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Electrolux Z4715AZ

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Brand: Elektrolux / Design: Upright / Tank / Bag Capacity: 0.7 Gallon / Consumed Power: 1800 Watt / Air Watts: 179 / Number of Attachments: 2 / Upright Hose: With Hose / Weight: 13.89 lb.

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    2 Reviews
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      15.05.2010 08:55
      Very helpful



      Don't get sucked into making the same mistake I did!

      For many years I had been using a very basic vacuum cleaner from Argos which didn't have many features but was always adequate for my needs. When it finally gave up the ghost, I spent a lot of time looking for something to replace it, and I ended up choosing this one because it seemed to be the best one available in my price range.

      ~First Impressions~

      Had I written this review in the first month or so after buying the vacuum cleaner, I think I would have been a lot more positive. I loved it at first, thought it was great and was taken in by all the snazzy little features it had, that my other vacuum cleaner had lacked. As time has gone on however, my love affair with this thing has turned sour and I've slowly been discovering one little problem at a time, and it's now at the point where I want a divorce!

      I'll start at the beginning. When I think about it, me and this vacuum cleaner didn't get off to all that great a start. Quite surprisingly (well I think so anyway) this is a self assembly vacuum cleaner. Seems Electrolux couldn't stretch to putting this together themselves, so you'll have to get your screwdriver out. As someone who is not well versed in assembling domestic appliances, I did find this quite easy to put together thankfully. You do get a little booklet complete with diagrams but it's really a job of slot the bits together and screw them down. Easy enough, but irritatingly inconvenient.

      ~Hey Good Lookin'~

      Appearance wise, I think this is quite good looking as vacuum cleaners go. It's predominantly white with a silver hose and brushes and the dust canister and turbo brush are a striking blue colour. This thing is so nice looking, more than one person has actually commented on it. I can think of things I would rather be complimented on than my vacuum cleaner, but hey, I'll take what I can get!

      ~Good with animals~

      I'll give you a quick run down of the vacuum cleaners features. Firstly it's a 'Pet Lover' - it tells me so on the front. Now I don't actually have a pet, but I do have stupidly long hair which gets absolutely everywhere. I did look and there don't appear to be any vacuum cleaners out there specifically designed to pick up long human hair, so I figured one that did pet hair was the next best thing! It's bagless and has a 2.5 litre capacity dust canister. You get a turbo brush, and a small dusting brush as well as the fact that this has a long hose and an extendable reach attachment which would be handy for stairs or getting cobwebs from high corners.

      ~Performance, Speed, Agility~

      One of the plus points of this machine is that it has a very long cord which wraps around the back of the cleaner for neat storage. I can plug this in almost anywhere in my flat and the long cord coupled with the long hose is enough to mean that I don't have to frequently unplug and re-plug it in.

      There are two pedals on the vacuum - one to tilt it backwards, the other to power it on and off. The power one is situated under the hose, and quite small, so at times I've had trouble finding it with my foot, and I frequently end up hitting the wrong one.

      The next issue is the noise. My God this is loud! REALLY loud. I nearly died of fright the first time I switched it on. Living in a flat I have neighbours above and to one side of me and the walls here are very thin. Now me being me, I don't want to upset the neighbours, so I have to be quite picky about when I use this, because it's so noisy I have no doubt it would wake next door up if used first thing in the morning which is when I prefer to do my cleaning. In fairness my neighbours don't have the same courtesy for me, but what can I say I'm too nice for my own good.

      I must admit before getting this it was a long time since I'd used an upright cleaner, but I never remembered them being so hard to manoeuvre as this one is. It's really quite heavy and on carpeted areas I sometimes struggle to push the thing especially round corners so that's something to bear in mind. There is a dial on the front with settings depending on if you're using it on a hard floor or carpeted area. I have both in my home, and so frequently have to change the setting, and I find it very difficult to twist the dial as it takes a lot of force. This cleaner is definitely not for those with limited strength.

      Another niggle, is that the cleaner doesn't tilt back very far, and the front of the unit is really bulky so I can't for example clean under the bed with it as it merely hits off the side. The same goes for around the edges of the room, the bulkiness of the front means that it doesn't get right into the edges or corners. These jobs have to be done using the hose and attachment, but unfortunately the turbo attachment only worked for a month or so before dying a sudden death...

      I checked the manual to see if I could see a cause for the untimely passing of my turbo brush, and it was suggested I unscrew the cover to check if any dust was trapped inside. I duly did so, and I found there was a small amount of dust in the sides of the brush. As it didn't seem to be obstructing anything I was doubtful that this had stopped it working, but still I cleared the dust out and re-assembled the brush. Still, nothing. It's rather bizarre in that I can feel there is air going through it but the brush head does not turn. I've never had a vacuum cleaner with a turbo attachment before, but my mother - a woman who could represent Britain in the Olympics should cleaning ever be made a sport - has reliably informed me that in her experience all turbo brushes have a short life expectancy. She also told me never to buy an Electrolux. Not particularly useful since I've already had one for the best part of a year.

      When I first got this it seemed to pick up really well and without any problems. As the months went by though, I found that it seemed to become less and less effective. On hard floors it wasn't such a big problem, but on carpets and rugs it started to become completely useless. I would spend ages going over the same area, but could still see dirt sitting on top of the carpet. It was as though the cleaner wasn't lifting the pile well enough to clean it thoroughly. I found that making sure the dust canister was never more than half full seemed to help slightly, but didn't make a huge difference.

      On the subject of emptying the cleaner, this is a fairly easy task, the canister is easily removed and opens reasonably easily too. What is not so easy is cleaning the filter. The filter is attached to the inside of the dust canister and as far as I can tell cannot be removed. It is a sort of concertinaed effect and according to the manual you should just tap it on the side of the bin to release any dirt trapped in it. This is absolute rubbish! Tapping it might release a little bit of dirt but a lot of dust gets trapped between the folds and the best way I've found is to use a dustpan and brush to try to brush the dust out.

      As for picking up hair, well any long hair on my floor seems to just get wrapped around the rollers unfortunately, meaning I have to physically pull it out to remove it. As I've already said I don't have a pet, the only test I've had is when my mums moulting dog decided to sit on my knee for a cuddle whist I was wearing a black woollen coat. When I got home it was still thick with hair so I hung it up and attempted to vacuum the hair off, but this wasn't very effective and I ended up using a clothes brush instead. This coupled with the fact that it struggles on carpeted areas would lead me to speculate that it's not going to be very effective at picking up pet hair.


      I bought this from Amazon where it cost £59.90. I would have been better off chucking the money down the nearest drain.

      ~Final thoughts~

      On one occasion a couple of weeks ago I spent 30 minutes attempting to vacuum the living room rug and I still didn't think it looked clean! It was that incident that convinced me to give up and in frustration I got straight online and ordered a new vacuum cleaner which arrived a couple of days ago.

      Needless to say I have not been impressed with this vacuum, and on the basis of how bad it is I will never buy an Electrolux cleaner again. I wouldn't recommend this at all - it might look nice and appear to be reasonably priced but my previous £25 Argos cleaner was 10 times better. Avoid at all costs!!!


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        06.04.2010 19:38
        Very helpful



        Shame such a decent hoover went bad so quickly.

        I am no domestic goddess by any stretch of the imagination, I am blonde, bubbly and great fun on a night out but when it comes to housework I am not going to be making anyone a great wife anytime soon.

        Most of the time my house lies empty as I am often away working, as a model I travel for a lot of shoots and spend a lot of time in hotels but obviously I still have housework to do and the one thing I cannot stand is a messy carpet so I like to have a good vacuum cleaner and have gone through a few in my time.

        Recently when my beloved Vax gave up on me, my mum bought me a new upright vacuum cleaner thinking she was doing good by me but I have to say in the 5 months I have had it, I have had nothing but trouble with it and it might just be the worst hoover I have ever owned.

        The vacuum cleaner in question is the Electrolux Z4715AZ, it looks the part and if you read what Electrolux themselves say about it you would think it sounds the part but it certainly doesn't act the part.

        In the box you get obviously the vacuum cleaner itself along with a hose to be fitted to it, 2 plastic extension tubes, a so called turbo nozzle and a combination dusting and upholstery brush, all the parts look and feel very durable and have appeared to be so but it is what goes on inside the vacuum cleaner that seems to be the problem.

        For the first four or five weeks this worked a treat but soon after this period it started to lose its suction badly and would not pick anything up off the floor at all, I had regularly emptied it and I read what Electrolux had to say and tried cleaning the filters but this didn't help at all.

        I phoned the helpline and a very helpful man came out and tested the vacuum cleaner for me, gave me some babble about something haven gone on it and sorted out a replacement for me so it all seemed ok until the replacement started to smell of burning after only around six weeks and although it was still working, using it was becoming a very smelly and a somewhat scary experience.

        I have since had it taken back yet again and this time replaced with a different model which so far eight weeks in has given me no troubles but sadly doesn't seem to have the suction the previous one had.

        It appears to me that this is actually a good vacuum cleaner if only they could iron out the troubles it clearly has, it is fairly lightweight and was doing a very good job until it all went horribly wrong, being a bagless, I didn't have to worry about running out of bags or constantly spending money on bags and it would have all been so good if it had not all been so bad if you get my drift.

        You would think a company the size of Electrolux could not only build a good vacuum cleaner but also make sure it was built to last which sadly the Electrolux Z4715AZ clearly isn't.

        I have checked with my mum and she paid nearly £90 for this vacuum cleaner which is a hell of a lot for a vacuum cleaner built to last only a couple of months, I think there is a lot better out there for that price and probably a good few better for a lot less and one warning I forgot about this vacuum cleaner is that even when it is working well it is very loud so late night hoovering is certainly out!


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      • Product Details

        The Electrolux Z4715AZ Vitesse + Pet Lover is lightweight with a powerful 1750W motor / Now features a one touch release dustbin to make emptying easier / As the Pet model i comes with a Turbo nozzle with unique Riser Visor for pet hair removal / Cyclonic Action No need to buy dustbags / Crevice nozzle Additional crevice nozzle to help clean in those awkward places Turbo nozzle with Riser Visor Riser Visor is a unique system which permits horizontal and vertical cleaning / One touch release dustbin / By pressing the latch the dirt will escapes from the bottom of the dust bin making emptying easier / Floor type selector enables you to change the setting to clean different floor types in your home / Hose reach 2.6m Dusting brush Dustbin capacity (L): 2.5 Filtration: Standard / Washable Type of hose: quick release hose Cord length (m): 7.3 Tubes: Plastic extension tubes Colour: Whitecap+blue Weight (kg): 6.3 Maximum wattage (W): 1750 Height: 109 Depth: 310 Width: 330 / Short name: Electrolux Z4715AZ

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