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Black & Decker WV4815

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2011 00:23
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      a helper for every home

      A product parent's will love
      Children go hand in hand with spillage's, crumbs, and all sorts of little mess's every day. So this was my reasoning behind purchasing this wet n dry hand vacuum. I was really fed up of having to haul the big, bad, Hoover out for little crumby bits and putting it away after a 10 second blitz seemed like another ordeal in itself. I really underestimated the beauty of this precious little helper and believe every home would find a use for a product like it.

      Why every man should have one
      This loves to clean up all of a man's unwanted bodily nasties so next time you have a shave and the stubble falls on the floor, the the toe nails are in the bedroom, you come in so wasted your aim was too far to the left or worse case you fall asleep and wet the bed. Don't leave it for your better half (though if you do any of the above I'm surprised you have one) Reach for this sucking machine and clean up, this could save your relationships, dignity and most importantly a man's pride. Oh and it is useful in the workshop too. Sawdust plastic debris extra.

      Black & Decker are usually for me associated with power tools. So it was a bit different for me to purchase this brand. The box in which it was housed had lots of advertising and looked quite drawing to my eye and the picture of the vacuum looked attractive enough clear colours and a smooth appearance. Opening the box and out it came the vacuum, tools charger, and wall mount as well as instructions. For the first time use I had to charge it for 16hrs prior to use and it wasn't bad on electric.

      Dry capability
      I can honestly tell you this has no problems sucking up a half eaten packet of wosits off carpet as I have done this one or two times. Some of my favorite dry uses for the hand held is peas under the kitchen table, sock fluff on the stairs, crumbs in the sofa crevices, glitter sprinkles, the car, the list goes on and on. It's especially handy when you drop things you need (my daughter love beads ) as long as the capsule is clean you can clean stuff up detach the capsule and pour out the contents out usually for me some crafting materials. The wet n dry can has a dust bowel that can hold 700ml of you're unwanted little dirties and makes easy work of cleaning up small unwanted disarrays. I haven't noticed any problems with the dry capability of this hand held it cleans up anything within reason i.e. crumbs, flakes, dust and debris. there's plenty of power under the button it works effectively.

      Wet capability
      So you just knocked over your cupa tea, glass of wine and there is a puddle on on the floor. Out comes the hand held and it sucks up almost every last drop of liquid. What it isn't capable of is removing the wet feeling. So if your'e puddle is on carpet it will leave a damp patch or hard floor will still have a wet feel. This isn't an issue for me because I only really use it for the bulk of a spill, even if it did remove all the liquid I would still wipe over the floor to prevent it being sticky. I do find it useful in the bathroom after the kids have taken the contents out of the bath and put it on the floor. Other than these I don't use it for wet things that much. It does work and will hold 284ml of fluid which is a cup of tea give or take a bit. I will add if you have a stodgy liquid combined with bits the vac it takes a bit longer to clean out.

      The extras and ease of use
      Along with the vac comes a wall mountable holder, a crevice tool, a two speed settings and a power boost button. The hand held vac is easy to use one push of a button and its on. It's such a shame it doesn't come with a person with an OCD (obsessive cleaning disorder) I'd be loving that. I won't waffle about the extra's their names explain themselves they are easy to use and work perfectly. This product weighs 2kg and is a breeze compared to lugging my big Hoover around. The collection bowl is easy to clean but steer away from collecting sticky substances it can be a bit more awkward. All you have to do is unclamp the coloured plastic container shake, swill, and drain dry. the handle is comfortable and has a soft plastic coat and the vacuum shape works well for the product.

      Run time and charge
      As I said earlier it takes 16hrs for a first time charge then 8hrs normally just plug in the charger into the back and wait. A average run time last about 10 minutes which is plenty for quick clean up.

      great product time saving and easy to use a must for every home 5/5 and men with hygiene issues. I would recommend it again and again. I bought mine for £9 when a local store closed down but still worth paying the usual of £15 - £20.

      Voltage 4.8 V.
      Power (Air watts) 12 W.
      Suction power 240 / 305 mm/water.
      Air flow 580 / 850 l/min.
      Dustbowl capacity 700/ Fluid 284 ml.
      Runtime 8 / 10 min.


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    • Product Details

      Conveniently cordless, this dustbuster weights just 2Kg and comes with a squeegee attachment for picking up wet spills and a crevice tool for reaching awkward corners / both of which are stored neatly `on board` / The WV4815 and its charger can be wall-mounted to ensure help is always on hand for emergencies and will run for a full 10 minutes following recharging / The double action filtration system delivers improved suction and the generous internal capacity makes for increased dirt collection and less frequent emptying / Two-speed switch with power boost for tougher jobs / 4.8V / Short name: Black Decker WV4815

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