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Henry Vacuum Cleaner HVR200AB

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    3 Reviews
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      24.10.2013 14:05
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A member of our office family

      As the person in charge of ordering new maintenance and cleaning items at work and as the person who often vacuums our offices, when our red Henry recently broke I went on the hunt for a new one. We have had a lot of success with our red Henry in the past and being that our previous model had served us well over five years, I went on the hunt for another one. This time I thought it might make a nice change to have a different coloured Henry and so when I saw this blue one I ordered it for good measure.

      ~How Handsome is Henry?~

      When delivered, I was keen to see how our new Henry would compare. Once removed from his packaging I was pleased to see that our new model was the same size and shape as the previous. The lower section of this vacuum is blue in colour and is illustrated with a cheeky looking face with wide eyes and a smile. On the top of Henrys 'head' is a black cover through which you remove the dust bag and the overall effect of the black hat and face is similar in appearance in my opinion to that of the character from the Homepride range of cooking sauces. The name of the vacuum is imprinted onto the black lid and I was surprised to see the name 'Henry' as I had thought they might change the name being that this machine was a different colour, however this name does suit him and he is now referred to as 'Henry Junior' in our office. On the front of Henrys 'face' around where his nose should be is the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. This is black and ribbed in texture and serves as an excellent tool with which to lead Henry around the room on his four wheels.

      ~Useful Tools~

      Once all the packaging had been removed I did give our Henry the once over to understand how he worked before I switched him on. Similarly to the red Henry, the top of the machine has two switches one to switch the vacuum on and off and the other to control the suction setting. The suction setting is available in a normal or a high setting and when I use it I like to select the higher setting to ensure I get the best suction. A great thing about this Henry is all the attachments that come with it. These include the following:

      * A crevice tool which is a slightly square tapered nozzle for use in corners and difficult to reach areas.

      * A floor tool which is a rectangular black head with which to do general vacuuming. The head has hinges at either side with which to apply or disengage the bristles. In my personal opinion, the bristles are best used on hard floors and therefore I disengage them when I am hoovering carpeted areas.

      * Upholstery tool - this small slightly rounded tool is covered in bristles and is particularly useful when using on softer surfaces such as around the seats of chairs.

      * Three Stainless Steel Tubes - These are provided to extend the reach of the vacuum head when vacuuming large areas. By simply slotting the silver tube sections together the height of the floor tool is extended and this means that the vacuuming can be done with less bending over. It is useful but in a large office we do have a tendency to lose the parts if they are not left in a neat pile after use.

      * Three dust bags - Which means that I haven't had to order any for a little while now.

      ~Instructions and Use~

      To use this Henry is simply a case of plugging him in to the nearest mains, selecting the suction setting and extending the cord. The cord is housed inside the head of the Henry and therefore I do find it easier to extend it prior to use, by simply turning the dial on the top of the head in an anticlockwise direction. The cord is excellent with this particular Henry as it has a 10m long reach and this ensures that when I am cleaning our office I can reach fully around the room without having to turn the vacuum cleaner off, plug it in to a nearer socket and start again. There is a downside to this long cable though, that being the trip hazard it presents at work. Therefore I do have to be careful when using so as not to trip people over however the noise of this vacuum soon alerts people to the area where I am cleaning.

      This vacuum can be used on both soft and hard floor finishes which means that it can be used throughout our office block with ease. One feature that I love about the Henry model in general is the fact that the tools are so easy to remove and reattach as it is simply a case of pulling off the current toll and clipping on a new one. This is great when time is of the essence but I want to do a thorough clean.

      ~My Experience~

      During cleaning I have to say that this Henry does have a bit of a loud hum on him and this noise does mean that it is impossible to have a conversation over. Therefore I do prefer to use him after everyone has left the office so as to not disturb people. In terms of the weight of this Henry, I do find him quite tricky to move around at times. The wheels on the bottom of this Henry enable me to pull him around with relative ease, the only pain being when I go around a door too tightly at which point my Henry face seems to lodge in the door and needs assistance so as not to topple over.

      Once finished, I like to safely stow the cord back inside the lid of the vacuum and I do this by turning the dial in a clockwise direction. Done too quickly the plug can bounce around in quite an alarming manner and so I often wheel it in slowly so as to avoid bruising my ankles. I then wrap the hose around the body of the machine and stow Henry safely out of harm's way in our office canteen.

      I do find that this vacuum is an excellent product for general office use and that the simple to use switches ensure that anyone can pick up this vacuum and use it without having to try and interpret the bells and whistles which come with a more expensive model. This Henry has a particularly friendly and cheeky face and this does make cleaning seem that little bit more enjoyable.

      ~How Well Does He Clean?~

      In terms of productivity I have to say that this Henry is excellent at providing a clean environment. The good suction means that our office carpets are left clean and the floor tool has not had a problem with any type of dirt be it dropping crumbs or general shoe dust on both carpet and vinyl floor finishes. The bristles on the floor tool do have a tendency to pick up hair in quite an irritating manner and when I turn the head of our vacuum over it is quite disgusting seeing the various hairs that are stuck between the bristles. However, this does not detract from the excellent cleaning that this vacuum delivers in my opinion. The long cable ensures that this vacuum can be used over quite a large floor area and the body of this Henry is relatively easy to move around making cleaning that little bit quicker.

      ~Maintenance and Warranty~

      The only maintenance that I have done with our Henry is to remove and replace the full dust bag inside. This is easily done by clipping the black lid off the top of the Henry, removing the bag from the nozzle inside and replacing with a new bag paying particular attention to ensuring that the bag is firmly attached to the nozzle. The bags seem to last around a couple of weeks in our office before they need removing, however in a home environment I can see them lasting considerably longer.

      A great feature with this vacuum cleaner is the guarantee which is two years at point of purchase. I found this very attractive when purchasing a machine for our office as it gave me peace of mind should the Henry fail.

      ~Price and Availability~

      When I purchased our Henry, I was lucky enough to source him through our office essentials provider and therefore got a good deal with over twenty percent off. However looking online, I have discovered that you can usually buy this model from such retailers as Argos for around £110 which makes him excellent value for money in my opinion especially when you consider the versatility of cleaning that he provides.

      ~Summary and Recommendation~

      Overall I have again been very impressed with this Henry and he is now a part of the furniture at my workplace. The clean environment and the diversity of tools which come with this particular model are excellent and as a result I really cannot fault this vacuum cleaner in many ways. As a result I would recommend this Henry as both a handy tool for an office or a home environment. His tough little shell means that despite suffering a fair share of knocks at work, he still looks as good as the day I purchased him.

      As a result of my review our Henry scores a well deserved four stars from me.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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        20.09.2013 15:02



        Average but fun vacuum cleaner

        I initially always loved having a Henry Vacuum Cleaner. Maybe I'm a big kid but it makes cleaning quite fun to be able to talk and communicate to a hoover! The problem is, I often have to get quite cross with Henry! He has a tendency to get stuck around doors, so you have to go back and collect him. He also falls over at least once while I hoover the entire house.

        It's not all negative though. Henry is great at hoovering over our wooden floor and ceramic tiled floor downstairs when switched to the correct setting and picks everything up.

        Usually he is also fine at hoovering the upstairs of our house, except when my Nan's long-haired cat came to stay over summer. This is where Henry failed miserably. We have quite a thick pile carpet on the landing, and Henry got up virtually no fur whatsoever. All summer I would hoover with Henry, then have to get on my hands and knees with a lint roller to finish the job. After the cat went home, my Mum brought round her Dyson for us to borrow and I was horrified that the entire cylinder of the Dyson was filled with fur, even though I had used Henry the day before! So I'm afraid to say that we are on the market now looking for a Dyson hoover and Henry will shortly be heading into retirement.
        Henry is much better value than a Dyson though, so if you are looking for a fun, good value, hoovering experience and don't have pets or children then I would recommend Henry.


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        10.01.2013 17:50
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability


        An infectious smile that's catching


        Having noticed the double points Dooyoo have decided to award certain level 1 categories for a short time, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a review of my Henry Vacuum cleaner.

        Bagged and tagged

        My last bagless vacuum gave up the ghost two years ago. I was considering buying a Dyson, and asked around. The feedback I received was shocking. Perhaps Dyson has become a victim of its own success, but tales of woe concerning reliability and build quality were legion.

        After some further investigation, I opted for what seemed like a Vacuum equivalent of a baby's telephone. I went for fire engine red. I wasn't expecting to go back to a bagged Vacuum, but from what I was hearing, it seemed like the smart choice. I wasn't disappointed.

        Up and atom

        The Henry consists of a main body unit with a removable top (the black bit). This contains the guts of the cleaner and may seem unexpectedly heavy the first time you remove it. Underneath it a device which keeps the area the bag sits in nice and tight.

        The bags are of excellent quality and fit on to the attachment with ease. It is a theme that runs throughout this Vacuum cleaner. The top is firmly attached with two clamps. There's even a handle which is used to wind the power cable back in.

        The Vacuum is compact, slides along easily enough and is bombproof. It is not light, though.

        Dude, you suck!

        And it really does. The suction power is amazing, even on the default energy saving mode. It comes with a few attachments and removed cat hair (Maine coon) from the carpet with ease. It's a good job the carpet was well attached when I hit the boost mode, or that may have been removed as well.

        The flex of the hose is long enough to reach into most place though the stainless steel part of the tube can be a bit awkward when putting the cleaner away. An option to halve the sleeve would be a great feature for the future.

        In Conclusion
        For £100, this great cleaner represents a far cheaper and possibly far more sound investment than a Dyson. I even saw it used as standard on the Queen Elizabeth. (The ship, not the monarch)


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      • Product Details

        Full Twinflo'' Two-Stage Professional Motor Giving Exceptional Performance / With Autosave / Energy Conservation / 50% Energy Saving / 30% Improved Air Quality / 20% Lower Noise Level / Every Time You Switch Henry On You Will Automatically Start On The Economy Setting / Only If More Power Is Needed To Cope With Extra Dirt Do You Need To Push The Red Switch To Operate In Hi Mode / When You See The Red Light You Know You Are In Hi Mode So When You Go Onto Hard Floors Or Deep Carpets Or Don''T Need Maximum Power / Push The Red Switch Again And You Are Back In Economy Mode / The 10-Metre Cable Storage And Rewind System Is A Work Of Art / Trouble Free And Spring Free / And It Keeps Everything Neat And Tidy / The Giant Tritex Filter System Makes Sure That What Goes In Stays In / And The Highly Efficient Hepaflo Dust Bags / Improve Filtration Efficiency / Cleanliness And Capacity / Short name: Henry HVR200AB

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