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Brand: Hoover / Design: Canister / Dirt Capture: Bag / Tank / Bag Capacity: 0.61 Gallon / Cleaning Areas: Bare Floors / Cleaning Areas: Carpets / Cleaning Areas: Upholstery / Consumed Power: 2000 Watt / Air Watts: 350 / Filtration Technology: HEPA / Number of Attachments: 3 / Attachment Type: Brush / Attachment Type: Wand / Attachment Type: Vacuum Handle / Attachment Type: Motor / Attachment Type: Upholstery Tool / Attachment Type: Vacuum Crevice Tool / Features: Bag Change / Cup Full Indicator / Features: Cord Rewind / Features: Telescopic Wand / Weight: 12.57 lb.

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    1 Review
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      08.07.2009 12:04
      Very helpful



      It would be easier and quicker with a dustpan and brush

      Unlike a lot of men out there, (and women of course) I tend to do quite a bit of vacuum cleaning around the house, mainly because I have a dog, whose fur likes to fall out and attach itself like glue to every carpet in the house, plus two kids who both find it funny to make a mess, especially with glitter, which is a personal hate of mine.
      Anyway, I have mainly always used uprights until recently, but when my latest upright decided to burn out whilst spinning with the noise of a 747 on take-off I decided that uprights are off my menu, plus I needed a vacuum cleaner ASAP.

      Then, whilst browsing the web, (and what an invention that is), I came across many different types of vacuum cleaners, all offering basically the same thing.
      But what I needed was a simple cleaner which would clean the dog hairs from my carpet, pick up that annoying glitter which my kids have dropped all over their bedroom floor, suck all the bird feathers from the crevices of the floors, all whilst containing the little dust particles so as not to affect my eldest daughters asthma. Plus, it had to fit away without taking up too much space.
      So when I cam across a nice looking little unit, from a well known high street store, which claimed to have the lot, and with a name like Hoover stuck to it, I decided to spend the £45 that the price tag stated.
      So off I trotted to the nearest store to get the vacuum cleaner before my carpets were lost forever under the piles of shaggy dog hair.


      * Cylinder with Bagless 2 litre container.
      * 2000 Watt motor (single speed)
      * Telescopic extension tube with tool attachment
      * Hepa Filter
      * Pet Turbo brush
      * Adjustable carpet/hard floor brush
      * Two detachable brush heads, (which fit onto handle)
      * Crevice tool with attached brush, for those edges that need cleaning.
      * Upholstery brush
      * Parquet Caresse Brush, with soft bristles for wooden flooring.
      * Washable filters, including Hepa and exhaust.
      * Self winding electric cable
      * Cyclone cleaning system
      * Electrical check indicator


      * Lightweight, coming in at around 6 kg
      * Small size, being approximately 260mm by 270mm by 360mm (although this is just the main unit and doesn't include the attachable extendable handle.
      * 3 rotating castors for easier manoeuvrability
      * Automatic recall 5.5 metre electrical power lead, with yellow 'running out' sticker and red 'run out' sticker.


      This compact vacuum cleaner is lightweight and compact for easy storage, allowing for good performance and high suction power with HEPA filtration, ideal for pet owner, and gives outstanding cleaning performance.
      And with the four extra cleaning tools it will clean all round the home.

      * Sounds impressive doesn't it, especially for less than fifty quid.... But...


      'This compact vacuum cleaner is so badly compacted that the 6kg weight actually feels like you're holding a small elephant in your hand. This unit will store nicely away in a small cupboard as long as you store the tubes and accessories somewhere else as the little clip which hold the head to the base is as strong and sturdy as a china dolls finger tip.
      The performance of this cleaner is about as high as a hand held fan and it should not really be relied on to stop allergies and the like.
      In other words...'We at hoover have hired a baboon to design a vacuum cleaner which can only be used for a few seconds and then by only wearing some from of asbestos mitten, (which we can supply at a massive cost)... but we at hoover don't care as long as our profits don't get burnt'

      ** MY OPINION...

      It certainly has all the fancy technical names, like a 'cyclone' cleaning system, pet turbo brush and the Electric check indicator, (what ever that one means), but what a waste of time and money for such a well branded product it is.
      Who ever thought this was a good design to throw into the public domain must have either been on there final week with Hoover, after being given notice due to coming up with stupid ideas, or it was some snotty nosed work experience kid, probably the son or daughter of the chief executive, simply having a laugh. Whoever it was needs to go back to school and reassess there design skills.

      Once I slotted everything together, which was quite easy indeed, I quickly fired it up, pressing the button on the top of the red unit and within minutes I was in fear of my life as I pushed the extendable tube along the floor.
      It heats up quicker than a kettle, with the main heat being right underneath the carrying handle so when you pick it up you feel like your skins going to mould into the uncomfortable handle. This is very uncomfortable especially when you are cleaning stairs and have to carry the plastic bag of molten lava at your side
      As for Hoover stating that it has a high suction performance, well it may have but as I spend most of my time plucking the hairs from the 'adjustable carpet/hard floor brush' to clear the little hole so it can carry on sucking I can't get enough speed up to test this alleged suction.
      And then there's the weight, well it may be only 6kg in theory but as all the weight is squashed into something the size of a childs shoe box it can feel twice that, especially when the handle feels as though it is on the verge of meltdown as the motor whizzes around just millimetres from your bare hand, your delicate skin protected from obliteration by a thin layer of red plastic.

      You do get some fancy looking tools with this but they are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike, especially the 'Pet turbo brush' which clogs up with-in a millisecond, stopping the spinning motion that is supposed to pick up the dog hairs, (and when you're actually using the turbo brush it stinks like a baboons backside after eating a skunk).
      And as for the 'dirt' container, well, this is about the size of a cigarette carton, holding about as much dirt as a sweet wrapper, with any hairs that have managed to find there way into it have now somehow knitted themselves around the rather strangely designed little bits of plastic that are house with-in, making emptying the tiny amount of dust , hairs and glitter about as much of a chore as using a dust pan and brush to clean the carpet in the first place.
      The 5 ½ metre long 'self winding' electric cable, which is house inside the red casing of the cleaner, certainly recoils quickly, winding back into the unit like Indiana Joneses whip, only with a little more vigour, how this passed the myriads of health and safety issues I'll never know.

      But to really put the icing on the cake, the straw that broke the camels back so to speak, is the 'electric check indicator, which, doesn't check if your electrics on, it just seems to make a noise like you've just sucked a rattle snake up the tube, (which would be a ruddy miracle with this thing to start with). There is a little light which flickers red when the container is full, but, unless I have bought a faulty one, it has never worked for me yet, the only time glowing red is when I covered the air intake valve on the base of the unit, (this actually stopped the rattle and I was tempted to tape over the valve as that rattle alone is as annoying as a standing in dog dirt barefoot, but this could be dangerous knowing this vacuum cleaner)

      In all, using this waste of space takes three times as long to remove dog hairs from the carpet, mainly due to the fact that the 'turbo brush' has seized up tighter than a camels backside in a sandstorm, the rubber belt beginning to melt onto the plastic covering. So then you whip that off in temper and replace it with the 'adjustable carpet/floor cleaning' tool your problems simply continue as with every push and pull of the extendable pole you have to stop to pluck the clusters of hairs from the bristles as they stand no chance of dislodging themselves. So you can forget about the dog hairs being sucked up into the 'dirt' container with ease, you've more chance of sucking them up with a straw.

      Would I recommend this to someone..? Of course I would, if I hated that person and wanted them to become addicted to anti-depressants with in a week of using the damn product. But if a friend asked I would gladly lend them the few extra quid to buy that slightly more expensive vacuum cleaner so as to avoid the hassles I have had with this 'spawn of the devil toy'.

      So, to save you money and a lot of frustration then avoid this piece of garbage as if your life depended on it because, if like me, you'll soon be cursing the day you let this red piece of trash into your home.


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      Short name: Hoover TFS5206

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