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Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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    4 Reviews
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      22.09.2013 12:12
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      An expensive but very effective vacuum cleaner, with some room for improvement to make this perfect

      I owned a Dyson (DC04) for about ten years and, when the time come to replace it, there was no question of purchasing anything but another Dyson. The DC41 'Animal' was one of the newest and most expensive models available when I purchased this last August. I did manage to save some money by taking advantage of a discount offered by Argos, in exchange for any old vacuum cleaner. (This had the added benefit of getting rid of our old Dyson in one fell swoop too although you might feel a little conspicuous lugging a vacuum cleaner around to Argos!) The DC41 is currently selling on Argos for £409.99 with the trade in offer available which takes the price down to £327.99, which is around the price we paid in August 2012. This offer pops up fairly frequently and is available in other stores, including Currys, but this model can be picked up for a similar price at Amazon currently, even without the trade in promotion applying.

      The DC41 Animal is an upright model, with a really bold and attractive metallic blue colour scheme, which contrasts nicely with the grey and red used elsewhere on the body and handle. This really is a very contemporary design for a vacuum cleaner, which is fortunate because ours is generally stored in a corner of the living room. I wouldn't purchase a vacuum cleaner based on its appearance but I must admit that this is eye catching and stylish.

      This is much more than a good looking appliance, however, and has been designed with practicality and functionality in mind. The Dyson does need some assembly when it is first purchased but the (largely pictorial) instructions were clear and easy to follow and the assembly itself was fairly logical and straightforward. The only aspect which initially confused us was that it wasn't immediately obvious from the instruction leaflet whether the additional tools supplied could actually be stored on the Dyson itself. It was only by referring back to the image on the box itself that we realised that they could be and worked out how to attach them correctly.

      The tools supplied are really useful and include a pipe extension with a brush head at the end (handy for light shades and ceilings) and a small flat attachment that I use for cleaning the stairs and sofa. The only disappointment is that the Turbine head supplied does not attach anywhere on the cleaner itself and is quite a clumpy component to store separately. I also find it feels quite strange hoovering with that attachment in place as it is almost like a mini vacuum cleaner head, attached to the pipe. I tend not to use the turbine head very frequently although it is not that crucial within our household as that attachment is primarily for removing pet hair and our only indoor pet is a gerbil.

      There is an optional extras kit available for this model (at extra cost) but I'm more than happy with the attachments provided and find them sufficient to thoroughly clean my carpets and soft furnishings throughout the house. I particularly like the extending tube which is concealed inside the vacuum cleaner and then just stretches out easily once released. It is long enough that the Dyson can be left at the bottom of the stairs and the hose will reach right up to the top of the stairs and still has enough flexibility to allow me to clean each stair thoroughly. The hose is very strong and flexible, with no sign of any damage, despite considerable use over the past 12 months. I also like the extremely generous cord length which means that I don't need to keep unplugging this every time I move to a new room. After use, the cord needs to be manually wound back into place but is firmly secured with a handy clip.

      Having invested so much money in this Dyson, I have been very pleased by the cleaning power of this model. This boasts 'root cyclone technology' and, whilst I'm not sure what that means, the results are very impressive. I can still remember using this for the very first time, having already hoovered 'thoroughly' with our previous appliance and being absolutely shocked by the amount of extremely fine dust that was soon very visible within the cylinder. I suspect that our model had lost a lot of suction over the years but the amount of dust and dirt that the DC41 managed to discover and remove was amazing. There was even a visible difference in the colour of the carpet after that very first use and it actually looked as though I'd cleaned the carpet with a water based carpet cleaner rather than just hoovered up. With regular use the results are less dramatic and obvious but there is always an impressive amount of debris collected within the container, even from what appears to be a 'clean' carpet. I think much of this is down to the rotating brush bar which works like a modernised version of an old carpet beater and really gets any ground in dust and dirt out of the fibres.

      The suction is incredibly powerful and will visibly pull at the carpet, leaving visible tracks where the Dyson has quite literally left its mark. The DC41 can also be used on other surfaces and I appreciate the option of turning off the brush bar by pressing a single button. This also seems to reduce the strength of the suction, making the appliance much easier to push along hard surfaces such as the lino in the bathroom and hard floor tiles in the kitchen. I also turn off the brush bar when vacuum hoovering mats or rugs as the full strength version makes it quite hard to hoover without the hungry Dyson trying to suck the whole thing up!

      One of the features that I loved initially was the method of emptying the transparent dust container. As with earlier models, the cylinder just clips off really easily but this design includes a button at the top which releases the base flap. The cylinder just needs to be positioned over an open bin and all the contents magically drop out within seconds. This is a really fun feature, certainly initially, and was entertaining enough that I even had the kids begging to hoover up and empty the drum. (The appeal didn't last long though!) I do still like this easy drop mechanism although now find that dirt and hairs can collect towards the top of the cylinder and it is a little difficult to empty out completely, so there has been a gradual build-up of dust and dirt inside which is hard to shift.

      I do appreciate that there are no additional ongoing costs with this model. There are obviously no bags to purchase and fit and the filter provided is completely washable and reusable. There is a handy reminder on the Dyson to remove and wash the filter every three months. This is simple to do, just using lukewarm tap water without the need for any detergents. The filter is quite thick so I do find it takes several hours to dry out sufficiently to reuse, either outside on a hot day or on a radiator. The only issue I find with cleaning the filter is that some large hairs seem to get stuck inside the central hole and I have struggled to remove them efficiently.

      There are a few other flaws with this model that I do have to mention. Firstly, the weight - despite being streamlined and modernised, this is still a hefty upright vacuum cleaner coming in at 7.8Kg. The weight is worthy of consideration, especially if this regularly taken up and down stairs. I must admit that I hoover upstairs far less frequently than I do downstairs and one of the reasons is due to the effort involved in mauling this beast up and down the stairs.

      Another drawback is the noise that this model makes. I don't mean a 'stating the obvious' vacuum cleaners are noisy - more that this sounds like more like an aircraft taking off than a household appliance. My boys have never liked the sound of hoovering but both of my youngest sons (aged three and six) shut themselves away in the kitchen, crying, when I get this out.

      As well as the noise, the DC41 also gives off a surprising amount of heat when working. I really work up a sweat whilst using it and find it really uncomfortable at times. I think this is partly because there is a lot of heat generated (and presumably wasted) due to the sheer strength of the motor but also because I don't find the 'ball' technology as easy to push as Dyson claim. As the suction is so strong, I find myself having to counteract that and push quite hard against the suction in order to move the Dyson along smoothly. This can be quite an effort at times and I feel like I've completed a proper work out when I've vacuumed the entire house!

      The pivoting ball technology does have some benefits; making it easier to clean right up to the edges of skirting boards, for example. I also find that the design of the head is nicely shaped so that it can fit quite a long way under the beds or the sofa, with the hose attachment only needed to clean further in.

      There is another disadvantage to this new design, however, as the strong suction means that it is very easily to accidentally suck up small pieces and jam the inner pipe. My husband was a dab hand at taking our previous Dyson apart and he was able to take off the pipe really easily and remove the blockage. The workings of this model are far more complex and he has not yet discovered an easy way of taking it apart to remove the blockage. Instead, he has had to resort to tipping the contraption upside down and literally banging at the pipe! Luckily, this has always worked thus far but I would appreciate a simpler method of removing blockages along the lines of earlier models. Dyson do, of course, offer the reassurance of a five year parts and labour guarantee but I don't particularly want to be shipping this off to Dyson every time I suck up a large bit of Lego!

      This is, admittedly, a pricey appliance - even by Dyson standards- and there are a number of flaws but, despite that, I do believe that this has been money well spent, largely because of the impressive suction. I do think that improvements could be made to this model, to reduce the weight/heat loss, make it easier to push and also make it easier to remove simple blockages. These are all relatively minor issues compared to the overall ease of use and exceptional cleaning power making this an appliance that I'm happy to recommend.


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        15.01.2013 22:04
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Make your cleaning time EPIC!

        My mum has been a fan of Dyson vacuum cleaners since the machines were first brought out in the mid-1990s. She was just one of the many people who helped Mr James Dyson make his millions.
        I remember her trusty yellow and gray DC01 very well because she must of had it for at least 10 years before she needed a new one. And did she move on to another brand of vacuum? Nope. It just had to be another Dyson.
        That's the thing - once you've vacuumed with a Dyson, you don't want to use any other machine. With anything else cleaning just begins to seem like too much hard work. As a student, I made ever effort to avoid any cleaning tasks which involved vacuuming. My flatmates and I were often lumbered with crappy vacuums provided to us by landlords which were as powerful as blowing on someone's face. Even Henry the hoover's cheeky little smile could not endear me to overlook that he was a cumbersome machine which could vacuum up bugger all (albeit this specific Henry may have seen better days).
        Having moved in with my boyfriend over the past year, I made sure that I would do most of the cleaning jobs whilst assigning vacuuming duties to his lovely self. I would dust, I would scrub, I would mop but, without a Dyson, to hell with hoovering! I think he may have picked up on this because, close to Christmas, hints were made about me receiving a rather expensive and much desired present from my dearest parents. I spend about a month trying to guess what it was. My boyfriend was good at guarding his secret. Was it a game console? Was it just money? A car? (This was clearly just a wild guess knowing my parents really couldn't afford this) Driving Lessons? ('Not driving lessons', my boyfriend said, so at least one of those options had been eliminated). It wasn't until Christmas morning when I was presented by a tall-ish vertical package that it suddenly dawned on me what I was getting. I opened it up and saw the Dyson DC41 Animal. At that point I didn't know how to react. It was something I very much wanted and could never bring myself to buy on my own salary. I suppose there was a little child in my head muttering 'But that's not a real present. Where's the Xbox?'. The adult side of me was thinking 'At last. I can get rid of the bloody cat hair'.
        In the end, I am grateful and thankful to my parents and the little child in me cannot stop me from overlooking the fact that this Dyson is a fabulous vacuum cleaner...


        Dyson vacuums like this one use a patented technology called Radial Root Cyclone. Dyson claim that conventional vacuum cleaners, bagged and bagless, can clog up causing suction to drop and leaving some dust and dirt untouched. In their own words 'improved flow efficiency reduces turbulence and preserves air pressure, so more microscopic particles are extracted by the inner cyclones.' It really is the perfect vacuum to have if you have any sort of dust allergies or, for people like me who are allergy-free, just want a cleaner floor.
        In practice, the vacuum cleaner is very powerful and picks up dust and debris very well. I tend to blow dry my hair in our living room and I swear I shed as much hair as the cat. However, after going over the floor with a vacuum it seems that the carpet is entirely cat-hair and Sarah-hair free. My previous vacuums had never been able to satisfactorily pick up all of the dirt and debris on the carpet. This one seems to do the job a hundred times better.
        It also passes the face suckage test. In the past, to prove just how crap a vacuum was I'd hold the vacuum tube to my face just to show how little face suckage discomfort I was experiencing. Out of curiosity, I thought I would try it with the Dyson tube. This experience has led to my own disclaimer: Do not use the Dyson to vacuum your face. With its ultimate power it will feel like the Dyson is trying to suck off your face. Trust me. Don't do it. It hurts.

        Apart from its face suckage capabilities, the Dyson also has a whole host of other benefits that make it stand out from all other vacuums and previous Dyson models...

        ~ A MOTORISED BRUSH BAR - The motorised brush bar draws up dirt, dust, debris and animal hair on carpeted floors.

        ~ YOU CAN USE IT ON HARD FLOORS AS WELL AS CARPETS - Once you have turned off the motorised brush bar feature you can use it on hard floors which is extremely handy in our kitchen. It is so satisfying to not have to sweep up with a broom any more. It also helps that it will automatically self-adjust to different floor heights.

        ~ EASY TO CLEAN OUT - All you have to do to empty the Dyson is unclick the barrel from the body of the vacuum, hold it over the bin or bin bag, press the bottom on the top and the dirt and dust will just fall out the bottom. Most of it will fall out unless the barrel is quite full, in which you will have to put your hand in to fish a little of it out.

        ~ LIGHT AS A FEATHER - It's more lightweight than any other Dyson I've used. Weight is not a particular issue for me. I consider myself to be reasonably strong. However, its nice to handle a machine that so light and I imagine this feature would make it particularly good for those who can't handle much weight, such as elderly customers.

        ~ THE EXTENSION TUBE SEEMS TO GO ON FOREVER - If you plan to use the attachments to vacuum smaller and more high up areas, you'll find that when you pull the tube out, it's quite an epic length. Apparently, it's 14 metres in total. My mother recommends this for cleaning dust in corners of room and lampshades. I must admit that I have not yet reached this level of cleaning frenzy but may set this job aside for a Spring clean later in the year.

        ~ A LENGTHY POWER CABLE - The lengthy extension tube is matched by a lengthy power cable which saves you from having to swap plug sockets on too many occasions. Its a whole 9.4 metres of power cable. Very handy!

        ~ IT WILL PROBABLY LAST FOREVER- I have only had this Dyson for less than a month so I can't say I am fit to judge on the longevity of my vacuum cleaner (Maybe I will return in the future to do so). However, Dyson pride themselves on producing tough and durable vacuum cleaners. The vacuums are made from ABS and polycarbonate, the same material used for riot shields and crash helmets. They also test each component rigorously to make sure that each part will stand the test of time. I can therefore believe (or at least hope) that my Dyson will last me a long time. My mother's own DC01 seemed to last forever and that was the very first model. I have heard about other individuals that are still using their DC01 to this very day.

        ~ IT IS FANTASTIC TO STEER - The most distinctive feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it rides on a ball. The ball technology was something that James Dyson utilised in the 70s when he invented a wheelbarrow with a ball wheel so I do strongly suspect this technology inspired the design of this Dyson. The ball feature allows you to vacuum your room without having to move it in a straight forward and straight backward motion. You can curve it round and move it in such a way that you can vacuum in odd spaces and angles. In fact, you may find that you can turn it in such a way that your Mrs Doubtfire moments are almost balletic.
        What makes this feature even more wonderful is that this ball contains the motor, the end of the power cable and the air ducts itself. With most of the important engineering parts in the ball, the centre of gravity is concentrated within it and this makes it easier to steer and more stable.

        ~ IT IS AESTHETICALLY PLEASING- There is no doubt that in terms of engineering, the Dyson is an ingenious design but I would also argue that this Dyson is also an aesthetically pleasing design. The Dyson has always looked like space-age technology next to the humble old bagged vacuum. However, I always thought the earlier models were a bit clunky looking. The newer models seem to have been streamlined to look smaller and more attractive. I like the design of the DC41 because of its slim design and think that the gray, blue and red colours are quite attractive. It definitely beats the glaring yellow and gray of my mum's old DC01.


        I have to admit that my boyfriend was an absolute gem and put it together for me when I was at work. He told me that it was a fairly easy process, that he followed some simple instructions and everything just clicked into place.


        If you are going to be using this Dyson, instructions tell you that you must clean the filters once every 3 months with cold water. Having had it for less than a month, I haven't got to that stage. However, I did tinker with it to find out how you do it. Not being a very practical person, I must admit that, at first, I took one look and thought: Oh feck, how do you that? However, to my great relief it's a very simple process if you follow the instructions. One filter clicks out from the top and the other twists out from the side. It really is idiot-proof.

        *~HOW TO VACUUM YOUR DOG...~*

        One of the enduring features of the Dyson vacuum are the various attachments you can use with the extension tube allowing you to clean various different areas of your home. These seem to have become more sophisticated and inventive throughout the years. This vacuum comes with the following attachments:

        ~ Flat Out Head - A tool you can use to clean under low furniture.
        ~ Soft Dusting Brush - A brush with soft bristles that I like to use for cleaning skirting boards and weirdly enough, my telly.
        ~ Turbine head - This is like a smaller version of the main vacuum itself and can be used to clean pet hair and dirt.

        There are various other attachments you can also buy should you feel that you require the use of them. One that amused me was the Pet Grooming Tool which can be used directly on your dogs fur. This amused me as I had visions of using it on my cat Sammy. Sammy has a massive fear of vacuums. When you turn one on it becomes the monster in the room and he is out of there. Only the other day, I started hoovering with the doors closed unaware that Sammykins was snoozing on the couch. After a few minutes I looked up to see Sammy standing up to attention, alert and wide-eyed, viewing the Dyson with terror. I suppose he maybe has a right to be terrified. It probably has the power to suck up a small kitten...

        Now this then brings me to my only criticism of the machine. The one thing I miss that was on the older Dysons was the ability to attach some of the attachments to the side of the machine. This is handy as you don't have to go looking for where you have stashed them and don't have the worry that somehow one of these could go missing. Additionally, it would have been nice if there was a bit of paper explaining what each attachment was for. There's still one piece of plastic unidentified and I don't have a Scooby what it is.


        I will admit that, on my salary, there is no way I would have been able to bring myself to splurge on a brand new Dyson. My boyfriend and I had been considering second-hand models last year before I had received this one. My mum spent a whopping £309.99 on this (I can only know this because I had to keep the receipt for the guarantee). You will not be able to get it for much less than this. Amazon are currently selling it for £289 however (That's a lot of amazon vouchers dooyoo-ers. Get reviewing!). However, if you do have the money to splurge on one of these, I highly recommend it. Its performance and durability means that it is terrific value.

        *~A 5 YEAR GUARANTEE~*

        One of the great things about this product is that it comes with a 5 year guarantee. Dyson customer service advisers can also be contacted every day between 7am and 10pm which is great if you need to report any faults with your machine. My mum loves the guarantee as with her current Dyson. If anything has needed to be fixed they will send out an engineer very promptly to repair and replace parts. A bit of hard use and a couple of cracked tubes later and she's still got her beloved Dyson machine.


        I love my new Dyson vacuum. It is very effective at cleaning carpets, kitchen linoleum and even my TV. It is great to steer, has lots of helpful little attachments and generally is very easy to use. It is the best vacuum cleaner that I have used.
        All I can say is that there is a reason that Dyson vacuum cleaners are exhibited in museums. Dysons are true innovations of the domestic cleaning world that get better and better and James Dyson is a man that deserves every bit of success he received. He is, after all, the man who created a vacuum that truly sucks, and I mean that in the most positive way...

        *~Thank you for reading my review and please excuse the awful pun ;-)~*

        *~Also published on Ciao underRenza_e - January 2013~*


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          10.09.2012 15:11
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Does the job and more, many great features

          We've owned a Dyson DC33 1300 watt bagless for quite a number of years. Sadly the ole fella decided to give up the ghost good and proper last year. I love the Dysons and wanted to stick with the same make. I was recommened the Dyson DC41 by my friend. At first I thought it was a little steep in price, but in the end I don't mind paying for a quality machine which I hope, will last me for the next ten years (or is this wishful thinking on my part?) One thing that I LOVE about these machines is that they come with a MASSIVE 5 year guarantee should the worst happen.

          THE SPEC:
          It's bagless which means no loss of suction, uses the infamous multi cylonic tech, hose length is a respectable 4.7 meters, dustibin has a capacity of 2.11 litres which includes a handy indicator which tells you when the container is full. Can cope with all floor types with the use of three different head tools; mini turbine and stair stool etc.

          This model is a tad heavier than our old one and weighs 7.8kg And has even more power- hmmm should I be worried that it'll suck all my pile up? As with all Dysons it deals greatly with pet hair. We have a long haird cat who is always leaving fluff all over the place, and the Dyson gobbles this up in no time at all. One thing that does concern me with the design is where the hose is placed, it kind of feels a bit cheap, so I'm careful when placing it on the bar.

          If you've never used a Dyson before it's an interesting experience. You can see what your're hoovering up, great if you have kids who leave tiny little bits of lego over the floor. And because you can pysically see what you've hoovered up it makes you want to empty the container on a regular basis. Moving around with this model is so easy and effortless. The hose for the stairs is fab. You can leave the machine at the bottom of the stairs and the 4.7m hose will make it all the way to the top with great ease.

          EMPTYING IT:
          Prior to owning this one I used to get in a right duy mess when emptying the container but with this model you simply detach the container from the Dyson body, hold the container over your wheelie bin or wherever you want to disguard your hooverings, and then press the release button to empty it's dusty contents. This is ideal for users who have allergies.

          It's a fantasic model however it's on the pricy side, but then it's a great quality product which will last for many years to come. Best thing about this Dyson is that my son loves to use it which saves me a job!!

          Purchased from Currys for £379.99


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          19.07.2012 17:23
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Superb in every way.

          My old Dyson DC14 came to the end of its useful life recently and, following solid years of service right to the end, there was no way I was getting anything other than another Dyson.

          After reading reviews online of a few different models, I plumped for the top-of-the-range DC41 Animal. I'd read about concerns with weight and getting to grips with the ball action but on balance, it seemed the right way to go.

          Well, I've lived with it for a month now and I can honestly say every minute with it is a pleasure! It takes a little while to get used to the ball action but I wouldn't go back to a forward-n-back hoover now. It's not too heavy on the wrists as long as you guide it and don't try to force which way it's going.

          It's certainly lighter and smaller than the DC14 and takes up less room in the pantry. The head is slimmer than the DC14 and can get further under chairs, beds and cupboards than before. The cord is much longer that the DC14 and will stretch all around the downstairs of my house from the socket in the hall.

          The ability to switch the brushbar on and off is great - I don't switch it off now for my hard floors as it's not done any damage to them at all. The machine adjusts instantly when you travel over different height surfaces (eg rug to carpet or carpet to hard surface) and picks up every last bit of dirt. The tools are easy to access, as is the wand (which has a good reach length). My only gripe here is that the end of the wand is a bit chunkier than the old DC14 and doesn't always reach into gaps I could've done before - with this machine I would have to put the crevice tool on.

          Any issues? Other reviews have mentioned that you can't wheel the Dyson around with it in the upright position - you can, but it isn't easy and sometimes it's just easier to carry it, but as it's lighter than my last Dyson I don't mind.

          To unlock from upright, you need slight pressure downwards as you bring the handle back, then off you go. However, you need to be ABSOLUTELY sure you have locked it upright again afterwards as it easily falls back - you need to apply very light pressure downwards and forwards and it'll make a soft click sound so you know it's engaged. A bit of care is needed, but nothing that detracts from its capabilities.

          Some people complain about the track marks the ball leaves on carpet. Yes it does. Get over it! By the time you've walked on it a couple of times, they're gone. This machine cleans on one pass and I've found it much quicker to whizz round my house even than with the old Dyson.

          Is it worth the money? Well, I would've preferred to have paid a lot less for it, that's for sure, as the baby ain't cheap. However, if it lasts as long as my old faithful did and gives stunning cleaning power right to the end without failure, then it's worth it.


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      • Product Details

        Shift dirt and stubborn pet hairs easily with the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner / Easy to steer You'll easily steer your vacuum around your house thanks to Dyson's innovative ball technology, which makes it simple to twist and turn through your house / Hard to reach places are much easier to clean with a ball to help you navigate tight spaces / The DC41 Animal Complete is perfect for all floor types too thanks to the active base plate technology, which helps the vacuum to adjust to the type of floor you're cleaning, making cleaning hassle-free / Innovative cleaning You'll be sure of a clean home thanks to Dyson's clever features, such as the Radial Root CycloneTM technology, which helps to pick up even microscopic bits of dirt, leaving you with a truly clean home / The DC41 Animal Complete is also excellent at picking up stubborn pet hair from your floors, which often cling to your carpets when using other vacuum cleaners / A range of accessories helps to clean every space in your home, satisfying even the most house-proud / Not only can you be sure of high standards of cleaning, but there are over 2 litres of space in this cleaner's reservoir, so you can be sure of doing plenty of cleaning before you need to empty it / Breathe easy The DC41 Animal Complete is fantastic news for allergy sufferers as it helps to trap allergens such as pet hair and bacteria inside the vacuum cleaner, helping to keep the air cleaner / This is thanks to its range of filters, including a HEPA filter / This cleaner is so good at filtering the air that it's approved by the British Asthma Foundation / Make the most of adaptable useful accessories too with the Stubborn dirt brush, the Flexi crevice tool and Dyzolv™ spot cleaner, ideal for getting rid of them difficult to reach areas and hard to clean parts of the house! For excellent cleaning and manoeuvrability with a reassuring 5-year guarantee, you need look no further than the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner / Characteristics Type Upright vacuum cleaner Power (Watts) 1400 W Appropriate power (Air Watts) 255 watts Air capacity (dm3/sec) 24 dm3/sec Sound level (dBA) 85 dB Bag volume or reservoir (litre) 2.1 litres Filter type Radial Root Cyclone / Washable Filter Power regulator Yes Indicator for bag content Yes Ergonomy Cable length 9.4 m Others Colours Iron & satin blue Included accessories Mini Turbine Head, Stubborn Dirt Brush, Flexi Crevice Tool, Dysolv Dimensions (cm) 1071 x 394 x 340 mm Weight (Kg) 7.75 kg / Short name: Dyson DC41 Animal

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