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iRobot Roomba 770

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2012 20:29
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      The Irobot Roomba 770 - The Perfect Solution for an Effortlessly Spotless House.

      I have for several years now, owned members from the Irobot Roomba robotic vacuum family and I really do like them. Yes some of the older models had a few faults, however in general they have always been a wonderful time saving device. There is nothing handier then having a robotic vacuum where you can just press a button and off it goes vacuuming up your home. It has been a fantastic time saving device when people have called, saying they are coming to visit and they will be arriving in ten minutes. You know the situation... You have about twenty things to tidy up before they arrive and you would never have time to do the vacuuming as well as wiping down the worktops, mopping the floors, cleaning the toilets and so on. They have also been excellent at keeping the house tidy on a day to day basis because we have a rather large and fluffy dog whom habitually drops hairs all over the house.

      The Irobot Roomba 770, is the latest addition to the Irobot vacuum family, along with its slightly more expensive companion the Roomba 780. There have been many new additions over the years as Irobot are always bringing out new or updated versions. As soon as a saw it, I just had to have it. I had been fancying a new robotic vacuum for a while. Not because there is anything wrong with my old ones as such aside from some design flaws, however I just wanted something new. Its design is much sleeker and more modern looking then my older Roombas which are all the 530 model. There have also been a lot of changes to the technology as well as the design and the Roomba 770 is supposed to be an all-round updated and better vacuum.

      I did a lot of research before purchasing the Irobot Roomba 770, trying to ascertain what the difference was between the 770 model and the 780. I actually believed that the difference in the end was that the 770 did not have the capability to be scheduled whereas the 780 did, because it did not seem to mention anywhere that the 770 had a system for scheduling and the 780 description did. Thinking I could live without scheduling, as my 530's do not have this capability, I went ahead and purchased the Irobot Roomba 770. When it turned up I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it actually can be scheduled. However my mother (who also purchased one at the same time) and I were still a little confused as to what the difference was between the two. Mum got on the internet and actually managed to find something that I didn't find during my research. The only difference between the two new Roombas is that the 770 uses buttons and the 780 uses a touch screen.

      I was extremely glad then upon discovering this, that I didn't fork out the extra money for the 780, because it is quite a bit more expensive than the 770 model. We paid £349.99 for the Roomba 770. It was on offer on amazon. The Roomba 780 was on offer at £429.99 so that is a difference of £80.00 just for a touch screen, which in my opinion really isn't necessary. The Roomba 770 is available from the Irobot website for £449.00. I would really recommend trying to get it cheaper from amazon if you can. For your money, you get the Irobot Roomba 770 robotic vacuum itself complete with brushes, filters and a battery pack. You also receive a docking system, one lighthouse, a couple of tools to help clean the brushes, a couple of extra filters, a remote control and all the information and instructions. I wouldn't have paid £449.00 for it as I think that is pushing it a bit for a vacuum cleaner but I was perfectly happy with the £349.99. I feel at this price that the Roomba 770 was very good value for money.

      The Irobot Roomba 770 is so easy to set up and use. When you receive it and have released it from its many confines, you plug in its dock and set the Roomba on it to start charging. You have to set up the time and the day, obviously for the scheduling purposes. Then if you wish, you can set which time you would like the Roomba to vacuum every day. I can assure you this is a very easy process. It just takes a few clicks of some buttons. It is all very straight forward and explained extremely well in the manual. Once you have completed this, it is ready to go. The Roomba starts vacuuming at the allotted time, using its technology and sensors to clean your entire home without missing any patches out. It then heads back to its dock of its own accord to recharge. All you need to do is to empty the dust bin when it is finished and if necessary, remove any hairs that might have wrapped around the brush which takes about two minutes. My Roomba spends about forty minutes to an hour cleaning our downstairs before it goes back to its docking station. My mother's Roomba was going for an hour and twenty minutes the other day because her house is much bigger. It is not too noisy when it is going. It just tends to fade into background noise. It may annoy impatient husbands however, who kick at it If bumps into their feet. If you want to set the Roomba going outside of its schedule, it is very easy. There is a big button saying 'clean' on the top and all you need to do is press it. It will go away and vacuum and again return to its dock when it is done. If you want to dock it early before its cycle is finished you can do this also. Just tap the 'dock' button and off it goes. There is also a spot cleaning button so that if you spill something, you can just pop the Roomba 770 on that spot, hit the 'spot' button and it will clean the area you wish it to. Something that is very clever about the new Irobot Roomba 770 is that if an area of your carpet is particularly dirty, the Roomba will sense it and start brushing back and forth over the area, with the brushes actually rotating back and forth until the area is clean. Another clever bit of technology is that the Roomba recognises both objects and edges. It has a cushioned bumper to ensure it doesn't bump into anything too hard but before this, it actually slows down when it recognises there is an object in the way. The Roomba 770 will not fall off an edge either as it recognises these. Therefore it is perfectly safe to use your expensive bit of equipment upstairs without it throwing itself down your staircase.

      The Irobot Roomba 770 is circular in design but with a brush on the side which spins around to make sure it cleans into all the corners. There are two brushes underneath the vacuum which have been slightly redesigned in this model, which pick up dust, dirt and hairs with ease. The way in which the brushes have been redesigned are the caps on the end of the brushes. They are removable caps to help with the cleaning of the brushes. On the Roomba 530, these caps were not very well designed. Hair, both dog and human gets up and under the caps, wrapping around the metal pins. I think this is partly to do with our dog having such long, fluffy fur. If you are not careful to remove the hairs, they cause friction and get very hot whilst the robot is running and can end up melting the plastic. There is a similar problem the other end of the brushes with hair, whereby if you are not careful to remove it, it can actually stop the brushes from rotating. This actually caused the motor on one of our older Roombas to burn out. It is always fine if you remember to clean the hairs out of the brushes before you turn the Roomba 530 on, but if you forget, it can cause problems. This is a bit of a design flaw with that model. Anyway this has now been fixed as the caps on the Roomba 770 are bigger and actually cover the whole ends of the brushes in a way in which the hairs cannot get under them. Problem solved.

      The bin on the Irobot Roomba 770 is also a bit bigger than the older models and it doesn't have the silly "teeth" along the edge of the bin which would catch all the hairs and cause them to get stuck when you were trying to empty the dust bin out. Due to the new dust bin being bigger, I think most people could actually get away with not having to empty it out every time the Roomba 770 has finished its vacuuming cycle. The filtering system has been redesigned. There is no separate compartment anymore that the finer particles are filtered in to; it all now goes into one compartment. There are of course still filters like any normal vacuum. There are now two small hepa filters instead of one big compartment. When Roomba's dust bin is full a red light comes on to let you know it needs emptying.

      The Roomba 770 comes with 1 lighthouse, which is smaller and much better designed then before. The lighthouse for those of you wondering is a little black box, which shoots out an infrared beam, which the Roomba recognises and will not go past. It is basically an invisible barrier. So if there is anywhere in the house you don't want your Roomba to go, you just aim the lighthouse so the beam is blocking off that area, and Roomba will not cross it. To be honest I have never used my lighthouses with any of my Roombas, but I am sure it would be very useful to some people. The Roomba 770 also comes with a remote control. We tried it out the other day, and it has to be said that it was a lot of fun antagonising the poor dog by making Roomba follow him around the front room! (I think it would be perfect for antagonising husbands too) The remote control is very useful. You can use it to set the Roomba going, or if you wish to drive it around and direct it yourself. It has a spot clean button on it and a docking button, so you can direct the Roomba to an area to spot clean it or return it to its dock whenever you want it to. Both the lighthouse and the remote need batteries and these don't come with the Roomba so you will need to buy these.

      The Irobot Roomba 770 is highly aesthetically pleasing. It is made from a black shiny plastic, (which may annoy me in future because of finger prints) with a matt rubbery plastic around the sides. This is good because this too helps protect objects in your house when the Roomba touches them. There is a handle on the top made from the same material to allow for ease of picking up and carrying the Roomba. All the buttons look really smart and their uses are clearly displayed. The spot, clock and schedule buttons are displayed in a blue light when the Roomba is on its dock and the dock sign is displayed in blue when the Roomba is away from its dock. The clean button is yellow when it is fully charged, progressively moving to red as the battery runs down. The Roomba 770 is slightly larger than my older Roombas. It measures just over 13'/34cm across its diameter and is just over 3'/8cm tall. This means that it is low enough to get under most furniture apart from maybe your sofa. It weighs approximately 3.8kg. Roomba also talks to you to tell you all sorts of things regarding its status such as telling you its brushes or sensors need cleaning. (and yes for the record, I actually do find myself talking back. It's just like a little pet really! A pet which cleans things instead of making them dirty)

      I have only had my new Irobot Roomba 770 for just over a week and I already adore it. I think it is a really fantastic vacuum. It vacuums up everything so well, it has really good suction. It works perfectly on both carpet and hard floors. I have it set to come on at 9:00am every day and it is keeping my house spotlessly clean. Having actually had the opportunity to try the scheduling capabilities on my new Roomba I have to say I wouldn't buy a version without them now as it makes like so much easier. I do have to empty the bin every day because of the dog but I do not need to clean the brushes every day due to the new caps. The design and technology is far superior to the older models I own, and whilst I still hold the others in high regard and have given them an 8/10 in the past, this one is so much more reliable and more powerful than the older ones. I really feel that it is worth investing in one of these little vacuums as they are great quality and well worth the money. Obviously they cannot replace a normal vacuum completely as you need to get that out every now and again to clean the stairs and do the dusting, (although you might be able to if you live in a bungalow) but as a way of keeping your house effortlessly spotless from day to day, I think the Roomba 770 is fantastic.

      I rate the Irobot Roomba 770 robotic Vacuum as a 10/10. I am extremely happy with it and I think it is really great quality. I would recommend it to anyone.


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    • Product Details

      iRobot Roomba 770 Robot Vacuum Cleaner / The new iRobot Roomba 700 Series Robots are the worlds most advanced robot vacuum cleaners and this latest generation of Roombas builds on the already amazing performance and reliability of the worldwide bestselling 500 series machines / As well as having a sleek new look the Roomba 700 Series has new technology under the bonnet with a whole host enhancements and improvements built from customer feedback and testing on older models / The iRobot Roomba 700 series has all the features of the 500 series robots and features a new cleaning system that picks up and holds more dirt hair and debris then older models / It’s newly designed AeroVac 2 bin has a powerful vacuum to pull dirt into it away from the brushes / And new to Roomba is the HEPA filters which capture fine dust particles and allergens which is perfect for allergy sufferers / It’s new soft touch bumpers will help better protect furniture while the improved power management delivered up to a 50% improvement in battery life / The Roomba 700 series robots also have a redesigned Dirt Detect feature which uses both optical and acoustic sensors to detect dirt particles and make sure that the Roomba leaves your home clean / All without you lifting a finger / The Roomba 770 features the all new 700 series cleaning system including room confinement and comes with a remote control / It can cover up to 3 rooms on a single charge and comes complete with one virtual wall unit / Rooms Covered: 3ProgrammableIR Remote ControlVirtual wall unitiAdapt Technology for the most efficient cleaning of multiple floor types3 Stage Cleaning SystemCleans all floor typesDirt Detect Series 2Stair and drop off detectAnti-tangle technology (tassels cables)Self charging Home Base (auto docking)High-capacity batteryMaintenance packageMoulded soft-touch bumperAutomatic fault diagnosticsMultiple cleaning modesRoom size calculationAeroVac Series 2 binBin full indicator1 Year Warranty 6 months for battery / Short name: iRobot Roomba 770

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