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Hoover TCR4237 Pet Hair Cylinder

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Brand: Hoover

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    1 Review
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      22.05.2013 15:41
      Very helpful



      A machine which has more problems then it should have

      Lately I have been having major issues with my vacuum when I dropped it down the stairs and it has not been the same since, so it was time to invest in a new machine and this is the machine I brought.

      == The Design ==

      This vacuum is designed by Hoover who are a big brand when it comes to making pretty decent vacuum cleaners. This machine has a rather different look to it because it looks out of shape.

      The vacuum is done with huge wheels at the back to help you move it around and it dominates the design of this vacuum with ease. On the back of the machine you have the cord section and this is where the cord re-winds itself back into the machine.

      On top of each wheel is a huge button which is very good in my eyes because if your someone with poor vision these buttons are so big you cannot miss them. They both have symbols on them to reflect what they do and one of those is the power button.

      On the front is where the cylinder is held into place and this collects all the dirt and has a nice handle attached for when you need to empty out the contents. The front has a section for the vacuum components to be fitted into place and this is the basic design of the vacuum.

      The colour is a light blue which is kind of nice it makes the vacuum have more appeal rather than the usual dull grey and black colours I have brought in the past.

      == Features ==

      This vacuum allows you to set what speed of suction you want when vacuuming up the dirt and dust. I have leather chairs in my home and crumbs can easily go down the sides and you need a vacuum to try and remove those stubborn crumbs. My previous vacuum would actually mark the leather so in the end it got to the point I never used it. This vacuum allows you to set speeds so you can use a quicker speed for thick carpets and a slower speed for a delicate material like leather.

      There is 2300 watts of power with this machine and as soon as you turn the machine on you can hear that speed which is tremendous. It is loud which I expected but due to the power it has got I was impressed.

      There are the HEPA filters which are good for people who suffer from asthma and allergies relating to dust and pollen. This machine uses these filters to trap the pollen particles and small dust particles so it can remove them from a room. The HEPA filtration is also washable as well.

      You have different components to attach to the main hose itself for different surfaces you need to vacuum on. I use the brush component to remove pet hair and you might need a smaller one to do underneath a chair perhaps. Some of the tools you have extra are upholstery and pet brush to help clean various surfaces.

      This vacuum is bag less so it can save you money in the long run when it comes to buying those annoying bags we all used to get and they would rip open if you even tried to touch them.

      The cylinder offers 2 litres capacity which might not be a lot to some people but it does offer a large amount of dust and dirt to be collected and then emptied out.

      The weight of this machine is around 7kg which is heavy in some ways but you would find it easy to carry around if you needed to due to the handle which is with the machine.

      == My Experience ==

      When I first got the machine out of the box I was impressed by how sturdy it was and how nice it looked. I am a buyer who tends to go on appearance more than reviews of a product which does not help much especially in the past.

      I liked the vacuum partially because of the huge power button and with my previous vacuum cleaners I have had issues in relation to the power button being hidden behind wires or being so small you have to bend over and try and locate it so I was happy with this button being so big and easy to locate.

      My first challenge was to test how good the machine was. I have a rug in my home which is a normal rug and covered in pet hairs which my dog loves to let lose every few hours. I have found vacuum cleaners claim they can remove this hair but often they cannot.

      I put the pet hair tool onto the end of the hose and began to power up my machine and within a few strides on the carpet I found the hair being removed completely. It was not just taking a few hairs up it was removing them all and the crumbs underneath I placed there to test it out.

      The first test it had it passed with flying colours. I then found myself trying to vacuum my stairs which are really awkward due to the angle the carpet was put down so sometimes you need to use a dustpan and brush and aim to knock out any dirt.

      I again tried this rather narrow tool and applied it to the hose and it machine to suck out those stubborn dirt particles and left my stairs looking excellent and I began to realise this vacuum was proving to be a great purchase.

      I found the wheels very strong and the hose itself offered a lot of assurances to me because it was solid it was not a cheap plastic hose it was a steel type material which felt heavy and offered you a peace of mind it would not be broken easily.

      I did however encounter a few problems on my journey. The power cord is very small in length and this presented some issues when you are trying to vacuum around a rather large living room and you to stop and unplug the power lead and place it elsewhere. This is frustrating and can result in you needing an extension cable.

      I did also find that with the pet hair tool attachment although it did suck up the hair very rapidly it could also get blocked just as quickly. I found myself on my second attempt the following day spending 10-15 minutes attempting to remove some of the hair attached to the brush itself because it was causing an obstruction.

      I found the power of this machine excellent it really did suck up all those horrible dust particles really well and my home didn't have a smell anymore it had with my previous vacuum cleaner which was also being blocked and left horrible smells around the home.

      == Problems ==

      This vacuum is good for the power and cleaning dirt I cannot praise it enough but some people might find some of the problems I have had with it to be a reason not to purchase it.

      The cleaning of the cylinder is a real pain. The problem is although this does save money on the vacuum bags and makes everything potentially easier I found myself actually every day picking this cylinder up and emptying the contents.

      I do not have 2 litres of rubbish to collect daily at all and the problem is the machine seems to be sucking up actual fibres from my rugs as dirt. I found myself finding strands of carpet in the rubbish and it was damaging my carpet so this was a problem.

      The second issue is the HEPA filters you can wash yourself and I never done this myself a friend did for me due to a cut on my hand I watched him and it was easy to remove any dust from the filter but trying to clean it completely was a waste of time.

      The hose is very strong and offers a large range of tools or components to be attached to the machine to help you clean up your home quicker but blockages are a regular occurrence which is just annoying. Before you begin or put this machine away you will find yourself trying to remove a blockage usually on the piece of equipment you have used as an extension.

      == Final Thoughts ==

      This machine has the right features in terms of removing pet hair, HEPA filters and a solid speed of 2300 watts which give this machine a really good feature list.

      However, there are issues which are silly and should have been looked at and the size of the power cable is beyond pathetic. You cannot leave a room and enter another without needing to unplug this machine and then plug it back in elsewhere.

      You get a lot of tools and accessories which are useful and dirt does disappear with this machine but for the price I paid which was £60 and the RRP on some websites stating £199 I find that a hard figure to justify.

      The brand is good but there are some basic flaws which make my machine rating for this vacuum 6 out of 10.


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      Short name: Hoover TCR4237

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