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Electrolux Z161E Superbroom Stick Cleaner

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Manufacturer: Electrolux / Cleaning Areas / Bare Floors / Carpets / Cordless: No / Design: Upright / Tank Capacity: 0.2 L / Air Watts: 120

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2010 03:48
      Very helpful



      Fair on hard flooring, buy a Ewbank Sprite sweeper for carpets.

      A stock cleaner? No, no Dooyoo = it's a stick vacuum cleaner! lol...

      The Electrolux Superbroom is quite an elderly model range that has been on the UK market for at least twenty years. First appearing in the 1990's under an all blue model and then replaced by a green model (I had one and it wasn't particularly good back then) this little mains powered dust buster-with-a-stick idea has been on and off in catalogue sales such as Argos and Littlewoods. At a cost of just £21 to £29-95 it is a good model to consider if you just have hard floors in your home or caravan that need constant sweeping, and in particular if you are fed up seeing tumble weed dust balls fly by in your sitting room! Electrolux currently claim that there have been some improvements made on this model and I was quite prepared to give it strong consideration.

      The U.K market has always been slow to pick up on the idea of stick vacuums however, simply because our UK homes are so much smaller than the U.S.A where most Electrolux floorcare ranges are sold under the U.S brand name, "Eureka." If you happen to visit the Eureka website you can see this very Superbroom in so many different versions including one with a very handy brush roll and another model with a lot more power. I'm so envious of the Americans sometimes as a result. So many different models on offer, all at cheap and comparative prices to the only model available in the U.K that has only seen a colour change and lower power than the green model Electrolux last sold in Argos. The power that this little yellow "exudes," is a paltry 120 watts total. Forget air watts despite the bagless design though - this isn't a technological cyclonic suction system but rather mimicking the idea of the old Black and Decker dust buster - thus you'll find a paper dust cup to which dust clings to and at 0.2 litres needs constant emptying.

      For assembly the Superbroom ZB161E couldn't be easier to put together. A long spindly handle pole and plastic handle is already bonded and only needs to be slotted into the top of the main body of the Superbroom before being screwed into a holder. Once the handle and pole are screwed in, they can't be taken off which is a pity as the size of the Superbroom ZB161E mirrors a hand held Dust Buster on size and with its mains cord fitted could be compact enough to use for above the floor cleaning, like clearing out shelves or doing the stairs. With a 4.5 metre power cord though you'll need plenty of mains power sockets near this little stick vacuum as it doesn't travel very far and two fixed cord hooks keep the cord together even though they don't unravel like an upright vacuum's cord hooks.

      At this late stage I have to admit that the plastic quality on the Superbroom isn't particularly well made and the slider on button at the top of the main body moves weakly in its rectangular bezel. It feels very lightweight at 1.5kg granted by its slim body and low power on board but the handle itself has two screwed parts to it that don't feel comfortable for very long. Ignore that and you'll find that inside the dustbin of the Superbroom, there are a few hard edges to the square part of the bin well before you lift out the rubber sealed paper dust cup. Electrolux have however retained the blunt serrated edge on the back of the Superbroom where the paper dust cup can be cleaned free of dust if emptying the dustbin. The bin unlocks from the main body via a very handy slide lock on the body of the Superbroom and the filter can be washed - but you have to let it air dry for at least 24 hours until it is bone dry before it can be dropped back into the bin. Where storage is concerned the Superbroom ZB161E has a handy hook on the back of the handle where it can be hung or simply slid into tight spaces due to its slim profile and 114cm height. However since the whole body is made of lightweight plastic, no protection thought has been given so bumps made to the front of the floorhead and scrapes to the bin are evident from first use.

      General performance is a challenge not helped by a whiney motor that is too noisy, air vents at the sides to let motor air out push papers off coffee tables with great gusto and an inability to clean flat to the floor. Performance is better on hard flooring however, scooping up loose dust and crumbs, rolling around hard floors with ease but give it carpet and the Superbroom ZB161E just can't glide properly despite four small roller wheels on the underside of the floor head. The wheels leave trail marks but they don't pick up very well on carpet and constant cleaning in one spot will endlessly occur if the Superbroom doesn't pick up the first time. Edge cleaning sometimes works and sometimes doesn't due to the small channels on the floor head. Failing to pick up threads, pet hair and any light surface dirt thanks to its suction only floor head on carpets isn't a surprise really - this stick vac desperately needs a rolling brush to give assistance to carpet treads. Eureka USA have them by the droves but Electrolux UK just doesn't consider the market in the U.K to be wanting enough to justify selling these better thought out models. Truly, if you need something to clean a carpet you're going to need a rolling brush and in most respects Bissell's Easy Vac at around £40 is a better bet for truer all round cleaning ability.

      Despite the bright yellow colour and some user-friendly details, the Electrolux Superbroom ZB161E isn't particularly super at anything other than cleaning on hard flooring and remaining lightweight. As a substitute to a cordless sweeper that has no suction on board, the Superbroom ZB161E is a good idea but in reality desperately needs a moving brush to move lightly on carpet and pick up dust regardless of whether it is threads or light dust. When has thread ever constituted as heavy dust? Unless you live solely with hard floors in your home, the Superbroom ZB161E by Electrolux is cheap enough to be considered as a fair appliance but even then with its small dust bin needing constant emptying and a permanently fixed handle with blowing vents, you may well have to nail everything down around you in order to clean successfully. Electrolux don't even list this model on their UK website and that very omission speaks volumes. Thanks for reading. ©Nar2 2010



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