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Hoover HU4197T Hurricane

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    3 Reviews
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      25.07.2011 17:01
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      • Reliability


      Not the most expensive, premium vacuum cleaner, but certainly effective for those on a budget

      When I moved into my first home I was adament that I wanted a dyson cleaner - good suction, reliable and bagless. However, on a tight budget an expensive vacuum cleaner no longer seems a priority. Therefore, after some research I purchased what I thought to be a cheaper - but useful - replacement: the Hoover Hurricane.
      The hoover has many good qualities:
      1. Good suction - the setting can be adjusted for short, medium and long carpet, and hard flooring. If carpet is new be careful - the suction is very strong and can pull your carpet.
      2. Useful hose with attachments for more difficult crevices (includeds a hand roller for curtains/ stairs, and thinning tool for corners and cracks)
      3. Easy kick on/ off power buttons
      4. Easy to wrap wire

      Slight disadvantages:
      1. Although relatively easy to manoeuvre, not as easy as a roller-ball model
      2. Can fill up quickly (but then is easy to empty)
      3. Re-clipping the cylinder after emptying can be difficult - it must be lined up very carefully

      Definately a reliable and useful model for those on a budget looking for an effective upright vacuum cleaner.


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        22.12.2010 21:37
        Very helpful



        Ok for basic vacuuming, but very tricky to handle the stairs

        I bought this Hoover vacuum cleaner purely based on the brand name, and having moved into a new property, needed some basic gadgets pretty darn quick. So no time for review, I just went with a known Brand name.
        There's some positives as well as negatives about this model, and as you can see from the picture, it is indeed bright red.
        I do really like the fact that its 'bagless', and that's much of the reason I went with an upright vacuum rather than a cylinder version. With this model, you can easily see when the dust container is full, and its simple to detach so no hassle when it comes to emptying. The only small snag is that some dust tends to escape in this process, so the vacuum itself can get a bit messy.
        I have carpets, rugs and laminate flooring, and there's settings on the vaccuum that allows it to work fine on each.
        The reasons why I'd only rate this as average are that the switches are a bit 'clunky'. The on/off button and the handle release need a firm press with your foot, and I'm a little worried how long they'll last. And the other major issue I have is with the extendable hose. In the user instructions, there's a picture of a lady vacuuming the top stair using the extendable suction hose, and the vacuum is sitting nicely at the bottom of the stairs. In my experience, that is not possible as the hose does not stretch that far. You have to carry the vacuum in one hand whilst vacuuming the stairs with the hose in the other hand. Not easy. And I've also had problems using the hose to get to the corners of a room. In one situation, the vacuum fell over onto my foot causing some nasty bruising.
        In hindsight, for anyone with stairs to consider, make sure you choose a model with sufficient hose length.


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        07.02.2009 13:04
        Very helpful



        Good cheap Hoover

        Hoover Hurricane: 1900w

        I am not even going to attempt to write a review with as much knowledge and complexity as our resident vacuum expert Nar2, I don't have the knowledge, experience and to be honest, the inclination. I am quite an admirer of his reviews in this department and after reading his review of the model down from this particular model, I was very, very unsure as to whether this Hoover should be purchased at all.

        So, why did I purchase it?

        Okay, long story cut short. We have had a Dyson for nearly 7 years and it gave up the ghost recently, so we set out to get a new Dyson. The model we were after was not in stock at either Comet or Curry's so in both shops we tried to 'barter' a few quid off the next model up, to be told, £10 off on each attempt.....now when I am purchasing anything electrical, I expect a minimum of 10%, especially in this climate, no joy, so we decided to get a model that would not be as good, would not last as long, but would be much cheaper.

        So let's assess this Hoover in a few categories:

        * Aesthetics
        * Quality
        * Usability
        * Suction


        This is not a pretty Hoover; it is garish red with yucky plastic silver look attachments. It looks cheap, well it is. In fact it really looks like a toy Hoover that one might buy a child as a present, only bigger.

        There is a see through cylinder, a la Dyson which does not seem to contain an awful lot and needs emptying after two vacuums of the house (we have a five bedroom house).

        The outside of the Hoover states 'Hoover' in three places in case you forget who has made it, along with the legend, on the cylinder of 'Hurricane' & 'Cyclonic System', so now you know!

        The attachment pipe/hose is cheap plastic too, as are the attachments, though at least they are colour coordinated.

        Looks: 3/10.


        It looks poorly built, though with a one year warranty and the 'Hoover' brand it cannot be that bad. The whole thing is quite unsteady to the feel and I worry about breaking bits, though so far, so good.

        The switches and releases are really, really cheap plastic and remind me of a budget end car from Korea.

        All the bits come off easily and go back together easily, so that is quality of sorts, I used to regularly do battle with the Dyson trying to put it back together after emptying the cylinder. In fact, to empty the cylinder is simplicity itself, the switch marked 'release' does what it should and the cylinder lifts easily from the main body, it goes back easily too. This is just as well as I do not think it would take a lot of shoving to break.

        There are all the replacement part codes in te instruction booklet should they be needed (they may well might be)

        Finally, not enough attachments to do all I want.

        Quality: 3/10.


        Here is where we have some really good points and really bad points.

        The worst thing about it is it's unsteadiness, extend the handle to far and the whole thing topples very easily.

        Good points are that; it cleans right up to the edges, the cylinder is very easy to empty, the handle extends to the users desire, again very easily (good for storage too). It is also quite light and the two 'pedals', left to change the position, and right to turn the power on and off are very accessible.

        The filters are washable filters which is a new one on me, seems easy enough and seems to work, though I have my doubts about long term usability of these filters.

        Finally, all the switches and releases are well marked as I have mentioned, and the bits come off and reconnect easily.

        Usability 7/10.


        The best point of this model by far, really good cleaning power, very impressed. In fact I will go so far as to say it is better than our old Dyson, now this might be due to the age of the old Dyson, I don't know, and don't care. It works really well in getting stuff up from even hard to get places such as between the keys on a computer keyboard, or between the wooden floor slats in one of our rooms. Very happy with this aspect.

        Suction: 9/10.

        ~~~What else~~~

        It's quite noisy.

        The extension cable is not long enough, nor is the pipe/hose.

        It's cheap; at £77 it was a third of the price of the Dyson we wanted, so if it lasts a third of the time, fair enough.

        The instruction booklet which comes with it is clear and easy to understand.

        A decent enough budget vacuum, but if you are looking for quality and longevity, look elsewhere.


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