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Hyundai 900W Vacuum Cleaner

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Brand: Hyundai / Design: Bagless / Cordless: No

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    1 Review
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      03.09.2013 13:09
      Very helpful




      The Vacuum cleaner

      It's not often I write a completely negative review but after picking this Vacuum cleaner apart there is nothing I can find to praise. I bought this as a second vacuum cleaner that I could leave upstairs. At 7 months pregnant I was massive and was fed up of constantly carrying our main vacuum cleaner up the stairs over and over again, so being a little bit lazy I decided to buy this and leave it in the airing cupboard for when I needed to clean upstairs. As it does not get hoovered everyday like downstairs, I decided I needed something small enough to store, but powerful enough to easily pick up dirt. We purchased this in a large discount store for £24.99. It is also available on Amazon for a similar price.

      It is just simple cylinder vacuum cleaner so you only get the one adapter for it. This is the brush style head that pulls the carpet as you are hoovering to pick up all of the dirt. Setting up the vacuum cleaner is easy enough, but this is where the first problem began. To attach the main pipe it works on a push and click system. You simply push two buttons together, and then push it into the attachment area on the main unit of the vacuum cleaner. The problem is it is really poor quality so you have to be really precise so it fully clicks into place. Even then, when stretching the pipe a little it just pops out of place. You then have to go back fiddle with it again until you can click it into place and repeat until you have finished hoovering.

      My thoughts

      Over time the constant pushing of the buttons to attach the pipe them have made them weaken. Now they rattle and shake and it is impossible to get them to connect to the cleaner fully. Each day it gets more frustrating when the pipe falls off at least 10 times through a small room. It also means you have to have the vacuum cleaner right next to you as any pulling to clean corners causes it pop off. As the cable to plug it in is so short this is a lot more difficult than you would think, and even in one room in can cause a problem.

      Secondly it is absolutely tiny. The pipe to the vacuum cleaner is so very small, so even with the brush adapter on it is too short for me. I'm 5 "6 so not overly tall, but I find myself having to bend over a lot to pick up most of the mess. In the end I found it easier to get on my hands and knees to push it over the floor, and considering the whole reason I bought it was to make thing easier I was beginning to get fed up. Now I was expecting it to be smaller as it is designed for small places, but it really is just too small.

      Another problem is the on/ off button. On the top of the vacuum cleaner is two buttons. One to pull the cord back in and the other to switch it on and off. It again feels like it is loosely fitted as sometimes when you press it, the vacuum cleaner will start up, but then end as quickly as it started. You have to really push it in, and even when I put some force into it sometimes it will take 4 or 5 attempts to switch on and stay on. I always find that it becomes blocked really quickly. Now when I have hoovered the odd Lego brick and sock up, I can understand it becoming blocked then, but it also seems to become blocked with just everyday dust. I'm not sure if it is because the pipe is so small but I find every other use it becomes blocked in some way, so it takes up more time sorting that out.

      While it does have a fairly good suction I find you really feel like you have had a huge workout after using it. It really makes me sweat as I really have to put in some elbow grease to get a good finish, and overcome all of the problems I found on the way. In the end I gave up and decided carrying the larger vacuum cleaner from downstairs would be a lot easier than using this one. It is very loud too. I was expecting with it being so small it would be quieter, but it is one of the loudest vacuum cleaners I have ever owned.

      It is one of the smaller vacuum cleaners, rather than the upright ones and it is bag less. It is very easy to take the part of to empty it, but again the connecters just feel a little weak. It will click into place unlike the main pipe of the vacuum cleaner, but it still feels really delicate. It is also really difficult to actually clean it rather than just emptying it. While it is small, it is a little heavy for the size of the actual vacuum cleaner. This makes it great for storing in small places, but can take it out of you carrying it around with you, especially considering how small it is.

      We have kept this, but only because I hate wasting money. We now use it to clean the car, which it works OK for but some of the problems still get in the way, but no, I cannot recommend this to anyone. It is marketed as being perfect for flats or small spaces because of the size of it. Even in a confined area this vacuum cleaner will send you loopy. It doesn't turn on and even when it does it will randomly cut out half way through. The pipe is just too short to be easy to use, and all of the other problems just top it all off. It honestly looks as though it is about to fall apart, and the whole design is just poor. Even at the cheap price of £25 it really does not represent any value for money.


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