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Manufacturer: Electrolux / Design: Canister / Dirt Capture: Steam / Tank / Bag Capacity: 0.18 Gallon / Consumed Power: 1400 Watt / Number of Tools: 5 7 Weight: 5.73 lb.

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    1 Review
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      20.09.2010 10:31
      Very helpful



      A featured full gadget that just isn't up to the job!

      ~*~ The Company ~*~

      The Electrolux Group is a publicly-owned Swedish manufacturer of home and professional appliances for cooking and cleaning. In 1918 Electrolux was initially composed from a cooperative agreement between sales company Svenska Elektron AB and kerosene lamp maker Lux AB.

      Growing swiftly through acquiring companies and mergers, Electrolux grew the business quicker and more profitably to eventually become a world-class appliance manufacturer, noted to be one of the top five companies in consumer durable goods globally and selling more than 40 million products to customers in 150 countries every year.

      Electrolux sells under a broad variety of brand names. Headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden. Hans Stråberg President being the President of the Company & Chief Executive Officer.

      ~*~ Their Ethos ~*~

      Their focus is on innovations that are ergonomically designed, rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition with a holistic approach, enabling them to meet the needs of consumers and professionals.

      ~*~ Their Ethics ~*~

      The Electrolux Group contends to ensure that its products and production contribute to sustainable development, reduce adverse environmental impact and consumption waste and pollution are regularly monitored for improvement. Winning prestigious awards for their continuous efforts to improve energy efficiency, they encourage suppliers to adopt the same principles.

      ~*~ The product under review ~*~

      Throughout the last thirty plus years, I have had to be what I term a domestic engineer, cleaning homes & offices to supplement my income! So, I have & continue to use a wide variety of vacuums. Unfortunately, most are older models that need to be laid to rest! This particular steam cleaner I obtained for personal use, purchased from a catalogue company.

      Having a problem of damp in areas such as the bathroom & wanting textile friendly furniture cleaner, I thought, especially by advertisements, which this Compact multi steamer would be ideal for a variety of the cleaning tasks I had in mind.

      The steamer is supposed to combine the functions of a steam cleaner and mop in one useful cylinder. It comes supplied with a full set of accessories for cleaning requirements, such as an upholstery tool for steaming curtains. It also encompasses a scrub brush and a jet nozzle for directional cleaning. The device has floor cleaning cloths for removing stubborn stains.

      The water tank volume is 0.7 liters with steaming time of 20 mins, which I found enough. It is fairly hot & tiring work best done in brief burst.

      To use the cleaner, you simply fill the container up to the water level marker using the measuring jug and funnel supplied, with tap water. The steamer will automatically heat the water to the required temperature to convert into steam. An indicator will show the water level which helps to know when to refill. As the steamer works without the need of detergents, this makes it more economical and environmentally friendly.

      The Multi Compact is furnished with a floor brush and quick release tubes. The steamer only takes 4-5 minutes to heat up, which I found handy because no one wants to wait to get a monotonous task completed. A warning here though, as the maximum working temperature in the container is 132 degree C; it is wise to keep hands away from the front of the nozzle! The total steam produced equals out to 40gr per minute.

      The machine has practical cord storage. The products dimensions in cms are 32height x 22width x 17diameter. This steamer has a powerful 1400 Watts with a steam release trigger. The cleaner has 'maneuverable' wheels, that aren't as mobile as I'd hoped.

      Where can it be used? On everything that can be steam cleaned. The extensive information manual gives a comprehensive list & instructions on usage. For example, the steamer can be used on carpets, sealed wood, tiles, linoleum, marble and stone flooring.

      Would I recommend it? No!
      I'm afraid it felt too cumbersome to drag around. The wheels strain under the weight of a full machine & as noted above, the wheels aren't as mobile as one would hope. I ended up carrying the machine under my arm whilst cleaning. This proved to be very impractical, heavy & making the task of steaming very difficult.

      The steamer, despite its powerful motor & high temperature steam, labored with the most basic of household task. The cleaner never needed to tackle ground-in grease & grime, but it struggled with surface dirt & marks. I ended up having to pre-treat stains before using the steamer which made the use of the steamer pointless.

      I don't like to be so negative about any product, especially one that has obviously gone through much design research. The best thing I can say regarding the machine is that it works tremendously well as a sterilizer, but that's not the reason I purchased it for.

      Because I purchased this tool from a mail order catalogue, I paid well over the top. This model can be purchased for around £70 on-line.


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    • Product Details

      This neat, compact multi Steamer is ideal for a variety of cleaning tasks from surface cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom to removing stubborn stains from hard floors and refreshing carpet pile. It combines the functions of a Steam gun and mop in one handy cylinder and is supplied with a full set of accessories for all your cleaning needs, whether it be a window wiper for windows, glass and mirrors; an upholstery tool for Steaming curtains, fabrics and removing wrinkles from clothing; an angled nozzle for those hard to reach areas; a scrub brush and a jet nozzle for directional cleaning.

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