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Hoover SJ4000DB4 Jovis

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    1 Review
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      17.02.2014 17:15
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      A few years ago I had a rechargeable hand held vacuum cleaner which I found very useful so, when it finally bit the dust (pardon the pun), I decided that I wanted another one to replace it.

      When we started to look around and find the best for our needs we decided to go for the Hoover Jovis Corded Pets Handheld which cost £59.99 from Argos.

      The cleaner comes in a sturdy box with a plastic handle on the top making it easy to carry your purchase home. The information on the side of the box tells us that this cleaner is the lightest corded handheld, it is 550W, it has a motorised turbo brush bar and six metres of cord.

      In the box you will find the cleaner with hepa filter, the turbo brush and a crevice tool together with a brief but comprehensive instruction leaflet.

      The cleaner itself has a curved handle which is really comfortable to hold making cleaning very easy. It weighs just 1.7kg and measures 38.6cm by 13cm by 14cm. The turbo brush and the crevice tool fit easily into a slot at the front of the cleaner although it can also be used without either of them.

      Emptying the cleaner is also very easy. You just have to remove any tool that you may have been using, grip the cleaner squeezing the buttons on either side and then pull the front dust cup off and empty it. To replace it you just have to push it back into place. The capacity of this cleaner is only 0.5 litres but it is so easy to empty that it never going to be a problem.

      So that's what you get for your money but how does it perform?

      Well I have to say that I am extremely impressed with it. I have cleaned bits off the carpet, the suite and the stairs. The six metre cable makes it much easier to use to clean the stairs than my heavy, cumbersome main cleaner. It is so light I hardly know that I am carrying it.

      It gets the cat hairs off the sofas and the carpet more effectively than my main cleaner too. This is really important as Mew is a fairly long haired cat and he is mainly white and he leaves his hairs everywhere! The crevice tool is ideal for getting into the corners and ridges of the sofa for a good deep clean. The suction is strong and can be set at an 'ordinary' setting or the turbo setting.

      You can even clean delicate surfaces such as keyboards by not using an additional tool and retracting the bristles set on the underside of the cleaner. This is easily done by just sliding a panel underneath the cleaner. I can't say how effective this is as it is not something that I have had cause to use.

      The instruction leaflet gives lot of basic safety information such as not to use it if the cord is damaged, not to let young children use it unsupervised, not to get it wet etc.

      It also has diagrams and instructions for using the tools and emptying the cleaner as well as the cleaning and replacing of the filter. It is very easy to understand and it is only in English so you don't have to plough through dozens of languages to find the one that you want.

      In conclusion I would definitely recommend this lovely little vacuum. It has made my life a lot easier and saved me a lot of time too and that will do for me!


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