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Brand: Hoover / Design: Upright / Dirt Capture: Container / Tank / Bag Capacity: 2.5 Gallons / Cleaning Areas: Bare Floors / Consumed Power: 2000 Watt / Air Watts: 220 / Filtration Levels: 3 / Filtration Technology: HEPA / Number of Attachments: 4 / Upright Hose: With Hose / Attachment Type: Brush / Attachment Type: Hose / Attachment Type: Nozzle / Cord reach: 19.69 ft. / Hose Reach: 8.2 ft. / Features: Cord Rewind / Color: Black / Color: Red / Height Adjustment Positions: Variable / Filtration Efficiency: 3 µ / Weight: 14.55 lb. /

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    1 Review
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      01.01.2011 14:29
      Very helpful



      A rather poor offering from Hoover, I would look elsewhere.

      Our old vacuum cleaner broke down recently. It cut out during use, then when we did get it back on again the lack of suction was evident. Luckily at the same time, I was offered this Hoover Hurricane HU4207/1 through the Amazon Vine programme and so my old one was shipped back off to Tesco Direct for a full refund. I live in a flat, and I don't have anywhere to store a big upright vacuum (my old one was a cylinder one which I could easily store on a shelf in the boiler cupboard) however I wasn't going to say no to a free one when I had none at all!

      The Hoover Hurricane HU4207/1 has a motor power of 2000 watts and 220 air watts of suction power. It has HEPA filtration and promises an easy to empty dust bin. It includes a few tools, the main seller being the Pet Hair Remover Turbo Brush which is used to remove stubborn pet hair, and this is the reason this states its a Pets vacuum in it's name. It also comes with a long crevice tool and dusting brush. The handle of the vacuum is detachable and when attaching the hose to the handle, along with the accessories, you have a radius of 9.8 metres. The vacuum itself is actually quite lightweight, and weighs 6.6kg. I live in a flat so thankfully don't have to vacuum up any stairs so the weight is never going to be a huge problem for me, but it is easy to carry around, and I'm not strong at all! Appearance wise the vacuum doesn't look so bad, with a red and black theme, and a picture of a hurricane on the front to reinforce it's name and the image it wants to put across.

      It all sounds very promising, but unfortunately this Hoover does not live up to expectations. Firstly I was surprised at how short the cord is. With my old cylinder vacuum I could plug it in one socket in the hall way and just about manager to vacuum most rooms without having to plug it in elsewhere. The cord on this vacuum however is so short I have to plug it in again in each room I go into. The cord wraps around on the outside, but it comes out at the bottom, and I find myself frequently running over the cord with the vacuum as it's easy to do.

      Secondly, when using the hose I find it doesn't stretch too far, and pull it only slightly and the vacuum topples over. For all the vacuum might be lightweight, it's not sturdy when using the attachments and I sometimes have to hold onto the vacuum whilst using the hose to stop it from falling over. This isn't very practicable and obviously makes the task of vacuuming harder than it should be.

      Now onto the various settings. We mostly have carpets in our flat and I was pleased to see a variety of settings on the bottom of the vacuum for different types of carpet. My ultimate test of a vacuum is to see how easily it will vacuum up bits of litter my kitten likes to throw out of her tray. My other vacuum sucked these up no problem, and I didn't think it would be a hard task for this vacuum to do so either. So there are 5 settings in total, one for 'luxury carpet/tool mode' and ones for long, medium and short carpet or hard floor. Then the last one is Intensive Carpet Clean. I started off with the short carpet mode but it seemed to be ignoring the bits of litter completely, I switched it to medium, but again, the litter remained. I was hopeful of the long carpet mode but nothing, in fact it wasn't until I switched it to Intensive Carpet Clean that it managed to suck up the bits of litter. It was only a few bits of litter, nothing too tough, so I was surprised to have to use this Intensive setting. I was further surprised to see that this setting is one I have to use all over my flat, for the suction is so poor on the lower settings. The Intensive setting is so intense I can actually see my carpet lifting up from the floor, but the other settings are useless so this is the one we have to stick to!

      The vacuum is not very manoeuvrable either, I know it's not a fancy Dyson ball vacuum but it's very bottom heavy, and combined with that low cord, a simple task of vacuuming under a small table means pushing it in one way, lifting the vacuum over the cord, and going in again at the side. It's also rather loud, I know most vacuums are but it does seem to be much louder than other vacuum cleaners I have used in the past.

      Onto the positives, the supplied turbo tool is actually very good. It's alarming at first as it sounds like an aeroplane taking off when you first use it, but it's great to use on the sofa. My cat hasn't started moulting much yet, however what hair she does leave behind is easily sucked up.
      It's also incredibly easy to empty, our previous vacuum was often a struggle to empty, and many times we ended up with the dust all over the floor. It also seems to hold quite a lot, I do only live in a flat but we don't have to empty this anyway near as much as our previous vacuum.
      Whilst the other settings on the vacuum are poor, the previously mentioned Intensive Carpet clean is good, and does provide a lot of suction. It does appear to lift the carpet up quite a bit though, however so far this hasn't caused us any problems.

      Unfortunately the Hoover Hurricane HU4207/1 seems to have a lot more negatives than positives, and had I paid for this vacuum I would be rather disappointed. It currently sells for £75.99 on Amazon, but I would strongly suggest to look elsewhere if you are considering this particular vacuum. There are some bad design faults, with short cords which are easy to vacuum over combined with the fact it topples over with the lightest of pulls on the hose means it's one I would certainly avoid.


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