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Black & Decker V4805 Dustbuster

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Brand: Black & Decker / Handheld

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2011 22:05
      Very helpful




      A dustbuster has to be one of the most handiest products that you can own around your home. I remember my parents having one of these back in the day and so when I became a homeowner myself it was one of my first purchases. They do last a long time although I have upgraded so I think I am on about my third Black and Decker model by now. In fact, Black and Decker are the only company I know that make them, I'm sure others do, but I have always been so pleased by their performance and lack of any repairs needing to them that I have always stuck with their products.

      A dustbuster is basically a small little vacuum cleaner designed to pick up dust, dirt and small debris around the house. We have a large Dyson which I love for its vacuum cleaning capabilities but for when you just need to do a tiny bit of picking up I hate to get out a big cumbersome machine and have to lug it around everywhere. I also hate taking it up and down the stairs and when it comes to actually cleaning the stairs themselves the dustbuster is a god send.
      A dustbuster is a little hand held machine that has a small handy handle. It is extremely light and easy to pick up. It is curved at the front and features a large thin nozzle which enables small particles to be sucked up rather well. I am always impressed at the sucking power of my dustbuster. For such a small machine it really does have a very strong suction capability and picks up everything first time. It's great for little piles of dirt and really handy if you have animals. Our cat tends to sit on the sofa often, much to my husbands disgust but she leaves a lot of hairs when she gets up. The dustbuster is great for a situation like this as unlike a big heavy vacuum cleaner you can pick it up and really get into the seat and the back of the cushions and get a really good clean.

      I also use mine to dust on things like the mantel pieces and over picture frames and get good results from this too. The dustbuster is light enough to use on surfaces like this and I never have to worry that it is damaging things.
      The dustbuster sits on a cradle which charges it whilst it is plugged in. You can mount this to the wall but I tend to plug my in in my downstairs cupboard where I have a plug socket. This is really ahndy as it sits and stores easily int he cradle and charges at the same time so whenever I need to use it it is ready to go. The charge does lat for quite a long time though. There have been instances when I have left it upstairs for a few days and it holds its charge really well and is still able to clean and pick things up after being upstairs all that time.

      I think the dustbuster works so well because once you have picked it up from its cradle there is no big long cord like a big vacuum cleaner and so you do not have to worry that the cord will not stretch and if you are going to fall over it. Plus you don't have to worry about dragging the vacuum cleaner after you, the dustbuster just fits in your hand. Like I've said above it is perfect for the stairs and if this is the only reason why you buy one then I definitely recommend it. With my vacuum cleaner I can only do half the stairs before I can't reach any further and its so annoying to have to lift the cleaner up the stairs in order to do the rest and then perch precariously over the edge to finish the rest of them. With the dustbuster you can just walk up each stair, cleaning it as you go.
      Obviously as this is a small machine it does not hold much dirt until you have to empty it but to me this is not really a problem. The back of the dustbuster twists off, allowing you to just drop the debris into the bin and then off you go again. To be honest I generally empty it after each use as it is really easy to do but it will holds a few days worth of dust and dirt before you need to empty it.

      I believe this dustbuster cost int he region of £30 and in my opinion is one of the best household cleaning product purchases you can make.


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