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Dirt Devil DDRHH3

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    3 Reviews
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      11.05.2011 21:53
      Very helpful



      Was expecting more

      As a little bit of a tidy freak I bought this hand held vacuum to clean up around my guinea pig's cage. As she ran around she used to flick bits of sawdust out of her cage. I could not just leave it there but didn't feel that it warranted getting the big vacuum out, hence my desire for a little handheld vacuum. I wanted to get the cheapest on the market but my boyfriend said we should get a decent one so we can use it for our cars. Great idea! So we started looking for a little handheld vacuum. I saw this one on offer for £29.99 at my local supermarket and thinking we had found a bargain, we snapped it up. Dirt devil is made by a company called Royal who are based in America. They started producing the hand held dirt devil back in 1894 where it became the biggest selling hand held vacuum in the states. This is a fantastic resume but unfortunately I do not think that the dirt devil has moved much with the times. I was expecting more from my machine. I'm used to using a state of the art Dyson vacuum and although I was not expecting miracles I thought the proformance would be better.

      Product Overview

      The machine is made from red and silver plastic and it looks cheap and tacky. I have the charging unit attached to the inside of one of my cupboards. It is annoying that it has to be attached to a wall and would have preferred a free standing charging base. It is fairly easy to attach and set up and the instructions are easy to follow. I do not like the look of it; it looks like some form of spaceship and certainly would not have the ghastly thing on show. It doesn't even look very robust. When it slots into the charger the charging point looks like it's under a lot of pressure and may snap off.

      The vacuum measures 20.5cm x 43.2cm x 12.1cm which is a perfect size for a handheld device and it is nice and light at 2.1kg. It runs at 13.2V and supposedly you get 15 minutes of use on full power for one charge. (One charge being 24 hours!) I only seem to get about ten minutes out of mine! The capacity of the dust canister is 0.3L. This is enough and with it being bag less it is so easy to open the machine and pour out the contents. It would be helpful if it had a "full canister" warning facility so that I didn't have to open it all the time to see if it needed emptying. One advantage is that the canister comes with Microban® extra hygiene protection which is great for people with allergies.
      The vacuum comes with a crevice tool, furniture brush and a motorised rotating brush which I find useful for the car seats. The crevice tool is great for hard to reach places like round the gear stick for example. I'm happy with all the tools and do find a use for all the attachments. It's great that there is on board storage so the bits and pieces don't get lost.

      The suction power of the vacuum is not very good however. At 100 Air watts this is not fantastic and I was a bit disappointed when I brought it home. This is not to say that it doesn't pick things up but it does miss some bits occassionally. I've recently looked at a Black and Decker hand held machine and the suction rate is 170 Watts. It retails at £69.00 so it is a lot more than the dirt devil but probably worth the extra money.

      What's in the box
      * Wall mounted charging base including screws
      * The hoover
      * Crevice tool
      * Furniture brush
      * Turbo brush
      * Motorised rotating brush
      * Instructions
      * Filter

      I personally think that there are much better options out there. The dirt devil is widely available and I've seen it priced anywhere between £29.99 and £59.99. I do not think it is worth this amount of money.


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        23.06.2010 12:39
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        A must buy over other brands

        Wow. This is probably one of the best hand held vaccums i have ever used. The DDRHH3 comes with turbo brush, crevice tool and also an upholstery brush and is absolutely faultless in my eyes. Even though it's a 13.2V it makes no more noise than your average hand held vaccum and is definately more effective! The capacity of the container is 0.3L and so it is quite a hefty item, however the results you can achieve with the turbo brush are outstanding. You may think the brush might be abrasive but really it glides over most surfaces catching every bit of dirt in it's path. It's cordless and comes with a great charging dock which you simply mount on any wall near a power outlet and hook the vaccum to. I've had it for months and i have never known it to lose suction, become clogged or break in any way, and it still cleans as brand new. I have no issue with rating it a firm 10/10 for performance.


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          02.07.2008 16:24
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          I would recommend this to anyone!

          As you know if you have been reading my recent reviews - and if not why not? LOL! - we have been adopted by a cat which we have christened Mew - original huh? Whilst he is a lovely cat he is a long haired cat who is mainly white in colour. As you might now be guessing we have a lot of cat hairs deposited about the place even though I brush Mew every day.

          We had been thinking about getting a hand held vacuum cleaner anyway as our stairs are so steep using the Miele cylinder vacuum cleaner that we have is a bit dangerous.

          We checked out a few reviews on various web sites and looked at lots of different models and we eventually decided to buy a Dirt Devil DDRHH3.

          Why did we choose this one?

          The main reason for our choice was the fact that it was one of the more powerful ones on offer at 13.2V. We thought that, with the amount of cat hairs about the place, the more powerful the better!

          Where did we get it from?

          Well, there's a story to that choice - you know me there would be wouldn't there? We did a search on the Internet for Dirt Devil DDRHH3 and it was available in Argos for £39.99 BUT on the Tesco Direct website they had stock which they were trying to clear and it was originally £29.97 reduced to £24.97! So you can now guess where we got it from then! Incidentally in Argos it was listed as the Dirt Devil Pets.

          What does it look like?

          It is about eighteen inches long by about four and a half inches wide. It is mainly grey with a red see through dust collection area and a sturdy black handle. The picture at the top of the review is excellent to show you just what it does look like.

          What are the specifications?

          The vacuum is hand held and cordless and is rechargeable. It weighs 2.1kg, has a dust capacity of 0.3litres and has a 13.2V power motor. It uses cyclonic suction and has a turbo brush, a crevice tool and a second small upholstery brush.

          The inside of the dust container is treated with Microban which will last for the life of the cleaner. This is antibacterial and will help to prevent the spread of bacteria, mould or mildew around the home.

          Setting it up

          Inside the box containing your Dirt devil you will find a note saying 'take a moment to locate your turbo brush'. This is because the turbo brush is packed right at the bottom of the box inside the polystyrene and you may not realise that it is there unless you specifically look for it. Hubby was unpacking mine and said that he would have to ring Tesco's as one of the brushes was missing - luckily I had seen the slip of paper and knew where the brush was to be found!

          In the box there is the motor unit and the canister unit of the cleaner, the intense motorised rotating brush, the crevice tool, the upholstery brush, the charging unit with adapter and a spare carbon anti odour filter.

          The filter fits inside the canister unit and then this clips easily to the motor unit. The brushes and crevice tool fit by just inserting them directly into the nozzle of the canister unit.

          The charging unit

          It is recommended in the instructions that the charging unit is mounted on a wall near to a mains socket (obviously) and out of the reach of children (again obviously!). This is easily done using the screws and rawl plugs supplied. The cleaner is then stood on its end in the charger and held in place by three pegs that are fitted to the charger and go into three holes in the vacuum.

          The cleaner then has to be charged for fifteen hours prior to its first use. A red light illuminates on the cleaner to show that it is charging.

          The cleaner can be left on charge permanently when not in use so that it is always fully charged and it will run for fifteen minutes on a full charge. I tend to put mine on charge when I have used it but turn it off at the socket after a couple of hours so as not to waste electricity.

          The upholstery brush and crevice tool are both also stored on the charging unit - one either side of the cleaner.

          Using the cleaner

          Our cat happily sleeps on one of the empty seats of our two sofas which are deep red in colour so there are always white hairs there. Every morning I just go and grab the cleaner from its charger, switch it on by sliding the switch on the top of the motor unit and clean the hairs off the sofa. I use the intense motorised turbo brush as this is powered by the battery but runs off a separate motor giving a stronger cleaning performance. It actually says in the instruction leaflet that it is the best tool for 'picking up hairs (especially pet hairs) from seats' amongst other things.

          I find the cleaner very easy to use apart from one thing. There is a clip on the top of the cleaner which holds the two parts together and I have been known to be holding the handle and put my hand on top of the cleaner to guide it into the corners of the sofa and the two parts separate leaving the contents of the cleaner on the sofa! I just have to remember not to do that!

          Apart from that, and I am sure that I will soon get used to using the cleaner properly, it is great.

          It is a good weight so that it is easy to lift and manoeuvre but is heavy enough to be robust and strong.

          It picks up Mew's hairs easily and efficiently and it is so much easier than fetching the big vacuum cleaner out every day.

          It also works well on the carpet picking up bits effortlessly although I wouldn't use it on the main carpets as it would be too difficult to use being so small - it would hurt my back. Having said that cleaning the stair carpet is a breeze and it is so much safer than trying to balance the big vacuum cleaner on each step whilst I cleaned the next one.

          The instruction leaflet

          The instruction leaflet is concise and is easy to read and understand. It tells you how to set up your cleaner, how to use it and how to look after it. The diagrams are very clear and help to make the whole thing really easy to follow.

          To empty and clean the vacuum

          You just hinge the dust container away from the motor housing and downwards so that the two parts separate. You then push the red dust container up and out of the cleaner. Then you remove the filter and empty the dust container into a waste bin. You can then wash and dry the dust container. The filter splits into two halves which can be shaken to get rid of any accumulated dust and can also be washed at regular intervals too.

          In conclusion

          I am delighted with my new 'toy' and it really has made life a lot easier for me especially with us now having Mew living with us!

          This review ill be posted on Ciao in the fullness of time.


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