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Hoover HL2102 Hurricane

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Brand: Hoover / Type: Upright Vacuum Cleaner / Weight: 6.4 kg / Bag capacity: 2.8 L

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2011 10:19
      Very helpful



      So far so good - contrary to general opinion of Hoover!

      Our old vacuum cleaner bit the dust quite literally a few months ago when I stupidly left it running whilst it was sat on its own wire. After successfully not electrocuting myself, we went to Comet and bought the Hoover H2010 Hurricane, which is a bag less upright and lightweight vacuum cleaner. I'll be honest, I don't know a great deal about vacuums and there are a lot of features that many of them have that I just don't understand and certainly don't know whether or not I need them. Standing in front of the selection at Comet, I was a bit nonplussed and very confused. The final purchasing decision came down to the fact that the Hoover Hurricane was from a brand I'd definitely heard of, was over fifty percent off in the sale and was powerful.


      We paid £69.99 for the Hoover, which is a great price I believe. The recommended retail price is £179.99, but Comet currently have a sale on so the £110 saving is a significant one to say the least. I'm not sure that I'd have been happy to pay the recommended retail price as it is expensive but, comparing the specification of this to other in the same lower price range proves that this is definitely worth the money we paid and some. If you miss the sale though, there are some online sites where you can buy the Hoover at the discounted price plus delivery costs.

      --No Bags Required--

      Having gone from always having vacuum cleaners with bags that have to be regularly changed and where the bags cost almost as much as the vacuum did in the first place, we are very much enjoying the further savings having a bag less vacuum gives you. This model has a 2.8 litre capacity which is very good and means that emptying the machine is not a regular necessity. We find that it lasts about four or five vacuuming sessions before we have to empty it, although we are doing it more regularly because the sight of all that dust in the clear casing is too much to bear! Emptying it is an easy process - even I can manage it and I have a love / hate relationship with all things technical. Like I said, the casing is transparent, so you can see with ease when it needs emptying - much better and easier than having to see if a bag needs changing or not.

      --Lightweight and Manageable--

      The Hoover weighs 6.4kg, which Hoover themselves boast is up to 30% lighter than similar models from competitors. I find that it is quite light, especially compared to our old beast and I have no problem carrying it up and down stairs even though I am a wimp with no arm strength whatsoever. The dimensions of the Hoover are: 109cm (height) x 38cm (width) x 31cm (depth), meaning it is quite a manageable size for both carrying around and actually using. I find that it is very easy to manoeuvre and to get round corners and round furniture. It actually seems to pick dust and bits up before you even get to them, which is brilliant. I also find that it picks up things right to the edges, which makes vacuuming along skirting boards and the like much easier.

      One of the problems that could stem from having such a light weight machine is the fear that it could fall over when using the accessories, but this hasn't been the case for me so far. The model has Hoover's anti tipping feature, which seems a bit fanciful to me, but apparently it does work because I have so far dragged it around at all angles and it hasn't fallen yet.

      --It Has the Power--

      At 2100W it is indeed a very powerful vacuum cleaner and you can tell when you are using it. Granted we have upgraded from a measly 1700W vacuum, but even so the difference is staggering. Vacuuming the floor you can see that the Hurricane is picking up items before you even get to them because the suction is that good. I have been using it a lot recently, whilst my husband has been sanding and it is here that you can really see the Hoover's power. Using one of the accessories to hover in the region of where he is using the sander, you can see the dust being sucked down as soon as it is created and it almost looks like a mini cyclone, which I found quite mesmerising after a while, but that is probably just me!

      There are though three downsides to the power of the Hurricane though. None of them are deal breakers in my opinion, but they are all definitely worth knowing before you make the decision to purchase this model. The first is that it is incredibly noisy, not quite uncomfortably so but loud enough none the less. The second is that it lets out an awful lot of hot air which does make being in close proximity to it uncomfortable. The third is that you can't let it stand for too long whilst you use one of the accessories (to clean the stairs for example). This may just be me being paranoid because of the demise of my last vacuum though - I'm not sure!

      --A Good Length--

      The cord length is a very respectable 6m which is convenient for vacuuming from room to room without having to unplug and plug back in the machine every five minutes. The only problem with this length is that you have a lot to carry around with you when you are vacuuming near where it is plugged in; otherwise it just gets in the way.

      With regards to the cord length and stowing it away, it does seem to be a little too long for the hooks on the back of the Hoover that accommodate it. When wrapped around the hooks, it doesn't quite fit properly and it seems to me that this design flaw could have been solved quite simply by putting the hooks a little further apart - there certainly is room for it.

      --The Accessories--

      This particular model of Hoover doesn't come with their Turbo Brush Pet Hair Tool, however it does have a number of handy accessories -all of which are the standard ones you'd expect to receive with a vacuum cleaner. There are a couple of extension pipes that are effective and easy to fix in to each other. They are quite well made for what is essentially a plastic tube and so will be quite robust in the long run. One of the tubes has a narrowed end so that you can use it to get into awkward edges and spaces quite easily. As the Hurricane is so powerful, there is more than enough power to use both of the tubes together and still get enough suction to do a very good job. The other accessory is the round ended brush, which has been very handy for us. Once again because of the power, the tool is very efficient, but the bristles surrounding the end of the attachment are soft enough that you can use it on all surfaces but thick enough that you can make sure no dust escapes when you are cleaning.

      One of the main things I like about the attachments is that, unlike the cord, the places to stow them are suitable. The brush sits quite snugly on a little dome thing at the front so that it cannot fall off (one of the things that I detested most about our old vacuum) and the long tubes snap quite satisfyingly in to place so you know that is going nowhere either!

      --Looking Good--

      I find it hard to describe any vacuum cleaner as attractive because they just aren't in general. The fact that they are machines used for completing a widely disliked task just makes them even more unattractive to most (me included). That said, this is probably one of the less unattractive ones we looked at in the shop.

      It comes in a few different colours including green and red, but we chose the blue one. It is a fairly nice colour, as shown in the picture attched. Since it is fairly compact and light weight, it isn't particularly intrusive and that is probably the most positive I can be about the looks of the Hurricane because I just couldn't be any more enthusiastic about any vacuum if I tried!

      Build wise, everything is plastic but it doesn't look or feel particularly cheap. In my humble opinion, it seems to be fairly well made and quite sturdy, maybe it is the colour, but it just doesn't look as cheap and nasty as many of the alternatives, even though it is probably made from the same materials - and probably even in the same place. The fact that it is transparent makes you kind of look beyond the plastic into the actual machine itself, so I don't know that you'd notice if it did look cheap. the attachments are all fairly sturdy as well which I always think is a good sign.

      There are two fairly hefty buttons at the bottom of the Hoover for switching it on and for tilting it. They do look a bit like the kind of buttons you'd get on a child's toy but they are very handy because you can operate them with your foot - very convenient indeed, unlike my previous vacuum where the buttons we located on the side of the machine and were surprisingly difficult to operate.


      We decided to go for this particular make and model as it is comes from a respected brand - or at least a well known brand. I have since read a few reviews of an earlier model of the Hoover Hurricane which have been less than glowing to say the least, but I can only say that we are more than happy with ours. Granted we have only had it three months, but during that time we have certainly put it through its paces and it has performed more than admirably.

      I would have no hesitation in recommending the Hoover Hurricane as it does exactly what you would expect it to. It is light weight and easy to use, it is available for a good price and is much cheaper than many of the equivalent models from other brands. So far it has done everything we have expected of it and more and we are more than happy with our purchase.


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      Short name: Hoover HL2102

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