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Dyson DC08 Origin

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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2008 23:09
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      The best vacuum you could hope for

      My love affair with the Dyson vacuum cleaner began many years ago when as a poor student I spent my summer holidays working as a cleaner in an old folks' home. In those dark days, the Dyson cleaner was the only ray of light in my otherwise gloomy days of dusters, dishes, toilet cleaner and mops. Now, anyone who has ever visited my flat, been in my car or even seen my desk at work for that matter, will know that I'm not the world's tidiest person and might express surprise that I would ever have received remuneration for my cleaning abilities! Although cleaning didn't turn out to be the career for me, one thing I did gain from those summers of servitude was a lifelong affiliation to the Dyson vacuum cleaner.
      The Dyson I used when employed as a cleaner was the original yellow upright Dyson. So impressed was I with its cleaning ability and most importantly, the ability it gave me to actually see the dirt as it was picked up, that as soon as I could afford to buy one, I went out to buy a Dyson all of my very own. And what a joyous day that was!

      In case there is anyone out there (I do pity you!) who is yet to experience the delights of the Dyson, I'll briefly summarise what the Dyson is all about. The feature it is best known for is its patented dual cyclone system. This is a bagless suction system which means that there is no loss of suction while the cylinder fills up as there is nothing that can get clogged up. You can see the dirt spinning round in the cylinder as you vacuum which means it's easy to tell when you need to empty the cylinder. Once the cylinder fills up you just detach it from the rest of the vacuum and simply empty it into the bin - there's no fuss with changing a bag and having to get your hands dirty.
      There are now a wide range of Dysons available. I opted against the upright version because I have a small flat and thought that the DC08 would better meet my needs as it comes with a detachable hose which reaches about 3 metres. (I was also tempted by an offer in Argos which gave me £50 off the listed price of over £200!) Features of the DC08 include three additional attachments, a cable rewind button, a low reach floor tool, and washable filters.

      Ease of Use
      Putting the Dyson together was simple. It comes with a very clear set of instructions and the entire process took only about five minutes. My only reservation as to ease of use would be that it is quite heavy and the less physically fit may find it hard to move around in smaller areas. However, the cable rewind button is very convenient and emptying the cylinder is so easy a five year old could do it. The cylinder detaches from the rest of the vacuum in one simple movement and there is no need to get your hands anywhere near the dirt.

      I have to say that the upright Dyson cleaner does have slightly better suction than the DC08, but the DC08s suction is still far superior to any other brand of vacuum that I've ever used. Because it has no bag, the Dyson can pick up much larger items from the floor than your average vacuum - it picks up coins and small bits of paper without getting blocked. This makes it ideal for the lazy cleaner like myself who can't be bothered to bend down and pick anything up off the floor! Its ability to pick up larger items doesn't compromise its capacity to pick up dust and, for example, pet hair. One sweep is usually sufficient to pick up everything. This excellent suction combined with the sheer pleasure of being able to see how much dirt you are getting off the floor makes the DC08 a real winner!
      The DC08 comes with three attachments which are designed to vacuum upholstery, curtains and stairs. These versatile tools mean that the Dyson can be used in all areas and there is no loss of suction when using them.

      The DC08 comes with a free two year guarantee. This guarantee is excellent - if your DC08 needs attention Dyson promise to send an engineer to your preferred address to repair it within three days if possible. I don't know of any other vacuums that offer this kind of service.
      Value for money
      Dysons are expensive, very expensive. Prices range from £150 to over £300 for the more advanced models. I have to be honest and say that for domestic usage, they're not really that great value for money. Unless you need an exceptional vacuum, for example if you have a dust allergy, then you probably don't need a Dyson - there are loads of vacuums you can get for less than half the price that would do an acceptable job. However, for anyone who's involved in professional vacuuming I imagine that a Dyson would make your life a lot easier.

      Personally speaking, I admit that I don't really need a Dyson - I only tend to use it about once a month. However, the novelty value of the spinning cylinder makes it the perfect vacuum for me - it's just incredibly satisfying to be able to see the dirt gather as you vacuum. I probably wouldn't ever vacuum if I didn't have a Dyson!
      Highly recommended for all lazy cleaners out there who need motivation to vacuum (and for any strange people who are obsessive about cleaning)!


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        09.07.2007 20:37
        Very helpful


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        Good for those who Hoover a lot of stairs or live in a small place.

        We did not have a vaccum in our house hold for a very long while due to the fact we live in a very small bedsit and storage space is an issue. Due to having wooden flooring we would use a broom and pan to clear up the dirt.
        We saw this compact Vacuum and decided to purchase it.
        This device needs no bags and the cylinder is easy to snap on and off. Once sucked into the cylinder the dust stays put and when removed does not blow every where. Once off you can then place it directly into your bin with little or no dust blowing else where.
        You can then put it back on and start hoovering again.
        The unit is very small and fit in the corner of a room very easily without taking up much space.
        The plug lead goes back into the hoover at the touch of a botton like most vacuums on the market.
        The main hoover part also clips on and off the vacuum therefore helping towards making the vacuum compact for storage.
        The Vacuum is also very light weight therefore making it easy to carry whilst hoovering making hard to reach places more managable and those stairs even easier to access.
        I am unsure how far the lead reaches as I only have a small place so dont have to pull the lead out to far. The main tube is long enough for all my hoovering access.
        The Vacuum takes up most items on the floor and even works well on my wooden flooring leaving no noticable particles on the floor.
        It is even on wheel so it can roll round corners and the floor without picking it up each time to move.
        The cylinder has an okay compacity but can fill up very quickly if you have to hoover up a mess.
        For a small place this is not a problem and due to being easy to remove and clear it does not cause much of a hassle.
        The Vacuum is not very loud and due to living in a flat this can be a bonus. I would not recommend using it of a late evening but I am sure this goes for a lot of Vacuums.
        Over all this is an easy to use piece of equipment which is good if you live in a small area like my self or have a lot of stairs to hoover and fed up of dragging a heavy items up the stairs after you.


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    • Product Details

      The Dysons root 12 cyclone maintains constant suction and is the most powerful cylinder room after room / With Dyson Contact head the DC08 picks up even more dust and Large debris / Lifetime filtration, so no filters to buy / Root12 Cyclone technology / Contact head / Large debris pick-up / No filters to buy / BAF Seal of approval / Easy to manoeuvre / High velocity airflow tools / Car cleaning / Suction release trigger / Ergonomic wand handle / Adjustable wand / Removable tool holster / Sits on the stairs / Easy to store / Clear bin / Protective rubber wheels / Robust construction / Liquid Steel / Short name: Dyson DC08 Origin

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