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Gtech Germ Guard Handheld & Attachments

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Manufacturer: Gtech

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2012 20:01
      Very helpful



      not bad for the price I paid

      I like to have a little handheld vacuum around the house because it is so much easier than having to lug the big stand up vacuum out of the cupboard. I have previously owned a mini dirt devil and although there was nothing much wrong with it, I was 'sucked in' (pardon the pun) to buying this one when I saw it advertised on the back of a magazine at a really reasonable price. It was advertised at £44.00 but was on offer through the magazine for £15 with a small fee for delivery. I was really drawn in by the price and the promise that the vacuum was anti-bacterial. A few weeks after ordering it, the vacuum arrived and since having it for a few months, I am fairly satisfied with it for the price.

      ==Price and availability==

      You can buy the Gtech handheld vacuum through Amazon and it is priced at £22.00 however I managed to get one cheaper.

      ==What is in the box?==

      * The vacuum
      * Charger and lead
      * Furniture brush
      * Crevice tool
      * Nozzle attachment
      * V shaped attachment
      * Instructions
      * Filter


      The machine is made from white plastic but has a special antibacterial ion additive that boasts it kills over 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria and E-Coli. The vacuum measures around 200 mm x 400mm so it is a perfect size for a handheld device and it only weighs 1.3 Kg. It is great having such a light device as a heavy one will really strain your arms after a while if you are using it in the car or on a sofa at an awkward angle. It runs at 9.4V so it is not very powerful really and for a full charge you only get 12 minutes of cordless power (One charge being 12 hours!) I often use the vacuum plugged in if I have easy access to a plug to save it running out on me and save the cordless power for the car or areas that are not near a plug. To charge the vacuum it comes with a lead and three pin plug. The front of the vacuum is shaped like a V which allows a larger area to be vacuumed at once, although I do not find this as successful as it promised. There are a couple of other attachments such as a crevice tool which allows you to access areas that the V shaped nozzle does not. There is also an upholstery brush and a tube shaped suction spout that allows you to suck down cobwebs and have access to the more awkward areas in the car, such as down the seat and by the handbrake.

      The capacity of the dust canister is 0.5L. This is more than enough and with it being bag less all you need to do is dispose of the contents. These are easily spotted in the see through dust chamber which I like as it means that I do not have to open it all the time to see if it needs emptying.


      The V shaped attachment is not too bad really and it does get up spills quickly and the sawdust that the guinea pig kicks out of the cage. It also sucks up the food that the cat spills from its bowl. When it comes to pet hairs though that are on the sofa or in the carpet, these are a bit of a struggle for it. Despite this, the canister seems to fill up so it is most definitely picking something up! The nozzles are even less of a success that the V shaped attachment and do not offer much help to cleaning the sofa or cleaning the car. I seem to end up with loads of tiny stones and bits of grit in the car which the vacuum really struggled with it.


      12 minutes is not a lot of time to be cordless and it could have been better if it could charge for less time and last longer, although for 15 pounds I cannot complain too much! I'm not overly convinced about the anti-bacterial action that this device promised and I am not sure how it works. Despite this, I like the fact that it helps against the spread of bacteria. Like I have already stated, I use the vacuum for some of my pets and would hate to think I was transferring bacteria around the house rather than making it cleaner. I would probably buy the vacuum again for 15 pounds as it is good value for money but it certainly is not worth full price!


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