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Hoover HU4211 Hurricane Pets

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    2 Reviews
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      24.03.2013 12:40


      • Reliability


      This vacumm picks up great. The downside is that the hose for the stairs or floor is that "sprung" that is falls forward and the vacuum handle (with all of its weight behind it) cracks you on the head. I have had so many head whacks from this that we never use the hose and just use the vacuum for the basic floor.


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      03.03.2012 21:16
      Very helpful



      A pet fur specialized vacuum which also prevents allergies to pollen and dust mites.

      Product Title
      Hurricane Pets Bag-less Upright Vacuum Cleaner HU4211

      The Producer of the Product
      Hurricane Pets

      The Target Audience
      Any body who is after a light a portable vacuum that is specially designed for animal fur.

      £179.99 (RRP - Could be picked up for cheaper now)

      Is the product for you?
      If you are after a vacuum that has specially designed pet hair turbo brushes, perhaps you have asthma or allergies, then this is the product for you.
      If you are after a product which is more suited to general dirt then I would recommend a different vacuum cleaner, one such as a Henry or a Dyson.

      The product in one
      Upon opening this product we had to quickly put together which was dead straight forward just a few clicks here and there, but for those who could not get their heads around this there is also a very easy to follow instruction manual included with it.

      I had bought this vacuum as it said that it is ideal for pet fur and wood flooring. Well we have carpet, wood flooring, laminate and PETS in our house dogs and cats running around so it did seem like the perfect solution. Upon using this product for the first time I thought it was great (On the carpet) it did not leave a single bit of anything anywhere, which I was thrilled about it made the carpets everywhere look brand new again, so was great. As an added bonus for my dad he suffers from allergies and used to have asthma and when we first used this vac his allergies were pretty bad from all the pollen in the air round by us, so this was the perfect way to see its full potential.

      The first night I used it he was still sneezing and face puffed up pretty bad so I thought it was a load of rubbish. I used it the following morning and afternoon and to mine and his surprise he was a noticeable amount better the following days so for this we could see it was the real deal. The reason that this vacuum is capable of this is because of the HEPA Filtration system which actually catches pollen and dust mites particles which would otherwise be sent in to the air and trigger off peoples allergies.

      The Vacuum does actually come with some pretty helpful tools, it offers a pets turbo brush which is aimed at just pet hair, there is an extension tube to reach those places you can't, there is a removable handle for easier use in smaller areas and there is a dusting brush for taking up all the dust in the room instead of pushing it around with polish and a cloth. The filtration system that is used is what makes this a good vacuum, and it is also very easier to clean, you simply take it off and give it a wash and put it back on, it is as simple as that. It only need to be cleaned around once a month as well which is pretty handy.

      Now the first disappointing aspect of this vacuum for me is the plug, it is fairly short and doesn't stretch across 2 rooms which with most vacuums you can get away with, and because I can be lazy when it comes to vacuuming it is one you have to tie around the vacuum your self instead of a self retracting one.

      Now the biggest thing that let's this vacuum down is it's ability to vacuum wood flooring... it has none. I set it all up and ready to go, got started, went over a few squares on the floor and straight away you could just see the dirt been blown around the floor. It was absolutely useless. No matter what I done it wouldn't want to clean it, I thought the vac might be full at first but it wasn't, it wasn't clogged up either so as I watched I noticed it was because of the amount of air been pushed out of the vacuum which really baffled me as in the product description it says it is suitable for wood flooring as well as carpets.

      How does it compare to other Products?
      If using this vacuum on carpet, especially where is animal fur, then this vacuum is the vac for the perfect looking job, it will bring the carpet back up looking brand new. If you have a variety of floor types in your home do not use this product, it is absolutely terrible at cleaning hard floors due the high pressure of air it expels from it, this make it simply blow the dirt around instead of cleaning it up. A lot of vacuums will work excessively well no matter what floor they are used upon, our henry works fantastically on all carpets and hard floors and we paid cheaper for it. So in my opinion I wouldn't recommend this vacuum for anybody.

      Does the Product Achieve its Purpose?
      This is product achieves it's purpose by been an effective vacuum for all types of dirt but especially well for all animal fur/hair which is what it was designed for. It doesn't fare well as an ordinary vacuum for all surfaces though as it doesn't clean hard floors as well as it cleans carpets.

      Breaking it down
      +HEPA Filtration - Yes
      +Edge to Edge Cleaning - Yes
      +Allergen/ Pet Hair Remover Brush - Yes
      +Quick release dust bin - Yes
      +Removable Handle - Yes
      +All Surfaces - Yes
      + Multi Tool - Yes
      +Lightweight - Yes
      +Tools on Board - Yes
      +Vacuum Cleaner Type - Upright
      +Bagged/Bagless - Bagless
      +Colour - Titanium / Red
      +Suction Power - 225 AW
      +Fixed/ Variable Power - Fixed
      +Filtration - Washable HEPA
      +Exhaust Filter - Washable Micro
      +Wattage - 2100 W
      +Working Radius - 9.8 m
      +Cord Length - 6 m
      +Weight in Use - 6.6 kg
      +Bag/Bin Capacity - 2.8 ltrs gross
      +Tools - Tools on Board - Yes
      +Pets Turbo Brush - Yes
      +Extension Tube
      +Removable Handle
      +Dusting Brush
      +Integrated on long crevice tool
      +Stair Cleaning Hose - Yes
      +Crevice Tool - Integrated long crevice tool/ dusting brush
      +Upholstery Tool - No
      +Dimensions (HxWxD) cm (unpacked) - 93x31x33

      How to Improve
      To improve this product I would make it capable of working to its full potential on all types of flooring and add an Upholstery tool

      Product Rating 3/5

      (Thank you for reading my review, if you get chance please take your time to read and rate my other reviews, it will be highly appreciated and I will always go out of my way when I get chance to read through yours and give an honest rating. Many thanks J)


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    • Product Details

      The smart Paisley Titanium and Apple Red Hoover HU4211 Hurricane Pets Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight at only 6.6kg, so it's easy to carry around your house and to use / It's also bagless so you can save money on dust bags, as you can just empty the dust bin quickly and easily / The Hoover HU4211 Hurricane Pets Bagless Vacuum Cleaner has a great 2.5 litre capacity, so you can do plenty of cleaning before you need to empty the dust bin / It is equipped with loads of useful onboard tools, such as the allergen/pet hair remover brush, and is capable of edge-to-edge cleaning, so there's no need to go back with a crevice tool / It also has precise brush height control / Best of all for those with allergies, the Hurricane Pets has a HEPA filter, which is great at trapping allergens such as dust mites and pet hair, which is a great help to people such as those with asthma / The Hoover HU4211 Hurricane Pets Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 's manual cord wrap away provides a neat and tidy place for the cord and this vacuum is also suitable for all surfaces, so you can use it anywhere around your home / Characteristics Type Bagless upright vacuum cleaner Power (Watts) 2100W Appropriate power (Watts) 225airwatts Bag volume or reservoir (litre) 2.8 litre Filter type HEPA filter Indicator for bag content Max fill line on bin Ergonomy Telescopic tube Removable handle Cable length 6m Others Colours Paisley Titanium/Apple Red Weight (Kg) 6.6kg / Short name: Hoover HU4211

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