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Electrolux Z61A Robust Stair & Car

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6 Reviews

A compact hand held vacuum cleaner, the Electrolux Z61A is surprisingly powerful, making it ideal for removing pet hairs and other stubborn dust. Because it picks up so much, the bag needs to be replaced frequently.

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    6 Reviews
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      15.02.2015 02:52
      Very helpful


      • "Easy to use"
      • "Easy to clean"
      • Powerfull


      • "A bit heavy"

      Perfect for stairs, rugs and small spills.

      I've used hand-held vac before but they generally lack in power as they are cordless and so I assume have a less powerful motor as not to drain the battery too quickly. using the main vacuum cleaner for the stairwell was cumbersome and so I thought I'd give the Z61A a go. I did not expect much but was pleasantly surprised.

      Performance wise on the stairwell it preformed as good as my main vacuum, it has the option to use the power brush on the front for carpets or turn it off if vacuuming something delicate like leather car seats. There is a short hose and crevice nozzle and it is easy to empty and clean.

      It is not the lightest vacuum I've ever used but compared to lugging the upright vac up and down the stairs this is a far better option.


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      09.11.2013 18:49
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An Excellent Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner

      This One Sucks, In A Good Way

      We have a lot of wooden floor in our house. however there we do have a large carpet and out stairs which are awkward to clean with our larger vacuum cleaner so we at first looked for a cordless hand cleaner, but most seem to be under powered so we decided to go for this mains powered one which had good reviews from Argos


      This is not really my main concern but for a modern cleaning device it looks good, in nice grey and orange, even a little futuristic. The actual design is quite ingenious, I like the way the detachable hose also powers the main cleaning area.


      It is larger than your average battery powered hand held, and is heavier, but it more than makes up for this with its power. Its power to weight ratio is very good. The power cable is a generous six meters in length and tidies away neatly at the back for storage. The main cleaning area has rotating brushes that really gets up the hair. It is possible to have the suction without the rotating brushes if you so desire.

      For those awkward to reach places there is built in hose attachment that you just pull out. It is stretchy and is on a rotating connector so it's very easy to get it where you want it.

      Cleaning is a doddle, you can see how full the collector is thanks to the clear plastic used and by pushing the power button forward it detaches along with the filter. I just take it out to the bin and give it a good bang to get the dust and dirt out. The hardest part to clean is the brushes that do not detach, but that's a small thing.

      I've used it for stairs, rugs and just getting up bits from our wooden floors as well as in the car where the hose really comes in useful.

      Almost forgot, the "risor visor" as it's called means that the brushes can be opened toward the front rather than down to make it easier to clean stair risers, clever.


      It is larger than your average battery powered hand held, and is heavier, but it more than makes up for this with its power. It really gets up a lot of hair from our carpets and rugs, it really is surprising how much It get s up, even more than our main cleaner. I am very impressed with the sucking performance.


      It's not too heavy and considering the suction you get and I find it does a much better job that the larger VAX cleaner we have. I often just use this now. It won't replace a larger cleaner if you have lots of carpet but for small areas, stairs and car interiors it really is hard to beat and is excellent values. I'd buy this over a battery powered hand held cleaner any day of the week.



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        20.04.2013 07:44



        This vac is advertised as being good for cars, but its not. The main reason is the flexible hose is just nowhere near long enough. This means if you want to vacuum out the footwell you have to have the vac in the footwell as the hose isn't long enough, this makes cleaning confined areas awkward. Also there is no brush attachment so if you wanted to clean dust of the top of a dashboard you can't. It is a decent vacuum but either needs a longer hose or an extension to be suitable for cars.


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        01.09.2012 14:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Overall a great purchase with a lot of power :)

        Following the purchase of the Roomba iRobot vacuum cleaner that I have already reviewed, another purchase was necessary to compliment it. Since the automatic vacuum was a bit too Dalek-eque (eg: can't get up stairs!) I needed something handy for doing the stairs and hall (and for the very thick rug that is just a little too deep for the iRobot to tackle.)

        So, I opted for something portable that would give me ease of use rather than back problems when I lugged it up and down the stairs.

        After trawling through many options I finally settled on the Electrolux hand vac. I had contemplated a charging one however I have known these to end up like mobile phones....barely holding a charge!

        This portable vac is a decent size with enough weight to make you confident it can do the job but light enough that you don't jar your shoulder! Its compact size belies the amount of dust, hair, pet fur etc it can store!

        Beneath the head is a rotating brush with a visor that can either stay up (so the brushes sweep the floor) or flip down (so the brushes face outwards, to allow you to vac the stair rise).

        The filter and bin is located above the vac head so you can see clearly just how much you've cleaned and when it needs to be emptied.

        On the handle at thumb level is the button. This switches on the machine by sliding it up one, up two gets the brushes rotating and pulling it backwards fully releases the catch that opens the bin.

        To empty you release the catch, pull off (with ease) the bin and pop out the filter. Do this over a bag or rubbish bin as it can cascade dust about when you drag the filter off. If you have pets or are cleaning dusty areas such as behind the fridge or under the sofa, you will probably need to "brush" the hair/fur off the filter as it can cling a bit.

        The cable comes with the usual three pin plug and a massive load of flex! I can plug it into a socket in the living room and go all the way upstairs to do the hall and still have lots of slack.

        Wrapped around the back of the handle is a concertina hose ending in a short plastic nozzle. The nozzle fit neatly into a hole to "complete" the vac. If you wanted to use this part of the vacuum, simply pull it out and flick it on (standard setting, not brushes).

        An additional accessory is the nozzle extender, a tapered plastic end that fits onto the nozzle to intensify the suction and get into smaller hard to reach places. This accessory fits into a nice little cubbie hole in the back end of the vac so you don't lose it when not in use.

        As I mentioned the long flex really makes doing the stairs easy. The brushes rotate super fast and so far I have never had to go over the same area! It picks up cat hair brilliantly (I have three indoor cats who enjoying rolling around on the carpet to expel as much cat fur as possible...so this was a big plus!)

        It is easy to move from using the hand vac with its brushes to popping out the hose and nozzling into the corners and crevices of the stairs!

        I did not think the ability to vac up the stair rises was important until I realises just how much cat hair was covering these areas. A great little feature that I think works wonders.

        While I bought this mainly for the stairs I have used it on the sofas to quickly remove excess cat hair, (does a great job!) and have even tried it in my car... and I'm one for leaving car cleaning to professionals if I can help it.

        The handiness of its size made it easy to use in the car and again the feature that allows the brushes to face outwards rather than downwards meant I could go over my seats quickly. I was able to do my stairs and the whole of my car before I felt I needed to empty (and this mainly came because my car hadn't been cleaned in months!) Usually the emptying of the vac can be after several uses. Again, the long flex made it great for the car as it reaches easily to the drive.

        The filter is removable (obviously) however it can be brushed to remove excess mess but it cannot be washed or submerged. A stiff brush is good enough at this time, though eventually I may need to replace the filter (like with all vacuums!)

        The outside can be wiped with a damp cloth and the brushes, while not as easy to clean as the iRobot are still easy enough. A little time pulling out hair that winds around it is best done after every 1-2 cleans, to avoid a build up that can affect the vacuum from working effectively.

        ~Points to Note~
        * It is probably heavier than people expect but not so heavy you can't vac loads. I am not exactly a strong person but I didn't find it cumbersome doing the stairs and then my car.

        * It can be a little tricky getting the filter back into the bin but that is usually just the first few times (or it could just be me!) once you get the hang of it there really is no problem.

        * The only downside I have to this vac is that there is an area at the back for the cable to be wrapped around but nothing to lock it in place so the instant you let go the cable uncoils again and since it's very long can tangle all over the place. Not a problem if you are going to store it in a cupboard. But it might be worth investing in some re-usable cable ties (Q-ties I think they are called).

        * Final point, the hose is not that long as it's designed more for tackling crevices and corners on the stairs me thinks, so be aware that you won't be able to use it to suck cobwebs off the ceiling....unless you stood on a chair almost touching the ceiling!

        Overall I think this is an excellent purchase and it does exactly what I want it to do without jamming or giving me a hump in my shoulder from excessive weight. If you have an iRobot and need a stair vac, I 100% recommend this one.


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          12.05.2012 20:41
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Great hand held vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price

          We bought this after my boyfriend went back to driving taxis and needed something that could cope
          with vacuuming the cab out every day and do a better job than our old rechargeable vacuum.

          I decided to buy a corded vacuum rather than a rechargeable this time due to previous rechargeable
          vacuums we've owned being pretty much useless within a few months of constant use. This comes
          with around 6 metres of cable which is long enough to use in any of our rooms without having to move plug points constantly and when used with our lawn mower extension lead it easily reaches the cab at the front of our house. There's also a handy cord tidy recess to wrap the cord around for easy storage
          when you're not using the cleaner or don't need all the cable.

          At around 2.5kg it's light and easy on the arms and it certainly isn't lacking in power with
          700 watts at your disposal the Electrolux has a decent amount of power for a handheld vacuum
          cleaner and it happily lifts everything in it's path. When emptying it I've found everything from coins
          to lego and around 20% of a fully grown German Shepherd judging by the amount of dog hair in it
          at times so it can definitely cope better than most hand held vacuums I've used in the past. I
          frequently use this for vacuuming the couch after the dog has sneaked on it or for getting rid of
          the biscuit crumb trail when the kids have been to visit as it's easier to grab this for small areas
          than dragging the main vacuum cleaner out.

          The roller brush on the main vacuum is motor driven and seems to work well on any surface. Unlike
          many hand held vacuums it does actually drag stuff out of carpets like a large vacuum cleaner does
          rather than just skimming the surface and shoving stuff around rather than lifting it. One of the
          great things about this is the visor that covers the main roller this can be left as it is directing the
          roller at the ground or you can switch it upwards so you can clean vertically which is helpful for
          cleaning stairs,couches and car upholstery.

          The Electrolux also comes with a hose attached and a separate tool which is handy for getting into
          tight corners or under seats. Although I've never checked if my boyfriend has discovered there are corners or spaces under the seats in his cab yet and given the fact he hasn't ever found them in the house I doubt it but the hose and tool will be useful if he ever does. I find the hose is also great for cobweb busting I hate using feather dusters etc to get rid of cobwebs in case they land on me so
          now I just use the hose extension for instant spider home destruction.

          When not in use the hose wraps round a wide groove in the vacuum cleaner and there's a slot at
          the side which holds it in place along with the tool. This means the hose never gets in your way when
          you are using the main vacuum cleaner and due to sitting in the recessed groove it doesn't make the cleaner too bulky for storing it either.

          The dust compartment at the front of the vacuum is clear which is great as you can see
          when it needs emptied but like most hand held vacuums it doesn't have a huge capacity at 0.6
          litres so it does need to be emptied quite often. The Electrolux is really easy to empty just slide
          the switch and the front container unclips allowing you to remove it and dump the contents. The
          reusable filter clips into the main dust compartment with a rubber seal so it's easy to clean with
          a quick wipe at the same time as you empty the vacuum.

          Overall I'm really impressed with the Electrolux and would happily recommend it to anyone looking
          for a good hand held vacuum cleaner. I paid £45 for the Electrolux 3 months ago and current prices
          seem to range from £43 inc delivery on the Co-op website to £50 at Argos so as always it's worth
          looking around for the best deal.


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            25.06.2009 13:53
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            very impressive corded vacuum cleaner

            I bought this handheld cleaner, primarily because I was finding that it was impossible to hoover pet hair off our stair carpet. I looked in the Argos catalogue, which indicated that this specialised in the removal of pet hair. Also because I wanted to be able to hoover the stairs easier. Currently we have a normal Dyson hoover, however, I found this too difficult to handle and manoeuvre, and frankly dangerous to get up and down our steep sprialled staircase.

            I went for a plug-in one rather than a cordless as I find them not powerful enough, too unreliable and even when fully charged they don't go for a particularly long time, although they are light.

            When I brought it home, I was pleasantly surprised by the length of the lead which enables me to hoover all the way up my stairs and in some of the rooms upstairs from a plug socket downstairs (although granted I do have a 2 bedroom ). It wraps around the machine nicely when not in use. There is also a nozzle for cleaning skirtings and other, smaller places. There is a slot in the back of the machine to put this in, safely out of the way also.

            The power of this thing is also immense - a cautionary tale though - you'll be shocked at how much pet hair lives on the carpet and what colour your carpet actually is under it! I previously thought that we did quite well with the hoover and that my shorthair domestic cat didn't moult that much - I was wrong! It is also great at just general dirt, although the bag itself isn't that big so you have to empty it quite frequently. However, it is easy enough to do this compared to other cleaners , the front just slides off when pushing the button on the top and slots back in nicely.

            I think it would be really good for cars as well due to its highly effective nozzle attachment, but I am keeping this one for the house and letting my other half buy his own if he wants it so badly!

            It is quite heavy so I wouldn't recommend it for people who have problems lifting heavy things. However, I don't think it is too heavy for most people.

            In conclusion, it is one of the household items that I really wonder how I ever lived without!


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          • Product Details

            Each Electrolux product is designed with consumers in mind; an approach has helped make the firm the world's largest producer of appliances for kitchen cleaning and outdoor use combined / Based on their insights into real consumer needs and desires Electrolux find and develop solutions that help make life a little easier / This philosophy shines through in their fantastic range of vacuum cleaners that satisfies millions of customers around the world / Mains operated Bagless cyclonic operation 0.6 Litre dust capacity Fingertip control Cleanable filter Cleans carpets and hard floors Crevice Nozzle Brush roll Risor Visor Strech hose and on board tools 2.5 Kgs / Short name: Electrolux Z61A

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