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Dyson DC19 Allergy

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    5 Reviews
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      06.08.2013 21:55
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great vacuum that saves me lots of time!

      I have inherited this amazing vacuum cleaner from my sister who is leaving the country. Its so much better than my previous £30 one. It is a bagless system, and you can remove the cylinder that collects the dirt and empty it straight into the bin.

      There are add on tools that change the direction of the suction, for example you can get into very small corners with no loss of suction. The tools clip onto the small body so its all kept together neatly.

      Its quite a noisy vacuum, though not as much as my old one. When on full blast it can pick up hair, dust, shake and vac, compressed hair. Its brilliant, I also use it on the window sills with a certain tool to avoid the dusting (I hate housework).

      I can clean my one bedroom flat very easily and quickly, it has a really long power cord so you can do several rooms without needing to unplug. Its got great motion movement and a handle at the end of the pole so its better for your posture. It also feels like less hard work using it because the wheels on the end of the bit that picks up the dirt move well.

      It has an extendable pole so if you are tall you can use it without bending down. It also means that it stores away really small. The pole also clips onto the body for storage and for lifting it around.

      Its quite heavy though not so much that it cant be managed in and out of a cupboard, or be pulled around. It has removable filters which need to be cleaned but this was done for me before I got it so I havent had to do that yet.

      Its a nice silver colour with a couple of purple bits on it. Its stylish, really good quality. My sister has been using it regularly for 4 years, and it still is in perfect condition. I hope for it to continue lasting, though it does have a 5 year parts guarantee. You can get one second hand for around £150 online though I dont think dyson themselves sell it anymore.

      A great product to clean your house with, and it fits neatly in the cupboard too!


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      05.01.2011 21:19
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      you will be amazed at how much dirt there is!!

      I have always wanted a dyson, with 3 children a tortoise and a husband, the mess just seems to keep coming in my house, but with the high price tags, I always settled for a cheaper option, and just replaced it every couple of years. When I saw the DC19 Allergy on offer with 25% off, I couldnt resist! It cost £159.99 a few months ago from Currys, bargain!
      This wasnt the only Dyson on offer, so I "road tested" them all in the store, much to the embarresment of my husband and children! Obviously I tried the much hyped roller ball and was disappointed, I would be paying £100's of pounds extra for a ball! When it came to the DC19, I was quietly impressed. It was light to lift off the stand and moved around the store just lovely, I took it.
      There is a small amount of assembly required when you unpack the Dyson, but is very simple if you follow the instructions. So main features are....lightweight, 3 onboard tools, 1 rounded brush, 1 slim angled pipe for small spaces and a smaller hoover head ideal for furniture and cars, what seems to be an extra long cord, compact for easy storage, great suction......I could go on all night!
      The 3 tools all sit on the outside rear of the cylinder, and clip firmly into place. The main hoover head, is very slim, so much so I can hoover under doors!! Although it is not advertised as a various floor cleaner, I use it in every room on carpet, lino, and brick, and at no point am I disappointed with the result.
      The hose extends by pressing a button on the handle and sliding it down, you do the opposite when storing away. You then slot the hoover head end into a section on the cylinder to hold it in place whilst not in use, this does feel quite fragile and can be quite tricky to do. The handle on the top of the hose is a good size and in a good position, it doesnt put any pressure on your hand when hoovering.
      To empty the cylinder, it is very simple, you unclip the clear cylinder and twist the lid to empty. I would recommend doing this outside or holding it deep inside an indoor bin as the dust cloud can be quite impressive!
      There is a automatic cord recoiling button, which my children love to press, even when Im still hoovering, and the on/off button is clearing defined as it is red.
      The only issue I have is it is sold stating a variable speed setting, I am unable to find this!

      Overall a brilliant Hoover, once you buy a dyson you will never go back!


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      31.10.2010 15:59
      Very helpful



      Worth the extra, but have reasonable expectations, it's still just a vacuum cleaner.

      The testing ground

      17th century farmhouse in very rural setting, making personal contribution to dust supply by slowly disintegrating around us. Set on a fine sand and gravel track currently disturbed to sand storm proportions by hoards of pilgrims driving down it in search of fake, holy, magic healing water. Embellished with two insert style log burners and one pellet stove, striving valiantly to cover house in bits of bark, stray pellets, disintegrated pellets and a fine layer of ash.

      Aided and abetted by the inhabitants which include 6 dogs, 7 cats, an escape artist rabbit, a G. piggy with food throwing issues. One home educated boy plus constant rabble of former school friends, with inability to remove shoes at the door after charging around fields. One antique restoring male, perpetually covered in fine sawdust that gets scattered everywhere as he decorates the house with cast off clothes.

      The areas to be cleaned are mainly tiled floors, a few rugs, little soft furnishing, some exposed brickwork, rough plastered walls, spider infested ceilings with beams, too many stupid, ugly, dust attracting antiques.

      The purchase

      After 7 years of pleading, the death of two budget vacuum cleaners (it is a big fat lie that I killed them on purpose as a ploy to get a Dyson ) and a nicely timed extra lump of cash, I went to get a Dyson Animal about six months ago. They didn't have one and terrified that the cash would be spent elsewhere if I dallied, leaving me back in Budget Vacuum Land, I grabbed the only model they had. The DC19 Allergy. Despite none of us being allergic to anything. I paid just under 400 Euros.

      The Bits

      Two big floor heads. One for carpets, one for hard floors. Not at all cheap and flimsy like my last vacuum. They are quite solid and a lot more robust than I was used to. I only use the hard floor tool unless it is damp from being cleaned, then I'll use the other one in a pinch. To be honest I can't see much difference in the picking up performance, but maybe I would if I had carpets.

      Three small attachments. The long pointy one is useless since it is too fat to got between the slats of the radiators. Ditto the hard rectangular one without bristles, I've found nothing in my home that calls for it. The pair of them could have been replaced for one decent tool that it pointy, thin and flexible, so you can suck up the dust that hides in rads. As part of a set of included tools it would have been more useful.

      The one little tool I use and like is rounded with a bristle fringe and is perfect for corners, exposed brickwork, soft furnishings and if you lift the body of the vacuum onto a chair it does a good job on cobwebs and spiders.

      You can't store the bits inside the vacuum cleaner like some models, so find a place for them to live.

      The Niggles

      How can you completely redesign the basic function of a vacuum to avoid loss of sucking power and fail to notice that the female equation, of the thing you slot the vacuum head into when not in use, is way too flimsy to take the weight even when the tube is reduced as far as it will go ?
      I am not impressed with 400 hundred Euros of kit falling over and getting covered in scratches (as well as denting anything in its wake) unless I rearrange my cleaning roomette so there is a constant prop available.
      Which still doesn't resolve the issue of having a hacking great tube covering the whole floor if I've stopped vacuuming to pick up, tidy and clean something else. I've tripped over the tube more times than I can count because I'm whizzing around in a mad rush to clean and I don't have the option of letting the body of the Dyson hold the tube up and out of the way. Well, not unless I fancy any nearby breakables getting smashed.

      I've had to place the bin to empty the dust compartment right up at the gate, some thirty meters from the house. Because I end up in a total dust storm when I ditch the contents. This doesn't bother me because I hated my old bag using vacuum, I always ran out of them when I needed them most which was a pain and I'll live with a few sneezes in order to avoid the inconvenience of bags. However, if somebody bought this cos they have allergies doesn't this wholesale exposure to the contents of the dust compartment rather defeat the purpose ?

      There is no adjustable speed of suck as far as I can see. I'm not that fussed cos I've always kept my vacuums on top speed, but I thought it was odd that this feature was missing.

      You have to wash the filters, something I have put off, because I'm scared I'll break an expensive peice of equipment by failing to do it properly. The instructions are clear, but very brief. I need more handholding than that.

      The Performance

      Wow this thing can suck ! It isn't particularly quiet about it, but as long as I remove any big lumps of debris that blocks the tube or head, I can get floors that pass the barefoot "no bits" test on first passing with no manual pre sweeping required.

      Exposed brickwork, the fiddly bits on furniture, de cobwebbing ceilings\beams, going over the rough plastered walls and taking the worst of the freshly laid animal hair on the sofa with the small bristle tool gets excellent results that just don't compare to my old budget vacuum. Which means I actually bother doing it quite regularly and no longer have to buy those expensive dust trapping dusters and flap them round the house in panic when visitors are due.

      Speaking of visitors, recently due to an extreme case of procrastination virus I managed to avoid housework till just two days before a family visit. Which meant for the first time ever I had to vacuum the entire house in one go. About 300 square meters total. After about five rooms (can't remember how long in terms of time) I noticed the Dyson was getting a bit hot. Not enough to make me worry that it was going to start smoking and burst into flames, but enough to make me go "hmmmm" and want to give it rest while I found something else to do, to give it cool down time. I don't know if this would be an issue in smaller (and decidedly cleaner) homes, but certainly something I'm going to take into consideration before leaving everything till the last minute another time. I will say that compared to my old vacuums it really did keep up in terms of sucking performance despite the huge volume of crud it was picking up. I reckon I would have gone through three bags with my old vacuum under similar circumstances just to keep the sucking power up to useful levels.


      I will never admit to the Italian Sock Dropper that perhaps the machine is not as perfect as I believed it to be after years of drooling over the hype and feeling jealous.

      There are issues and niggles, some which could be addressed easily and quickly. Like the holding up the tube when at rest problem.

      However I can't fault the consistent, strong suckyness, and that is the primary feature I was lusting after for all those years.
      So overall I'm happy, don't regret buying it and think I got value for money.

      But it is a happiness tinged with the sort of prickling disappointment you get when your expectations have been worked up to an unrealistic level, by too much longing, fed with too much hype. I think I almost expected this product to walk on water, which of course it doesn't. It is a vacuum cleaner, a good one. But not the second coming.


      Do not use any normal household vacuum on significant amounts of ash from a wood burner or fire i.e. on the floor or around the hearth after emptying. They are generally not built to cope with the super fine dust in such volume and may get their motor damaged. Use a garage style "pick up anything" rugged vacuum for that job.


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        02.06.2010 12:02


        • Reliability


        Overall a fantastic cleaner that wont dissapoint

        This Dyson DC19 is a great vacuum cleaner. We have a guesthouse and it's used extensively every day. It's robust, the suction is excellent & it's so easy to clean out. It lifts the carpets when the filter's clean. It's easy to maneuver and not too heavy. The lack of a dust bag is brilliant - it's so easy to empty and reduces waste now I'm used to it, but when we first got it we couldn't believe how effective it was compared to our previous (standard) cleaner. I'd given the floors a good vacuum before first trying it and the amount the Dyson still picked up was a treat to see.

        I have read some other reviews who have given negative comments and i personally can't relate to them from my experience. I've found that cleaning the filter out regularly as prescribed makes a phenomenal difference. I've found the whole machine's much easier to keep clean than conventional cleaners.

        A definate for the home.


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        19.12.2009 20:04
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability


        A light, practical efficient vacuum cleaner with great suction, never loses power and easy to store

        My Purchase
        There are a few different versions of the DC-19 model on the market so I'm keen to point out that this review is about the DC-19 Allergy, which is not to be confused with the DC19i, Origin or Animal models.
        As much as I liked the look of the Dyson Ball vacuum that had been advertised a lot on the TV I decided to go for something more compact and light that could get into tight spaces. The DC-19 Allergy was the right vacuum for the job.
        I got an absolute bargain when I purchased this Dyson for just £154.94 a few months ago as it was listed almost everywhere on the Internet for in excess of £200 so I was delighted when it became available for a discounted price on the discountelectricals.com website. I had been dying to get my hands on a vacuum clearer with a decent suction for a while as we've only ever had second hand vacuum cleaners passed down from when we first moved home and these became less effective over time.

        Inside the box you get a brush tool, stair tool, crevice tool, Flat Out tool, operations manual, quick-start guide, guarantee information and a product registration card.
        The operational manual is very easy to understand with clear safety warnings, maintenance advice and a troubleshooting section.
        Out of the box the vacuum (with its attractive grey & silver colour with blue cyclone) was very simple to assemble with the main bag-less drum already being connected. The main hose needed to be connected to the side of the vacuum on the hose inlet and clipped onto the front. After connecting the extension tube to the hose wand handle, attaching the Flat-Out head to the extension tube and clipping a few tool attachments to their designated slots I was ready to go.

        When looking for a vacuum cleaner I was keen to purchase something that didn't take up too much space in my cupboard and I certainly wasn't let down by this Dyson (The dimensions are only 34.5cm x 28.2cm x 43.4cm H x W x D). The biggest let-down on many vacuum cleaners on the market is that they hardly ever have a decent home for the hose and extension. My previous vacuum cleaner ended up suffering damage to the hose because it always had to be stuffed into the cupboard dangling alongside the base without anything to secure it in place. Things then got piled on top of it and caused an indent in the hose so this had a major affect on the suction.
        The DC-19 has a nice clip attachment to the font which allows you slide the pipe extension into it to hold it in place after you've wrapped the hose once around the handle. Although this plastic clip appears quite solid it does give the impression that it could break if force was applied to the extension tube whilst connected. This could possibly the first thing that may go wrong with the product, however mine has been fine so far after 3 months of use so fingers crossed.

        The weight of the vacuum is only 8.56Kg (or 17.75lb) which makes it easy to carry when holding with the handle. This is very useful when you want to vacuum the stairs as the hose has a telescopic tube so you don't have to bend down as much which can lead to back problems. The hose wand handle on this vacuum is also well positioned so that you are not leaning forward uncomfortably when cleaning a room. A lot of other makes of vacuum cleaner have not put much thought into the position of their handle which I have found irritating, so it is clear that Dyson have thought of everything with this product down to the finest detail.
        The flat-Out brush head as its known is what makes this device most practical. It is so thin that you can get into those awkward places such as under the base of your kitchen appliances and furniture. The bottom of the head also twists smoothly with the flick of your wrist so you can drive into those nooks and crannies with little effort. It's not quite a Dyson Ball but it most certainly comes close.
        As for the cord length, which has automatic cord retraction button, it can stretch to 6.5m (or 21.33 ft) which is more than enough on a plug socket to plug socket basis around your home. If you add the length on the extension tube on top then you can practically reach 7m which is very decent indeed.

        Just like changing gears in your car, changing the attachment tool on the end makes the cleaner more powerful for the corresponding job in hand. I find the brush tool is ideal for cleaning the stairway or your car as the combination of the suction and the brush's ability to dislodge stubborn dust and dirt leaves immaculate results.
        The crevice tool was very useful in getting right into skirting boards and into the edges of the carpet on the stairway. It also allows you to get into corners without hitting your hand on the wall as the bend in the tool compensates the distance of the handle to the wall. It really does hurt if you don't have this tool and have an artexed wall!

        Performance & Features
        Talking about cars, the Dyson DC19 could be compared to an environmentally friendly GTi model. It glides along with very little resistance and is very powerful in comparison to its competitors (1400 watts). The Root Cyclone technology that this product boasts ensures that the suction power never degrades as the drum fills with dust and dirt, unlike a conventional vacuum.
        I was very impressed with the power of the suction and was amazed to see that the carpet was actually lifting slightly which meant there was no need for me to apply a downward force in order to maintain contact with the floor. The flexi connector on the head also means that you never have to lower your arm when dragging back as the Dyson does the hard work for you.
        Depending on how clean your house is, I would estimate on average that you could clean your house from top to bottom several times before needing to empty the bin. It is more a case with it being a clear bin and the fact you can see all the dirt that makes you want to empty it sooner than necessary (although an indicator does inform you when it is full). The capacity of the bin is 0.53 of a gallon which is great for such a small device.

        I have always wondered why my previous vacuum was useless after only cleaning the room a few times and I found the answer. I know it's obvious that the bag or bin may be full but I wanted a technical explanation.
        With bagged vacuum cleaners the bag will trap dust and dirt and start to clog the holes that allow air to escape in the paper. It is these millions of holes that allow airflow. Restricting this airflow when the bag fills up reduces the efficiency and a loss of suction follows.
        The bag-less cleaners work in a similar way to this where the cyclone collects the dirt which starts to obstruct the central filter. This again restricts the airflow which causes the loss of suction once again.
        It is my pet hate with previous cleaners that you have to empty the bin after every use to get the best out of it and now I know why.
        Taking a familiar word from the TV show Dragon's Den, Dyson have designed a Root Cyclone technology that they have 'patented'. This design spins the air so fast that centrifugal forces (claiming to be up to 150,000 times the force of gravity) fling dust and dirt out of the air and straight into the clear Cyclone drum. With the air constantly spinning inside, there is never any room for restriction of airflow. I can back this claim by noting that the bin on the cleaner has been almost full to the brim with dirt and it has still maintained its suction.

        The DC19 Allergy makes use of a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that removes 99.97% of airborne particles that are 0.3 micrometers in diameter. Having just become a father for the first time and the fact that I've recently developed a lingering chest infection with the need for an inhaler, I felt that a vacuum with the HEPA 5 level filter could benefit the entire family. It is mainly beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers as the filter traps fine particles like pollen and dust mite remains. These are normally the number one cause for triggering an allergy or asthmatic symptoms. This feature would be deemed useless unless the design of the cleaner prevented air particles leaking though it. Dyson have made sure with this model that all air particles are drawn into the machine and expelled through the filter, often referred to as 'Sealed HEPA'.
        The vacuum will also self adjust to the type of floor that you're cleaning which means there is no need to bend down and flick a switch in order to move from rugs to wood flooring etc. The is also a variable speed option so that you can reduce the suction power which is great for cleaning curtains as it prevents the fabric getting stuck and having to pull it out of the head. This is probably best enabled by flicking up a switch on the handle so that the some of the suction is directed away from the head of the hose and in from the handle instead.

        I was quite impressed with the 84 dB noise level on this cleaner as my previous vacuum was beginning to give me a headache with the high pitched level it seemed to reach when set to full power. Telling my partner to move her feet is now done with a louder tone rather than a shout!

        Overall conclusion
        The only things I would change with this cleaner is to have a locking mechanism for the hose to stay more secure in an upright position compared to clip it currently has at the base and to make it more obvious as to which handle is used for picking up the vacuum. It is quite easy to mistake the bin handle for picking up the device at first glance which could cause the bin connection to dislodge over time. I would also not bother ordering extra tools for this vacuum as they appear to be ridiculously over-priced in comparison to the cleaner itself. A lot of stores are charging in excess of £100 for a handful of tools which puts you off buying them but I feel the set which comes with the vacuum are adequate anyhow.
        However, the strengths of this product is enough to recommend it to anyone looking for an all round decent vacuum cleaner and I think it is well worth the investment if you can get it for under £200. It is powerful, efficient, reasonably quiet, requires little maintenance, improves the air quality in your home and has top quality suction power. The Dyson also comes with a manufacturer's 5 year warrantee for peace of mind which is not to be sniffed at!


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        Short name: Dyson DC19 Allergy

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