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Dyson DC35 Multifloor Digital Slim

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8 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • Lightweight slim vacuum
  • 3 hours charging time
  • 15 minutes vacuuming time
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    8 Reviews
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      13.05.2015 13:51
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use"
      • "Plenty of attachments"
      • "Easy to store"
      • Compact


      • "15 minutes vacuuming time"
      • "3 hours charging time"

      Vacuuming no longer a chore

      I had wanted a cordless vacuum cleaner for a while. The size of them was the main reason for the appeal as I hated dragging our ancient Dyson about the house and up and down our narrow, steep stairs and traditional cleaners take up so much space. I watched the price of the DC35 closely for sometime. I was nearly conned by the 'Trade In' deals they often have at various retailers but I noticed the price rise dramatically during the promotion so didn't bother and paid around £179.

      Sadly I was very excited about my new purchase and couldn't wait to use it. A few weeks on and I still love it.

      It arrives well packaged and it is extremely easy to assemble. Much to my delight there was enough battery power already in it to give it a test run. It comes complete with 3 attachments all of which can be used directly into the cleaner or on the end of the full length pole, particularly good for reaching all those cobwebs in hard to reach places. It also includes a dock which can be attached to the wall but we haven't used this yet since fixings aren't included and we have a nifty little space inside a cupboard to plug it into. Since purchasing this my broom has become nearly redundant as it's just as effective to use on hard flooring as carpets and due to it being so compact it's easy enough to whip out of the cupboard and use to have a quick sweep up. I also makes vacuuming stairs a breeze, no stretching the hose to breaking point.

      You only get around 15 minutes running time with each full charge but I have found this is plenty and I only very rarely run out of power part way through a clean. It's so easy to do the odd sweep up here and there so you don't really need any longer for those days you want to do a deep vacuum as if you're like me, with this cleaner you will be vacuuming more regularly. You can get more powerful models at higher prices but after reading a few reviews previous to my purchase I decided it would probably be enough and it certainly is. Some reviewers don't like the fact that you have to keep your hand on the trigger constantly and that it cuts out when you remove it. This really doesn't bother me at all. I would guess that it's a feature to save battery power and so it's not left running when not in use.

      Vacuuming is certainly no longer a chore and this is one of the best household purchases that I have ever made. I would recommend to anyone.


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      31.01.2015 15:06
      Very helpful


      • "Lightweight slim vacuum"


      • "Having to keep you finger on the trigger."

      Why did we wait so long to buy this wonderful vacuum?

      I have had my Dyson DC 35 for a month now and no longer dread vacuuming. When the box was delivered I took all the components out, the actual DC digital slim vacuum, the docking station, the mains charger, detachable wand, crevice tool, combination tool, motorised floor tool plus the paperwork with some trepidation but I was worrying for nothing ... everything was explained so easily via the picture based put together and use guide. I charged it up and then was ready to put it though it's pace. I had already cleaned the carpet earlier and was really shocked at the amount of dirt and fluff that was in the collection canister. The emptying was simple just hold it over the bin and pull a switch, easy. I went around the ceiling just in case the were any rogue cobwebs, there were. I took the wand off and put the tool back onto the vacuum to do the stairs, wonderful, no wires or plugs to worry about. The tools are easily interchanged, they just clip in. I then put the dyson into it's docking station charging up for my next bout of cleaning, this wasn't to be me as my husband started to hoover out the car and was chuffed to bits with the result and the convenience of it. So from carpets, hard floors, stairs, cars, curtains, mattresses, ceilings etc it's had a good trial and we think it's fantastic. The only thing I've knocked off a heart for is because you have to keep your finger on the trigger to keep it switched on, this apparently is so that you don't waste the power. It runs for 15 minutes but I haven't found this a problem for me at all as I finish in one room I put it into it's docking station before I start on another. Don't let that part put you off. We wondered why we didn't invest in this machine a long time ago.


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      04.01.2014 13:32


      • Reliability


      Fantastic cleaner for smaller homes of people with health problems

      This is a wonderful product!

      I have used a lot of floor sweepers in the last couple of years. I don't like full-sized vacuum cleaners. I find them heavy and cumbersome, and the power cable dragging everywhere is a pain. Lugging them up and down stairs is tiring (I suffer from heart failure). I have tried a motorised floor sweeper (which broke after 3 months) and a manual version (bits fell off). I was wary about buying a Dyson because of the price but am glad I did.

      The unit itself is light and beautifully balanced. It comes with a wall-mount which is easy to fit and means the machine takes up very little space. To use you simply push up and pull out. It's cordless and charges on the base unit.

      It's very easy to use on any surface. It has a ball-swivel head which is very handy on corners and comes with 3 different attachments. Being so light you can use it for de-cobwebbing ceilings, cleaning curtains and dusting skirting boards.

      The motor is powerful so it picks up pretty much everything. The head is easy to remove and clean. It's bagless so to empty it you just hold it over a bin and press a button - so much easier them messing around with bags and having to buy new ones.

      It has an extra power mode that reduces the use time to about 7-8 minutes but I rarely need to use this. I have a small (2-bedroom) house and I rarely do the whole place in one go; but it manages one floor at a time easily.

      Brilliant product, I'm so glad I bought it!


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      20.11.2013 22:51
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      It's a lot of money for only a few minutes use each time.... is it really worth the high cost?

      I have used several vacuum cleaners during my lifetime, most have broken down due to one reason or another, although I personally think that vacuum cleaners hate me and just don't want to do what they are supposed to do when I ask them too... this applies to kettle and toasters too, as I have no luck with those either.
      But enough about my paranoia and why certain electrical device and I just don't get on. I'm not here for that, I'm here to tell you about a vacuum cleaner that I have been using for a few months know and felt that it was about time that I wrote a little bit about what it is and what I really think about it.
      The vacuum cleaner I am talking, or more writing about is in fact one from a very well known, and very expensive brand called Dyson, with the actual model being the Dyson animal DC35, (not to be confused with any other models of similar names).

      Firstly though, let's get the more boring bits out of the way with..!

      In the rectangular box you should get...
      * The main body, motor unit
      * Battery
      * Wall mountable battery charger.
      * Tube, or wand as it is technically called.
      * Docking station.
      * Crevice tool
      * Combination tool
      * Mini motorise tool.

      And the specs...
      * It has the infamous and much advertised patented root cyclone technology
      * The container can handle up to 0.35litres of dust.
      * The motor unit is about 1150mm in height, 300mm deep and no more than 240mm wide.
      * 65 air watts although it says that it only has 28 air watts when the tube is attached.
      * 22.2 volts
      * Cordless with built in rechargeable battery.
      * motorised cleaning brush tool with carbon fibre filament.

      * Now what does this Animal look like..
      Remember years ago there was a certain kids show called Sesame Street. On that show there was a character who used to thrash out a lot of noise on a set of drums, a furry fluffy guy with white teeth, rusty coloured fur and a lot of energy... this guys name was animal... and this vacuum cleaner is called Animal... but this machine is nothing like that animal... luckily.
      I don't know why I just said all that? It just sprung to my mind when I thought of the word 'Animal'....

      So, anyway, back to reality, and what this animal looks like.
      To me, when it has not got the tube, or wand, if we give it it's real title, but when the wand isn't attached to the motor unit, to me it looks like some kind of DIY tool, akin to a power drill. A space aged power drill that was probably used on the Starship enterprise.
      Right at the rear there is the handle which has the motor on the top of it and the battery at the bottom. This design gives the unit that perfect balance with the weight of the motor and the battery compensating fro each other whilst you have full control over both.
      The handle has a little red 'on' button on the inside, near the top, a bit like a trigger action, which makes switching it on and off a piece of cake.
      In front of the handle there's what remains of the rest of the machine, which is basically the dust container and the cyclone suction magic that Mr Dyson is so proud of.
      On the underside towards the front there is the dust container. This container is transparent, giving an easy view to see how much dust is in there. Inside the container you can see the plastic filter that sits in the centre of the container, taking up most of the room in fact. This filter has what looks like a million little holes drilled into it so that the air can flow though it whilst keeping the dust inside the container.
      Above the dust container there is the cyclone wonder, which on this one is a rather odd purple colouring, having the purple edges going into the silver of the cyclone inlets.
      Then, right at the front, above the dust container, sort of, there is the short length housing for the accessories to attach to, be that the wand, the brushes of the nozzles.
      There are a few coloured buttons scattered around the unit, a red one on the side of the dust container, which releases the base of the container, and a bluey/purple one that sits on the top which separates the two parts of the main unit in order to gain access to the filter.

      And that's the main part.

      * What about accessories...
      This comes with a few of them, and that's not including the long tube that you get either.
      There's two different brush heads, one small, the other looking more like your regular size one, both are rather fine looking and very strong, capable of dragging the hairs from a dogs nostril if he gets too close to the spinning brushes.
      These brushes use inbuilt motors to spin and drag through the pile of the carpet so that it gets deeper into the pile. The power for these motors comes directly from the battery through the little connectors that go from the battery right through to the brush motors, even going right through the long tube.
      These brushhead boasts an anti-static feature to allow for more finer dust to be sucked up, giving more cleaning control and power throughout.
      The brushes can be used on the end of the wand for those longer, harder to reach places, such as tops of curtains or around ceiling light or it can be attached directly to the motor unit and used on those closer, easier to reach places, such as stairs and worktops.
      The crevice tool which looks like any other crevice tool, being longer and thin towards the end.
      Then there's the smallest brush head/nozzle tool is almost a triangle in shape and has a set of fine yet firm brush hairs on the end which can get deep into the carpet pile. In other words this brush double up as the small nozzle, with the brush pushing forwards and backwards up the tube which is inside the brush itself.

      * What about the power...?
      The power comes form a rechargeable flat battery. Although when I say flat I don't mean it has run down and is dead, I mean that it is flat in shape.
      The machine offers two different power settings, high and low, which is controlled by a simple press of a button that lies on the rear of the machine. The only way that you know that there is a change in power is that the motor changes in pitch and the air intake noise makes a different little whistle. That, apart from the change in suction, is the only way you know as there is no other indication on the unit itself.
      The battery power does differ depending on how you're using the cleaner. For example, if you've got it on full power and using the brush then the power will drain quicker than if you've got it on half power with just the nozzle on the end.
      In other words, the more power and effort the motor uses the more battery power it will take.

      * Charging it up...
      The battery charges up in about 3 ½ - 5 hours , using the supplied mains adaptor, giving you about 40 minutes of cleaning time
      You can plug the adaptor straight into the battery by taking the battery out of the machine, which is a simple matter of pulling the battery down from the handle. Then, with the battery in hand, you simply plug the adaptor into the small hole that is on the shaft of the battery.
      This method of charging can be done with the battery still inside the machine, just plug the adaptor into the same little hole.
      You can also charge the battery using the docking station, which is a matter of leaving the battery inside the Dyson and slotting the entire thing onto the station, then, you use the same adaptor and slide it through a small tubing section that seems to be covering the adaptor port on the battery. This does the same thing as the other methods of charging, only the Dyson is hanging on its lovely cradle.

      When it's charging the light should turn on and stay steady. If it's blinking then it's not charging up properly for some reason.
      I haven't had a problem with the charging and have never seen the flashing light so I can't yet comment on how fast it flashes.

      The little green light does tell you more than just if the machine is on or off, or whether it's charging up or not. It also tells you a few other things too, such as if it's flickering slowly then the battery is running low and will need charging up as soon as possible. If the lights is flashing like a Mac wearing weirdo who's wondering around the park at night then this means that the machine should not be used at the moment, (the booklet indicates reasons such as 'too hot' or 'too cold'.
      But, if the light does not come on at all it's either because the battery is as flat as a witches preverbal or that, according to the booklet, there's something amiss with the filter.
      So it is a multi-functional light that tells you more than you first think.

      * How does it work..?
      When you press the little red button on the handle the Dyson kicks into life immediately, with the trigger being very light and a little bit too easy to activate. If this was a drill of some kind then it would not have got passed the health and safety brigade sue to this over sensitivity. But as it's a vacuum cleaner theirs less safety issues surrounding the delicate trigger.
      Anyway, once the trigger is touched the motor begins and the suction drags in all the air, and small particles that lie in the way of the nozzle area. To show you that the machine is actually running, as it is pretty quite to be honest, is that a little green light that sits on top of the handle area begins to glow.
      When you release the red button the motor stops running and the machine stops. Simple as that really.

      * Attaching the bits and bobs...
      The brush, or nozzle, slot onto the end of either the long tube of directly onto the motor unit itself. Which ever one you slot it onto it locks into place using a smart little self clipping system. And this system is used to clip the tube to the motor unit so that what ever you clip to what ever part it is not going to move about in the wind.
      As I mentioned before, there is an electrical path that runs through from the motor to the brush heads. This path also runs right through the long tube too so that this can be used with the brush heads too. This connection path is done by simply slotting the things into the main unit.
      And don't worry about which way to slot them in as, due to the shape of the ends, there is only one way that they can fit into place.
      Then, to take off the attachments or the tube you simply press the front section of the locking clip and slide the attachment or tube out.
      Simple as that really.

      * Is it going to bust your ear drums..?
      No. there's no danger of you ever getting earache from using this, even I fyou put your ear right up to the motor itself.
      This is as quiet as a mouse, although the mouse is wearing slightly hard sole shoes as he's wondering around your floorboards.
      It's more a slight wind/whooshing noise as the motor kicks in and starts sucking air through the tubes, through the container and back out into the air, trapping the dust and what ever inside the dust container with the magic of the filtration system. The 'whooshing' noise does change slightly when the power goes from high to low, or normal to boost. But no matter what power the machine it throwing out the noise levels stay to a ear loving level.

      * What about keeping it clean..?
      Cleaning it is pretty straight forwards and, as long as you clean everything that needs to be cleaned, you should get a good life out of it.
      The things that need cleaning are the brush heads and the filters, which, as I said, are all easy to do.
      These brushes that comes with it is easily cleared of any debris, such as hairs and the like. This is done by unlocking the little catch on the side of the brush, suing a flat object like a screwdriver or maybe a coin. Turn the little notch and slide the actual brushes out of the housing. Then clear any debris away and slide the brush back in.
      Don't forget to lock the little catch in place before continuing with you cleaning.
      There area couple of little icons which resemble little padlocks, one open, the other closed, which tells you whether it's locked or not.

      There is also a filter which is in the middle of the unit, sitting between the motor housing and the dust container, which needs cleaning regularly. To clean this filter you simply push down on the blue button that is on the top of the unit. This then split the entire Dyson in half, hinging slightly on the lower part, with the motor on one side and the dust container on the other. In the middle there is the oblong shaped filter that slips out of place and can be cleaned. There are lovely little blue images of taps scattered around the filter which basically tells you that you can clean this under a tap.

      To clean the filter you can either give is a bit of a dust over, maybe a blow as well. Or, for a more severe cleaning, give it a wash under water and then lets it dry off properly for at least 24 hours.

      * The dust container..?
      This is only small and can only hold small amounts of dust, being a mere 0.33litres in all. But it's big enough for the small spills that this vacuum is expected to clean up.
      Once the container is full it needs to be emptied, which is as easy as pressing a red button downwards, which is exactly what you do. Just make sure you're over a bin or something and press the little catch at the side of the dust container, which should release the bottom plate of the container and drop all the dust into what ever is waiting underneath.
      Then, to close the container, you just push the bottom plate back upwards and click it onto place.
      If there's things trapped inside the container, clinging onto the plastic filter, then you want to release the clear plastic casing of the dust container so you can get to the filter. This is done by pulling on the little red tab that is on the bottom of the dust container which you can see when you open the flap. this red tab pulls back to release the entire clear plastic casing, then, with a wiggle and a little force. Not too much force of course, just a little. You pull the casing away from the plastic filter.
      Then you clean it all up and simple push the casing back over the filter and click it back into place, allowing the red tab to lock onto the bottom of the casing.

      Job done. You're ready to carry on cleaning.

      * And storage..?
      This is where the cradle comes into its own, once it's screwed onto a wall and plugged into the nearest wall socket preferably.
      Anyway, once you've finished with the Dyson you simply slot it into the cradle and it is store there until you need it again. Plus, it's charging up so that it's always got a full battery.
      You can also store most of the attachments in the cradle too, with each one having its own spot to sit in, apart from the small brush which is like the black sheep of the family and has no where to sit for some reason? Which I find strange as all the other bits can be kept together though. I mean, what were the designer thinking when they looked at their finished designs and realised that they had left out the storage space for the small brush? They must have just smiled and thought "Ow well, never mind, people won't notice until they unpack everything..?"
      I have the brush on top of the unit closest to the cradle so that I know where it is.

      * And what do I think..?
      This is one of the most powerful hand held I have used. But on the other hand, it's the most expensive hand held I have used too, so you'd expect it to be pretty good. And it is 'pretty' good. Not brilliant, but pretty good.
      The reason I say that is that although it can suck up most things that are put in its way it can't last long enough for those, shall we say, "more awkward" jobs such as a half decent clear up in the car. The battery can't really last long passed a few minutes of use on full power, which full power is what is needed on difficult upholstery jobs really isn't it. So I end up either constantly charging up the unit or dragging a corded cleaner out of the cupboard and out to the car, or what ever I have left unfinished as the battery as died on the Dyson.
      Don't get me wrong. It is a good vacuum and sucks up better than the class swot at exam time. It's just the battery life that lets it down for me.

      The machine itself is made well, and looks nice hanging off the wall in the back end of the kitchen, with the entire machine being mainly a grey plastic with a few dashes of purple and a couple of red splodges.
      It is so easy to use and the way it is designed really does make it so comfortable to hold whilst using it, with the weight of it being barely noticeable to be honest.
      Adding the accessories couldn't be easier, slotting them until they click into place, then releasing them with a firm press of the locking clips.
      The brush attachments are pretty good too, both being motorised, powered not by air suction, but by the battery itself, through the magic of simple connectors throughout the system.

      I like the docking station, even though it doesn't look as well built as the vacuum cleaner itself. I like the fact that it can be screwed onto the wall near a power socket, so that when I am not using the Dyson it sits in the docking station and is always on charge, ready for use on those small cleaning jobs.
      I also like the simple idea of the little notches in the crevice tools. These are to stop the tool attaching itself to something like your curtains as the air can still escape through the little notches. Come on, we've all been there? You're vacuuming away and then suddenly you come upon the bottom end of the curtain, or eve a duvet cover. Usually the material gets suck half way up the nozzle before you have time to react. But this simple idea of leaving a gap on the crevice tool stops that from happening so quickly whilst also allowing the dirt to go right up the tool and into the container.
      Some other cleaners have a sliding section along the hose which, when slid open, allows air to escape so that the suction isn't as powerful. This is the same principal only the gap is on the tools themselves.

      I've always said that some of the simplest ideas are the best.

      * How much does Mr Dyson want for this hand held..?
      This is what may just make your jaw drop to the ground, so be warned and brace yourself before I tell you what price tag is slapped onto this one.
      Are you ready? Yes?
      Well, this hand held Dyson sells for a staggering £200 - £260....
      Now, you can pick you jaw up off the floor now...
      I did warn you didn't I... so you can't take me to court for scaring you.

      * Would I recommend this..?
      I have to say that for what is really a hand held vacuum it really does cost a lot more than it should. Don't get me wrong, it's powerful and does exactly what it is supposed to do, but as it can only really be used for those 'short' cleaning jobs it's never going to make it's money back, so to speak, spending most of it's time sitting in its cradle sucking up the electricity whilst you get out your 'normal' vacuum to clean through the house.
      So to answer that question? I'm not sure? Sorry.
      It is one of the best handhelds I've used but I can't get my head around the price. It's just too much money for what it is.
      If I had to give a yes or no for recommendation then I'd sway for no... but only because of the price. If it sold for more around the £100 - £120 region then things may be different. But for over £200 it's more money than it should be really, regardless of the Dyson technology that many other vacuums have a rough idea of anyway, although maybe not as technological of course.

      In all, this is an attractive, well balanced and quite lightweight machine that can get the smallest of dust particles out of the back of the settee but you will have to dig deep into your wallet in order to pay off the asking price.

      The reason for the 3 stars is mainly down to the battery life and the price, not the performance. If they could improve the battery life, giving me more time to clean up on one charge or even if I could have bought this for £150 or even less and I would have given it an extra star, or maybe two.... But as for now, only 3 stars really

      ©Blissman70 2013


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        18.09.2012 15:21
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Brilliant, just a bit expensive

        I was in two minds as to whether to buy one of these vacuum cleaners or not. Having a white dog and a white cat means I am constantly vacuuming up pet hairs so rather than spending time and effort dragging round and plugging in my usual vac, I thought this would be an easier way to do it. The hefty £200 price tag meant I didn't want to spend all that hard earned money on one before knowing I would like it, so I decided to borrow my mum's for the week while she was on holiday in order to help me make my mind up. It did help me do this, and even though I loved the device, and it has more advantages than disadvantages, I can't warrant spending that amount of money on one.


        * Convenient - this was my main reason for wanting one, and it didn't disappoint on this front. Vacuuming was turned from a chore into an activity I dare say I rather enjoyed. It was great not to have to lug my big vacuum cleaner out, and then move it from room to room and keep changing the plug sockets. I simply turned this machine on and I could quickly and easily vac any area of the house. The best thing was the staps - not having to worry about wires or dragging heavy machines upstairs. As soon as I saw hair or dust I sucked it up, rather than putting it off til tomorrow.
        The collecting unit is at the top of the handle and is emptied simply by pressing a button. Not only is this super convenient, but it is also clean and avpids any dust floating away back to surfaces you've just cleaned.

        * Small and light - the size of the machine makes it easy to store in any cupboard or even corner of a room easily. It is lightweight which is great for moving it between rooms, on the stairs or even to the car. It also means that my children actually want to vac! I'm sure the novelty will wear off but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. It's size along with the fact that it is upright also makes it ideal for anyone with back problems or older people as it keeps bending over to a minimum.

        * Low noise - It's not a noisy machine like many vacuum cleaners are, and I don't get told off too much whilst doing it in the living room whilst the TV is on!

        * Powerful - I must admit that this is one area I was concerned about. I expected the cleaner not to have much power to it, and lack the suction necessary to pick up things such as pet hair (which is the main thing I wanted it for.) However, I was pleasantly surprised. I would say it isn't quite as powerful as my main plug-in vacuum cleaner, but it's not so far off. As an estimate I would say it's about 95% as powerful, just a few areas need going over a couple of times.
        * It's a Dyson - My main cleaner is a Dyson and I think they have the number one reputation when it comes to vacuuming products. I had previously never been tempted by a cordless vac as the general consensus I had heard was that they aren't very good. However, as soon as I heard Dyson had made one my ears pricked up.


        * Battery life - The battery takes about an hour or so to charge up, but lasts just 13 minutes. If planning to use this vacuum to clean the whole house in one go you would have t get your skates on/. For this reason, I found it better to use it in addition rather than instead of the main vac, or just on the stairs or certain other areas.

        * Frequent emptying - Understandably, due to the size of the machine, it doesn't have a huge collecting capacity so it does need frequent emptying. This is easily done (as said above) but it can slow what should be a fast job down.

        * Price - the main drawback to me is the price. I've looked at many different electric stores, catalogue stores and online and cannot find anywhere that will give me much change out of £200. As great as this machine is, I can't bring myself to pay so much money for an additional cleaning appliance which, if I'm honest, I don't actually need.

        I have therefore spent £3.99 instead on a long handled lint removing roller brush and it does the job just as well!!


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          25.06.2012 16:57
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Worth it - a great all rounder for everyone, well done Dyson

          I have had the Dyson DC35 for only three months now but I've been itching to write my review on it so here goes!

          **What is it?**

          The Dyson DC35 is a Dyson 'Digital Slim' vacuum cleaner. It is portable, lightweight, and stores easily, yet with no loss of suction due to the digitally controlled motors.

          **What do you get in the box?**

          You get the Dyson DC35, the accessories set which comprises of -

          Ball floor tool - this has a ball fitting (meaning you can go around furniture easily) and has spinning brushes inside which means it's incredibly effetive not only at getting the general dirt from your carpets but also the ground and trodden in dirt deeper in the pile. It also makes my slate floor shine with cleanliness which I didn't expect!

          Long reach wand - a long aluminium pole which can be used to lenthen the reach from the handheld motor section. It's very lightweight and you can reach up to vacuum curtain swags, chandeliers and so on without the need for a footstool.

          Combination tool - a combination tool designed for skirting boards, drawers and so on with built in brushes, I must admit I don't use this as much as the other tools are so versatile.

          Crevice tool - this is a tool which when attached means you can clean very sharp corners, the backs of radiators, around pipework (I have exposed pipework in the bathroom which can get dusty) and in small spaces. It's very effective, I don't use it every week but more like every fortnight, it gives a really thorough clean.

          You also get a warranty card with the Dyson, which you need to fill out and return or do online. I would recommend you do this as they're not cheap!

          **Price and Availability**

          The Dyson DC35 is freely available both on the high street and on online retailers, it costs anywhere from £190 - £250 with £250 being the average, but I managed to get mine in the sale. You can buy this via Argos, Tesco Direct (and instore), John Lewis, Debenhams and Amazon to name a few.


          It's so easy to use, and has so many uses, that it's quickly made itself invaluable in my household.

          Firstly the storage. It's so teeny that you can hang it in a shoe cupboard, on the back of a door, or even keep it in a deep drawer. No more hoover hanging around the house!

          It's so light that even I don't mind carrying it around the house. Given that it is so adjustable, you can be hoovering the lounge carpet, move seamlessly to the slate floor in the kitchen and then two clicks later be using it as a handheld to do the stairs or even the mattresses.

          I find that the deep cleaning of the floor tool gives my carpets a bit of a spruce up in the same way a wet clean would. I love how I can use the handheld feature to hoover up mess from my daughter's dinner, and then empty the lot out with one click, right in the bin.

          Dyson's digital motor certainly seems to be powerful, too, I won't go through the specs as you can see them anywhere but from a usage point of view it feels very very powerful without vibrating too much or making too much sound at all - very impressive. My daugther isn't scared of this vacuum either!

          I initially bought this to use more as a handheld but the results have been so impressive I've given our Vax away and now exclusively use the Dyson DC35. I have recommended it to countless people and will continue to do so.

          I charge my vacuum up for about two hours (I plug it in whilst we have breakfast to make sure it's got enough charge for a good vacuum at around 11am) though it holds charge between uses very well. I do my entire house, it takes maybe an hour or so, and I still get strong vacuum suction to the end. Not having cables around is amazing, too - no more swapping plug sockets, you can just fly around with it! Another great plus point of the rechargable aspect is that I can clean my car out very easily, and I can even use it on the picnic blanket in the garden, too, no more shaking crumbs out over my washing!

          **Final Points**

          I simply cannot praise this vacuum enough - it's an amazing piece of kit and it is worth every penny. I highly recommend it if you're looking towards Dyson as a brand or if you are wanting a quality multifunctional vacuum cleaner. It might cost a touch more than your regular vacuum cleaner but boy does it deliver. I can now clean my house without hassle, have the freedom to clean my car more regularly, it's even been on a day trip to my dad's when he moved house and it came in really handy.

          Overall I can't recommend it more than to simply say BUY ONE!!


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            14.05.2012 13:39
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            Fantastic buy, a must have for anyone who hates hoovering and has a car, would suit anyone really

            I can't believe this vaccuumn cleaner, it is absolutely amazing. So light and portable and with no wires in the way while you hoover this takes the headache out of vacuuming. For years i have struggled to store a cleaner in my small flat, this item is something you could put away in a small cupboard. It takes 3 hours to charge it up and you only get 15 minutes usage from a 3 hr charge, but because the appliance is so light and you don't have to constantly have to keep plugging in and unplugging it and steppin over the wires and pulling the item around, you can actually vacuumn much faster so i now get my whole 3 bedroomed flat vacuumed in under 15 minutes. It picks up dirt just as much as any upright i have had, it amazingly picks up on animal hairs and small dust particles. The only downside with this cleaner is there is no where to store the onboard tools you get with it, so i end up misplacing the other nozzles often, but i suppose if there was room on the cleaner to store the nozzles that would have made the appliance bigger and heavier which defeats the object of how light and versatile the cleaner is. Cleaner works well on all surfaces and is a must have for anyone wanting to clean the inside of their car.


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              30.03.2012 15:28
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              An absolutely fantastic Dyson machine.

              What is the Dyson DC35?

              This is a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that is designed to be used on all floors and surfaces. It is built using high quality strong materials to make it very strong at withstanding bumps and bashes. You can use this as a handheld vacuum cleaner for vehicle cleaner or as a standard vacuum cleaner around your home - just without the wires!

              Why I purchased this vacuum.

              For a while now I have been using a DC04 Dyson vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately I overstretched this one day and broke the cable. It was only around £20 to have it fixed but as the vacuum was getting quite old overall I thought I would just use this as an opportunity to purchase a new one and while I was browsing this Dyson caught my eye. I love Dyson, they are a well known brand and one that I have come to trust greatly over the years that I have had my own property to vacuum. I was happy with the price of this and figured I would get years of usage out of it and saw £250.00 as my way of buying out of the false economy that purchasing some cheaper vacuum cleaners can be.


              I paid £249.00 for my Dyson vacuum from Littlewoods.co.uk It came within just a few days and as this model was brand new at the time Littlewoods were one of the few places who had stock and were able to deliver very fast. You can currently purchase this for just under £200.00 from Amazon.co.uk but this is a sale price so you may end up paying a similar price to the one that I paid back in January 2012.

              Handheld Base

              The only electrical piece of this vacuum is the handheld base. This is a small handheld piece that contains the bin, the handle, the power button, the filter, the battery for charging the vacuum, the motor and is obviously needed to use the attachments and vacuum your property. This can be used as is without any attachments at all but if you were using as a handheld vacuum for motor cleaning or a similar task you would probably want to use the crevice tool or the combination accessory tool to focus the power much better.

              The motor within this vacuum is a Dyson digital motor and is supposedly 3 times faster than conventional motors. I do definitely feel it faster than any vacuum I have ever used before and there is a light whirring fan noise when this vacuum is being used. This vacuum uses the Dyson patented Root Cyclone technology which ensures that you do not lose suction power as you vacuum. I would definitely agree with this also as the suction on this is incredible.

              The bin on this is quite compact and I initially worried that this would need emptying several times per vacuuming session but what I like to do with it is leave it as long as possible because I am lazy! Sometimes I can go much more than this depending on the tasks I am tackling and the dirt and dust spins round in this and compacts down very small. Emptying this bin is very simple and all I do is hold the handheld base and the bottom of the bin over my household bin and slide down the red button. The button is easy to slide down and this opens up a hinged plastic door on the bottom of the bin releasing most if not all of the dust and dirt. I usually give it a gentle whack on the side to empty the rest and this takes just a few seconds in all. This vacuum bin can be removed to clean too by pressing the filter button above it and the handle and battery will attach from the rest of the vacuum. You can then safely rinse the bin or clean it in your desired method before drying it thoroughly and just clicking the two parts back together. The first time I opened mine there was lots of sand inside which was surprising as I don't actually remember having vacuumed up sand at any time but then lots of things get walked in to my home by family and friends.

              The handle for this is large enough for both my hands and my 6 foot 2 inch husbands large hands too. The red power button that should be depressed while in use is located near the top of handle hole. This is simple enough to use and keep pressed while in use and does not take any real effort at all.

              The filter for this vacuum is located above the bin and there is a large button that you can press down and the handle and battery will come away from the vacuum. As well as allowing you to clean out the bin this also allows you to clean the filter and leave it to air dry before clipping the two parts back together very simply.

              The battery for this Dyson DC35 is a 22.2V lithium-ion battery. This means that it does not suffer from power fade and it charges up to 3 times faster than others. This is charged up simply enough. You can put the long reach wand and the motorised floor tool on this vacuum and then clip it in to the docking station. The docking station is spring loaded so it is simple to load and unload the vacuum. This docking station can be fixed to the wall but I have not done this as I have quite a new build home and I do not want to damage the walls just yet. The back of the docking station has an intricate little space for all the wire to ravel wound and this means that you do not have to have wires trailing everywhere. You can also attach the combination accessory tool and the crevice tool to the bottom of the docking station. This makes for a product that is simple to pack away and easily stored with all the parts just where you want them for easy use for your next vacuuming need.


              This vacuum comes with several attachments. Each one serves a different purpose.

              Detachable long-reach wand: This is an aluminium wand that has an inner plastic tube making it incredibly lightweight but also quite strong. When my vacuum is not in use it is stood up on its largest attachment attached to this long reach wand. This wand has an attachment section on the end to allow you to attach any of the other attachments on to it. This makes it even longer (slightly) and means that you do not have to remove this wand regardless of what attachment you want to use.

              Motorised floor tool: This is a tool that has a Dyson ball and it can attach directly to the vacuum handheld base or to the end of the long reach wand. This is made with carbon fibre brushes for cleaning hard floors (which mine are) and the stiff nylon brushes within spin up to 1,400 times a minute helping to clean up dirt that has been trodden in too and this works incredibly well on all types of surfaces I have used it on (concrete, carpet, lino, laminate and hard wood floors). This head is designed to stay flat to the floor whether you are pushing this forwards and backwards and if you tilt the vacuum back it still stays in constant contact with floors and surfaces and because it is flat it is ideal for cleaning flush to any pieces of furniture or kitchen units.

              Combination accessory tool: This is a tool that can be used with the plastic inside piece sticking out of the brushes or the piece can be press back in to the middle of the tool to allow you to use this as a dusting tool. This is an incredibly versatile tool as it can be used for mattress cleaning, skirting board cleaning, cleaning of surfaces, it can be used to dust everything and anything from furniture to walls and ceilings. I have even used this to clean the top of my kitchen cupboards rather than spend ages wiping them down with a damp cloth. There is a nobbly button that you press in that allows the plastic piece inside to be exposed or pushed back to allow the brushes to be used for dusting. I have never had the piece go inside or come out when I was using the opposite feature as you need to press down quite firmly to move this around.

              Crevice tool: This is a tool that I have used quite often in the past on previous Dysons with fantastic results. This is a tool that is slanted at the end and is perfect for using on small spaces and gaps as it gets in the crevices wonderfully and helps to leave areas free of dirt and dust. This is very simple to use and just like the other tools it is designed to be clipped on to the handheld vacuum base or to the end of the long reach wand. This is the tool that I use the least and it is probably just a couple of times a month that this gets used to clean the very small pieces of skirting board I have in my hall. I have also used this a couple of times to clean the while sealant around my flooring in my bathroom and this works very well for that.

              Setting up the vacuum

              Using this vacuum for the first time was as quick as using it any other time. You receive the handheld base and the parts separately and once you have charged the battery for the suggested 4 hours it takes to charge fully you can clip your pieces together and begin using your vacuum. It takes just a few seconds to clip on any parts you may need and while vacuuming you can simply swap pieces over or remove them easily by pressing down the relevant clip (of which there are two) that holds on the piece you want to remove.

              Overall opinion

              I purchased this vacuum cleaner because I trust Dyson and it looked quite fun and fancy. As I had broken my previous vacuum cleaner by over stretching the flex cord I decided I would be best without a thick large flex this time round and was happy to pay £250.00 for something that I hoped was going to make my life easier.

              I must say that this Dyson has been absolutely fantastic for me. It is incredibly lightweight and simple to use. The battery life is 15 minutes in the lower of the two power modes and 6 minutes using the maximum power feature. This can be changed by pressing the 'MAX' button on the top of the vacuum handle. I love this feature as I can usually clean my whole properties floors in the 6 minutes on the maximum setting. I normally use this setting when I want to vacuum my home without spending lots of time doing it and I have also been using this setting for cleaning under my sofas and areas that generally get a build up of lots of dirt and dust. The 15 minute power option is still very powerful and is perfect for dusting my surfaces, cleaning my skirting boards and other related tasks. When my high traffic floor areas have been particularly dirty I have used this to give myself more time to complete my vacuuming tasks and it has worked fantastically with no suction problems at all. When turning it down from 'MAX' to the standard mode there is a light around the 'MAX' button which will turn off, also, when you have one minute of vacuuming time left the light will begin to flash to indicate that you are going to run out of charge soon.

              Everything about this vacuum is absolutely fantastic for me. Because it is so lightweight I can clean up high like I never could before. The dusting tool works fantastic on all surfaces and I have been using this on my glass TV stands and on the TVs too with no problems at all. It removes the dust, cleans the surfaces and does not leave any scratches or damage at all which is fantastic for someone who is lazy like me!

              The attachments are very simple to attach and detach and they are strong and robust. I have dropped my Dyson on two occasions and it does not have any damage on it all so far which is just fantastic if you ask me! Also, when using this vacuum there is a small blast of cool air released from the side which helps me avoid getting hot and uncomfortable when doing the vacuuming.

              I would firmly recommend this as a vacuum cleaner and feel that the technology that has gone in to this really has made my life easier. It takes just minutes to vacuum my home now, there is no long flex to wrap back up afterwards or trip over while using and I do not have to worry about vacuuming the flex either and potentially breaking my vacuum or electrocuting myself. The price of this may feel a little steep to some but to me it is a bargain. I can vacuum up any mess caused by my wonderful nieces and nephews in just a few minutes and other people envy me for owning this which I find quite funny too as its widely available!

              If you decide to purchase this Dyson machine or any other do remember that you can register on the Dyson website for a 2 year warranty on your machine (valid from purchase date).

              Apologies for the length of this review but I felt that every word was justified to explain the marvel that is the Dyson DC35!


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            • Product Details

              Dyson DC35 Multi Floor is a bagless cordless vacuum cleaner for every floor type with a detachable long-reach wand and motorised cleaner head / It is powered by the Dyson digital motor and has twice the suction of other cordless vacuum cleaners / Dyson Root Cyclone technology ensures more microscopic dust is captured than other cyclones / Includes a motorised floor tool with carbon fibre brushes conductive for cleaning hard floors and rotating nylon brushes ideal for removing ground-in dirt from carpets / It also features a dual power mode enabling you to choose the right mode for the task in hand select from either 15 minutes of high constant suction or 6 minutes boost mode for more difficult tasks / / Short name: Dyson DC35 Floor

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