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Brand: Hoover / Design: Upright / Dirt Capture: Container / Tank / Bag Capacity: 0.66 Gallon / Cleaning Areas: Carpets / Cleaning Areas: Stairs / Consumed Power: 1800 Watt / Air Watts: 210 / Filtration Technology: HEPA / Number of Attachments: 4 / Upright Hose: With Hose / Attachment Type: Brush / Attachment Type: Motor / Attachment Type: Upholstery Tool / Attachment Type: Hose / Attachment Type: Vacuum Crevice Tool / Attachment Type: Nozzle / Features: Edge Cleaning / Weight: 15.21 lb.

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    1 Review
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      18.03.2012 23:08
      Very helpful



      An okay vacuum cleaner - not the best

      In our house we always seem to keep a spare vacuum in case of a sudden breakage of our main cleaner. Last month our vacuum fell down the stairs and it broke into two rather large pieces, this event was a shame but we had a chance to use this Hoover DM6185 which was our spare that lay in the cupboard, almost unused. We bought this roughly two years ago at £129 in Comet which seemed a slightly reasonable price at the time; we had one a few years back that looked exactly the same as this known as the Hoover Purepower however it was a bagged version... Our experience of this one was horrendous so I'm not sure what came over the parents when they chose the new bagless version of the cleaner, I guess they believed that things could only get better compared with the last one.

      ~~~ About the Hoover DM6185 vacuum cleaner ~~~

      This vacuum is basically a bagless version of the Hoover Purepower that has been out years. It is an upright vacuum that boasts 'Hoovers' slightly new dust manager technology which offers efficient bagless cleaning (Apparently) and the vacuum holds its suction longer than the bagged versions. It has a long reach hose and it roughly reaches to the top of a standard staircase and it prevents toppling over by using Hoover's stair cleaning stabiliser technology that I shall talk about slightly later on in this review!

      ~~ Opening the box and setting the beast up ~~

      The box was a manageable size and it fitted into our Smart car with ease - success! Inside we found;

      *The cleaner body
      *A handle
      *A hose
      *A few standard cleaning tools
      *A spinning turbo brush
      And the usual instruction booklets.

      Setting this thing up was a rather simple process, the handle simply slid onto the main body and we inserted the two little flat head screws and tightened. The hose was simple to fit by twisting into the cleaner and wrapping it around its holders and the tools were stored on the back of the cleaner - job done, she was ready for use.

      ~~~ Cleaning performance ~~~

      We are rather impressed by the cleaning performance of this vacuum cleaner and it has so far done a very good job of cleaning up most messes that we've thrown at it. To clean carpet you simply select the carpet height using the height selector on the floor cleaning head and lower the vacuum by pressing the small button on the side and pulling the handle back - The first thing that we noticed was how hard the floor button was to press and this certainly needs a good bit of pressure to actually disengage the lock mechanism. Our carpets are rather thick but we always use vacuum cleaners on the lowest setting possible, the Hoovers lowest height setting is called 'Intensive clean' and guess what? That's the setting we use! The cleaner is easy to push even on this setting and the power of the brush and suction can be felt and dirt is lifted with ease. The machine is designed for pet use and it lifts dog hair from our carpets with ease without the usual dumping of hair in certain places that some cleaners seem to do. We have used this on a few different carpets and rugs in our house and the performance seems to be equal with all surfaces.

      The cleaner is also suitable for cleaning hard floors and there is a setting for this. Usually we find that upright cleaners tend to spit dirt and sand from the brushes underneath while cleaning hard floors but we have not noticed this with the Hoover vacuum and all of the dirt that is run over seems to be picked up quickly and efficiently - unless it spits it out so fast that we do not notice! But jokes aside it does clean hard floors very well. We have used this on wood and tile floors and it cleans them easily without damaging the surface and it cleans the edges perfectly on hard floors. Unfortunately the edge cleaning does not seem very effective on carpeted floors and it is a slight let down.

      The hose on this vacuum is very long and it reaches to the top of our stairs with ease allowing easy cleaning with the many tools included with this cleaner. There is a stair cleaning attachment, a dusting brush, a power spinning brush and the usual extension tube with a crevice tool built in. All of the tools are of an excellent quality and they feel very strong and robust, we are a rather heavy handed family but these tools live on in our household and I doubt that they will ever break. The suction from the cleaner is very good and the 1800 watt motor seems to create a very good suction but it does weaken over time - see the dust manager section of this review for the reason etc. The cleaner has a stair stabiliser built in that basically holds the cleaner upright while cleaning the stairs but in all honesty, it's rather useless. Our stabiliser did not last long as it snapped off but when it was actually fastened to the cleaner is was still of no use as the cleaner still topples over with the slightest tug on the hose - not a major problem but it is annoying.

      ~~~ Ease of use ~~~

      Generally this cleaner is very easy to use apart from a few minor things that could be improved to up its ease of use so to say... The button for lowering the handle to clean is rather hard to push and I guess that there is a technique to it and the hose does take a while to wrap around the back of the cleaner but apart from this, it is rather simple to use. The on button is just below the handle on the front of the cleaner and it is very easy to press and to find, some cleaners on/off buttons are located in very random locations which can be annoying in a way that they can be knocked on and off by accident - this is designed well and it is hard to accidentally knock the button during use. The vacuum is rather short and of course there is no adjustable handle so if you're tall like me it can be slightly hard to use unless you stoop down. I'm not saying that this cleaner is designed for extremely short people but it is shorter than most vacuum that I have used in the past.

      ~~~ Cyclonic dust manager technology ~~~

      Now I think here that Hoover is somehow trying to compete with the Dyson technology but unfortunately it is not quite as good as that. The unit is basically a tub with a capacity of just over 2 litres and it has a very strange shape cyclone inside with a filter that clips onto the top. There's no doubt from me that the suction does last a little bit longer than the bagged version we once owned and it seems quite efficient but I do find that the suction is either all or nothing. As soon as we notice the cleaner is losing suction it seems to get worse and worse with very light use after first noticing. After removing the half full container from the machine and checking the filters it seems that dirt starts sticking to the filter before the tub has been filled to the max line, this can be very annoying and the tub is hard to put back together as there are quite a few parts to it but now that we are used to doing it things are easier. After a few weeks of daily use we have noticed that loads of dirt has escaped from the dust manager system and it certainly does not seem as efficient as a normal dust bag.

      Emptying the dust manager system is slightly annoying and it's not a job that I look forward to doing. Some bagless vacuums have the feature that allows the dirt tub to be placed over a bin and a button allows the dirt to drop straight into the bin, unfortunately this does not. The top filter has to be removed from the tub which is usually covered in dirt that falls everywhere, once this is out the cyclone is removed which results in more dust falling out and then the contents of the dirt tub is emptied. The filters are washable and I find that this has to be done every 2 - 3 emptying sessions as the filters clog resulting in lower performance and the vacuum over heats, the emptying routine has to be done outside as dirt fly's everywhere and it is not a pleasant experience.

      ~~~ Any negatives? ~~~

      We once owned the bagged version of this cleaner a few years ago and we were disappointed, unfortunately many of the problems from the last cleaner have been experienced with this one. A wheel has fallen off, the mechanism that hold the vacuum upright has broken and the hoover sometimes over heats even though we have cleaned the filters etc. They are not major problems and I guess if we took more care of the machine that they probably would not happen as often but we have never had a wheel fall off a vacuum before except from the other Hoover that we owned... Seems a common fault but I may be wrong.

      ~~~ Overall opinion ~~~

      This is a rather good vacuum that has strong suction and it cleans very well. It handles pet hair and general dirt with ease and it seems to float over carpets easily with little pushing required and it picks up lots of dirt. There are a few things that let these cleaners down, mainly the quick loss of suction when the unit is over half full and the slight reliability problems but if you can pick one of these up for under £50 from eBay or somewhere I'd say that you've had a good buy, however I certainly would not pay what we paid for this now.

      Thanks for reading.


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      Short name: Hoover DM6185T

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