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    6 Reviews
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      11.03.2014 15:03
      Not Helpful


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      A Lightweight great little steam mop.

      We have previously brought a vax steam cleaner and as I have previously documented in another review we were not at all impressed with it. We recently borrowed the X5 mop off a family member and wow what difference, really impressed with it.

      It is lightweight yet sturdy and very easy to use. The mop has numerous attachments which are supplied with it and are very simple to change. The arm easily clips on or off which either allows to to reach into small spaces or strech into higher places. The water tank is of an ample size and allows you to use the mop for around 15 to 20 minutes before it needs refilling. The water tank itself quickly reaches the correct temperature so you don't waste time standing around waiting for it.

      Like a lot of steamers on the market search the web as they are regularly on offer and can be brought significantly lower than the RRP.


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        01.12.2013 10:58
        Very helpful



        Great product, works really well, makes cleaning so much quicker and better

        I was surprised at such negative reviews on this steamer. My original steamer was bulky as hell and came with so many parts (most I would never use) that it was more of a hassle.

        I heard about the H2O X5 Mop from my neighbour who actually brought hers round to show me. I have never been one for being swayed by adverts and infomercials, hell I can't even get through those things because the people narrating have those voices that just pluck the last nerve.

        Instead I got to see how well it worked when she showed me, on my own chrome sink.

        So, let's get to the review!

        This is a light weight, slim-line steamer in a bright green. Don't ask why, but I kinda like that. It comes apart in three places. First at the nose end, this allows for the additional heads to be put on. Then the two pieces of the handle can be removed shortening the steamer to an easy to use hand-held version for work-surfaces, windows and high up areas.

        The handle length is perfect for me (though note I am 5'6") where I don't have to stoop - if you are taller, there will be some stooping when you steam the floor.

        It comes with the following attachments
        * Fine nozzle that can just direct a sharp steam spray.
        * Coarse wire brush head for ovens
        * Softly brush head for stubborn areas but things that can scratch
        * An attachment for doing windows, this is a plastic head and a shammy cover to go over it
        * A hard floor cloth that attaches via the Velcro pads on the larger triangular head
        * Carpet/rug protector - this is used when you want to steam your carpets, you put the above floor cloth on then slip the head into the protector - it stops the edges of the cloth jamming or catching when you do the carpets
        * Clothes steamer
        * There is also a hose extender

        Each head is attached easily by pressing a small button near the nose to release the current head, before the new attachment is added. Quick click and it's in place.

        [How to use]
        This is so easy to use. You undo the bung in the windowed front, fill with water (little jug included for ease) up to the "max" line. Replace the bung and put into "lock" position. Inside this windowed area is a brass-looking clunker. As long as this stays submerged, the steamer works - so do keep an eye on your water level.

        Next there's a dial with four options - these are the intensity of the steam, so use the manual to check what you use for what. When we did the oven, we used 4 (highest), for mirrors we used 2. For clothes I think it was 2 (DEFINITELY read the manual and only use the setting it recommends)

        When we bought this, we decided to try it on everything. Let's set the scene, we have three indoor cats who shed, eat things they shouldn't and vomit on the carpet, brush noses against the windows.... you get the picture.

        Windows - Now I hate cleaning windows, in fact any glass surface brings out my OCD and I can't STOP cleaning as it never feels clean enough. Because of this my partner took control of cleaning the windows. With the right head on and settings set, we just pressed the on button and waited SECONDS for it to heat up. A quick pass over the windows brought them up beautiful! The areas were the cats brush against needed a second pass but I don't think they've ever been that clean!

        Carpets - As mentioned my cats do have vomit moments, especially when one of them got very ill and that's all she did, for about a week until her medication kicked in. As we live in a rented house we didn't get to choose the carpet so it's pale. This is not great for stains. Now this product is not a miracle, it did not remove all the stains and leave the carpet perfect. After all some of the strains were old and no matter what product we used, nothing gets them up. However it did severely reduce them. Rather than working in and seeing stains you have to kind of look for them now. Strangely it worked best on the older stains, almost removing them completely. Now it took some time, like a good 15 mins steaming the same areas but the difference was impressive.

        Rugs - This was a shock, I had an old blue rug tucked away in storage that had been stained (by my clumsy partner) I tested on this before I did the carpet. Not only did this VERY only stain all but vanish, but it really brought out the colour of the rug. It now has pride of place in my living room.

        Tile floor - Our kitchen floor is white tile (I know, seriously who uses white!) and gets grubby so quickly. Now my original mop always did wonders for it, but that included using vinegar and Ecover and took a about 30mins (large kitchen) and a lot of elbow grease to bring up the shine. This mop takes like 10mins max and while it might not get it gleaming, it does get it looking damn clean in less time and less effort.

        Oven - I think this impressed us most of all. While our oven is cleaned, one area we just never cleaned was the glass window. The top oven window was so caked you couldn't SEE it. 10 mins using the coarse metal brush and it was so clear we couldn't stop staring at it.

        Bathroom - Our bathroom has no ventilation (other than a tiny window) so this does mean condensation lingers and we get mould. It's also a small shower stall so again, nightmare to keep it clean. This is where the mop didn't live up to expectations. However mould is a nightmare and people don't realise that is "stains" and on things like sealant you'd be lucky to get it off with a high powered chemical cleaner. However it did remove the pink stain (I believe that's copper) on the shower floor and cleaned the grout - not great but I think it would need a really good long steam and alot of work to clean it of the initial nastiness. Then afterwards, steaming once a week would probably help to keep it clear - it's just we didn't have the inclination to spend an hour steaming the shower.

        Chrome - The sink in the kitchen is chrome and gets grubby due to my partner's inability to pour coffee remnants down the sink rather than splashing it around the drainer! This came up well, not mirror gleaming perfect, but nicely clean - A little sprits and wipe down with a soft cloth after brought up a nice shine. However even doing that the cleaning time on this was halved compared to when I have to scrub it.

        Litter Box - With three cats we have more than one litter box and keeping it clean is seriously important. So, I tried the steamer. Well this was perfect. It cleaned it so quickly and as the steam is so hot it sterilises as well, means that it's a healthy litter box.

        I didn't use the other heads so not sure about the extender hose or the clothes steamer. But the rest worked great.

        Around the £100 mark, I looked everywhere to see if I could get it cheaper but no. In the end I thought what the hell! Bought from The Range. My last steamer was cheaper, it was also heavier and took about 20mins to heat up, then it lasted around 10mins before it needed to be topped up, then another 20mins to reheat. This was definitely money well spent.

        It's light weight for easy carrying, slim for easy storage, quick to use, easy to change the heads and if you read the manual and use it right it works well on what you require. Obviously it's hot steam so you have to be careful around children, pets, plants and yourself. But the fact it's cleaning without chemicals is great.

        Don't let the adverts fool you into thinking it will make every single thing bring, clean and perfect. There will be areas that might take several goes to get clean to a high standard (like carpet stains or tile grout). But if you weigh that against the speed at which this works, the good it does on other areas and all the rest I think it's excellent. The time I'll save and the money (not having to buy as many cleaning products) is well worth it.


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          15.11.2013 01:19
          Very helpful



          Not great...too many problems with this product.

          As a keen mum of two young kids and the proud owner of a new home I am always looking for easier, faster ways to keep my house clean.
          The X5 mop promised to be:
          1. Easy to use
          2. Cost effective
          3. Easy to hold/manoeuvre
          4. Versatile - i.e. can be used on virtually any surface
          5. Perhaps most importantly...It's the most effective way to clean...not only blasting away all dirt and grime effortlessly but killing 99% of bacteria.

          Well as with all products there is pros and cons and I have to say, I was convinced into believing that steam cleaning was going to be the future and that buying the X5 was something everyone would do eventually.
          However, unless they drastically change a few things I'm afraid I no longer believe this to be the case.

          1. This product is simple enough to use once you've had a browse through the manual and familiarised yourself with all the different bits and pieces. It doesn't take a genius, that is true. But I'm not at all confident that I am using it properly. Different settings for different surfaces = basically different heat or pressure level. But as you will imagine the less pressure the less effective it is...which throws point 5 out of the window straight away! Plus I'm finding when using it as a floor steamer on linoleum, it sticks and I can hardly get it to move! And it leaves everything soaking...that's the garment steamer, floor steamer, window steamer etc etc...everything soaking wet! It seems that the only way to prevent this over soaking is to turn the power down or not hold it in one area for too long but then it doesn't clean as well.
          To add to all of this, the water tank is tiny and when I go to clean my bathroom I have to refill it about 5 times just to properly steam the bathtub and surrounding area (i.e. tiles, shower and shower door).
          2. Since I'm generally unhappy with most aspects of this product, typically I found myself going back to good old fashioned bleach and anti-bacterial multi-purpose with cloths and sponges. So I've spent £100.00 on the mop and continue to spend money on cleaning products.
          As well as this...the adverts make big claims about how it is completely chemical free and all you need is water. As is turns out this is not entirely true. Once you buy your X5 you will find on delivery that contained in the packaging are some enlightening leaflets suggesting that you spend more money on a load of accessories AND lotions to add to the water tank for a better clean. So as always more money!
          3. It's not at all easy to manoeuvre...especially as a hand held steamer. What the ranting and raving adverts on TV don't shout about is the accessories pack which comes at a cost of about £30 and provides you with a sort of sling which makes it more possible to hold on to the steamer long enough to clean your desired area. Also, the nature of the resevoir is such that when you turn the steamer a certain way the water will not be converted to steam and nothing comes out...making it very tricky to clean underneath or along the sides of areas (like below sinks or above shoulder height).
          4. I didn't find that it worked very well for cleaning fabrics. It certainly didn't remove any marks or stains - which were later easily removed by products like Vanish. it's not the great a decreasing curtains or hanging garments unless you crank up the steam power and hold it in one place for an impossibly long time and it then starts to drip and you are left with a huge puddle on the floor. Generally I found it to be disappointing on ALL surfaces so it's pretty versatile at being useless everywhere!
          5. Perhaps the reason I'm having to refill the tank so often is that I'm simply not finding that it does clean all that well. In order to get a good clean which is possible with the X5 you must patiently stand and cast the thin line of steam over every inch of surface area. I have more success and a faster speed with old-fashioned elbow grease and a regular cleaner (Flash with Bleach, vanish stain removal, pledge!...)

          Sorry folks...I wanted this to be the all singing all dancing product of the future...I really did. Anything that could make my life easier I'll give a try. But this try cost me £100.00 and wasn't worth a penny. Still haven't told hubby how I really feel about it having wasted so much money on it. But then again he probably knows since I NEVER use it.


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          10.10.2013 16:24



          At first use it works great but It start leaking after 2 months and falling a part. Terrible product ~ zero quality. It didn't last more then 4 months...if you are living in North America look for brand name Shark. It's cheaper and much better quality..


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          07.02.2013 16:48
          Very helpful
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          • Reliability


          Good value for money.

          I have owned the X5 since I got it for Christmas, having been seduced by an infomercial, which is not like me at all. I was interested in buying a steam cleaner but with so many in the market I found it difficult to decide which one to go for. On balance I think I have made a good choice.

          It is called the x5 because it is meant to tackle these 5 jobs
          1) Floor Steamer Cleaner

          2) Carpet Steamer

          3) Hand-Held Steamer

          4) Window Cleaner

          5) garment steamer

          I ordered it from QVC who surprisingly had the best price at the time. In the pack was the steam cleaner, a cup to top up the water reservoir, 3 microfibre cloths, a wire brush attachment and a nylon brush attachment, and a bracket which acts as a standoff should you want to steam your carpet. I think if you buy it direct from than e then you also get an extension hose, window cleaner and garment steamer, but you can also buy these as extras later if you want.
          One of the main selling points of the x5 is that it can be taken in 2 so you can either use it as a standup/moo type cleaner or as a handheld steamer for places like wall tiles, toilet etc.

          Starting out. I did read all the instructions prior to use but it is pretty straightforward. You fill the water reservoir in the front (holds about 300ml), choose your level of steam from a dial on the front, then plug the machine in and press the 0/1 button. For level 1 (least) steam, it only takes about 10 seconds to heat up ready for use. I think ideally you should use distiller water but at the moment I am using tap water and it seems to be fine. I would say that I need to refill the reservoir for each room I use it in, but this only takes a few seconds to do.

          In use- a triangular swivel head gets into lots of corners, the microfibre pads are easy to attach and then go straight in the washing machine, I use bio powder and no fabric conditioner to clean them and they come up very well.
          The cord you need to wind up behind the cleaner and there is a clip to keep the plug in place neatly. My only gripes are that the handle feels slightly flimsy, and I wish there was a hole or hook at the top so I could hang it up after use

          One of the main reasons I wanted to have a steam cleaner was that I am expecting a baby this month and wanted to have a way to clean the floors well but without chemicals. I am glad to say that the x5 allows me to do this.

          I have several floor types around my house, here is how it faired. I must point out that it is important to vacuum or sweep your floors well before using the x5 as otherwise you end up with lots of wet dust bunnies across your floor, and not a great result.

          Tiled floor in kitchen- excellent, takes up lots of dirt, sometimes you need to leave it over a stubborn area for a few seconds to loosen it, and very occasionally it will leave really stuck on bits behind but it does do a really good job. The floor is left slightly wet but it dries pretty quickly with normal use. I have also used the handheld nylon nozzle on he grouting and have been impressed by the results, though it does take a bit of time to get the dirt up from these areas (though it did take 5 years to get like it was!)

          Laminate floor in living room. I have to say I am a little wary of using the x5 here as I get concerned that the steam might warp the floor. What I usually do is clean this floor first with low steam, that way the microfibre cloth isn't too wet before it goes onto the laminate, and so doesn't leave any significant moisture behind, but I do work very quickly on this floor and never leave it on one place. It's more reassuring than anything that the floor is now hygienic for the baby.

          Textured Lino in bathroom. Very easy to use and I have no concerns about using it on this floor as it is very hard wearing, and again its nice to know that the steam is disinfecting the floor without chemicals.

          I have used the cleaner mainly on floors, but the other job I found it great for was defrosting our ancient chest freezer in our shed. I don't know how good it is for the freezer itself to do this, but in December, when I wanted to get the job done quickly, the xf5 came into its own. Using the nylon nozzle I was able to break Dow the ice very quickly and easily, and I had the whole job done in about 15minutes!

          In summary I feel it's a great machine for the price and versatility, it is compact (the head measures 27x18 cm and used as a mop it is 125cm tall) and heats up easily, and is easy to maintain.


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            17.01.2013 00:17
            Very helpful



            Waste of money.

            This was a disappointing purchase.
            I bought this steam cleaner after seeing the advert on tv several thousand times and eventually began to believe the hype. On the advert you can see the steamer in action, blasting the grime away "with the power of steam" ha ha. That's so misleading it's not even funny. It failed to remove the mould from my bath sealant, failed to remove the light grime on the tiling, didn't clean the shower screen to a streak-less finish as per the advert. In fact I firmly believe that I would have been just as well off holding a bucket of steaming water or freshly boiled kettle up to it as that seems to be essentially what it is, nothing more than a kettle with a hose pipe attached to it! As for the "quality" attachments, I don't think they were as impressive as I was led to believe either. After one use on the bath the nylon bristles of the brush attachment began to detach and were left scattered here and there. One of the soft attachments ( The micro fibre cloth ) wouldn't stay on the head properly when trying to clean the floor and didn't compare to a regular mop when removing grime.
            After failing miserably in the bathroom I turned my attention to the stainless steel kitchen bin and again was disappointed by its inability to remove even a tea bag stain. It wasn't worth considering tackling the oven or even hob with it. I think the advertisement makes the steam cleaner out to be some kind of miniature domestic jet wash but the truth is it's not good for much but sterilising things that are already clean like some kids toys or a pet enclosure for reptiles etc and I really don't think it's worth the £99.99 plus delivery I paid. In a last effort to get some satisfaction from this cheaply made ineffective waste of time and money I attempted to clean some dust from a wrought iron shelving unit I had and was, again, disappointed with the results as I just ended up getting a cloth to finish the job. Also, it is not as easy to use as you would think as you have to ensure the main part of the product is in a certain position to regulate the water level so that the water is always covering the element that heats it. This makes it very difficult when attempting to clean things in high places such as the tiles near the roof that I had to do whilst balancing on the side of the bath like some kind of high wire act! I quickly grew tired of refilling the inadequate water tank. At best this product is worth no more than £30 - £40 in my opinion.
            The 7 day returns policy did not seem very encouraging either, as I didn't even use mine until 6 weeks after I bought it.
            It now lays dormant in its box in my shed. I hope to one day find a use for it.
            RIP H2O Mop X5.


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          Short name: H2O Mop X5