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Hoover WH5205 Whirlwind

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Brand: Hoover / Type: Upright bagless vacuum cleaner / Air watts: 220 / Capacity: 2.6L

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2011 18:27
      Very helpful



      This would make a great hoover for upstairs or holiday homes, its lightweight and powerful.


      I am a massive fan of vacuuming; there is no other form of house work that produces such great results with so little effort. So imagine my joy when Mr H came through the door last weekend and announced that his mother was sick of her new vacuum cleaner and had sent it up for me to have as a spare. I was now a two vacuum house, woo hoo!!!!

      The Hoover Whirlwind WH5205 comes in a beautiful cherry red, it looks quite fragile and is very lightweight, like something I usually find in a static caravan while on holiday (yes I'm not ashamed to admit it, I vacuum every day while on holiday, I also used to vacuum the awning of our touring van).

      ~*~*~*The specifications~*~*~*

      Removable handle for above floor cleaning and easy storage.
      2000 watts. 220 air watts.
      Ideal for pet hair.
      Length of hose 2.5m. Stretch hose for staircase cleaning.
      Capacity of dustbin 2.6 litres. Dustbin full indicator.
      HEPA filtration. Washable filter.
      Manual cord rewind.
      Foot operated on/off control.
      Adjustable height control.
      Includes crevice tool and dusting brush. On-board tool storage.
      Suitable for carpets and hard floor.
      6m power cord.
      Weight 6.6kg.

      ~*~*~*My experience~*~*~*

      My mother in law found the vacuum cleaner difficult to handle as it is very fiddly. The handle is fully removable by pressing the handle release button, you can then attach the hose to the handle (it only fits one way) and then the crevice tool to the other end, you are then ready to vacuum those hard to reach areas that vacuuming usually leaves behind. I have used this to vacuum along the edge of the skirting board, under the edge of the settee, to suck cobwebs from the toilet ceiling, vacuum the settee and the cushions and also to vacuum the stairs and it did a good job, the vacuum does have a slight tendency to fall over if you stretch the hose to far and it is recommended that you turn the vacuum cleaner with the back to the stairs before commencing vacuuming, it is also recommended not to put the vacuum cleaner above you on the stairs as it is highly likely it will fall down on you. The crevice tool comes with a flip down piece on the end that can be flipped over to use the crevice tool as a dusting brush. The only test I have not given this vacuum cleaner that I used to do with my old one is vacuuming the ceiling!!! Please put from your mind visions of me waving the vacuum cleaner above my head, I used the hose and tools. The model vacuum cleaner I have comes with a pet hair remover; I have no large hairy pets, just a hamster so I don't suffer with animal hair. When I did attach the pet hair remover to the end of the hose it proceeded to whiz around extremely fast, so that combined with the sucking effect I can imagine it will remove hell of a lot of pet debris from furniture and carpets. I would have preferred my model to come with the hard floor caresse nozzle (available from the Hoover web site for £24.99) as I have a tiled floor surfaces as well as carpeted, but seeing as this was a freebie I shouldn't complain.

      The Hoover Whirlwind has a carpet care control setting which raises and lowers the height of the vacuum cleaner. The settings are: - Intensive carpet clean, I find this very powerful and it seems to strain the motor of the vacuum cleaner and makes the vacuum cleaner quite hard to push around, it's not a setting I use very often as it is to strong and grips the carpet. Short carpet & hard floor, this setting is really good for my tiled floors and actually sucks bits up instead of chasing them around. This setting again is to strong for my carpets and sucks my rugs up off the floor. Medium floor, this setting is just right; it gives the carpets a gentle clean without the strain on the motor of the previous two settings. Long carpet, I don't use this setting as it doesn't touch my carpets and sucks nothing up. Luxury carpet & tool mode, I use this setting when I use the tools as this is recommended, if you don't use it the part of the carpet the vacuum cleaner is stood on gets a serious brushing from the brush bar.

      The release button to unlock the vacuum cleaner from its upright position is on the rear of the base on the left hand side and the power button is on the rear of the base on the right hand side. I find this a really handy place to have the on/off switch as it is easy and convenient to get to.

      The dust compartment is easy to remove, you just need to press the bin release button, tilt the bin forward and lift it out of its position. The dust container has an easy release bottom so you just hold the container over the dust bin and press the button and the bottom opens releasing all the dirt and dust. A few gentle taps will knock the dirt out of the filters. You then close the bottom and slot the container back on the vacuum cleaner.

      Happily the filters on this vacuum cleaner are all user cleanable, once the filters have been removed you can rinse them under the tap till the water runs clear, shake to remove excess water and then leave to dry for 24 hours. It is recommended that the filters are washed once a month.


      I find this vacuum cleaner a bit over enthusiastic on the power of the suction and can imagine that if your carpets were on there last legs this machine would finish them off, other than that I think this vacuum cleaner gets the job done. I have one major gripe though the power cord is way to short, the vacuum cleaner needs to be plugged in, in each room you move to, otherwise there is a risk of pulling the plug out of the socket. I'm currently using this as my main vacuum cleaner, my mother-in law has upgraded to what she calls a Henry, and so we are all happy.

      This model of vacuum cleaner is currently available on eBay for £39.99 other than that I can't find it on any internet shopping sites.

      Thank you for taking the time to read X


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