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Brand: Dirt Devil / Handheld / Container

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    1 Review
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      22.08.2010 23:03
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      The wife likes small things like this... which is good news for me.

      I happen to live in a house where there are several spills throughout the day, mainly due to my two kids and a rather bouncy border collie dog, so keeping on top of all those spills can be a constant battle.
      Usually, when a small spill happens I, or the wife, have to drag out the vacuum cleaner, plug it in and chase the 'spill' round the house as the air from the vacuum cleaner blew it around whilst trying to suck up the mess.
      But, after a simple walk passed the local electrical store in my town and a bit of an idea to make my life a little easier, I have now found the greatest little tool to help clean up those 'little' spills without having to get the J Edgar out of the cupboard. This little tool being the rather bright looking hand held vacuum cleaner from the chaps at Dirt Devil, the actual name of the device being the DD049.

      ** Firstly, some brief specs...

      * 6 volts
      * Bagless
      * Small dust container
      * Rechargeable with re-charger cradle
      * Single speed setting

      * Comes with a charging cradle, which can be wall mounted, and a nozzle for getting into those nooks and crannies

      It isn't anything fancy and has no special features that the larger vacuum cleaners possess, such as HEPA filtration, multifunctions or extra brushes, although it does come with a nozzle for getting into those thinner nooks and crannies where those nasty spills get into.

      ** What does it look like then..?

      It's red, as in Devil I suppose, with a good sized handle for easy grip and a very handy on/off button which can be reached by your thumb with ease.
      Just in front of the on/off switch there is a small grey button which, when pressed, unclips the actual 'dust container' from the front of the unit, allowing easy emptying.
      The 6 volt motor lies below the handle and stays quite cool when being used so as not to put your fingers in danger of losing skin through excessive heat.
      At the very front of the unit is the opening for sucking up the spillage from your carpets and floors, this opening is a good size and caters for most small spillages. Plus, there's a small connectable 'nozzle' in case your spillage found its way into small crevices.

      ** MY OPINION...

      I tell you what, out of all the small appliances that are scattered around my kitchen this one has to be the most used, even more than the toaster and the mixers, although not as much as the kettle, especially when the mother-in-law comes to visit as she drinks tea like it's going out of fashion.
      Anyway, this red devil handheld vacuum cleaner is a god send and has cleaned up many a spills in seconds, especially good when the kids are in a hurry and the cornflakes take a tumble.

      The dust container may not be the biggest but it can certainly handle a small spill, such as a coffee/sugar/cornflake explosion first thing in the morning just before the dreaded school run, and emptying the dust container is as easy as, well, picking ones nose really. You just press the little grey button in front of the on/off switch, releasing the dust container, then take out the white 'filter' case and simply empty the 'dust' into the bin.
      Then, to put it back together you simply out the 'filter' back into place and clip the dust container back onto the main body, ready for the next spill.
      Simple as that.
      As I said, it can only hold a bit of 'dust' in the small container but as it can be emptied within seconds this isn't to much of a problem

      It is so versatile, for a small vacuum cleaner that is, and, if always left on charge in the handy little cradle, it will be there whenever you need it. Personally, I have the cradle firmly attached to the side of one of my wall units, just above a plug socket so that it can stay charged up, and it really does fit snugly in position, ready to spring into action when needed.

      As for the price, well, it sells for around £20- £30, which is a cracking price for such a useful piece of equipment.

      In all, a rather nice looking appliance, if a little on the red side, which will certainly make cleaning up small spills a lot easier than using a standard size vacuum. And it won't be long before you feel that it's certainly worked for the price you paid.


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Dirt Devil DD049

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