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    1 Review
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      01.11.2010 22:08
      Very helpful



      You have to learn the rules of the game and then let your wife win.

      If I've learnt one thing about having a successful marriage, then it's knowing that a woman has to be happy with her vacuum cleaner.

      It didn't take long to find this out, but in some respects it makes no difference - it's still my fault. Let me explain....

      My wife has always been faithful to Dyson ever since they first came out, but when our DC05 finally gave up the ghost (I have since sort of repaired it and it's in the garage and I use it for car cleaning - she still claims it's kicking dust out of the back, but that's another story) it came as a surprise to me therefore when the time came to consider a replacement vacuum cleaner that she even gave this Electrolux model a second glance. But she did - and we bought it. Big mistake, as it turned out.

      Now there is no doubt that this is a pretty looking vacuum cleaner in its two tone livery. It's a 2300 watt model and for my wife, having a high number is a good thing - to the virtual exclusion of all other considerations. Her biggest gripe with any vacuum cleaner is having to go over the same bit again and again.

      "How well does she suck?" was the question to which an honest answer was required. It's one of those questions that you're allowed to ponder but which few of us ever get round to asking before we commit ourselves. Anyway, the Comet salesman with his ready to wear orange shirt and ready to squeeze yellow pustules gave the only answer any salesman could reasonably have given in the circumstances.... and we duly exited the shop with a new Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

      We set off home at the double; she was eager to put this machine through its paces and I wanted to watch the cricket.

      We have hardwood floors throughout the downstairs so the best testing ground was going to be upstairs where we have cream carpets throughout.

      First stop was the split level bathroom where I traditionally leave bits of fluff off the bottom of my socks on the carpeted bit - I do this on purpose of course.

      She switches it on and waves the wand in the traditional vacuuming manner, but in the words of Craig Revell Hallwood, it was, yes, you've guessed it.....a disaaaaster! The perishing vacuum wouldn't pick up properly. Wife goes off on one - I remind her it was her choice - but no, it's all my fault. Simples!

      What now?

      After half an hour or so when she had calmed down a bit, I tried it out and noticed for the first time that the variable speed control had been set at its minimum setting and I surmised that that was the reason why it had not worked. Wife summoned..... she tries again.... No! It's not as good as a Dyson - don't want it! Flounce flounce.

      So, boys, there we have it. I can't make her use it. What's a man to do? Give in?

      Yes! You betcha - anything for a quiet life. We now have a replacement Dyson for upstairs and this Electrolux is semi redundant, kept behind the door in the downstairs loo to vacuum the hardwood flooring - ostensibly to save her carrying the Dyson up and down the stairs.

      Got a bit carried away with the story - sorry. As for the review, well, there's nothing at all wrong with the performance of this Electrolux - it looks good, if a bit plasticky and it performs well with the speed control turned up.

      It's easy enough to empty but fills up quite quickly. The mains lead is a bit on the short side, though, so if it bugs you to keep unplugging and plugging it in again in another room, this will put you off.

      The turbo nozzle is ridiculously small, so it probably isn't the best one to get if you've got cats and/or dogs because it will take ages to get the floor done with the turbo brush.

      Price wise it was around 70 quid and is reasonable value. But would we buy another one? - What do you think!?!


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    • Product Details

      The Z7315 Cyclone Ultra cylinder cleaner is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and can be stored in minimal spaces / Extremely powerful with 2300w motor and variable power / It includes an additional turbo nozzle for removing stubborn fibres from stairs and upholstery, ideal for pet owners / The Cyclone Ultra range has an easy to empty dustbin, to dispose of dirt simply press the latch and the dirt escapes from the bottom of the dust container allowing a hygienic empty / Comes with HEPA filter, ideal for allergy sufferers / Short name: Electrolux Z7315

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