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Ewbank Carpet Sweeper

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Brand: Ewbank / Type: Carpet Cleaner - Carpet sweeper

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2012 18:39
      Very helpful



      Could be worth buying for the right situations.

      The Ewbank Carpet Sweeper

      Turning the clock back forty years or so takes me instantly to a time in my childhood when my grandmother, no longer able to care for herself, moved in with us. She had her own bedsit as it were, and she loved to retreat into it only venturing out for meals. It was like her den, and she sat in this wicker chair surrounded by all her favourite things. Each day she would get out her carpet sweeper and push it over the patterned carpet to brush up the crumbs she had made with her favourite Lincoln biscuits.

      My Purchase
      A couple of years ago I was in Lakeland and saw in the reduced section a Ewbank Carpet Sweeper. It was just like the one my gran had, and immediately I know I had to buy it. I thought it would be perfect to just sweep up a quick mess, and so parted with the £15 it was and happily rejoiced in my bargain. You can purchase these for about the same price on Amazon so they are a small outlay, and are especially good if you are setting up home for the first time and can't afford to purchase a vacuum cleaner. There are three models - mine is the Evolution2 which has two height settings. There is also the Speed Sweep which is the basic model with one height only, and the Multi Sweep which has four different heights each corresponding to the thickness of different surfaces it is to be used on.

      The cleaner is supplied in a box and all you need to do is to fit the handle which is in three parts which screw together easily. The height is good as it is ideal for ladies of an average height, but it would be back breaking if you were a tall man to use for any length of time.

      It is a simple mechanical alternative to a vacuum and requires no power to operate. You simply push the sweeper backwards and forwards and the dirt collects between the rollers. All you have to do from time to time is to empty the sweeper of its contents, which is easy to do by lifting the clip and the dirt pours out.

      The thing you have to remember with this is that it is really a tool to sweep up a quick mess, rather than a serious daily tool to use for maintaining a clean home. It can't cope with corners at all, but it really comes into its own if you have crumbs on the floor, and you don't really want to get out the vacuum or use a dustpan and brush. I thought it would be ideal for the mess my cats sometimes make with their dry food or litter and it does a fair job of cleaning this.

      The model I have can be used on carpets or on wood or laminate floors and ceramic tiles, so it has versatility, and certainly would be a good stop gap for someone in rented accommodation where a vacuum isn't provided. It has two height settings to facilitate use on all floors, and it also lies flat allowing you to manoeuvre it under furniture. I have been gradually lifting all my carpets and replacing them with laminate, but I still have one deep piled carpet remaining. It is really not suitable for this type of surface as it is really hard to push even on the carpet setting. It is fine on thinner carpets though but not on anything with a substantial pile.

      It can't take the place of a vacuum though and certainly I would never claim that it could, but it certainly offers a possible tool for someone who is disabled and finds a vacuum too heavy to use, Ewbank claim that it can pick up dirt and rival any traditional vacuum cleaner, but in all honesty I feel this is simply not true and is misleading. It has no tools for the edges or brushes for the stairs, so it is no competition for a modern appliance in my opinion.

      I have to say though that childhood memories are often rosy when maybe things are not as perfect as they seem. I know my grannie dutifully pushed her Ewbank up and down her room priding herself that she was caring for her surroundings. I think in reality this was not as effective as I believed at the time, and certainly modern homes would not be able to function purely with this tool as the only choice for cleaning.

      My grandmother was born in 1894 and fourteen years earlier saw the birth of the first Ewbank sweeper. I should think it had pride of place in those days when the brush was the only alternative!

      If you would like to look into Ewbank take a look at their rather fancy website at www.ewbank.co.uk.

      In summing up I think this tool is an iconic reminder of an era gone by, but which still has serviceability and certainly longevity as its attributes. Buy one of these and I guarantee you will still have it decades later. My Mum still has my Gran's and it still works!

      Don't think it can out perform a Dyson- it can't- but it can sweep up a few biscuit crumbs and light dust with no problem. It struggles more with animal hair and will often pass over it leaving it still in situ. It isn't really ideal to clean up after pets, especially long-haired ones which I have the pleasure of owning. However if you are looking for an environmentally friendly relic from the past which certainly functions as a basic cleaner this could be for you.

      This review is also published on Ciao under my user name Violet1278.


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        08.11.2011 21:17
        Very helpful



        Good little cleaner and cheap

        When I was a little lad I can always remember my mother had one of these great plastic carpet sweepers - we had a vacuum cleaner and we also had a few dust pans and brushes, but from time to time she'd pull this out and use it to sweep all round the house.

        When we first got married, we could not afford a Hoover and had to 'make do' with one of these but several years later we still have it under the kitchen stairs. It doesn't see that much daylight nowadays, to be honest but we definitley do still use it from time to time.

        Ours is black in colour and not purple as in the photograph supplied by Ciao! It has a long black handle and it stands at around 51cm in total height once the handle is attached to the base. When we first bought it we had to assemble it ourselves but that was very easy and straightforward and it came in a sturdy cardboard box and a wonderful set of plainly written instructions on how to use it, how to care for it, how to maintain it and keep it clean etc etc.

        It is basic and probably seen as very old fashioned nowadays but our little lad likes to get it out and push it over the floor while his mother is using the Dyson and this is extremely lightweight as our little lad is only six years old and he has no bother at all in pushing it around the floors and even taking it upstairs and then downstairs to the basement.

        It is almost silent when it is in operation but obviously you can hear it going backwards and forwards over the floor. It is not operated by either batteries or mains but is just a self-sufficient little carpet sweeper - just like a dust pan and brush only with a long handle and it sweeps the dirt up as you push it along.

        Underneath the sweeper you can clearly see there are two dust pans and this is where the dirt goes as it is collected by the two rollers which are also situated underneath.

        It is so simple to just empty the contents into the bin after you have gone over the floor with it. We tend to use it if we are in a hurry and say the Dyson is down in the basement and we need to clean the floor in a jiffy if we are having someone over, then we just whip this out of the cupboard and it saves us from having to lug the Dyson up all the stairs.

        The good thing about this little sweeper and one of the reasons why we love it so much is that it can be used on carpets and also used on hard floors. It picks up the dirt just as well no matter what flooring you are using it on. The performance is spot on and for such a cheap little sweeper it has lasted us an incredibly long time so you can see how long lasting and durable this is.

        It is particularly great for picking up crisps - our little lad loves to sit on the kitchen floor and watch his mum bake cakes and sometimes he sits with his legs crossed eating his salted crips and when he stands back up there is usually a little pile left on the floor. Likewise, if he has been down the bottom of the garden or across the field with his chums, he usually has bits of loose grass all over his shoes which he treads therough the house and all over the carpets.

        My other half does not bother with the Dyson at these times, it is much easier and simpler just to get the sweeper out. It collects all the grass and all of the crisps in one go and you do not have to keep going over and over the same spot, so it is not exhausting by any means.

        I aways check the little rollers underneath regularly though because we all have very long hair in our family and we find that the sweeper will pick up these hairs and they can tend to get caught around the rollers and stop the from operating as smoothly as they should, which can be a bit of a pain. It is very easy and simple to get them off though and I just tend to snip them off with a pair of scissors and then it is okay to use again.

        I would thoroughly recommend one of these little sweepers, I am very passionate about them because they are so cheap and durable and they do an outstanding job at cleaning the floors. They are cheap and so effective and I think they are very underrated at the moment as the more expensive vacuum cleaner are on the market and this little beauty has become over looked.

        Get one because they are worth it !!!!!!


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        08.08.2011 21:41
        Very helpful



        No electricity needed, just man power!

        When I was little my mum always had a carpet sweeper, with having 5 kids around she sure made good use of it, I always thought carpet sweepers were a good idea and so when I grew up and got my own house and kids I made sure I got my very own carpet sweeper as well. The one I bought is this Ewbank Carpet Sweeper.

        I have had this carpet sweeper for years and it still performs very well.

        ~So what exactly is a carpet sweeper and what purpose does it serve? In other words, since I already own a vacuum cleaner and a dustpan and brush, why did I bother with one of these.~

        A carpet sweeper is a device designed to sweep my carpets without the need to use my vacuum cleaner, thus not needing to use electricity and therefore saving money. My dustpan and brush can't really be used on my carpets and so...... enter the carpet sweeper.

        ~Ewbank carpet sweeper~

        My Ewbank Carpet Sweeper is made up of 4 individual parts, 3 of which make up the long black handle and the other which is the actual sweeper itself. Once fully assembled the sweeper stands about 49 inches high from floor to top of the handle. It is really easy to put together, it's just a case of slotting the individual pieces together to make the long handle. On the top of my sweeper handle there is a soft touch rubber cover, this makes it easier for me to use it without my hands slipping down the handle. The sweeper is very light to push around and indeed light enough to pick up and carry from room to room.

        Underneath the sweeper are two large dust pans which collect the dirt and dust from my carpets and floors, this sweeper can be used on both carpeted and uncarpeted floors. With two rollers situated in such a way that they pick up whatever you sweep over, keeping it shut tight within the dust pans underneath the sweeper. The rolling action of the two rollers is very smooth and they will pick up most of the dirt and dust if not all that I sweep over because the rollers are made from high quality long life bristles this makes the whole carpet sweeping process very easy. I really can't go wrong. It's great for when I just can't be bothered with the vacuum cleaner, and even better, I don't need to plug it in. It has four little wheels on which I push it around, picking up everything I need to off my carpets and floors. This sweeper makes very little noise as I push it backwards and forwards, it makes a nice change from the vacuum cleaner blaring out.

        Now my dogs don't malt so I can't comment on it picking up dog hair, although I imagine it would work a treat, the dogs do come in from outdoors covered in grass quite often and I've never had a problem sweeping this up. I very rarely have to empty the dust pans because they are so big but when I do I simply pull the lever on the top of the sweeper which releases the catch underneath, opening the pans which enables me to empty them into the bin. It's a real quick and easy job and I wouldn't be without a carpet sweeper now. It has proved very useful to me, especially if I want to quickly sweep over the carpets upstairs, I don't have to lug the vacuum cleaner behind me, which in all honesty can take me just as long as it would to run upstairs and quickly sweep the bedrooms with the carpet sweeper.

        It performs well, picking up all I need it to along the way, I highly recommend this sweeper.

        Incidentally, one thing that you should be aware of is that occasionally hairs and maybe something like cotton that has been swept up, could become wound up on the rollers, so I would personally advise that you check the rollers after each time of using and pull out anything that may be caught underneath. I think this adds to the longevity of your sweeper if you just do little things like that, making sure it's always in tip top condition, you will be rewarded because it will last you a very long time.

        ~Other information~

        You can pick up a Ewbank Carpet Sweeper from many different places from around £25.00, which I think is a great price, I bought mine from Argos many moons ago and It cost me a lot less. But that just goes to show the longevity of this product, it's very good value for money and if emptied regular and looked after it should last you quite a while.

        5 stars for the Ewbank Carpet Sweeper, it really has lasted me a long time and continues to perform as it did in the beginning, only it's a lot older now and a bit rickety.

        Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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