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Black & Decker V4810 Dustbuster

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Manufacturer: Black & Decker / Handheld / Container / 0.11 Gallon Capacity / Features: Cordless (Rechargable) / Lift Off

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    1 Review
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      11.01.2011 12:49
      Very helpful



      Easy to use and efficient mini hoover

      The Black & Decker dust-buster is a hand-held vacuum cleaner. A number of variations on a theme are produced by the company - some with higher power, some have a power- cord permanently attached, and others - like this one - are cordless / rechargeable versions.

      The Black & Decker V6500 is actually what we've got, but it looks so similar to this model that as far as I can tell it's much the same in most respects - but still, that said, please bear in mind that the review is for a slightly different dust-buster. In outward appearance it looks exactly the same as this model, except that on the V6500 the power switches, and a line of trim is blue instead of white / green as seen here.

      We got the dust-buster when we were living in effectively a rented bedsit, which had insufficient floor-space to swing the proverbial cat, let alone wield the standard-sized vacuum cleaner our landlady had provided - which, like all such pieces of 'comes with the furnished flat' kit, smelled strongly and distressingly of stale socks whenever we switched it on. The flat was really so small that we thought a hand-held cleaner would be sufficient, and actually, it was. I got it for about £25 online and suspect the particular model I've got may now have been discontinued. A bottom price range dust-buster much like this will still cost you about the same amount (or even slightly less) today.

      Despite the dust-buster's somewhat clunky, front-heavy appearance, it's actually quite light at the front end - because all that this part consists of is a hollow plastic shell that doubles as the container in which any dust and fluff collected by the vacuum is stored. The weight of the dust-buster is all in the rechargeable battery-pack which is sited in the handle end at the back - so when in use, it's quite well-balanced.

      The dust-buster has a very simple design. It switches on and has two speeds, operated by a button on the side. Dust goes in the front - there's an 'intake slot' at the front of the dust-buster which is narrow and a couple of inches wide - and is collected in the space at the front of the machine. This clips / slides open allowing removal of any grot that's gone in and accumulated in there. There aren't any dust-collecting bags inside or anything; the stuff it sucks us just stays in loose and you have to shake it out over the dustbin. I find you don't need to empty it all that often, in practice, as the interior capacity isn't bad really. There's also a removeable mini-bucket style filter in there - shaped like a cone with the pointy end sliced off - that traps fluff and sometimes needs to be scraped clean.

      The dust-buster is a 'nuts and bolts' - I suppose you could say 'streamlinedly efficient' model, and has very few 'other' features. There is a line of bristles below the intake slot presumably to aid with cleaning, and a single 'attachment' - a maybe three inch long, flat, thin nozzle that clips on over the fixed dust intake-slot, and which is presumably....I don't know, supposed to slot in to help you clean between the sofa cushions, or something. That's it for 'extras'.

      The dust-buster is rechargeable: when not in use, it's advisable to keep it on permanent recharge. There is plug-in recharge pack that it slots into that you can use flat or mount on the wall (we haven't done this ourselves) - though the fixing they give you for wall-mounting is EXTREMELY flimsy - made of very insubstantial-feeling plastic indeed. When fully charged, the dust-buster is good for at least about 10 minutes of high-power vacuuming - which is about all right for 'regular' / day-to-day usage.
      It's a very clunky-feeling gadget - it's heavy because of the rechargeable battery in the back, and yet flimsy because presumably to keep the weight down, the 'shell' is made of quite lightweight plastic; so you have the feeling that as you use it it's in slight danger of falling apart - but despite that, never does really fall apart, and in fact works rather well.

      This is the kind of non-stylish and yet pretty efficient piece of household equipment you might find in the home of an now-elderly person who grew up just after / during World War II and who - because of their early life experiences - never throws anything that still is in working order away. It's the kind of dust-buster I could see someone saying something like this about:

      "Oh we got that as a wedding present in 1965 and it's still going strong 30 years later"
      (Of course I don't know if it WILL last 30 years, only because I have doubts about the longevity of the rechargeable battery pack, though.)

      In summary: it's no beauty but gets the job (of vacuuming up dirt on a modest scale) done all right.


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