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Gtech SW10 Rechargeable Cordless Sweeper

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    3 Reviews
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      11.04.2013 14:43
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Great for quick clean up.

      This sweeper is great for a quick clean up,when you do not want to haul out your heavy corded vacum,it is lightweight and cordless so no more getting tangled up or tripping over wires,it just needs to be charged up and away you go,each charge lasts for approx 40mins which is ample time to whizz around each room.It cleans right to the edge of skirting and the dustpan is clear and located at the front of the sweeper,like a drawer just pull it out ,empty and replace.It works on both floors and carpet and you can glide from one to the other with no settings to change.It is very easy to assemble,once you have fitted the parts of the handle together you simply attach that to the base and then charge it up,the base alone can be used for the stairs as it has a small handle attached and ends up like a cordless handheld unit.I would recommend this cleaner for anyone who struggles with the weight of their usual vacum and also for a quick clean up around the home,would also be useful in a caravan and a small workshop as it lifts nails,glass etc.It takes up very little space and could even be hung on a wall bracket.Great little gadget.


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      05.02.2012 00:38
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Lightweight maneuverable easy to use sweeper - get one!

      ---Why I Bought This---

      Like another reviewer I too have health issues and find maneuvering a vacumn cleaner too tiring.
      My husband had been doing the vacumning for the past few years but with him having had two major operations in the past year he could not do the hoovering and neither could I really - and our turbo vacumn was not very efficient anyway - even if we had struggled to do it - which both I and my son tried to do.
      However suggesting we get a cleaner in met with a negative response from hubby - 'we don't need one' - men! Husband does not seen to see the mess but it does get depressing to be at home ill all day and looking at chores that need doing - but not have the energy to do them.
      Anyway I toyed with the idea of buyng one of those Henry cleaning machines as I had heard good things of them - but again they were too expensive.- as was the robot cleaner I saw on TV!
      Having to rest quite a lot I often 'window shop' by watching the QVC shopping channel. It was there I saw this SW10 and other rechargeable sweepers. Of course they did a great job picking up items from both carpeted and hard floors - but often these things are not as good when you get them home as they are made out to be. So I procrastinated - until by accident I found on the QVC website that the SW10 Sweeper had been reduced - so even with almost £5 postage I could still get this machine home for under £25. That was a price worth paying to get one home to try out.
      I could not resist and ordered straight away.

      ---The Product---

      I have a dark blue model as in the photograph.
      It came with a dark handle that had to pushed into the base unit - plus three silver sections which you joined together to form the handle. There is a comfortable black handle fitted to to the top.
      Once that was done all that you need do is plug in the charger in to a small slot in the back and charge for about 16 hours for the first time - a little green light shows the power is switched on. I left mine on overnight.

      * No cables when cleaning
      * Picks up pet hairs from carpets
      * Picks up larger objects from hard floors
      * Removable long handle to have hand held machine for stairs
      * removable front plastic visor to do stair treads
      * Suitable for all floor types
      * Easy emptly slide out dust tray
      * Up to 40 mins cleaning time.
      * Height 113cm.
      * Handle length 107cm
      * Sweeping width 25cm
      * Weight 1.3kg
      * 4.8 volts
      *. Bin capacity 0.4 litre.

      ---The Cost---

      I got mine for under £25 but the current price for a comparable model would be £30-£40. However there is a new green and white basic model on Amazon for £25, but may websites do the G Tech sweepers in one form or another - I have even seen them in the Lakeland catalogue.

      ---Variations on a Theme---

      The model I bought was the most basic - you can also get them with added features (at extra expense of course):
      * Germguard
      * Docking station
      * Headlight
      * Two speed.

      ---My Opinion---

      I cannot enthuse about this product enough - and if I say even my 21 year old son was praising it then it must be good!
      I could not believe how lightweight and maneuverable this sweeper was.
      Once you press the button with your foot to switch it on it sort of glides along and so there is no pushing as there used to be with the old manual carpet sweepers. It also maneuvers in a sort of swivel movement - so it does not just go back and forth. A twist of the wrist is al it takes to get it to change course.
      I only purchased the basic model - but I do not see the need for having germguard or a headlight anyway.
      After its first charge we went round like kids with a new toy - it was fantastic - and I could not believe the amunt of fluff and dust t was picing up - quite shocking.
      Now I often do just a bit of a room at a time and then always empty the dust try - so it is empty for the enxt time. the charge lasts a long time but after quite a few cleaning sessions you get the feel that it is getting a bit sluggish so I put it on charge for a few hours.
      Aw well as virtually replacing our hoover - no one touches it now - I also use it to get the cat hairs off one of our sofas where the cats sit.
      I do not have stairs so cannot comment on the stair cleaning aspect but I do take the visor from the front occasionally and do the edges of the carpet near the walls.
      I could not get over how I could lift it up with one finger - and, although I am often weak, on a good day I go round with this a little.
      We were overjoyed to get this sweeper - yes it does sound sad - and I was enthusing to a few of my friends who also have health issues - and one has bought one for herself. I was actually showing them when they visited - so it must have made a good impression on me.
      We bought ours back last March 2011 so as we were saying the other night even if it died on us now we have had our money's worth - but actually it is still going fine.
      Even if you are fit and able and use a normal vacumn cleaner this would be great for quick clean ups - if the kids drop crumbs or there are some cat hairs etc. Also son will now take this and do his room himself, and other rooms as well - and I have heard of others who give these to their offspring when they go to university.
      I know this does not have the suction of a vacumn - as it is just brushing up the dust and debre - but I look on it that at least a lot is being cleaned up - and this does manage to get into most places - but I must admt it does not do tight corners or fit under my low bed - but you can't have eveything.
      Personally I am happy to put up with its few shortcomings which are more than offset by all its advantages.

      ---In Summary---

      * Cheap
      * Economical to use
      * Lightwieght
      * Maneuverable
      * Good pick up
      * Easy empty slide out dust tray
      * Can convert to hand held for stairs and seats
      * Will work on carpet and hard floors
      * Great for mums, students, pet owners, elderly, disabled.

      ---Star Rating---

      5 Stars - I would give it more if I could.

      ---Would I Recommend?---

      Yes, Yes, Yes. And I have been to all and sundry.




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        11.08.2011 16:21
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A wonderfully lightweight and effective electronic sweeper

        Because my health is not very good, I often find it very difficult to keep on top of the housework, which means that sometimes things can begin to look a little neglected. The carpets in our house are all various shades of light brown, and they can show this neglect all too quickly. We have a proper cyclinder vacuum cleaner, but because I have Fibromyalgia I find it very difficult to use (if I do, I will often be left in severe pain, or prone with exhaustion), and so this job is always left to my wonderful husband. This is incredibly frustrating for me, as I long to be able to contribute more to the housework, and so I was delighted when I came across this wonderful little machine at my parents' house one day. I had a quick 'play' with it, and decided it was something I would be able to use without too much effort.

        There are a number of very positive reviews on Amazon from people who have bought this sweeper for elderly relatives who are a bit frail, or for those whose physical condition means that they - like me - find 'proper' vacuum cleaners too heavy going.

        The Gtech SW10 Rechargeable Cordless Electronic Sweeper is a wonderful cross between a vacuum cleaner and a carpet sweeper. It's amazingly light,, and very easy to manoeuvre.

        There are different versions of this sweeper, which come with batteries, but I specifically wanted one that would be rechargeable, which is why I opted for the SW10 version.

        It is very easy to assemble (if I can do it, anyone can!). After unpacking the sweeper, you will find a full instruction leaflet, which also gives you a phone number and an email address should you require further assistance.

        To assemble, you should first fit the lower handle on to the body of the sweeper (which is a lovely deep blue/purple colour), making sure that the handle faces forward. You will need to give it a bit of a push to click the two parts together. There are then three slender tubes which are assembled next, and you should make sure that the tube with the smallest end fitting is at the bottom. Then attach the main handle to the top tube, pushing them together firmly. And there you go, all done. See - easy!

        Before you use the sweeper for the first time, you will need to charge it for 20 hours. You connect the charger to the charging jack situated at the back of the sweeper, then plug in. Once the charger is connected, a green light will come on - this does not flash or change colour once the unit has received its full charge.

        To release the main handle (which stores in the upright position) so that you can begin cleaning, press on the top of the sweeper with your foot (I press on the silver Gtech logo which is in the centre of the unit). Then use your foot to push the On/Off switch, which is a large silver-coloured button on the back left-hand side of the sweeper. The sweeper can be used much like a conventional vacuum cleaner, in a forward-and-back motion, and the head swivels too.

        The handle can be adjusted for both carpet and plain floor surfaces. For handheld use, you can remove the upper handle apparatus, and the tubing. You can then use the sweeper in either the locked position, or with the handle pulled back.

        When cleaning stairs, the sweeper's front visor can be removed. To do this, just pull forward on the lower edge. Once this has been removed, you should use the sweeper only in backward strokes.

        There is a dust tray fitted into the centre left-hand-side of the sweeper. This can easily be removed to dispose of the contents, and it is recommended that you do this after each use. It just pulls away with a little click. Empty the contents into your bin, and then clicks it back into place again. When my parents brought their sweeper to my house so that I could practice on my own carpets to check its suitability (for the carpet as well as for me), I was amazed to see just how much dust had been lifted after a fairly short cleaning session. Once the dust tray has been emptied, you can clean it with a damp cloth, making sure that it is properly dry before you replace it. Always carry the sweeper upright rather than 'nose down', as this will risk dust escaping.

        As I explained earlier, I find conventional vacuum cleaners almost impossible to use, but now I flit around happily making my home look tidier and cleaner, and a much nicer environment to live in - especially when I'm stuck at home all day. It also means that my lovely husband, who already does so much, isn't faced with yet another chore. Although the sweeper doesn't provide as much suction as a conventional vacuum cleaner, it will certainly get rid of any day-to-day debris.

        The Gtech SW10 Electronic Cordless Sweeper cost me £34.44 from Amazon, plus £4.75 delivery. It is also available from other outlets, with prices ranging from about £29.50 plus delivery. For me, this is a lovely 'investment piece', bought with a collection of Amazon vouchers. It helps keep my house looking nice, makes me feel better, and so for me this is good value for money.

        I'd like to thank my parents for introducing me to this product, and would also like to thank the friends who introduced my parents to it in the first place!

        I can't recommend this sweeper highly enough . To say it has been life-changing might be taking it a bit far, but it has definitely been life-enhancing. I would never have thought it possible for me to be so excited about a piece of cleaning apparatus! There is no pain or strain on my arms, and it's a huge bonus for me to be able to contribute more to the running of our home. In fact, it's so easy to nip around with my nifty little sweeper that it makes it almost fun! In my opinion this product is very definitely worth five stars.

        (This review is also on Ciao, under the same user name.)


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