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Black & Decker DV9605 9.6V Dustbuster

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    4 Reviews
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      02.10.2013 22:44
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Something i couldn't do without

      ==Black & Decker Dust Buster Turbo==

      I love a Dust Buster because with two little boys, aka the crumb monsters, I would be pulling out my Dyson after every meal and snack time due to the fact that they seem to make so much mess. As well my youngest son who is just 10 months old literally hates the hoover and will scream as though he is being murdered every time I drag it out let alone put it on. This means I have to do my main hoovering downstairs when he is asleep at night! Thankfully he doesn't mind the Dust Buster as I don't think it looks as scary or sounds as menacing either.

      ==Price and Availability==

      My most recent Dust Buster Turbo was given to me as a Christmas present from my mum which might sound like a lame present but I actually needed one after my old one was just not sucking up as well as it should do and I was forever moaning about it. I hadn't had my eye on one but if I had been looking this would have been on my top contender list. It seems to be quite widely available and the price can vary from around £20 to £60 depending on where you buy it from and whether there are any special offers on at the time.

      Seeing as it is a big name brand, Black and Decker, who are well known in the Dust Buster market and they are who I would straight away search on when looking for a product such as this. I have owned around three Dust Busters throughout my adult life and all of them have been made by this company and have all been very good and served us as a family well.

      ==Look and Design==

      This Dust Buster has a very similar look to all the others that I have owned from this brand. There are ones you can get that look a fair bit different but it seems that this style suits me well and you know what they say about if its not broke don't try and fix it, well this is very apt here. The look of the DB (Dust Buster) is white and burgundy and the dust collector section of the product is clear so that you can see the debris collected and know when it needs emptying. I am not too keen on this aspect as it can make it look dirty and generally you can gauge when it is full and I would rather not see the dirt I have collected.

      The DB is not overly heavy and I find it easy to hold and turn the switch on and off. It is comfortable to keep in one hand and manoeuvre around the table legs and between the chairs of the dining table. There are a couple of tools that came with the DB but to be fair I haven't ever used these as it is more fiddling around when using this is meant to be quick and easy.

      ==General Use==

      This DB extreme is far more of a machine than my last product like this. It has a much more powerful engine which boasts a 9.6 volt that is double the power of the last one I had and this seems to collect more duct and crumbs with far better ease. However as far as it being a cordless product and that it needs to be charged up regularly means that there is not a great amount of power which can be kept in the machine at any one time. When using it for a larger suction jobs I find I get around 10 minutes or so which is a little less than my old one which would probably do around 15 minutes however I suspect this would be in relation to the higher power this Extreme model has.

      The rubber stopper pad inside the nozzle of the DB does a very good job at keeping all the dust and debris inside the machine and I have never had any trouble with anything coming back out of the machine. This can all be cleaned pretty easily as well and the little filter type bag which covers the main battery type engine inside the DB. This needs to just be washed and rinsed and then left to dry over night before being fully dry and then clipped back inside so that the product can be used again.

      The charger is more of a charger pad which enables wall mounting if desired although this is not something which I have opted to do as I don't have an area where this would be suitable although fixing it would be easy with the fixings which have been supplied and would make it easier to always find and be fully charged.

      The best thing about owning this powerful little hand held vacuum is that it is ideal for my six year old to use and he can pick up his and his brothers crumbby mess without any trouble at all and in the process earn himself a star or two for his star chart. It is not too heavy or awkward for him and is ideal. Even my youngest has picked it up and moved it around like he is hoovering so hopefully he can do it soon too!!

      ==Overall Opinion==

      I have to say that having owned two Black and Decker Dust Busters before this is by far my best. It has a great amount of power which enables fast and efficient cleaning of a larger area in a short space of time and with minimal effort. It can hold a good amount of cheerios which seems to be the main thing it collects these days and I find it easy to use and easy to empty. The cleaning of the product is very easy and has worked well at keeping it up and running to the best of its capabilities.

      I like the look, design and feel of this product and along with the fact that it is very powerful and works very well for my needs I really have nothing whatsoever negative to say about this small yet mighty hand held vacuum.

      I am more than happy to award this an extreme mark of 5 out of 5 stars and would highly recommend this item to everyone and anyone especially those with children (crumb monsters) and without a dog (living vacuum).

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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        17.11.2011 14:43
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Fairly robust appliance that performs reasonably well for the price

        ~~~Black & Decker DV9605 Dustbuster Extreme~~~

        Our latest 'Dustbuster' is a real improvement on previous ones that we've owned. It's still not perfect but at least this model picks up enough debris to be genuinely useful without resorting to our main 'hoover'. This is a substantially updated version of an original non-technical review published some time ago, based on further regular use over the last year or so.

        I was beginning to despair of handheld vacuums. This was our third and, as a slightly less basic model, promised at last to deliver a more reasonable performance - the triumph of hope over experience, perhaps...?

        ~~The discounted deal~~

        We bought this Black & Decker 'Extreme' model at a heavily discounted price from our local Argos over a year ago at around £20, roughly half the full advertised price at the time.

        Our previous cordless vacuum was a so-called 'value' product which we'd bought cheaply from the same store a couple of years before, to replace a fairly basic reconditioned Black & Decker product. The reconditioned one had very poor battery life; the 'value' model had virtually no suction; but this new one performs much better in both respects.

        It's also worth noting that recent refinements to this model may have further enhanced its performance, probably reflected in the current asking price of around £50.

        ~~Ease of use~~

        We've had no problem using this product, except perhaps for a somewhat stiff on/off switch. It's light enough and makes quite short work of furniture and stair carpets. It's also handy for cleaning car seats.

        The onboard tool storage may initially seem a little awkward, though somewhat more convenient once you've fully mastered the arrangement.

        The charging unit can be wall mounted which might be most accessible, but we just have this on the floor in a small cupboard, which means some care needs to be taken to ensure it's correctly 'cradled' for recharging.

        ~~Performance and key features~~

        * The 9.6v motor produces fairly good suction and the motorised turbo brush certainly helps with pet hairs etc.
        * Battery life is good; this appliance has never actually run out of power when I've been using it. [Note that we keep this permanently on charge. While this may not be best (green) practice, it is at least safe according to the instructions.]
        * The transparent bowl shows when it needs to be emptied.
        * The crevice and brush tool accessories are useful - e.g. for reaching less accessible areas.

        ~~Instructions and help~~

        The accompanying 9 page, illustrated instruction leaflet is clear enough and seems to cover all key issues. Further information is available on the manufacturer's website (address below).


        We've been using this appliance several times a week for well over a year now. So far, it's showing little sign of wear and tear or loss of performance, though care may be required when removing the dust bowl for emptying, as this seems a little flimsy.


        Emptying the bowl is quite straightforward, with the above caveat, but filters should be changed every 6-9 months (these can be cleaned but spares need to be ordered).

        The filter cleaning button is a nice touch as this can help keep filters clear during operation, thereby maintaining suction. (Note: Filters are washable)

        ~~Availability and price~~

        Latest versions of this product are available from Amazon for just under £50. Note that current models are described as 'cyclonic', which may be a later enhancement.


        * Acceptable performance
        * Battery life
        * Durability
        * Fair value for money
        * Filter cleaning button


        * No spare filters included.
        * Stiff on/off switch (could be a problem for some)
        * Not recommended for wet spills
        * Pet hairs tend to wind themselves round the turbo brush and can take some disentangling.
        * Awkward accessories stowage


        I'm not entirely convinced by the 'Extreme' epithet. However, this is a fairly robust appliance that performs reasonably well for a rechargeable cordless device, with just a few caveats noted above. Hence, 4 stars overall out of 5.


        While I would recommend this as better value for money than more basic models, especially at discounted prices, there do seem to be several variants on offer from B&D now. In fact, with the benefit of hindsight and subject to pricing, I might be inclined to try one with an even higher power rating if that further improves the suction. Wet/dry capability may also be a consideration, or perhaps one of the less traditional designs that are now on offer, particularly if on/off switch mechanisms have been improved for ease of use.

        ~~Brief specification~~

        Voltage: 9.6 volts
        Runtime: c. 13 minutes
        Full charge: 16 hours
        Weight: c. 1.4 Kg

        For further details best refer to manufacturer's website (below).

        ~~Related links~~

        * Black & Decker : www.blackanddecker.co.uk

        [Revised version of an original review © SteveS001, 2011]


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          23.10.2010 20:46
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          I wouldn`t go without it...

          My father once said that you could clean an entire house just by using a dustbuster, and now I kind of see his point, as a dustbuster is a great gadget that tackles small and big challenges, from cleaning up spilled cornflakes to removing sand from the entryway... I do really rely upon my dustbuster from Black & Decker, it`s definately one of the most used gadgets in my home, as I enjoy to use it when I`m not in the mood for using a lot of energy cleaning up just a little, removing dust bunnies, you know, all that stuff... I bought this dustbuster at amazon for 50 pounds, and it has proven a really good investment, one I have no difficulty recommending!

          I have to say, if you`re a student, you should really consider getting one of these, as they clean up all types of mess very fast and easy, it really makes it easier to keep your floors or tables clean and nice looking, without much effort, as I know for a fact that many young boys and men would really think of as appealing, and by all mean, the women too! This is a cleaning gadget that is really easy to use, you simply turn it on and let it run over the surface you want to clean up, and with the high capacity of this machine the job is done in no time! I will say that I do find the dustbuster to be weighing a bit too much, as it does hurt my wrists and arms if using it for a long time without a break... However, this is a great and efficient cleaning product that I rely upon, it`s easy to use, the cost is affordable and it deals with most types of dirt, dust or whatever spilled onto all surfaces! When cleaning it out, you very easily open the dustbuster and remove all filth, this goes also for the filter, once again, easy and logic sollution.

          The Black & Decker dustbuster also looks modern and flat out cool, so all in all this is a great gadget for all homes, perfect for parents and students alike!


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            16.07.2008 01:44
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            all in all a practical and fun gadget to have around.

            Ok. Am definitely not an expert in the hoover department, although I have had experience with one dustbuster previously - at work several years ago, there was one in the stockroom and whatever it picked up fell back out of the nozzle again 2 seconds later.

            I've been lent this model (brand new, never used) for a few weeks while the owners are on holiday, and I must say I am rather enjoying playing with this little gadget. Great for cleaning up wee messes or doing awkward corners and skirting boards. Nothing falls back out of the nozzle this time, yay! It has an extendable nozzle bit that slides right out, and it's slightly curved so the opening is flush with the floor. Plus there are two little attachable bits for the nozzle if the extendable part wasn't enough for you. Also, the filter is really easy to clean - there's a little pump switch thing that loosens the dust in the filter holes so you can just tap it all out into the bin.

            My only complaint is that weight-wise it does tend to make my wrists sore if I'm using it for more than a few minutes. But then if it was any lighter, it probably wouldn't be as powerful.

            As far as the charging is concerned I haven't quite worked out how long it takes to charge specifically, but in my experience the hoover does run for a good 10mins at full power before starting to weaken.


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            Short name: Black Decker DV9605

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