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    1 Review
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      25.07.2007 04:38
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      It's a Goblin in drag. Hoover need to do better than this!

      Of the reasons that exist these days to own a small compact cylinder cleaner it seems that larger homes do need two vacuum cleaners, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Most of my friends now own an upright and a second machine to cope with daily demands, not just to use in the garage when the car needs a tidy out and if you are intelligent enough, you're more than likely going to carry a small cylinder cleaner out to the car and not the main upright in the home because even as manufacturers try it seems uprights still topple over if a hose is present at the back.

      ** History of Hoover & Morphy Richards/Goblin parts sharing **

      One manufacturer saw fit to utilise the market as a gauge for its compact vacuum designs at the start of 1990; Goblin who then merged with Morphy Richards to create a whole portfolio of compact cleaners. As such Electrolux bought the license as did a number of other makes and surprisingly many owners of small compact cylinder vacuum cleaner such as the Electrolux Sprite and next generation ranges, (Z2105 series and upwards) can use Morphy Richards bags. Hoover got in on the act too with its rebadged T100 compact cylinder which was more or less the same model as Morphy Richards/Goblin's Compact/Ace model save for the emblem of Hoover - this yellow model is identifiable as it comes free with Hoover or Candy washing machines available through Argos and some catalogues. Hoover also had problems initially with its American model, the "Microspace" as it was deemed too noisy and lost suction far too quickly. Hoover therefore went onto produce the Studio range which is again, the MR/Goblin Ace model with a new body and some additional features such as variable suction control and metal tubes.

      The Hoover Sprint TW1750 is a better proposition not just because it features a permanently washable bag, but because it offers larger suction performance than what is currently available in the Studio range. But the Sprint has a similar if not same kind of controls you'll find on Goblin's Topo cylinder cleaner.

      Looking at the controls of the current Sprint TW1650 you can easily see that the on button and variable speed suction control dial (it's an all in one design; push the control dial in and the model switches on and off, turn the dial and it increases and lowers suction) has been lifted from Goblin's tiny Topo cylinder vacuum cleaner.

      ** Nar's Quick Skip Product Review Features **

      • 1600 watt power motor
      • Permanent washable inner bag fitted
      • Variable Suction/power facility
      • Auto Cord Rewind
      • Telescopic ratchet metal chrome tubing
      • 2 way universal floor head
      • Crevice tool, upholstery and small brush supplied
      • 1 extra permanent inner bag supplied
      • Surround guard and 3 castor wheels
      • Parking position for tubes for storage
      • £39-99 from Comet
      • 2.5 litre dirt capacity
      • Washable filters
      • 4.2 kg total weight

      ** Main Fascia Design Features **

      One of the problems that you get largely with a cheaply priced cylinder vacuum cleaner these days is the fact that some things haven't been thought out well. This appliance however has been designed with controls easy to spot for the On function and the Variable suction dial which is all in one. The Auto cord rewind button is sited directly next to the On/Suction dial and it is therefore easy to spot. Above this on the main bin lid you also get a mechanical bag full indicator but like Goblin's Topo you need to view it closely to see if the bag is full or not.

      ** What About Noise? **

      Noise is something of a problem when the machine is set to its highest position but set to low or middle of the points allocated on the machine dial and the vacuum doesn't become much of an annoyance.

      The Sprint certainly lives up to its name though. I found running through the house quite easily with the Sprint because of its height adjustable telescopic metal tubes. Being six foot is something that many manufacturers seem to miss these days and although I can apply any height I wish thanks to the ratchet system adopted on these metal tubes, these tubes on this model are too short. Even with the highest position possible I find that I stoop too low the handle in my hand.

      As such the floor head, of a 2 way brush up, brush down (for hard flooring only) design is simple but effective. The cord length from the machine to the electricity socket is a short 5 metres, and as such I would recommend this cleaner to be used in a small home rather than a large house as it becomes annoying when the cleaner can't go any further once the maximum amount of cord has been reached.

      The suction is unbelievably strong, but then again you do have 1600 watts power here. On the highest level of suction selected for example with an empty bag there is more effort to move the standard floorbrush on this Hoover against a carpet. Even with half a bag full, suction is extremely strong. That for some people will be the instant hit Hoover need to sell this model to. Thankfully as it does have variable suction regulation, it is easier to put this down to a lower level of suction and cleaning up is a lot easier to do. You can of course let out air via the air inlet which is located at the top of the handle just before the start of the metal tubes.

      ** A Soft Design & Design Quirks**

      The machine itself is largely curvy and organic which belies the design of the Studio range which looks like a lot of other machines on the market. Although it uses some controls from Goblin, Hoover have gone out of their way to make this machine look different. 3 castors provide sufficient movement but at times thanks to the way the hose has been connected to the machine, this compact cylinder can topple over if it is pulled quickly. This is unfortunately a design flaw apparent on most cylinders on the market unlike the Goblin Topo whose hose fits in right at the top below the main handle of the cleaner.

      Here, Hoover hasn't adopted this design which is a pity as it would surely benefit the owner more and strengthen the life of the machine itself. Thankfully though it is coloured in a deep purple and silver colouring and control markings are easy to spot, the surround guard that goes all around the vacuum is easily marked. Scuff marks do appear from time to time, especially the cleaner is being bounced off skirting boards and doors if used quickly. Hoover could have done better in fitting a thicker surround for the purpose of keeping knocks and scrapes off the main body.

      ** Downsides? **

      Firstly, emptying the bag wasn't easy. The bin door comes away by locating the lock at the top of the bin door and whilst this reveals the hinge that the bag fits into via the sides located on the permanent bag itself, the door will not open all the way, to a precise 90° angle. This means that you need to be careful with the hinges of this machine when the bag door is opened. If you push too much you may break the hinges as they are designed to only go so far. Access to the filter that sits next to the motor is easy to locate and as it is washable (and as the simple manual that comes with the machine explains) it must be dried to room temperature once it slots into the area located next to the motor.

      Secondly the bag clip that holds this bag together can be a bit of a bind to take off, particularly if the bag is full. Obviously if you choose the option of cost option paper bags, you won't face the joy of taking off the clip and opening up the permanent bag into a bin. I can't say that I enjoy permanent bags that much because it means you get into more contact with dirt than a paper dirt bag. In this instance then the permanent bag works in tandem with the filters specified for this machine, but if you use Morphy Richards/Goblin's bags you will benefit from extra filtration contained in the fibres of the paper bag. Thankfully just like the filters in this product the permanent bags can be washed - the only exception is that the bags can be washed in a low degree temperature wash in a washing machine - whereas the filters must be washed by hand.

      Thirdly there are two park positions located on the cleaner itself which allows you to store the hose and tubes. You can't actually store the hose handle on the cleaner without the tubes being added on however. It's a case that is seen on many cylinder cleaners anyway - but because this is a compact cylinder cleaner, this can be disappointing as it's a lot easier to dismantle the handle from the tubes and store the cleaner away. Park the tube and hose in any one of the park positions located on the cleaner and when it comes the time to storing it, the hose sits out at an angle that takes up more space then it should. It is handy though to have if for example you are moving furniture out of the way to clean and vacuum and have to stop momentarily but for more compact storage when the cleaner is finished ? - forget it.

      **Any More Information? **

      There is no tool storer located on the body of the vacuum cleaner to store the crevice tool, additional upholstery brush or the small brush (which like Goblin, is a brush ring that you can add to the crevice tool). Instead Hoover have taken the same kind of tube grip tidy that they fitted to cheap Arrianne models in the early 1990's. This means (and I know from experience here) that although the tools fit tight on this tube grip storer, from time to time the tools can often disappear! I prefer an integral storer compared to something that you have to fix to the main bottom tube. It means whilst you are doing many cleaning tasks that at times when you knock a rung on a kitchen chair for example whilst doing a clean under the kitchen table, a tool can often fly off!

      Aside from the motor filter, the main exhaust filter can be found towards the rear of the cleaner when it stands up on its side. This is revealed via a drop down door which reveals the filter. Once it starts to get dirty it is infinitely washable - but again you have to allow it to dry to room temperature before the filter can be washed again.

      Weight wise the machine weighs a mere 4.2kg This is extremely light, and thanks to a built in handle located on the back of the machine, it is easy to transport from room to room. It just topples over too many times however which is not maintenance friendly.

      Hoover's manual is a simple 4 page affair with basic pictures and little information. It actually reminds me of a manual I had read for a Goblin Topo cylinder cleaner I had bought for my best mate last year...

      ** Just 2.5 litres for the Bag? **

      Upon average this bag should last you a month or less depending on how much you use it. The paper bag interestingly enough is only marked at 2 litres full dirt capacity so with the permanently washable bag that is fitted; you get 0.5 more of a litre.

      ** Conclusion **

      As a student I used a lot of Goblin machines in rented properties that came with those properties.

      Well for me the Hoover Sprint certainly lives up to its name performance wise. But the downside of short pipes and constant flipping ver due to its three castors makes life awkward. Hoover should do better and design a proper vacuum worthy of the Hoover name. Thank you for reading. ©Nar2 2007.



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