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Electrolux ZSH720

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    1 Review
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      04.07.2009 14:23
      Very helpful


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      good all- rounder vac

      I bought this bagless vac to help remove all the cat fur from my sofas and flooring and it has really helped.

      First impressions:
      The vac itself is quite a bulky thing and you would need a cupboard or under the stairs to hide it away, although it is a nice pink colour, so it's not too bad if people can see it! The weight of it out of the box is 5.2kg, I would say this is a medium weight of vacuum cleaner. It's not ultra light, but it is lighter than most uprights I have tried.

      What you get in the box:
      This vac comes with 4 attatchments and a spare filter (2 filters total). The attatchments are- a crevice tool , an upholstry tool, a standard attatchment for carpets and hard floors, and a turbo brush. The turbo brush has a small bristle brush which spins round due to the suction force making a small turbine (like a car's turbo) spin. It helps pull up bits of fluff and pet hairs from upholstry and carpet.

      Ease of use:
      The vac is easy enough to lift with it's large carry handle, it just about manages to fit on my narrow stairs, but the cord could be a bit longer s from the nearest socket it only just reaches the bottom of the stairs. The turbo brush is great at picking up cat hairs, but it is really very noisy with that attatchment - so be warned! The best thing about the vac has got to be the adjustable power , which is perfect for if you need and extra boost for a dusty corner - normally the lowest setting is fine for me. The dirt holder isnt massive(1.7l)- but it is really easy to remove - and it just clicks back in. All the controls are easy, power and wind up cord can be foot operated - nice large buttons, and the power control is a nice big dial in the middle. The main extension tube is metal - which is nice and sturdy feeling.

      I think this is a good vac, not too pricey, and does a good job - I have used mine for 5 months and no loss of suction has occured (I am a bit obsessive about looking after my vacs tho, I only let it get 3/4s full - to prevent the motor from struggling, I also only run it for a max of 30 mins per day- again to prevent wear on the motor) This vac could be improved by providing a space for storage of the atatchments , or perhaps just a nice storage bag or case for them. I would also say that it is a little too heavy for the elderly to use if there are stairs to carry it up - and the trubo brush tool if fiddly to clean out bits of hair from.


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      Short name: Electrolux ZSH720

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