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Ewbank Rechargeable Sweeper

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Brand: Ewbank

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2010 15:32
      Very helpful



      Worth having if you have somewhere to keep it while it charges.

      According to it's website (and I don't go back quite that far!) Ewbank have been cleaning homes since 1880.

      Quoted from this same website- www.ewbank.co.uk, "With 125 years manufacturing carpet sweepers that were once a much-loved favourite in practically every British home, Ewbank have rejuvenated their range and now offer a diverse product portfolio to satisfy any cleaning requirement.
      Prior to its acquisition by the Earlex Group in 2003, Ewbank had received little investment and was regarded at the time as a missed opportunity brand. Now, with a renewed focus on new product development, Ewbank have revitalised their established brand and introduced a more diverse product range into the market, spanning Manual Sweepers, Power Sweepers, Carpet Shampooers, Mops, Steam Cleaners and their latest innovation - the award winning Raycop, an anti-bacterial vacuum cleaner that uses UVC technology to kill 99.9% of bacteria and helps to eradicate dust mites."

      I think it's great to see these trusted companies moving with the times and keeping up with new trends. Looking at the Ewbank and Earlex range I think thy are doing a great job. And their products are certainly more suited to today's lifestyle when women and men, want to get the housework out of the way quickly and easily.

      I remember days long gone when cleaning was a performance. My mum and aunts were much more thorough, I think, than I am. Cleaning was women's work and women liked to get everything done and put away with dinner prepared before the man of the house and the main breadwinner arrived home after a hard days work. Well, those days have well and truly gone, at least they have in my house. I've trained my husband well, in some ways but, even after thirty one years of marriage there's still room for improvement in some respect. It's not so much doing a job but having the iniative to see that it needs doing without having to be asked. But seriously, he's good and not averse to helping out with most household chores. I do suffer with some health problems so I really appreciate his help plus any labour saving devices that do actually WORK!

      Back to then 60s and I think of my mum on cleanining days, armed with a paraphernalia of equipment. The carpet then wasn't wall to wall but covered the central floor, being placed over linoleum (lino). So the floor was swept, washed and then polished (lavender wax polish) and the carpet swept with the carpet cleaner, which was, in fact, a Ewbank! The stairs were swept and cleaned and everywhere was dusted and polished. I can't help thinking now, what a waste of time. Everything seemed to take longer. The washing, the ironing, the cleaning and even bedmaking with sheets, blankets and eiderdowns. Does anyone of my generation remember those days?

      In many respects women then had a harder job but, some things were simpler, such as there wasn't the ferrying of children to clubs and school etc. When i was very young I was taken to and from school, but once in the juniors we all walked to school and played out in the street, while our mums did find time to chat on doorsteps.

      So enough visiting 'memory lane' and back to reviewing a product of today, if you are still with me. I reminisced as I liken this product to the carpet sweepers of old but they are much easier to use, owing to them being'powered.'

      I don't know about you but I find it a real pain to have to get out the vacuum cleaner for a small mess. I'm quite happy if the vacuuim has to come out twice weekly for a good clean but when it's something like, for instance, when the if the garden lawn has been mown, then some graass is often walked into the kitchen, and my dog often brings in dried leaves attached to his paws. For this type of thing I prefer to use some type of cordless device.

      Now, I'm trying to remember how long ago I purchased my Ewbank carpet sweeper but I'm not sure. It must be at least two years ago, so it's had quite a lot of use by now.

      Quite recently I had a carpet laid in my thropugh lounge, which has a deep pile. This didn't take kindly to my old vacuum and I had to purchase a new, lightweight model. I bought the Ewbank carpet cleaner before the carpet as a quick clean up device. I was a little disappointed that the cleaner doesn't work well on this carpet. It CAN be used but really you have to skim over bits of fluff or dirt, as if it snags on the carpet then it will turn and the rubbish held in the dust container will spill onto the carpet. Very annoying!

      I find that, although this cleaner is supposed to be suitable for all floor surfaces, it really works best on hard floor surfaces and carpet with little pile. It also does a decent job on my daughter's bedroom, which has a wooden laminate floor.

      I have lino in my kitchen and I find the Ewbank rechargeable ideal for cleaning in this room. It's easy to manouevere, lightweight and skims over the floor with ease.

      I would say the noise level is quite low, starting louder and diminishing in sound as the charge fades.

      It also does a good job of cleaning leaves brought into my porch, which has a carpet with a shallow pile. The same with the hallway.

      The down side to this type of product, I always find, is the length of time the charge lasts and the length of time it takes to charge up to optimum power. Although this cleaner should work for forty five minutes I would say you would get good use of this for about twenty minutes and then the power fades drastically. Really this cleaner is best for use in a home that has a utility room, or a cupboard with a power supply so that you could keep it charged for constant use. I would say constant use ONLY as a quick fix to bits and pieces on the floor, accidents of perhaps pencil shavings, or similar. It's great for a very quick clean of much used areas such as doorway entrances and doormats, in fact all those areas that become messy when everywhere else is okay.

      It doesn't require emptying too often but is, as with many similar products, not great to empty. I find it a little awkward but not too bad. At least it doesn't need to be emptied after each use. To empty the dustpan type dust catcher, it has to be unclipped. I find many actions of this type awkward, but think most other users wouldn't find this a problem.

      I'm not overly impressed with the hand held feature, as I don't think it's worth the fiddliness involved. Others may find this easier than myself. I prefer to clean my stairs with my Bissell EasyVac, using the hose.


      Electronic, rechargeable cordless floor sweeper with hand-held feature. 2 nylon rotary corner brushes for edge to edge cleaning. Ideal for pet hairs.

      Suitable for all floor types.

      Up to 45 mins cleaning time.

      Height 102cm.

      Handle length 94cm.

      Sweeping width 320cm.

      4.8 volts.

      Features lift out dustbin and protective furniture guard.

      Overall I would say that this is a useful product for me but not essential. I like using it for it's ease of use and handiness. As I have said it is best for hard floors so I wouldn't recommend it for homes with deep pile carpet.

      I purchased this rechargeable carpet sweeper from Argos. It is currently on sale for the price of, £29.99. This is about the same price that I paid.

      A similar review may be found on Ciao by AnneLorraine1


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