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Hoover FJ120R2 Freejet 3 in 1

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Hoover Freejet 3 in 1 FJ120R2 / Design: Stick / Rechargeable / Bagless / Run Time: 20 Minutes on Full Battery

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    1 Review
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      10.01.2010 15:36
      Very helpful



      Don't bother

      I initially gave it 5 stars elsewhere as I was so impressed at the idea and ease of use not to mention that it's yet another little gadget to make us lazier Horrayyyy....not!
      Ok so I got my first from a tv shopping channel and cost around £85 and I was bowled over by its performance until.... it decided it no longer wanted to charge following using all of its power. R.I.P Freejet number 1. Perhaps I was just unlucky, yes that's it, I was just unlucky and it would never happen again I thought. Great, let me buy four more and give them as prezzies for xmas. Good idea? NO!

      The shopping channel ran out of these handy little things so it forced me to go hunting elsewhere which at first was a blessing because I found it elsewhere at £69.99. Great I thought, so I got another one, plus the extras as gifts.
      My Freejet number two decided that it would make an unusually loud noise and do such ineffective sucking, it couldn't pick up the smallest dust - so much noise for such little performance, so I got that changed too, number 3..pretty much the same.

      Number 4's breakdown came as a phonecall from one of the receivers of the gift and it started out a little something like, "Thanks for the present, it's great and a fantastic idea but it's stopped working, have you still got the receipt?"..Oh, the embarrassment! I didn't have the heart to tell them that returning Hoover goods is now like second nature to me!
      Ok so I've ordered yet another replacement. Number four committed suicide in exactly the same way number one did - May Hoover now rest in pieces!

      I'm dreadding the other phone calls and I'm considering turning off my phone and immigrating.
      To add insult to injury, the cost of this product has gone UP by about £30 from what I have seen... HOW!??!!? It doesn't even work properly!

      On a serious note, it's a fantastic idea works very well when it does work but me thinks it came off the production line too early.
      If one more goes wrong, I'm sending for a refund and will rekindle my relationship with my conventional corded vacuum cleaner - Long live the 'old skool cleaners'.


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  • Product Details

    Short name: Hoover FJ120R2

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