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Black & Decker DV9610N Dustbuster

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2 Reviews

Brand: Black & Decker / Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner

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    2 Reviews
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      03.10.2013 20:19
      Very helpful



      i honestly wouldn't waste your money!

      When taking out car insurance last year with tesco they were running an offer that if you took out insurance with them you got the black and decker DV9610N handheld cordless vacuum for free with the policy. We took out the policy (because it was a good price not because of the free vacuum i might add!) and sure enough a few weeks later the vacuum was delivered to our door.

      Essentially it is a small vacuum cleaner that you hold with the handle and use for smaller vacuuming jobs like running it round under a table after the kids have eaten or vacuuming out the car as its alot more portable and maneouvrable than a full sized vaccum cleaner.
      It arrived in a cardboard box with the black and decker logo and a photo of the product on the front of the box. Inside the box you get the vacuuming unit, the charger base and the instructions.

      Asthetics and features-
      The unit is made of mainly white plastic with a transparent black plastic dust chamber which is handy to be able to see when you need to empty the vacuum. There is a silver slide button on top of the handle which you push forward to turn the vacuum on and push it back to turn off; nice and simple. There is also a silver release catch on the top of the handle to easily remove and empty the dust chamber; so far so simple.
      On the nozzle part of the vacuum there are two silver buttons with arrows either way which when pushed in means you can rotate the nozzle the way of the arrow. Quite honestly i have never used this function. At the end of the nozzle is a silver section that pulls out to extend the nozzle for harder to reach areas, it clicks into place and then you squeeze the end to push it back in. I found the extending nozzle of great use and usually hoovered with it fully extended to be honest. Underneath the nozzle you can flip out a small brush for stubborn stains.
      The charger unit is a circular base made from white plastic which the vacuum sits on upright. You plug the charger into the mains. A feature i liked was that there is a light on the vacuum unit that lights up blue when the vacuum is on charge so that you know the charger is working and you have it sat on the base correctly.

      Vital stats-
      Voltage: 9.6
      Power: 18 air watts
      Dust bowl capacity: 610ml
      Weight- 1.8kg
      Run time- 11 minutes
      Bagless vacuum.

      I found the vacuum light weight and easy to move about, it was great for hoovering out my car.
      The dust capacity is pretty good for a hand held vacuum i didn't have to empty it each time i used it.
      The nozzle is nice and wide so picks up a wide path of dust and debris with one swoop.

      The charge isn't great to be honest i think 11 minutes is being optimistic even with full charge. I found it would die half way through me hoovering out my car or cleaning up after the kids had eaten which is pretty frustrating.
      The suction was great to start with but this only lasted a matter of weeks. Gradually the suction decreased to the point it no longer sucks anything up. i cleaned out the filter, checked nothing was trapped in the nozzle and cleaned out the dust chamber still no luck! After just 3 months of use i gave up with it and when back to my upright vacuum as it was alot less faff and none of the charge running out issues i experienced with the handheld.

      Price and availbility-
      Like i mentioned previously we didn't actually pay for this (thankfully) but after looking on the internet its pretty easy to get a hold of and amazon are currently selling it priced at £38.99 which is pretty steep in my opinion; i wouldn't of paid it.

      I guess i shouldn't really complain as it was a freebie and not something that i planned to buy otherwise or really needed; i wouldn't call it an essential appliance for us. I am however really disappointed with the product especially coming from such a well known brand. To only work properly for a matter of months is unacceptable and i would of kicked up a fuss had i actually paid for this item. I was glad i hadn't paid for it and quite honestly i would not recommend this to anyone. Yes it was good while it lasted but for just 3 month of usage almost £40 is crazy. If you want a handheld vacuum i would strongly suggest looking elsewhere!
      2 out of 3 stars.


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      03.08.2012 17:56
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Useful, but this appliance won't replace your usual vacuum cleaner.

      Review of Black & Decker Dustbuster (DV9610N)

      Earlier this year, when I purchased buildings and contents insurance through Tesco Bank, my insurer choice was determined by the amount of cash back I received via the cash back site I use.
      In addition to my cash back and Tesco club card points, I found that Tesco were offering a selection of free gifts to new customers. The gift depended on how much had been spent. My insurance purchase earned me this Black & Decker Rechargeable Dustbuster.

      **The Product**

      I will warn that this is not going to be a particularly technical review, as I am definitely not a technically minded review writer!
      Black and Decker have produced Dustbusters, a hand held type of vacuum cleaner for many years. I bought one back in the 1970's and it sat unused in the cupboard for ages as it was frankly, useless! With this in mind I was a little dubious as to whether I really wanted this Dustbuster, but consoled myself with the thought that it was free and that I could always sell the thing on EBay!

      When my Dustbuster arrived, I was pleased to note that it was nothing like the cumbersome chunk of plastic I recalled from the past. This model (DV9610N) is almost space age in appearance; the main body housing the powerful 9.5v motor on my model is basically white and silver. I understand from the Black & Decker website that this model is available in a range of colours. It is still a fairly chunky piece of kit, but far more attractive and eye-catching than earlier Dustbusters. It is also less noisy than earlier models.

      The dirt collecting container is made of a see through plastic, very useful as you can see when the Dustbuster needs emptying. The translucent dirt bowl is removable, so you can wash it before re-attaching. The' quick empty' feature simplifies the emptying procedure. The Dustbuster is fitted with a filter and this too is easy to clean, just press the open catch located on the top of the Dustbuster to reveal the filter. This is a small bucket shaped bowl which is fitted with a fold away handle. You simply lift the filter unit out of the dirt bowl and shake out any dust or debris. The filter can be washed and left to dry before replacing in the bowl. Black & Decker recommend filters should be changed every 6-9 months or sooner should the paper become excessively dirty or damaged.

      This model of Dustbuster has a cyclonic action, according to the Black & Decker handbook received with the Dustbuster; this cyclonic action causes the dust and dirt to spin away from the filter, rather than getting sucked into it. This means that the Dustbuster maintains its high level suction for longer, rather than losing power as the dirt is picked up. It also makes the filter easier to clean.

      The DV9610N has an ergonomic design meaning that it is comfortable to hold and use, even in awkward places. The Dustbuster weighs in at just over 1kg, so it is fairly lightweight in use. The long slim line nose has a wide mouth design which means that the Dustbuster can cope well with fairly large particles of debris. The nozzle can be extended by gently pulling in order the reach under low furniture and other awkward spaces. A soft brush is attached to the underside of the nose; this can be flipped into position quickly and easily. Being an integral part of the machine means there is less likelihood of the brush being mislaid or lost.

      The swivel action of the nozzle does increase its usefulness. To twist the nozzle into another direction is easy enough, although there is a 'knack' to it and I did struggle a little at first. Controls are simple, just an on/off switch and a catch for the filter unit, both of which are located on the top of the handle.

      The Dustbuster is rechargeable. Supplied with the Dustbuster is a very neat charging unit, this is circular and very lightweight and easy to store away in a drawer. It is fitted with a light which glows with blue colour as your Dustbuster is charging. Both the appliance and the charging unit are covered by Black & Decker's 12 month guarantee.

      Black & Decker advise customers place their Dustbuster on charge for 24 hours for the first charge. Subsequent charges do not take so long; I find a few hours are usually adequate. Black & Decker also state that the Dustbuster will run for 11 minutes continuous vacuuming on a single charge, in practise I have found that mine runs for significantly longer than this, I think the record has been 20 minutes!
      Users should note that this Dustbuster model is for dry use only and should never been used to suck up liquids.


      As mentioned at the beginning of this review, I did not purchase my Dustbuster so had no idea of the retail price. A quick search engine trawl has brought up the following prices:-
      www.ebay.co.uk £53.99
      www.homebase.co.uk £44.99
      www.amazon.co.uk £55.56
      Of course these may be picked up used for much less!

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      I have to say that I really did not think I would have any need for this item and I really was expecting to never even use it, however use it I have.

      I have used this Dustbuster to clean the interior of the car I drive at the moment. It's not my own car, it's a long story, but a relative has kindly given me the use of her vehicle to tide me over an awkward situation. It's a lovely vehicle and I feel I must keep the interior in pristine condition. The Dustbuster is absolutely great at reaching in the myriad nooks and crannies within the vehicle, cleaning easily and very efficiently.
      I have also used this with great success to vacuum the wicker furniture in my conservatory, anyone who has this type of furniture, will I am sure know only too well how dust can cling to the structure and make it look dirty!
      The Dustbuster makes short work of cleaning my Dralon headboards, a task I hate as the dust tends to cling to the upholstery like glue. The Dustbuster has an impressive amount of suction power for a small appliance; it has coped with grit and other such mess in the car and also with dog hair indoors. Its suction is in no way comparable to my upright vacuum cleaner of course, but for a handheld gadget, it is perfectly acceptable. The actual construction of the Dustbuster is sturdy, it certainly seems to be well made, and after many months use, it is in very good condition.
      A couple of friends who own similar Dustbusters have warned me that the appliance does not hold its charge for very long if not used regularly, happily this has not (yet!) happened to me, but should it do so, I will of course edit my review accordingly.

      Although I had my doubts, I can say in all honesty that I do use this gadget, whether I would have spent the sort of money I saw quoted online today for it is debateable. I own a Dyson cleaner, and really see no need for another type of vacuum cleaner in the house as this does all we need it to.
      The Dustbuster has its uses, but I do not feel that I personally would have bothered buying this. It was gift, and I'm never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I will continue to make use of the Dustbuster!

      I have pondered as to whether I would recommend this item and in all fairness I have to say that, yes, I do recommend the Dustbuster, it is efficient, it has its uses, but it is rather expensive for what it is.
      Thank you for reading.

      This is a Relay Race entry for the Team ' Dooyoo Divas' .

      ©brittle1906 August 2012


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