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Dyson DC19 Multi Floor

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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2012 19:56
      Very helpful



      Dyson DC19

      The Dyson DC19 is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever used. It comes with a 5 year guarantee and we've probably had ours near to that amount of time now but it does not need replacing any time soon and I can see it lasting for a great number of years yet.

      We have all seen the television advertisements for the Dyson and know how good their are and how much design and technology go into producing one. According to an article I read, "Dyson engineers are constantly testing and inventing, trying to find new ways to make their technology work better. As they work, they file patent applications to protect their inventions from copycat manufacturers. That's why the only place you'll find Dyson technology is inside a Dyson machine."
      I am not best placed to actually describe to you how a vacuum cleaner works so I will again quote an article to tell you how a Dyson works, "Ordinary vacuum cleaners rely on bags and filters to trap all the dust and dirt. Air is meant to flow through tiny holes, leaving dust and dirt behind. The problem is that when you use them, these tiny holes quickly clog up with particles of dust. This chokes the flow of air, so the vacuum cleaner loses suction.
      Dyson vacuum cleaners don't rely on bags to trap dust and dirt. They use patented Root Cyclone technology, which spins the air at incredibly high speeds. The cyclones inside a Dyson vacuum cleaner generate centrifugal forces many thousands of times the force of gravity. Dust, dirt and pet hair are flung out of the airflow and straight into the bin. No bags, no loss of suction."

      This Dyson has the main section with the cylinder on the floor with two big wheels either side and then the hose extends up from this and has a long plastic tube section or wand as they call it which stands upright. The wheels make it really easy to pull the whole cleaner along the floor with it and I actually find it quite light. It does tip over to the side sometimes if I try to pull it too fast but most of the time it stays upright.

      What I like about this section is that its adjustable just by moving a little attachment in the middle of the wand. The wand extends quite tall so you don't have to bend down when you vacuum which is really nice as this doesn't hurt my back. Then this wand goes back into itself so it is not tall when you need to store it. I find this a really good advantage. The wand is quite light and easy to manoeuvre and what I like is the suction plate has little wheels on the side of it so it moves across the floor well and lifts up when you need it to so you can also move this around easily and pick up all the dirt underneath. The suction plate can be adjusted to work on all types of floors which is perfect for us as we have wooden floors downstairs, a stone tiled floor in the kitchen and carpets upstairs so to be able to switch between all of these with the same machine and clean the same way its great and this is part of the reason why we bought this actual Dyson.

      The suction on this Dyson is brilliant and it really does make hoovering, my least favourite household chore, really easy. You can tell that it literally picks up everything as the bin where all the debris goes is made of see-through plastic so you can see everything that goes into it. What I also like about it being see through is that you can tell when it is full and when it needs replacing. This is so much better than old style vacuum cleaners that had a bag and you never knew when they were full and in the end the bag just burst because it was so full and then the dirt went all over the floor!! This bin is so easy to remove and get rid of all the debris. There is a plastic handle on it that has a little lever on it where you place your thumb. The little lever actually has a picture of an up arrow on it so you know to push up and then it unhooks from the base of the Dyson. Then you just empty this into your bin and click it back into place when it is empty. It is as simple as that. The plastic handle also allows you to pick up the whole hoover when the cylinder is locked into place and carry it from room to room. This is actually a really easy way of carrying it and its actually not too heavy or awkward which is nice.

      At the back of the whole cleaner there is a section where you can store the other attachments for the hose. There is a little round brush which is great for pet hair, a smaller plate and also a long tube for getting into smaller places or doing the cobwebs, things like that. These just slot into their spaces and don't come out that easily which is nice. In order to change the heads there is another lever just like the one to take the cylinder out. You just press it with you thumb and it unhooks easily and then you just slot in the cleaner that you want.

      I find this Dyson easy to switch on and off. On the left hand side there is a round red button whcih you jsut press to start the hoover. I turn it on and off by standing on it and I find this works really well. On the right hand side there is the plug button which has a picture of a plug on it so you know its this one. The plug and wire go back into the machine itself when you press this button so again its a handy way of storing the wire. To get out you just pull on the plug and the wire. I find the plug has a really long reach and I can plug it into my hallway and do the whole of the kitchen, the reach is that long. Again I just stand on this plug button in order to pull in the wire and it works really well.

      Every time I hoover, at least every couple of days, the cylinder completely fills up so either my house is really dirty or the suction is great and it picks up so much more than a regular cleaner. I like to think its because the suction is great and that I don't have a really dirty house! We have pets, a dog and a cat and this Dyson is amazing for picking up all their hair too, so much so that we never really see any hair anymore. This has been great for my asthma and was another reason why we looked at this specific model. In fact, according to an article I read, "Dyson upright and cylinder vacuums are approved by 12 allergy associations worldwide, including the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) and Allergie Suisse. Allergie Suisse approval is one of the most stringent in the world. To secure it, vacuums have to provide constant suction and separation performance so that they don't lose effectiveness while you clean."

      Dysons are not cheap, this one cost us near to £200 but the 5 year guarantee on parts and labour is well worth it as is the superb cleaning power you can achieve. A machine I definitely recommend!


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        24.06.2012 11:46


        • Reliability



        I live in big house which has carpets all the way through apart from kitchen. I also have a 16 month old toddler who loves running around making mess just like any other toddler. Having a good reliable vacum cleaner is therefore essetial for me. Our previous hover was a different brand one, it was one of the big upright one hover and it was rubbish. It broke just after 3 years of use after spening £200 on it. I have then decided to go for dyson, it was first time i brought dyson but it has such a good reputation and its well known brand. I didnt want big upright hover again as it was bit inconvenient to store or carry up the stairs.

        This vacum has some great specs which include:
        1400 watts
        280 air watts
        No loss of suction
        Length of hose 3.11m
        Stretch hose for staircase cleaning
        Dust capacity 2 litres
        Total capacity 2 litres
        Washable filter
        6.48m power cord
        Weight 8.06kg

        It easy to carry up the stairs and small enough to store. Tools can be clicked at the end of the house which is very practical and changing them is very easy just by clicking a button attachments comes off easily and can be changed. Using this vacum cleaner makes cleaning soooo much easier hose pipe is long enough for high reach cleaning. The suction is excellent, i believe that good cylinder vacum cleaner should have minimum 220 ir watts, well this one has 280 which is one of the most i have seen compared to other vacum cleaners. It is a multifloor cleaner is it equally as efficient when cleaning carpets and my kitchen tiled floor.

        Only thing i would say is that hose doesnt fully reach to the top of my stairs but i really do not mind that as i am able to carry it upstairs with no problem. We purchased it from Argos when it was on sale and i would now never go back now to any other vacum cleaner.


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    • Product Details

      The Dyson DC19 Multi Floor Bagless Vacuum Cleaner was built for easy manoeuvring, so you can get your floors cleaned with minimal effort! Attractive in a moulded yellow finish, the 1400-watt Dyson DC19 Multi Floor Bagless Vacuum Cleaner uses Root Cyclone technology for superior, consistent suction and also comes with combination and crevice tools so you can clean in confined areas, up the stairs or over your upholstery / The Dyson DC19 Multi Floor Bagless Vacuum Cleaner uses a HEPA filter with a Bactisafe screen to expel air with 150x less mould and bacteria than the air you breathe / Tackle your allergies and illnesses before they affect you! The filter is washable too, so you can easily maintain its high performance / Characteristics Type Bagless Power (Watts) 1400 watts Appropriate power (Watts) 280 air watts Bag volume or reservoir (litre) 2 litres Filter type HEPA Indicator for bag content Yes Ergonomy Telescopic tube Yes Cable length 6.5 metres Others Colours Yellow Included accessories Combination tool, Crevice tool, Stair tool Weight (Kg) 8.2 kg / Short name: Dyson DC19 Floor

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