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Electrolux ZSH710

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    2 Reviews
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      30.10.2011 16:43
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      A wonderful and powerful vacuum cleaner!

      Electrolux ZSH 710 Cyclonic Power

      I have been using the electrolux ZSH 710 cyclonic power vacuum cleaner for the past two years. Overall, I am very very pleased that I brought this vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is currently available from Littlewoods for £89.


      The Electrolux ZSH 710 Cyclonic Power vacuum cleaner is very powerful and sucks up all the dirt and dust on the carpet. No problems have occurred over the past two years whilst using this vacuum cleaner.


      The durability of the vacuum cleaner has been very good. Only the two master bedrooms in our house are carpeted and the rest are laminated. Despite continuously using the vacuum cleaner every two days for the past two years, it is still working as powerfully as when we first brought it. It still powerfully picks up every speck of dirt. In the last two years, we have only replaced the filter once. When we brought the vacuum cleaner, we were supplied with two filters.


      On a scale of 1 to 10. I would say the noise level is about 6. It would definitely wake up a sleeping baby or anyone in the house. However, I would say that the noise level of the vacuum cleaner is compensated for, by the other fantastic features of the vacuum cleaner such as not needing replacement bags and its good durability and powerful dust suction powers!


      The vacuum cleaner is very safe to use. The plug automatically twists back into the vacuum cleaner when it is disconnected.

      Value for money

      The electrolux vacuum cleaner is definitely worth its value, especially because it is a bagless vacuum cleaner and so you don't have to waste money on purchasing the replacement bags. It has been one of the most cheapest and long lasting and powerful vacuum cleaners that I have ever owned. I brought this vacuum cleaner for £70 from Tesco which is definitely a bargain considering how long it has lasted.

      Ease of Use

      The vacuum cleaner is very easy to use. To release the plug for the vacuum cleaner you have to press the plus release button (I usually use my foot!). You then plug it into the wall. Before I start vacuuming, I usually make sure that the dust collecting compartment is empty. I then make sure that the filter is intact and positioned correctly. Now, I am ready to vacuum!


      Overall, I am very very pleased that I brought the Electrolux ZSH 710 Cyclonic Power vacuum cleaner and it has resulted in me vacuuming my carpets in an economical way due to not having to buy replacement bags.


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        26.06.2010 21:13
        Very helpful



        Powerful vacuum with a few annoying habits

        Electrolux ZSH710 Cyclone Power 1800w Cyclonic Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

        Why did I buy this vacuum?

        I bought this Electrolux cyclone power 1800w vacuum cleaner as I wanted something small but reasonably powerful. I was fed up with carting my Dyson upright up and down our stairs. As we have a three story house and each story has two sets of stairs as the stair case turns, it is hard work getting the stairs vacuumed. I gave the Dyson to our boys when they moved out as I didn't feel I needed upright two vacuum cleaners and I had inherited another from an aged aunt. This little cylinder one was bought really to do the stairs and get into corners and all the places that you need to have a nozzle for.

        What do you get for your money?

        In the box you get the basic vacuum which is really small and neat. The long nozzle with two metal extension pieces and a large carpet head, a pointy nozzle with a crevice brush which flips round if you want to use it( I use it for skirting boards) and a small flat upholstery nozzle which I use on my hard floors. There were two filters which I thought was good to provide a spare filter as you don't often get the things that need replacing after use provided as a spare. This was all in a box that I was able to carry out of Tesco quite easily by myself. The total box weight was 8kg so once you have got rid of the cardboard and packing it does make it quite a light appliance for carrying up and down stairs.

        Features of this cleaner include:

        Cyclonic - This means that it does not lose suction when getting full. This was patented by Dyson but is now found in other brands. In a cyclonic cleaner dust and dirt are collected in a detachable cylindrical storage bin. Centrifugal forces up to 100,000 times the force of gravity, spin dust etc so fast that they are forced into the storage bin.

        Variable power control - This means you can alter the amount of suck. If I am vacuuming carpets I have it on full power but if I am doing rugs then I can turn it down so that the rug is not lifted and sucked into the cleaner. I really like this function and use it a lot.

        1.7 litre dust capacity- how much muck it holds - not that wonderful but serves the purpose.

        Quick release dustbin - Yes indeed it is very easy to get the whole dust collection thing from the cleaner. So easy it sometimes releases itself which is not so great.

        Dust bin full indicator - You can see have a red indicator to tell you the dust collection bin is full. Relatively useful but not something I would get too excited about.

        Foot operated pedals - yes you push them or kick them with your feet and they do work. No complaints about these but in a cylinder cleaner this function is not quite as useful as I am low down and near the cleaner anyway.

        Cord rewind - button to press again with your feet/hands and in theory the cords whips straight back in but in reality it gets twisted and need s feeding back but at least it does go back in and not dangle around for storage.

        Parking slot- This is a complete waste of time. The nozzle is meant to go on the slot but if you use it then anyone knocking it would break it straight off and the flimsy slot would break. The nozzle sticks out on either side of the cleaner and the metal pipes and hose stick up and in the way. Not great in my view.

        Microfiltration - I believe this means that filtration is of a high enough level to be good for allergy sufferers. This is okay for the family but not that useful for the person who is actually vacuuming and has to empty the dust container and clean the filter as all these lovely mites are just waiting there to jump out at you.

        Washable filter - The filter is a sort of concertina construction in a cylinder. It can be washed but what a palaver trying to get the dust that has become stuck down the center of these concertina sections. You then have to leave it for days to dry which is probably why they give you two so you can use them alternatively. When it is hot you can put it outside to dry but in winter You have to find places that are warm and dry to put it in order to get it dry.

        60 degree swivel hose - In theory this means that the hose will swivel round so that you can go round corners and turn and the hose will not become kinked or tangle but unfortunately this does not work with this cleaner. I often end up with kinks and I am forever going back to sort out a hose trapped and kinked problem.

        4.5m Cable length- Absolutely pathetic. I cannot even vacuum one room without having to undo the plug and move the cable. The main reason I bought this to do the stairs has not been helped by this as I have to move the plug after every section of our stairs - we have six steps then a turn and another six steps and this cleaner cannot do more than one section before I have to alter the plug's position.

        What do I think of this?

        I've had this for well over a year and believe it had a years' guarantee when I bought it from Tesco at about £50. I have seen it range in price from about £50 to over £80 so it would pay to shop around as always.

        The suction power is great and I have absolutely no complaints about this at all. I particularly like the fact that I can so easily vary the suction by twisting a simple dial.

        The dust emissions are controlled well by the microfilters but this becomes rather a mute point when the person who has the allergy is the one who has to empty the foul dust mite ridden container and to make matters worse in order to get the dust out of the filter I have to bang it on my dustbin and clouds of the allergy full dust swarm over my head. If I don't bang it then the dust gets stuck in the insides and the cleaner does not function. The filter can be washed but the dust turns solid in the corners so the only way to get it out is to bang like hell against the wheelie bin and hold your breath.

        The cord length is ridiculously short. The cleaner flips over at the drop of a hat and does not turn corners at all well. It constantly gets stuck round a corner or flips so that I have to go back and tun it back the right way. All I can say is I hope they never design cars!!

        It works well on both carpets and hard floors and gets a lot of use as we have four cats at the present time and the fluff gathers constantly as they are all losing fur in the hot weather. The large nozzle I found a real pain as it flipped around constantly so I now use the small upholstery nozzle to vacuum all my house as I found the flipping around too irritating for words.

        It is not too noisy. It doesn't seem to be any worse or better than other cleaners I have had. It has been very reliable as I have now had it and used it at least three times week in my cat fur full house. We also have a coal fire in winter which creates a lot of dust so it has not has an easy life.

        So in short, this is a great vacuum for suction but the filter is a pain to clean and the fact that the cleaner flips over constantly and the cord is so short make it less than perfect for me but while it is working I am too tight to go and buy a new one to replace it. Before I do replace it I will read a large number of reviews as this one's faults are very trying.

        This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name


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