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Ewbank 820 HG Evolution 2

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    2 Reviews
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      29.10.2013 13:37
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      Cleans the floor of your home quickly and easily

      Sometimes I actually enjoy vacuum cleaning the house because it's pretty much the only exercise I get. Other times though I find it a real chore, especially if I have to do a quick job because guests come round. My mother has always been proud of her Ewbank and I recently decided to get one of my own. I chose the Ewbank Evolution 2.

      About the product
      The product is essentially a sweeping brush but a super posh one which collects all the dust and dirt within the mechanism and which can be used on the carpet. The brand Ewbank has been around since 1880 and has been 'helping people keep their homes clean' ever since. It doesn't work using electricity so there are no cords to get tangled up in and no need to worry about being close to a plug socket.

      The product is light weight in comparison to a vacuum cleaner which makes it easier to manoeuvre and as the handle rotates down flat, then it will also underneath tables and other furniture. It has a wide face so that it covers a large surface area meaning less work on your part. It has adjusted to fit in with the modern home which means that mine comes with two easily adjusted setting - one for wooden floors or tiles, and one for carpeted surfaces.

      Appearance and Price
      Mine is silver and black in colour and it is so much daintier and lighter than my vacuum cleaner. It has a long straight like that of a sweeping brush which can be lifted up and down. It has a dial on the top with two moments which can be twisted according to whether you are working or hard or soft flooring. On the other side there is a lever which opens the collection tray so that you can empty the machine. The product comes at a much cheaper price than a normal vacuum cleaner costing only £9.99. The product can be bought from a variety of online websites.

      My experience
      The product is so quick and easy to use. You do need to put a bit of work into using it but it's all exercise so you're killing two birds with one stone. After choosing the correct setting, you simply run the Ewbank forwards and backwards over the carpet. It picks up all of the bits and bobs as it goes although sometimes you do need to run the product over the surface a couple of times. The handle bends down well for you to reach under the furniture as long as it's not too low lying.

      It is really handy to not have to plug in and unplug the product as you move around the house. It is also much quieter than a normal vacuum cleaner so you could use it when the children are in bed. That being said, it is by no means silent and it almost sounds like a toy being wound up but it is on a smaller scale than a hoover. It picks up all bits off the carpet and it works equally well on hard flooring.

      I don't think it's as effective as picking small dust particles and this would never replace my hoover but it such a good stand in for quick surface cleans. The product is easy to empty by pulling the lever. You must ensure that you are standing over a bin before doing so or you will have to start all over again! This is also a great product as it uses no electricity.

      All in all, this is a fantastic product which comes at a cheap price. It is light, makes you flooring look tidier and cleaner quicker and it's simple to empty. They are no cords to get tangled in or to trip over and you don't need to worry about plugging and unplugging the machine. It's much quieter than a hoover and as it doesn't use electricity then you'll save money, save the environment and get some exercise. I am so happy with this product and there's obviously a reason why this product has been around for so long - it works!


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        04.08.2012 17:15
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        To save your pennies use a Ewbank


        Because of the ever-rising cost of electricity and a dog that seems to shed his entire coat on a daily basis, I decided to find a way of keeping down my electricity bills whilst keeping the carpets from looking as though a flock of sheep had just been sheared in my living room.

        My Eureka moment came one day when reminiscing about days gone by when we were children and used to help mum with the housework, the sort of conversation that frequently crops up when youngsters gripe about housework. One of the pieces of kit we used before we owned a Hoover was a manual carpet sweeper.

        I can boast of two in my house now; one I use downstairs and one I keep and use upstairs. Not to mention the battery operated one I use in the shed. The upstairs sweeper, a Bissell is about six or seven years old and still working perfectly even though the brush is a little worn. The downstairs Ewbank sweeper is a comparatively recent acquisition and the one I am reviewing today.

        My routine is to Ewbank the carpets daily, sometimes twice daily, during the week, then vacuum them at the weekend, that way I feel I am not only saving money, but also using an eco-friendly system to keep my house reasonably clean. Even though it is a Ewbank I always refer to the process of using these manual sweepers as Bisselling...for my dog's sake you understand; he hates the vacuum cleaner and mention the word 'Hoover,' and he high tails it out of the room so fast, one would think I had said 'Vets' instead... I digress.

        The Ewbank 820 HG Evolution 2 Specifications

        I bought this from Amazon costing £23.69 free delivery. I have since seen some on eBay going for as little as £15.49 and as much as £39.99, so it does pay to shop around.
        Available in black, red or silver.
        Width: 30cm
        Depth: 22cm
        Height: 9cm
        Weight: 1.4kg

        Description and use

        In the package with the sweeper -unit are three, 36cm, silvered-metal sections which when screwed together form the handle approximately 105cm long, which is then screwed into the centre of the sweeper unit. A soft, 12cm long, rubber cap, also present, is slipped onto the top of the handle, making it far more comfortable to hold. Around the bottom edge of the sweeper is wide, flat, rubbery protective buffer to prevent accidental damage to skirting board or furniture.

        The handle is pivoted at the base so that it can be lowered horizontal to the floor when sweeping under furniture, a recess in the unit allows the handle to lie flush with the top of the sweeper and, when not in use, neat storage.

        In this model, attached to the underside of the top of the sweeper-unit and immediately over the brush, is a metal comb; this keeps the bristles free from tangles as it rotates on its spindle, something that often occurs with most carpet-sweeper or vacuum brushes.

        The bristles are said to be especially hard wearing and the whole unit comes with a 12-month guarantee.

        The brush can be raised or lowered to suit the surface being swept; for hard floors and short piled carpets the brush is used in the Lo position, for thick piled carpets, the brush is raised to the Hi position. The control is situated on the top of the unit with icons to indicate which height has been selected.

        To empty after use, the sweeper is held over a bin and the recessed lever ,close to the brush-height control, is pulled upwards to open the two trays below; the collected sweepings are then released into the bin. Job done.

        My thoughts and opinion

        As you would expect, a manual sweeper is not as efficient as vacuum cleaners for ridding carpets of pet hairs. Having said that, by using the sweeper every day, my carpets certainly appears fur free, no doubt if the carpets were a very dark colour, a few remaining strands would be visible, but I have light coloured carpets which show up their muddy footprints instead. A weekly vacuuming soon lifts any remaining hair from its comfy abode.

        It is very efficient at picking up grit and dust and even fur, from hard floors. The bristles have remained tangle free, so the comb does seem to be doing its job. Static occasionally helps some of the fur stick to the base, but is easily removed with a damp cloth.

        The only negative I have about the Ewbank is that, unlike my other carpet sweeper, which after use can be emptied by simply lifting two receptacles from the top of the sweeper and emptied, the Ewbank has to be lifted and positioned over a bin before the sweepings can be released.

        Other than that small point, I am very happy with my Ewbank, and so is my dog.


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