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Design: Upright / Dirt Capture: Container / Tank / Bag Capacity: 0.66 Gallon / Consumed Power: 2000 Watt / Air Watts: 220 / Filtration Technology: HEPA / Upright Hose: With Hose / Features: Edge Cleaning / Features: Telescopic Handle / Weight: 14.55 lb.

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    1 Review
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      31.12.2008 20:39
      Very helpful




      Hoover Hurricane 200 watts......

      --Why did I buy? ----

      Our last vacuum cleaner was doing us fine but I really wanted to buy myself a Dyson but realistically I could not justify spending that sort of amount (over £200) on a household appliance. The only reason I even thought about getting a new vacuum cleaner was that the one we had kept sucking in the power cord as I hovered, so after a few minutes the cord was retracting back into the appliance and was getting hot and I thought this could be slightly dangerous. Luckily, I had bought the vacuum cleaner from Argos and because it was faulty and we had had it less than a year Argos gave me the money back and I was able to put it towards buying a new cleaner.

      Our last vacuum cleaner had not been an upright one and for a change, I thought I would try out getting an upright model. After browsing through the catalogue, I decided on this Hoover Hurricane, which boasts 2000 watts of pure suction. The main reason I was drawn to this vacuum cleaner was because the power cord was much longer compared to my last one and the fact that it was a "Hoover" (the daddy of all vacuum cleaners) made me think that it was surely a good make to invest in.


      The cord length on this Hoover is 7 meters long, which is 2 meters longer than my last, and I hoped I would be able to vacuum the whole flat without having to keep changing plug sockets. The 2000 watts of power that this Hoover supplies was 600 watts more than my last and looking through the book it seemed to be the highest wattage available. It also has 220 air watts but to be honest I really do not know what that statistic is and how it affects the vacuum itself.

      The Hurricane is supposed to be ideal for pet hair and this is claimed in both the Argos book and on the packaging of the Hoover in large letters. I do not have pets (my hair does seem to malt everywhere though!) but I did think this would be good for us because my partner has allergies to everything and this Hoover was sure to pick up the most amount of dust possible, wasn't it?

      The Hurricane Hoover is fairly light weight at 6.6kg which for an upright cleaner seemed like a fairly easy weight to carry around. It does only have a 2.5 litre dust holder capacity which is fairly small but the Hoover is basically a more compact vacuum than most and I prefer to get rid of the dust more often than not. The bonus is though that the machine is bagless and therefore there is no need to fork out more money on buying bags and all the mess that comes with emptying them.

      It has an easy to wash Hep A filter and comes with a cord storage tie along with a few detachable accessories. There is also plenty of setting to choose from on the front of the Hoover and it is easy to operate for different types of flooring.

      ---Look and Use---

      To look at the Hoover looks pretty nifty. I opted for the higher wattage as well because the 1800-watt machine only came in a red colour and I much preferred the darker blue of this 2000 watt machine. As I previously said, the Hurricane is quite a compact vacuum and does not take up that much room in the cupboard, but still more than my old vacuum.

      Because this vacuum is bagless after cleaning you are able to see all the dirt and dust that has been picked up and I think it looks rather horrible if this is full, this is why I do like to empty my bagless vacuums on a more regular basis.

      I couldn't wait to try out this Hoover on our floors and I was looking forward to seeing how well it cleaned compared to the older cleaner we had. I thought that with all the extra sucking power there would be quite a bit of old muck sucked out of the carpets. However, we only have carpets in the two bedrooms and a large rug in the front room. The rest of the rooms are laminate flooring and when hovering these I had to select the hard flooring opinion on the setting for the Hoover.

      Unfortunately, I was rather disappointed with the Hoover when I did try it out. On first use in the bedrooms, I was startled at how much the handle rattled in the holder. Because the handle can come all the way out and the hose can be attached to the handle for cleaning hard to reach places when the handle was in it seemed far too loose for my liking and made the whole Hoover feel rather unstable.

      On moving the Hoover around, I did not really feel like I was in control of the machine because the thing was so hard to manoeuvre from left to right. I have not really used an upright machine before, only a Dyson, but I assumed there would be more control available than I was getting with this.

      Because the head of the cleaner was rather chunky, I was unable to get into those hard to reach places that I was able to access with my old cleaner and this annoyed me somewhat. I found that this Hoover was particularly awful when it came to cleaning the laminated floors even when on the hard floor setting. The wheels have even marked some parts of my flooring! There was no way that this Hurricane Hoover was going to pick up all the dirt and crumb that had made their way to the edges of the room unless I changed it to the hose.

      Even when using the hose attachment I was extremely disappointed. The nozzle of the hose was really large and wasn't shaped enough to get the dust out from the edges of the rooms. Even when I tried putting the handle of the Hoover with the hose I still found it disappointing and rather stupid that I was cleaning the floor with a handle that was going to go back into the Hoover for me to hold onto. Hoover have tried to be too much like Dyson by using the handle as a hose but have got the idea all wrong and failed miserably at making a machine that works well.

      ---Overall Opinion---

      Well you can probably guess that I took the Hurricane Hoover back to Argos within a month a changed to a different vacuum cleaner. This Hoover certainly looks impressive in the picture and has a great list of specifications but in practice it is totally useless.

      I can say that it did work well on the rug and cleaned up all the crumbs but that was only because the rug did not have edges and was a short pile. Other than that my whole Hurricane experience was a total shambles. It does have a good sucking wattage but that is no good if the Hoover is hard to manoeuvre and awful to get at edges.

      I wish I had come on and read a review about this Hoover before buying it because I have since seen other people who have had bad experiences with this terrible vacuum cleaner that in my opinion should be taken off of the market. The Hoover Hurricane 2000 watts, is for sale in Argos for a little over £80 now but when I purchased it, it cost £89.99 pence. This is far too much money for something that seems as though it has not been tested!

      I am awarding a very poor rating of 1 star (I would award none but that is not possible) and giving it a AVOID AT ALL COSTS warning. It's a lot of money for a very bad machine.

      I hope this has been of some help to you. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Hoover HU4207T

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