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Brand: Gtech / Design: Handheld / Features: Cordless (Rechargable)

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2010 18:41
      Very helpful



      An average handheld cleaner.

      About a month ago, our little dirt devil died, he had a good ten years of life but towards the end he was not just working as well as he had been. We used him daily and after the initial disappointment we had to face the task of replacing him.

      Having scoured the internet we found his G tech HV01 model on offer at Asda direct. It looked like it would be perfect for our needs so I went ahead and bought it.

      The vacuum is the rechargeable type which means you no longer have to keep replacing batteries and it makes it perfect for using in the car, garden and all over the house.

      This model is black with a lime green dust collecting bin, the bin is sheer so you can see what dirt you have collected, it is quite scary seeing all the dust you didn't even know was there. It looks very modern and sleek.
      It has a nice large handle to grip hold of so even big man hands can use this comfortably.

      The cleaner comes with a little base this is where it can sit when it is charging and when it is not in use, the base can be mounted to a wall or it is solid enough to be freestanding. You connect the plug to the base and when the vacuum is put into the stand it will begin to charge.

      The vacuum comes with two different heads, these can be changed very easily just by pulling them off and pushing them on. You get a long crevice tool, this is brilliant for all the hard to reach areas like behind radiators, beside fridges and under sofas. It is also good for getting in the creases of the sofa or car seats.
      The other tool is called a 'v' head. This is as you would expect shaped like a v, it has tiny little brushes on the base that is great for grabbing things like hair on carpets. This is the best head to use for large areas like the stairs, tables and the car floor.
      You can also use the vacuum without a head if you wish.

      Using the cleaner - When the vacuum is fully charged, you simply choose your desired head and click it into place. There is a round button on the front of the machine, you press this to turn it on and away you go, vacuum until your heart is content or until the battery runs out which is about 30 minutes after a full charge. To turn it off again just push the same button you pressed to get it going. No complicated buttons or dials just one little button.
      To empty the dust collector you must, must, must, hold the vacuum facing downwards otherwise you will have dust and dirt all over the place, I know !!! There is a small release button at the top of the green bin, press this down and the dust collector can be removed, keeping the bin upright and preferably over a bin pull out the filter and then tip the dust away. You then just click it all back in place.
      After every few uses they recommend you clean the filter, this can be done by running it under warm water. You can also wash the dust collector in this way.

      My overall opinion - I think the vacuum is a good little worker but I do have a few niggles with it

      1) The dust collector isn't very big, it has a capacity of just 0.4 litres which is fine for the jobs like crumbs but not so good for a whole car clean.
      2) I find it a bit heavy, it weighs 1.3kg which doesn't sound too heavy but after a short time my wrist starts to hurt so anyone with joint problems may find this a problem.
      3) There is no where to store the spare head, I know I am being picky but I am sure we will lose it in the not so distant future as it doesn't have a home.

      It's not all doom and gloom though, I am very happy with

      1) It's suction, it has a great suction for a hand held vacuum, my little dirt devil was a wet lettuce in comparison to this.
      2) The vacuum is very quiet, which is great if you want to use it whilst the kids are in bed.
      3) It's different heads, a great idea and both are well used.

      I bought this on sale from Asda direct for £28.00, the usual price is £47.50. I don't think it is worth nearly £50 but for £28 I think it is a good buy and is fine for my family's needs.

      If you need more information you can look at the website www.gtechonline.co.uk or telephone the help line on 08707944001


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      Short name: Gtech HV01

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