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    1 Review
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      07.02.2013 13:56
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      A fantastic small vacuum with all the power of one twice the size!

      When we moved house in December it's fair to say the previous owner had left it in a bit of a state - we knew this was going to be the case as he'd cut the price of the house due to the fact that a) it hadn't been cleaned in years and b) he couldn't be bothered to source the job out to a professional cleaning company. I wanted the house regardless, but not being a huge fan of cleaning myself I knew I was going to loathe the moving in process even more than I usually do when we move house. And yes, it was a nightmare. The floors were so dirty that I ended up overworking and ultimately destroying our vacuum, which was less than six months old, and in a total panic had to hotfoot it to our local electronics store to pick another one up in order to get the house livable before the kids came back from their Nan's house.

      The vacuum I chose (after not very much consideration) was this Hoover TSM2005 Smart Bagless Cylinder Vacuum, priced at just £70 and featuring an all-important HEPA filter I thought it represented excellent value for money - especially when I got to the checkout and there was an additional 15% discount as the store was closing soon! Hurrah!

      It's a very small vacuum but ideal for us as we have mainly wooden floors which I tend to sweep rather than hoover on a daily basis. The cylinder has a 1.7 litre capacity and this is sufficient for us, although I find I have to empty it very regularly so this may be a consideration if you have carpeted floors which obviously need more thorough vacuuming than in my house. I love the small size actually as I'm not very strong and find it hellish carting a vacuum up the stairs to do the bedrooms, actually this new one couldn't have come at a better time as we now have two full flights of stairs and I don't think I could manage carrying the Dyson all the way up to the top of the house. The wide handle gives me a good grip as I'm carrying it and the vacuum seems to be balanced well to ensure it doesn't start tipping as I walk up the stairs, my only issue really in this respect is the fact that I'm so short so the long 1.5 metre hose trips me up sometimes - I've gotten the knack of carrying it so that this doesn't happen too much however, but I can certainly envisage myself lying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs with a cute purple and white Hoover on top of me laughing and giving the hose a high-five!

      I've been absolutely amazed by the suction and feel this cheap model gives Dyson a run for it's money. It has a 2000 watt motor and 260 air watts, this creates strong suction and makes cleaning up so much quicker and easier. I haven't come across anything it has struggled with to be honest, with four children my floor is seemingly covered in 'bits' from the moment they get up until the moment they go to bed - but this vacuum never complains and just gets on with the task of hoovering up. The brush head is excellent but I've noticed that hair becomes wrapped round the bristles very quickly and then I have to pull it off and ensure it's sucked up the pipe rather than just wrapping itself again - with four long haired females there's a LOT of hair to vacuum up in our house, particularly in the bathrooms, but the Hoover copes admirably with it and to be honest I can't really moan too much about having to detangle the odd clump here and there!

      It's hard to know how well the HEPA filter works, especially in the dead of winter. It's fully washable and very easy to access so I have no doubt that it'll work just as well when summer rolls along, hopefully it'll then prove its worth as I suffer with hayfever so opted to look at vacuums with HEPA filters in a bid to reduce the pollen in the house during sniffle season. There are a couple of small on-board tools (a nozzle and little tiny brush head which I think is for vacuuming soft furnishings) but these are quite flimsy so I tend to just use the main brush and the end of the tube, which seem to be all I need to get my floors clean. The metal tubes are telescopic but I find them incredibly stiff both when pulling them out and also when trying to push them back into one another for storage - to be honest the standard length of the hose is enough for my needs so I stick with this mostly.

      The power cord is a generous five metres, which is fantastic for when the dreaded job of hoovering the stairs comes around. It's possible to park the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs and hoover up to around halfway up, then carry it to the top and continue the job - this is much more preferable to struggling to hold a vacuum on a single stair riser while trying to give it a proper clean! The power cord reels back into the body of the vacuum for neat and tidy storage, this is done simply by pushing down with your foot on the handle of the vacuum (yes, it has a dual purpose!) and the cord will fly into place - impressively even when kinked so beware getting it wrapped around your ankle as no one wants to experience the pain of a whack on the ankle bone by a flying plug! Ouch! The pipe doesn't sit very well on the vacuum unfortunately and when it's being stored the slightest knock will cause it to slip off the tiny hooking ledge - the noise it makes as it hits the floor is heart-attack inducing so I tend to just lay the pipes down next to the vacuum now and hope nobody trips over them!

      Overall I'm really happy with this vacuum. It might not have all the bells and whistles you'd expect if you're a Dyson lover, but it does it's job remarkably well considering how cheaply priced it was and also the fact that it's so small. I'm pleased that the suction is so good as this is surely the most important thing about any vacuum, also the fact that it rarely loses suction only when the cylinder needs emptying (which is the case with any vacuum really). The fact that it's so light to carry around is excellent news too, although this is also a disadvantage due to my two year old son deciding he wants to start lugging the Hoover around and pretend to clean up - maybe I should start switching it on and let him get the vacuuming done at the same time!


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    • Product Details

      Small and powerful the Hoover TSM2005 Smart Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner boasts a 2000W motor and a washable HEPA filter making it ideal if you want to remove pollen and other allergens from your home as well as the more usual dust and dirt / The machine stores some useful tools on board too such as the 2-in-1 dusting brush and a crevice tool / The dusting brush works across a broad range of surfaces while the crevice tool is ideal for powerful spot suction / The machine has 5m of cable (auto-rewind b / Short name: Hoover TSM2005

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