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Hoover SM1901 Smart Pets

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    4 Reviews
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      01.08.2014 22:13
      Very helpful


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      • na

      cheap good hoover

      I do have a dyson which is great for light hovering but I needed something a bit more industrial for the pet hair etc lol

      **Product claims**
      •250aw/1900w of suction power in a compact design
      •Lightweight and easy to use
      •Pets tool to quickly remove stubborn pet hair
      •Height adjustable suction head and edge-to-edge cleaning for all floor types
      •Washable and reusable Hepa filters for trapping household allergens

      **In use - the advantages **
      This makes a very powerful hoover with fantastic suction. I do have very long thick hair and using this makes such a difference to the carpets. As well as the fact that it is great for all the animal fur.
      It is lightweight making it easier for people to lift :P
      Great for asthma and allergy sufferers because it has a HEPA filtration -itSmart range of upright bagless vacuum cleaners ideal for allergy sufferers. HEPA filters catch and trap small pollutants and pollen particles, such as pollen and dust mite faeces, which would otherwise be recirculated into the air and potentially trigger symptoms.
      I have actually noticed a slight difference in my asthma

      **In use -the disadvantages**
      One of the first things I noticed when I got this was that the lead was shorter than my dyson, henry etc or in fact any other hoover I have.
      This is also more noisy than other hoovers I have had ...not bad and I can live with it because I think that the powerful suction makes this bearable.
      I know that this doesn't matter but I do think that this has a very plastic look to it which makes me worry slightly about how long this will last/how sturdy it is.
      Having to bend to adjust settings for different surfaces.. it would be great if there was maybe a sensor or something that the hoover would maybe sense the different floor surfaces or if they had put it in a better place because I think that some people would maybe struggle with having to change it constantly. The idea of an upright hoover is that it is easier for older or disabled people.
      Harder to push - as the suction is so strong ! Again not a bad issue :P
      **Price and where to get**
      I paid about £55 for this from amazon but this currently costs £69.99 . I still think that this is a fair price as Tesco charge over £100


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      08.08.2013 11:34
      Very helpful



      I need to contemplate a bigger budget. Decent enough for the price though.

      I bought this hoover 2 years ago and in the overwhelming choice available, I had to do some pretty serious research about the models available to find something that would meet my criteria, which were...

      1. Cost.
      £200+ for a vacuum cleaner? No way - so that ruled out my initial rush of excitement that I'd buy a Dyson. I decided that £100 would be my maximum budget, but I hoped to find something more around the £75 mark, and wouldn't go lower than £60. This Hoover was one of the models that jumped out at me, priced at £69.99.

      2. Weight.
      My previous vacuum cleaner was an Electrolux - it did it's job well, but it was so heavy. It was heavy and cumbersome to the point that I would avoid vacuuming and would regularly go more than a week without lugging it downstairs - as if I needed an excuse! Looking at the models available in my price-defined shortlist, the weights varied from about 6kg to 9kg, again this Hoover at the lower end weighing 6.4kg.

      3. Features.
      Perhaps "whether the thing is any good" ought to be at the top of the criteria, but I honestly admit that I reached the stage of looking at features last of all, but I'll quickly go through them...

      At 1900W, this Hoover had more watts power than most of the others in my shortlist, including some more expensive. I wasn't really sure how much power constituted "a lot" but I thought 1900W certainly sounded it.

      My old Electrolux used bags, and this was something I definitely wanted to lose. Having said that, I think all the options in my shortlist were bagless, and all had a similar sized compartment.

      *Long hose and cable*
      The cable was listed at 6m long, this would be more than enough for me - it would do all upstairs from one plug and all downstairs from another. The hose is 1.5m long, and again that compared directly with all similar models.

      It comes with a "turbo brush" which fits onto the hose and is specifically designed to pick up pet hair. It also comes with a crevice tool which is a long rigid plastic nozzle and on the end is a brush which is hinged and flips back and clips up out of the way so the tool can be used as a crevice tool or a dusting brush. All the tools are mounted on board the Hoover

      *Edge to Edge & All floors*
      The design of the main body of the Hoover is such that there are no bits sticking out, it should be able to be run right up alongside skirtings etc without any loss of effectiveness. Additionally, the Hoover is suitable for all floor surfaces.

      Thankfully I don't suffer from allergies, but this Hoover has "HEPA" Filtration which catch allergens which are found in the home, including obviously pet allergens.

      Decision made
      With the decision made to purchase, I have to say that I was initially really impressed. My experiences have been varied though...

      **Weight/Storage/Manoevrebility **
      All boxes ticked. The Hoover was noticeably lighter than my previous one, but I still wouldn't describe it as lightweight. I wouldn't recommend this model solely on its light weight compared to its competitors, let's put it that way. In use, though, it's very easy to move around and the upper part of the Hoover will lower down to almost horizontal to get under dining chairs, coffee tables etc. I also found the edge-to-edge feature to be a valid claim, it does perform well along skirting boards. The tools are firmly fixed on board, I've never had them fall off when I'm hoovering, but at the same time they are easy to unclip for use, and clip back into place when finished. The position where the pet brush is mounted is a bit of a nuisance (at the front of the handle) but unfortunately this is no longer an issue for me, as you'll see...

      The Pet Turbo Brush is an amazingly powerful accessory. When attached to the hose it whizzes round at an alarming rate and really makes a visible effortless display of cleaning the hair from the stairs. However, it conked out irreparably in less than 12 months, it just stopped going round. When I had a look online for possible solutions I saw that this was a problem not exclusive to me and a few people had the same issue. It's good while it lasts.

      The crevice/dust brush tool I found to be great. It is approximately 35cm long, and it narrows towards the bottom to just about 3cm x 1cm. The crevice part will fit right down into sofa and cushion seams and is also perfect for doing skirting board/carpet junctions. The flip-over brush is brilliant for using around the fiddly bits in between the bannisters which are painted, there seems to be a lot of power transferred into the tool.

      **All floors**
      There is a dial on the front of the Hoover which adjusts the rollers to cover all floors. I did use this on a "deep pile" setting when I had new carpet, but recently I just have it on the lowest setting all the time. To be honest I don't feel or see any difference either in use or results.

      **Dust Compartment**
      The dust compartment lifts away easily - there is a simple push button which releases it from the body of the Hoover and another button to press to empty it into the bin. It's transparent coloured plastic, so it's easy to keep an eye on how full it's getting.

      At the top of the main compartment is another smaller chamber where the filters are - after a year or so's use, I found that the dust had started to fill up this chamber too, so this has made emptying it a more messy process. The entire compartment is twisted to release the upper chamber to allow cleaning of the filters, and I need to do that every time in order to empty all the dust out. Clearly the filters can't be doing their job properly any longer, if this chamber is filling up all the time. Inevitably also, suction power is lost when the filters block up quickly.

      Because of this issue I now empty the dust compartment after every vacuuming session, but initially the capacity would be enough to only empty once every 2 or 3 times, which I thought was very good. When everything is working properly, emptying the compartment is a completely effortless operation.

      This was a cheap solution to my problem at the time, and it is still doing a decent job for me more than two years on. It was really disappointing to have lost the use of the turbo brush, because that was really, really effective but I'm over that now (or I thought I was until I wrote this review!) and the crevice tool I'm left with does a fantastic job wherever I use it.

      The problem with the dust getting into and filling the filter section is a bigger concern and I think it will mean I'm looking to replace this Hoover sooner than I would have liked. For that reason, I think it's unlikely I'd replace it with the same model, and would shop around again. It's decent value for money but ultimately it comes back to the fact that you get what you pay for.


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      06.06.2013 11:26
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Pleased with it so far

      Our old vacuum cleaner had broken, the wheels had come off the bottom so we couldnt use it. My OH loves hoovering (I always say he is copying I Want To Break Free video) and was getting withdrawal symptoms so he decided to order himself a new one. This one that came is a proper Hoover, the Hoover SM1901.

      The cleaner is nice to look at, the colours are white and purple. The motor works at 1900w which is quite a good strength. We need a powerful one as we have a dog that at the moment is continuously moulting. This one is designed for pet owners, it has a paw printed on the front with the word PETS under it just to prove it. At the base of the cleaner at the front there is a knob which you can turn to select which setting you want it to clean on, there are 5 settings, Intensive carpet clean, Short carpet and hard floor, Medium carpet, Long carpet and Luxury carpet and tool mode. We have the setting set to Intensive to make sure it gets up all the dog hairs.

      You get quite a few tools with this Hoover, a long crevice tool, rigid extension tube, 2-in-1 dusting brush/furniture nozzle and pet hair remover turbo brush. They all come in handy for different things like trying to get down the side of the fridge in the kitchen or for dusting around the room and getting cobwebs down. The pet hair brush is quite good too for doing the furniture although we now have all leather sofas so don't really need to use it on there anymore.

      Our home has a mixture of floorings, some rooms are original floorboards varnished with rugs over, some are that wood flooring that you put down in pieces, some are fully carpeted and some are lino covered. I find that this Hoover does all of the floors well without having to change the setting on the machine. It seems to get right up to the edges too which is really good and saves having that bit round the edge where it won't suck up the dust from.

      The cord that comes with it is 6 metres long which is a bit shorter than our last one meaning we cant get it right down our all to the front door without an extension lead (as no sockets in that area) but this is not such a problem as we have plenty of extension wires around, would have been nicer if it had a longer cable though. It is bag less so you don't have to keep buying those paper bag things for it. The bit that comes out to empty is easy to remove and replace and the dust comes out into the bin easily. The cleaner weighs 6.4kg which is not too bad, I can lift it up the step at the kitchen door ok but I can't carry it upstairs, I have to leave that job to him in doors but seeing as how he loves hoovering anyway he enjoys doing the upstairs when he is home.

      Other half ordered this Hoover from ISME.com and paid £74 for it which I thought was quite a reasonable price. So far we are very pleased with it


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        13.01.2013 19:27
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great Hoover which I would buy again when it finally dies...possible in the year 3000 at this rate

        When i bought my house, I didn't have much money so bought the cheapest of everything I could all in one go from Tesco. Needless to say, my first vacuum didn't last very long. I then asked my family what one I should get next and this Hoover Pets 1900W vacuum cleaner was recommended by my mum. (Mums know ebst don't forget.)

        At the time, i had 2 goldfish so I considered myself kind of a pet owner. I also had one small child who was beginning to crawl so I wanted to make sure that I was doing all I could to get the dirt from the carpets. The whole point of this Hoover is that it will easily pick up pet hairs so I thought that all the mess we possibly could make would be fine for this to cope with and I was completely right.

        ++++ Price ++++

        I bought this for around the £120 mark but on research now you can pick a brand new one up for £69.99 from amazon. I find this exceptional value for what you get from a well-known brand.

        ++++ Tools ++++

        As you may have read in my other reviews, I like the colour purple so this is an added positive to me. (I know, I know, shouldn't buy things because of the colour.) The bagless container is purple along with the 2 wheels, brush tool, release and on/off switches and a few buttons and dials.

        The on/off switch is a simple pedal on the right hand side at the bottom which you operate with your foot. The release catch is the same but just on the left hand side.

        There is a simple dial at the base of the cleaner which rotates to different modes. Hoover has decided to name this part the "carpet care control" but basically it raises the brush up or down to suit yor carpet.

        ** Luxury carpet & tool mode ~ I used this option for when I use the hose. I don't have a luxury carpet but this wold be the right setting for that. It would simply tickle it rather than do a deep clean.

        ** Long carpet ~ Never used this one but the brush head would pivot slightly closer to the ground.

        ** Medium carpet ~ Have never needed to use this but it's obviously for people that have medium carpet. That is 'pile' not as in ' psychic'.

        ** Short carpet & hard floor ~ I use this option when cdoing my kitchen floor as it is lino. Quickly removes every ttrace without it blowing debris around.

        ** Intensive carpet clean ~ this is the option I use the most. I like to know that it is working its hardest at all times and getting my house clean with mimimal effort.

        It comes with a pet hair remover turbo brush. Fancy name for something that will gladly suck the paint off your walls if you gave it chance. I use this very rarely and it is stored away in the cupboard as the clip on the front of the Hoover doesn't seem to hold on to it tight enough.

        There is also an extender tube and a little crevice tool which helps to do around the skirting boards or indeed around the corners of the ceiling when I'm feeling in a real cleaning mood.

        It is simple to push along. (I am one of those people that holds my ground and Hoovers around me and then moves on. Do a quick search for Michael McIntyre and vacuum cleaners and you'll see there are two types of cleaners out there.) The only thing I have noticed is that the wheels have started to do a little squeel every now and again but then this is only trivial and doesn't matter to me as I do my housework with music playing.

        The Hoover is quite heavy for me , 6.4kg , when carrying up and down the stairs and the hose isn't long enough for me ideally. I have to do one half of my stairs from the bottom and then the other half from the top. This is the main reason why I have scored it 4 stars. The power cord being 6 metres long is ample for what I need though which is a redeeming feature.

        I love that it is bagless , (can hold up to 2.8 litres of dust and dirt) and has a main filter in the container and also a HEPA filtration system accessible from the front. These are very easy to clean, just a quick wash and allow to dry. I did purchase another filter just incase I ever had that urge where I needed to hoover and the filter hadn't dried in time. That is still sitting new in its bag in the cupboard. The HEPA filtration is great if you have asthma or allergy sufferers in the house which I thought was an added bonus if it ever came to light that my daughter or fish developed either of these.

        This is still going strong and is very reliable which is what I really was looking for after my initial purchase. Overall, I would thoroughly recommend this Hoover and remember, Mums know best.

        (also published on ciao under my username novagirl2911)


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      • Product Details

        The Hoover SM1901 Smart Pets vacuum cleaner is the easy way to keep your home free of pet hair / The turbo brush to effectively loosens and lifts hair from carpets and upholstery keeping your home clean and hair-free / HEPA filtration makes this vacuum cleaner ideal for allergy sufferers as it catches and traps small pollutants and pollen particles / all it requires is a quick wash once a month to give outstanding performance / This Smart Pets vacuum cleaner is packed with features to make vacuuming effort / Short name: Hoover SM1901

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