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Bush HR878B Handheld

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2 Reviews

Brand: Bush / Type: Handheld wet and dry vacuum cleaner / Power: 7.2V / Dust Capacity: 0.8 litre

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    2 Reviews
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      16.07.2011 19:08
      Very helpful



      Good for everyone needing a hoover for small tasks.

      There are some tasks around the house which you don't want to have to lug heavy equipment out for, and hoovering a few crumbs or equivalent spillage is just one them. For the weekly clean there's a henry or a dyson, but for all the rest theirs Bush's 'HR878B Handheld', a small, neat device which aids in the task of small cleans excellently on the whole.

      The device has a very simple control panel which utilises an on and off switch, meaning there is only one setting of power, but this is more than capable of distinguishing the majority of small spillages. Having the ability to suck up both damp and dry mess on that one setting, the machine proves highly variable in this sense. I found using the machine on wet spillages not as effective as on dry ones however, it tends to leave a mark in the carpet/hard flooring and this is due to the Handheld's reasonably low voltage (7.2 volts of power). The machine only has a total run-time of 10minutes, so it has to be recharged after several uses, depending on what it has been used for.

      With a 0.8 litre capacity, the device doesn't have a large enough store for more than five or six usages and has to be emptied regularly. Small amounts of dirt can also add up quickly, making the hoover heavy and more difficult to handle, but this isn't much of a problem seeing as it's not supposed to be used frequently anyway. At 1.8kg the Handheld is well weighted so that both the young and elderly can use it easily.

      I find the Handheld easy to use in some respects, but it's definitely not as user friendly as some bigger alternatives which utilise a greater power source and larger storage compartment. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this model is its lack of an annoying power cable, and though this compromises the disadvantages listed above, it means you can take the thing literally anywhere - including car journeys! It's also quick to recharge and the battery life doesn't seem to deplete over time as with some devices. I've personally used it many times over the past year and the performance has remained top-notch.

      Overall the Bush Handheld is a great little device for completing daily chores in quick time. As long as it's fully charged and the store is empty then you're all set to get cleaning. A moderate power source lets down the contraption slightly, but the lack of a power cable makes for a manoeuvrable object excellent at cleaning hard to get to places around the house. It can even be taken out of the house and can prove good at cleaning the insides of cars! An all-round decent device with many uses and a wide audience range from the young to the elderly.


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      05.02.2011 12:20
      Very helpful



      An average product, there are better models out there.

      I am currently living in student accommodation. It's important to me to keep my room nice and clean, as not only do I suffer from a dust allergy but some could say I'm somewhat of a Monica from friends (a neat freak!). Whilst living in my current building, we have been given a total of 3 hoovers, yes 3! All of which either spit more out then they pick up, or have fallen to bits or are missing key attachments. After our 3rd replacement hoover which was essentially a lazy elephant cleaning the carpet, I decided to invest in a hand held hoover for my room.

      I found that Argos was going to be my best bet, and surprisingly the range of hand-held hoovers is smaller than what I would have expected. After the Argos value hand-held received dismal reviews on it's website, I opted for the "Bush HR878B", setting me back £20.99. I noticed there were small cylinder vacuums available for a similar price, however I had to take into consideration carrying it back to my apartment which is a bit of a walk from Argos, especially with anything heavy!

      Product Stats:

      * 0.8 litre dust capacity.
      * 10 mins running time on full charge.
      * 7.2 volts rechargeable power.
      * Washable filter.
      * Sucks up wet and dry spills.
      * Suitable for wall mounting.
      * Includes crevice tool, small brush, rubber squeeze and charging base.
      * Weight 1.8kg.

      Before I could use it, I found it needed a 16 hour charge! I'm not sure how long I left it charging for, however frustratingly it doesn't show a green light when it is fully charged, yet says you must not overcharge the battery. As for any "assembly", there really isn't any apart from perhaps adding any attachments (which is great for me as if you asked me to assemble a bike, you would be left with a unicycle..)

      I found the design reminded me of an Iron for the base, and the hoover part looks like a blender to me, as it is a little bulky in design. Overall though, it's quite light to pick up and operate although is fairly simple in design as it's just plain white (I'm sure Henry and Hetty are feeling quite smug about this!).

      To use, you simply pick it up out of it's charging base and flick the silver button on the front to activate the power. There is the option of a couple of attachments, however I tried it without. This vacuum also comes with wall mountable fixtures in the box. Basically it works by sucking up any dirt, and storing it all in the front compartment whereby the nozzle is located, yet the dirt somehow manages to go behind the nozzle and gets stored in that compartment.

      Upon first use, what struck me was the noise! It is rather noisy, piercingly so. However, if you were using this to clean your car then the noise might not be such a problem, as for me I am aware I have neighbors either side of my room and so therefore the noise may seem louder to me than the average user.

      As for it's performance, I'd say it's a little hit and miss as I noticed that it didn't always pick up any debris that I went over. Of course it's also a little difficult to clean a carpet with this given it's for "spot shot" cleaning, and not recommended to use on a large area although having said that, for a single room I think it's fine. What I did notice however, is that this cleaner picks up a tremendous amount of dust from the carpet. So much so, that I had to empty the "hoover" section a couple of times, after people borrowed it from me (although more because I was worried the dust may fall out when I went to use it again).

      This device can also be used on wet spills, although my friend warned me against this as her friend had used the same model to pick up coke and apparently it didn't smell very nice afterwards. Plus, I would rather not mix water and electric (even if technically it's battery powered, still better to be safe than sorry).

      My overall opinion of the Bush HR878B hand held vaccum, is it's probably "Grade C" in overall performance. It does pick up a lot of hidden dirt, and is easy to clean and comes with attachments. My problem is it doesn't pick up dirt you can clearly see and go over, more often than not it's simply left behind. It also takes a very long time to charge.

      Having said that, if you wanted a cleaner to store or for use in your car, or for very light cleaning around the home perhaps if you have an attic space and cannot carry a hoover up etc, then it's not a bad cleaner to have lying around. It also takes up much less room than a conventional hoover and is wall mountable.

      My overall feeling about this model, is there is most likely better models out there, depending on how much you are willing to spend. £20 was the limit for me as I am a student needing to watch the pennies, and although this model is okay in performance, I think if I had added another £10 to that total I probably would have been more satisfied with the results.


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      Short name: Bush HR878B

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