. It is portable and makes me free to move around the house whilst cleaning but the vacuum force is not as strong as conventional cleaners. It seems to me that this vacuum cleaner has lesser suction power but the cordless and bagless feature made me pick it up from the rest.

      (also posted on ciao)


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      Short name: Black Decker DV1205

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