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Hoover SJ72DW Jovis Handheld

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1 Review
  • light
  • picks up crumbs
  • lack of power
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    1 Review
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      29.01.2014 14:05
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      • light
      • "picks up crumbs"


      • "lack of power"


      this review is also on my ciao account

      OK for those younger than me I may need to explain the title. In 1992 Hoover UK, to clear old lines, offered free flights to Europe and the USA when people bought certain appliances to the value of £100 or more. The take up was massive and when Hoover was told they had to honour all the tickets it sent Hoover UK to the wall and it was sold to the Italian company, Candy.

      Now, I bought this hand held as sometimes I need a quick clean-up of worktops, table tops or crumbs dropped everywhere when the other half doesn't use a plate when he's eating (over the sofa, the floor, the coffee table.... He's banned from eating in bed) and I don't want to get my big vacuum out. It is easy to use but the bright neon green dust holder is a bit much. However, as I store it in a cupboard it isn't on show all the time. You can attach the charger/holder to a wall but I personally don't like keeping these things on show.
      It cost me £34.99 worth of my nectar points from my local Argos.

      When you have unpacked it the vacuum is easy to fit into the charger and you are advised to charge it for 24 hours before its first use so that is a bit inconvenient but still it does make sure the battery gets a good charge up and preserves its life. With all rechargeable things you should let it run down completely then charge it up again fully as these preservers the battery life.

      The big plus for me is that it is cordless with a 7.2 V battery and when fully charged it can do about 15 minutes of vacuuming. This means I can use it in different rooms without having to unplug it first or having to recharge it constantly. The charge remaining indicator (a set of 4 LEDs) is also useful to show you how much battery life is left.

      Using and the performance:

      Please note this is a dry only handheld vacuum.

      There is a single slide switch operation to this so very easy to turn on and off. For me the rather thin handle is ok but for those with bigger hands or those with arthritis getting a good grip on it may prove a bit more difficult. The suction is just about reasonable for a hand held but frankly I feel it is lacking power. Although it does the job I bought it for but it did struggle with the fluff on the sofa from the blanket I put over it and this was not due to the filter becoming blocked. I doubt it could stand up to a bigger cleaning job than vacuuming the stairs as the suction just isn't there.

      There is a built in brush on the underside of the vacuum for cleaning delicate things such as keyboards etc. The brush is easy to slide in and out and isn't a test of dexterity. If not using the brush, what comes into contact with the surface is an upholstery cleaning pad. You know one of thoese red pads on one of the vacum attachments. Now I would prefer this to be removable so it stays as clean as possible but you can't have everything. There is also a crevice tool which is held in the charger base for easy storage. This may not be the biggest crevice tool but it does the job.

      The HEPA filter is easy to remove from its holder and cover. The filter cover is made of the same sort of stuff that scale filters in kettle spouts are made from only a bit thicker. I find the best way to clean the filter is to gently tap it against the inside of the dust holder after removing it from the holder. You are advised to clean it after every use but I think that is taking it a bit far. The filter does its job and doesn't spread the dust around the house.

      The dust holder has a capacity of 0.5 litres so it can go for a while before it needs emptying. This is easy to do as the dust holder it easy to remove then take out he filter holder and empty in the bin. Putting everything back together is also easy so this gets a big plus. The only trouble is that the dust holder is made what looks like quite a brittle plastic so may not survive being dropped. The vacuum section of it has an empty weight of a little under 1.2kg so not too hard to use to remove dust from the top of the curtain rails without taking them down. With the charger/holder it comes to 1.6 kg but as you don't carry this bit around it isn't a major issue.


      Well as I've already said I keep mine in a cupboard rather than attaching the holder/charger to the wall. The dimensions are H14, W13, D38.5cm. Stored actually in the holder the size changes very little. The charging chord is a good length at around 1.75m although some of this can be wrapped up inside the charger/holder.


      Well despite being somewhat underpowered it does do the job I need it to do relatively quickly, I just need to train my other half to use a plate more often. For the price I paid I can't really argue too much but the rrp of £69.99 would be more of a case of paying for the name rather than how good the product is.


      It is underpowered (in my opinion) and too expensive for what it is at full price. Taking these into account I would give it 3.5 stars (if half stars were allowed) but have rounded it down to three as I feel the lack of power is a big factor.

      This review is also on my ciao account


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