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Dyson DC05 Absolute

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    2 Reviews
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      25.11.2013 18:53
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      We have recently bought this new vacuum cleaner after giving our other Dyson to my parents. We wanted to stay with Dyson as ever since we have used them we have found them to be superior to other vacuum cleaners and so when we went to the shop to have a look at what was available we were instantly drawn to this one probably just by looks alone at first as it certainly looks different!


      As you can see from the picture provided by Ciao it looks like a cross between a pull along vacuum and an upright one. It i more like a pull along one as essentially that is what you do whilst using it but it is more compact than other designs we have seen and when you have finished using it it stands quite upright which makes it easier to store. It is purple and green so really does stand out, it doesn't really looking like a cleaning device but more of a toy or something with using these bold colours! It has large purple wheels at the side of it's main body and has a tool holder beside the nozzle- this can be adjusted slightly. in terms of looks it was certainly eye catching, I haven't seen a vacuum cleaner this shape or colour before and if it wasn't for this unique design I probably wouldn't have look twice at it!


      It comes with the Dyson Dual Cyclone which is what Dyson is renouned for and has got several patents on- it basically means that suction won't be lost no matter how full the vacuum is becoming . It has inbuilt filters with a lifetime guarantee which means you do not need to buy any (This is good for me as I wouldn't have a clue what I was doing or looking for!) The filtration system it has built in filters particles as tiny as 0.1 micron. It is approved by The British Allergy Foundation. it is made from apparently the two most robust materials available these are ABS and polycarbonate! So with impressive specifications like these listed it does make it sound like something special! But it's all very well and good bombarding a customer with impressive sounding specifications but what really matters is does it live up to these and is it practical and easy to use?

      Using the Dyson

      I don't usually like pull along vacuums as I find them cumbersome and a bit of a strain on my back as I'm having to exert more effort to pull them than I would to push a standard upright one but this one is so compact so these usual complaints I would have are not really issues with this machine.
      The tools which are near the hose can get in the way as you're trying to move the machine along, however this can actually be moved so it doesn't have to be a problem! I didn't realise this until I read the instructions properly- goes to show sometimes spending time reading the small print does prove useful!

      This model prides itself on being light weight- less than 5kilos and actually I think that this makes a huge difference compared to other pull along cleaners. It makes it so much easier to move it around without it being so light weight that it has a mind of it's own! It is easy to pull along and when you need to lift it up the stairs it isn't awkward to do. Because it is light weight and low down it makes cleaning the stairs really very easy actually! With an upright vacuum I find that it is a bit dangerous as it isn't very sturdy and could topple down but this one will sit on the stair next to you whilst you hoover and because it's only low down it isn't likely to fall of the step and tumble down. One of my pet hates is tackling the stairs but this makes it easier to do!

      In terms of it's cleaning quality then yes I am very pleased with it. I think that Dysons have actually improved a lot over the years and become less bulky which helps you to get into small places. This one certainly does just that! It can be used on all floor types which was actually an essential on our buying list as we have carpets and wooden floors and I find it works just as well on both surfaces without one being better than the other and the head itself doesn't scuff the floor or scratch it so it is well designed.
      I find when I use this it does have very good suction. It does suck up everything in sight and if something is sucked up which gets stuck then you can stop the suction immediately as there is a suction release valve which will stop suction immediately if something is obstructing it. This makes it easy to get the item back and to not cause internal damage! It is so good at sucking up what's in it's path that it means when you use this you will know a good job has been done and you won't need to do the job again as you realise it's missed something. It does make life easier that's for sure.

      It comes with a Turbo Brush Attachment which you can buy separately for other models and it can be connected to the hose easily and will stay in place without falling off mid-clean! This brush has to wheels on it to help it move along the floor easily and is recommended for use if you have pet hair to hoover up. We don't have any pets but we use this when we are cleaning the sofas as we find it is extremely good at sucking up bits of fluff which are quite embedded and I assume this is the pet hair removal element of it!

      Cleaning the machine

      This machine is meant to clean your house, it's annoying to think you then have to spend time cleaning it, however, not a great deal of fuss is needed to clean this out! The body of the machine is see through so you can see when it is getting full of fluff and dirt. I really like this element as I like to see how much I've actually cleaned up and when it needs cleaning without fiddling around with a bag or taking it apart! It's really easy to empty this out, it just clips off from the machine and then you can take it outside and put it directly into your dustbin. The filters on the head of the nozzle are easy to clean too. I find that hair often gets twisted around the filter system and can make the machine not work as well but it only takes a matter of minutes to clean it out. It's easy to take it apart and unwind the hair or unblock anything and when I say easy it must be if I can do it! The only thing is if you do begin to unclog the filter then bits of dust will be released into the air which may trigger allergies.


      What I really like about this machine is the fact it works well and that is the most important aspect of a cleaner like this as I don't want to spend any extra time cleaning if I can help it! I dislike vacuums which have poor suction, which leave you feeling as though you have to press on hard to your surfaces in order to suck anything up. This machine has such good suction that it hoovers up everything on surfaces really well. I don't think it takes me as long to hoover our house with this as it did with our old one.
      Because it is a pull along vacuum it is really easy to get into small places because the hose is only narrow. You can get underneath the table and around chairs without banging into them with the cylinder like you do with an upright one. It gets into all small places and corners making it easy to use and takes up less time than with others.

      It is indeed light weight which is really important as I find pull along vacuums can hurt my back as I try to pull a heavy compartment along behind me. This one is light weight but not so light that it will just have a life of it's own when you pull it! As I said previously it is easy to clean the stairs with this as it doesn't topple over and it's small enough to sit on the stair as you clean so it's really efficient.
      I find it is very quiet too compared to some machines! So it may not be good if you want to play white noise to a baby that won't sleep but it is good if you want to have a quick vacuum downstairs whilst your baby is asleep upstairs!

      I like how it looks too. I like that it isn't an offensive looking piece of machinery and instead is actually a bit of a talking point really because it looks so different and it bright in colour with none of the tacky yellow Dyson plastic on display anywhere! Storing it is easy because it is rather compact although it does take up more room than I originally thought it would do!

      I think that it is really easy to use and it performs well. Once I have finished using this I do feel as though a good job has been done which is really important to me. It also doesn't have a smell to it either, some vacuums I have used seem to blow out a smell of whatever is lurking inside but so far we haven't had this horrible incident yet so I hope it is something to do with the design of this machine and not just a matter of time!

      It is very helpful being able to see inside to know whether it is getting full or not and to see how much you have sucked up during your cleaning session! Some people may not like this as it's not exactly attractive seeing a lot of dust and dirt but I would prefer to see it in there and know it's not on my floors! It also makes it easy to know when it's time to clean it.

      I do really like this machine as you can probably tell from how much I've praised it in the above paragraphs! I think it's great that it works well and has many practical elements to it which makes cleaning easier. The turbo brush it comes with is very useful to have too but it wouldn't change my mind about buying it if it didn't come with it as the machine itself is fantastic without it. At around £300 it is an expensive purchase but it's one which shouldn't let you down especially as it is supposedly not going to lose suction in it's lifetime! If you're looking for a vacuum cleaner which works well, is practical and looks a bit different then this is for you!


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        04.04.2007 16:36
        Very helpful



        Dyson DC05 has superior suction and HEPA helps keep house sanitary and dust free

        Well, actually, it sucked the dirt up, but you get the idea. Pause here for my happy Snoopy style dance while I reflect on the all the dirt and germs that my Dyson has rid my home of. WOW! WOW! WOW! Okay, enough with the dorkiness. Seriously, though, it must be a mountain of dirt and I don't even want to think of the germs the HEPA filter has trapped, and I know it has, because after using it for the very first time, we suddenly noticed the air smelled nicer in the house and we had NOT used carpet freshener!

        Anyways, back to the Dyson. I first clapped eyes on the upright DC01 version when they hit the shelves in America alongside the Hoover company's own cyclone model. A demonstration was done at the shop I worked at and I hohummed at it, knowing full well that these are as orchestrated as an infomercial on late night telly. I did not buy one, especially after looking at the might as well have been a multi million dollar price tag for the bite it would have done to our income. Boy, they were super exspensive then.

        Fast forward on half a decade and in England once more, faced with a truly disgusting carpet in our new rental home and floor boards with gaps between them that make the Grand Canyon in Arizona look tidgy. I used our existing well known brand vaccum cleaner and it seemed to an adequate job. Top of the carpet looked REASONABLY clean, and most surface dirt was gone off the wood floor. My new neighbour said, "Hmmm, let me loan you my Dyson, that will sort it." She brought it over. I revacuumed my floors. The canister astonishingly filled to the top and the gaps were empty in the floor boards. OOOOOOerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Suddenly, we noticed the abscence of a slightly sour smell that we had not noticed before its absence. Right, that was it, we HAD to have a Dyson.

        But which one? The model my neighbour had loaned me was her trusty DC01.It was upright, but I could more easily carry a canister vac upstairs. Also, a canister vac can follow along behind you rather than be pushed along. Me, lazy? Never! Just simply that housework should be as easy and uncomplicated as possible!

        That settled, next came variations on the canister model. OUCHY at the prices! Forget the high street, what I needed was our trusty friend Ebay. Trusty Ebay was bound to have an honest seller on there somewhere who had a Dyson for sale. We watched to see how much they went for. Finally, our day came. Excellent feedback, canister model (DC05) in the colour I wanted, and it had all its attachemnts. Used, it said, but partial loss of suction.Partial????? Oh well, we could probably sort that out.

        Having bid and won the DC05, I was terribly excited the day it arrived. Lime green and deep purple , it was not as ugly as some models (yes, I DID SERIOUSLY consider colour lol). All the attachments were indeed there. A look inside the tube revealed the culprit of the "partial loss of suction". A rather dried out steak cut chip was lodged inside it in a sideways manner. A quick shake over my bin and presto, no partial loss of suction. All cyclones were GO!

        Once more, we went over our floors and carpets. We changed tools and did our suite. We changed tools again and did the duvets, pillows, and mattresses. Result was one VERY full canister and a fresher smelling house, without any perfumes. We were dead impressed as the saying goes.

        Now for the techincal description. My DC05 is the lime green and deep purple one. It has a turbobrush with a beater brush for carpets as well as a hard floor tool for use on hard floors. It also comes with an upholstery brush tool, a stair tool which is a small version of the hard floor head, and a crevice tool. I can honestly say suction is so great on this machine, that I have only had to use the crevice tool about half a dozen times in the past two years, and each time that was to reach into the deep folds in my sofa upholstery.

        The wand telescopes and will reach from the bottom of the stairs to the top, even on our remarkably steep stairs, so if merely needing to vacuum the stairs, there is no need to hump it about. It does, however, sit quite well on my shallow stairs if sat rather sideways, otherwise it falls down the stairs, which is not great for the machine innards never mind anyone passing by the foot of the stairs! I think my cat is scarred for life after the Dyson attacked her in such an unprovoked manner. All the poor thing had done was hiss at it for a moment when I switched it on. Bad Dyson!

        It has a convenient carry handle on the top, so is easily transportable if needing to be carried. The wand hooks securely onto the back and the tools store on a holder on the wand, so it stores neatly away. The neat appearance is enhanced by the convenient cord retraction feature; simply press the button on one side (it is clearly marked with a plug icon) and the cord winds itself neatly away. Be sure to look at the icons so you get used to which is the cord one and which is the power, otherwise you feel really stupid trying to start it and it keeps yanking part way out of the wall. Yes, sir, I really am a blonde and allowed to operate household machinery!

        There is no need to buy filters or bags for this model. the HEPA filter is a lifetime model that should stay good long past the death of the Dyson motor.The HEPA system was first designed for hospital theatres as it traps microorganisms in the air and out comes clean scrubbed air, reducing the risk of airborne infection. This means all air coming into the Dyson not only brings in actual dirt, but that bacteria and other microscopic yuckies all get stuck in the filter and die. We noticed that our asthma and hay fever was pretty cleared up in the house after a week and I understand that the HEPA filter trapping the dust mites probably has a lot to do with it.

        The second filter is a sponge type thing that you are supposed to take out and wash every six months, then allow to air dry. It says NOT to dry it by fires or radiators, and people who do are presumably why they sell replacements.

        You also do not need to use bags. The hose empties straight into a small bin that you empty straight into a household bin bag or the outside bin like we do.Simply rinse under a tap and let dry and voila! a clean bin. You do not have to wash it each time, so if it gets full and you are not finished, simply press the button at the top of the main vacuum body, detach the bin, press the buton on the lid, remove the lid, empty it, reattach and away you go!

        Now, Dyson makes claims about no loss of suction ever. I can tell you this is PARTIALLY true. You will ALWAYS feel some sort of suction as long as your hose is not holey. BUT, and this is a big but, if it is blocked with say, a huge dried up steak cut chip, your hose gets full of crud and only fine dirt will go through, the rest will fall out of the bottom of the wand again. So watch for this! it is easily to rememdy however, as the hose easily unclips from teh body and you can remove the yuck jam.

        I mentioned we have a cat and I have to say the Dyson is great for picking up pet hair, however they do a more upscale model designed especially for hard to pick up pet hair, so if you own a long haired cat or dog or a moulting whatever, you may wish to look at the DC05 Animal version.

        I have not had to contact Dyson customer service myself, but I have heard wonderful things about them. I have, however, had cause to look up their website, with the intent of ringing them to ask for a copy of the instructions, but I did not have to. The Dyson website has free printable PDF files for their models and you can even quite reasonably order replacement parts for out of warranty or (cough cough) second hand Dysons.The instructions are pretty dummy proof too as this blonde bimbo easily understood the pictures. The Dyson manuals are all pictorial in colour with BIG pictures. No jargon whatsoever! Add in a flat fee of £50 for a service if needed and out of warranty, complete with parts and labour, and you can se what a bargain this is! I should add I have had this machine 5 years now, and it has not yet needed a service, and its performance is as good as ever.

        New the DC05 model sells for an average of £149 in most high street shops online and off, or grab an Ebay purchase at about £65 including delivery. I love this vaccum and I will only replace it with another Dyson.


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