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Brand: GTech / Type: Upright

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2014 19:55
      Very helpful



      Not for me- see review

      Me and my boyfriend moved into our first house around May 2012, we decided on our first hoover to be a Dyson, the Dyson did us well for around 1 year, and then it broke. (Im not sure what was actually wrong with it, but the boyfriend (we'll call him Mr B) said it wasn't fixable hmmm). So he began searching for a new hoover, at the time I wasn't really interested in looking for one so I possibly made a big mistake- I let him choose it!
      So he opted for the GTECH (after being easily led by the TV advert), I just went along with it. He brought it from their website for £199. It was easy and straight forward to buy and arrived a couple of days later.


      My Opinion- It is a dark grey colour, a straight handle upwards and a small box shape at the bottom. It has small elements of a lime green on the handles and base. It has a sturdy handle where it does give you a firm grip. There is only 1 button on the hoover which turns it on and off, no other buttons or settings are needed. I give it- 7/10
      Mr B Opinion- "alright"- 8/10

      Ease of Use

      My Opinion- I am not a strong person (physically) and one of the selling points of this hoover was that it is 'light'. I would say that it is slightly lighter than the Dyson we had, but I wouldn't go out of my way to say it is a 'lightweight' hoover.
      When pushing the hoover around it does glide easily over both carpets and hard floors which makes the process of hovering easier. The handle turns each way so that it is easy to manoeuvre around different areas, eg. Tables etc. We only live in a small house, so it is fairly quick to hoover most of the rooms with this hoover. The only issue I have is when I come to the stairs! There are no extra parts with this hoover so you literally have to lift the hoover up and glide it along each step. In my opinion I don't feel this does as good a job as when you have the extra hoover 'pipes' attached to your hoover, as they can get closer into the corners and around the edges. I give it- 7/10
      Mr B Opinion- "Just switch it on and go round with it, don't need to plug it in just take it"- 8/10


      My Opinion- OK, so all the dust etc gets sucked up and makes a nice little rectangle box for you to easily empty. You just have to pull the lid off the top and its empty, then click it back in. It is very easy and simple, which is a good thing because I find I have to empty it quite often, at least after every hoover, as you know the next time you come to use it, it wont be sucking up very well because it will soon need emptying. An issue which I have with this hoover is that the roller which goes round does not come out. I have long hair and yes my long hair gets trapped around the roller, now this wasn't an issue with the Dyson because the roller clipped out allowing me to get rid of my hair, but now I have to turn the whole hoover upside now and try to cut out my hair.- 7/10
      Mr B Opinion- "Easy, pull it out, bin it, pop it back in"- 8/10

      Charging the Gtech

      A positive point to this hoover is that it doesn't need to be plugged in to use it, which does make hovering different rooms around the house quicker, as you can just get it and go. The plug which came to charge it with has a very short lead so it needs to stay near the plug anyway. On the front of the handle at the bottom are 4 green indicator lights which tell you how much charge you have left. It goes down bar by bar, and the last bar will turn red to show you it needs charging. As I said our house is small so to hoover our whole house would take me around 30-45min. This would be an adequate amount of time as it roughly lasts 50mins from one full charge. I do charge it after every time I use it just to make sure it wont run out. It takes around 3 hours to charge it fully from empty. 8/10
      Mr B Opinion- "Plug it in for a few hours"

      Practicality Vs Value

      I have some issues with the practicalities of it for the price that we paid. The tall handle does not lower so storage could become an issue. I did like how our Dyson handle lowered allowing for easy storage solutions.
      Tight Corners and awkward spaces could become an issue as there are no attachments to allow you to other areas. It is difficult to hoover stairs, so if you live in a flat then this is perfect for you J. As there are no attachments you wouldn't be able to hoover your car with it (we used our Dyson for our cars too). As this hoover was £199 it was expensive, to pay this much for something that doesn't do a lot of things is a major issue for me. I want to get the best value out of something for my money and I don't feel this was worth it. I give it 6/10.
      Mr B Opinion- "Bit expensive for just hoovering carpets" - 6/10


      Ok, so this is the main point of the review, is it any good? Yes, it hoovers up well, we don't have any pets which it is supposed to be good for pet hair so we cant comment on that. But our carpets (which are cream) always look 100% better after a good hoover up. It works just as well on both carpets and hard floors, so I cant fault it on the actual performance of the hoover. I give it- 10/10
      Mr B Opinion- "good"- 8/10 "(because nothings perfect)"

      Overall Summaries

      Would I buy this hoover again? Simple answer No. Would I let Mr B choose a hoover again? No.
      It's an OK hoover and does the job, it is just all the little extra's that it lacks which is why I wouldn't buy it again. I want to make the most of my money and I feel that this hoover doesn't do that.
      Would I recommend this hoover to someone else? Only to an elderly person living in a flat.
      Overall Score- 7/10
      Mr B Opinion- "I think it's the best hoover out there, could be cheaper but a lot of things could" Would you buy it again- "err yeah". Would you recommend it to some else? "well if they wanted it for hovering yeah"
      Overall Score 8/10


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    • Product Details

      Enjoy cordless control and efficiency while cleaning your home with the Gtech AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner. Assimilating the cleaning power of a mains vacuum - without the cord - this cleaner uses revolutionary new AirRam technology to compress all the dirt, dust and fluff collected into a tight bale . This means that when you need to empty the vacuum, you can easily drop the bales into the bin, with no messy dust and no need to buy expensive bags. This compression is also what makes the whole machine more streamlined , and with its low profile to easily reach under furniture, cleaning the house has never been easy. This cordless vacuum cleaner is effortless to use, too: simply charge the AirRam for four hours and enjoy up to 40 minutes of continuous cleaning . Finally, a 5 year guarantee offers complete peace of mind

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