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Hoover GL1106 Globe NLOS Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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2 Reviews
  • none unfortunately
  • pipe blocks frequently
  • filter blocks with every use
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    2 Reviews
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      05.08.2014 21:37


      • "none unfortunately"


      • expensive
      • "filter blocks with every use "
      • "pipe blocks frequently"
      • "awful loses suction all the time "

      awful hoover constant loss of suction not worth the money !!

      This hoover is the worst buy ive ever bought it wasnt cheap at £150 and i hoped it would be a great buy. The hoover is bagless it has a reusable filter however with every use no matter how light the use even if you hoovered the day before and the floor is clean the filter will block the suction will become rubbish and you will have to turn the hoover off remove and clean the filter getting the dirt out of it doesnt always work so you will have to wash it and then leave it to dry so thats that hoovering session over with the job half done.
      The other big problem is the pipe i have actually had to make myself a pipe cleaner for it from a length of narrow plastic pipe with just about every use the pipe blocks completely and i mean totally all dust etc sits in the pipe so i have to remove the pipe and use my pipe cleaner to push all the dirt out of the pipe before i spend 10 minutes fiddling about trying to re attach the pipe.
      The bagless part means taking the hoover drum outside and emptying in to the bin sounds simple enough nope because no matter how much you tap or shake the drum the dirt wont all come out the awkward design of the drum means you need to put your hand inside and pull all the dirt out yourself its not nice and no good if like me you have asthma either.
      and finally the stair cleaning accesories the suction is not strong enough for them to work properly no matter what you do.
      my hoover is 6 months old ive had an engineer out they found nothing wrong i wish i had never bought it what a waste of money i hope this review stops someone making my mistake


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      03.05.2013 18:09
      Very helpful



      Worst vacuum in the world

      This is an absolute pile, I have put up with it now for over a year, on carpet I have no doubt that it does a reasonable job, but tiled and wooden floors it is garbage itself. The first thing is the filter, it is blocked on each use halving the suction and if using the wand, it wont even pick up dust so you are forever having to clean the filter, useless.

      The vacuum itself on solid floors blows so much air out of the front it sweeps the dust and debris away from itself and up into the room before collecting it, when your done vacuuming, after 10 minutes the dust it's blown up settles back down on the floor and furniture, awful.

      I can not beleive that the inventor of the vacuum and the one who trademarked the work Hoover and made it a household name has done such a bad job of making what they should do best.

      It is simply the single worst purchase I have ever made, £200 down the pan, they should be ashamed.


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  • Product Details

    Featuring highly manoeuvrable 'twist and steer' technology the Hoover GL1106 Globe Upright Bagless vacuum Cleaner has directional control to glide around and under furniture in your home with maximum ease / Just as important it has advanced no loss of suction multi-cyclonic technology providing 120 air watts of constant suction from its1100W motor / It comes with HEPA filters to capture and trap airborne household allergens including pet allergens dust mite faeces and pollen / The an extra long 7m cord and / Short name: Hoover GL1106

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